Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A medical emergency strikes the Schnauzer family, one more example of fallout that comes from being targeted by legal and political criminals in Alabama

Carol Shuler
We have been dealing with a medical emergency in the Legal Schnauzer family for the past 24 hours or so, and that's why we had no post yesterday -- with only an abbreviated one today.

The event involves my wife, Carol, and it happened in a public place -- the Social Security Administration Building on West Battlefield in Springfield, Missouri --  at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday. An ambulance was called, and EMTs recommended -- probably based on Carol's extreme disorientation --- that she be taken to the Cox Medical Center South ER.

It's a good thing they made that recommendation -- and we followed it -- because tests revealed a number of potential problems. I'm going to hold off on details because Carol was kept at the hospital overnight for observation, and there still is a lot I don't know.

But this much is clear: Carol broke a bone in her left arm -- the same one that Greene County deputies shattered so severely in September 2015 that it required about eight hours of trauma surgery and roughly six months of physical therapy to repair. Was Carol more susceptible to Tuesday's injury because of police brutality she experienced three years ago? There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is yes.

One preliminary finding yesterday suggested the Alabama bastards who cheated us out of our jobs -- me at UAB, Carol at Infinity Insurance -- contributed greatly to Carol's injury. Like many people, our health insurance was tied to our jobs, and when we were cheated in the workplace -- and the evidence is overwhelming that I lost my job because of coverage at this blog on the Don Siegelman case (a UAB human-resources official inadvertently admitted that to me in a tape-recorded phone call) -- and Carol was cheated out of her job because she was married to me. It probably didn't help her situation that at least one prominent member of Alabama's corrupt Riley machine was on the board of directors where she worked.

X-ray of Carol Shuler's broken arm
from 2015. That injury might have
led to another one yesterday
Bottom line: We've been without health-care coverage for about nine years -- and we've been struggling mightily in recent weeks to keep a roof over our heads after losing our home in Birmingham to a wrongful foreclosure, which was tied to my unlawful arrest and incarceration from 10/23/13 to 3/26/14. Those two factors have combined to create a level of untreated stress that, health-care providers said, likely contributed to yesterday's event.

Yes, you read that correctly: Carol's medical emergency yesterday came five years to the day that Shelby County Sheriff thugs broke into our home, beat me up, doused me with pepper spray, and hauled me to jail over a 100-percent civil matter that did not involve a whiff of a criminal allegation. If you want to grasp how grossly unlawful that is, I encourage you to read a U.S. Supreme Court case called Payton v. New York, and this post we wrote about issues Payton addresses.

My blogging likely will be off schedule for a number of days, with limited opportunities for posts and likely not many chances to moderate comments. I hope to provide updates as information becomes available. This is another example of the fallout that comes when political and legal thugs heap abuse on a couple simply because I've reported accurately on the many ugly and inconvenient truths at the heart of Alabama's court and political systems.

We appreciate any and all healing thoughts you might send our way.

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