Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Bill Pryor, as a percussionist in his college band
The most riveting story in the United States this fall involved allegations that a sitting federal circuit judge engaged in sexual misconduct that dates at least to his college and high school years. Legal Schnauzer readers know such allegations are not limited to Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's nominee who wound up sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). As we reported recently, a second federal judge -- the Eleventh Circuit's Bill Pryor, who is based in Birmingham, Alabama -- stands accused of similar misconduct.

Shane Rogers-Mauro, a flight attendant who lives in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area, says Pryor sexually harassed him while the two were classmates at Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana Monroe) in the early to mid 1980s. Rogers-Mauro, who is active in Broward County Democratic Party politics, said a number of other classmates have contacted him since Pryor's name surfaced on Trump's list of possible SCOTUS nominees roughly two years ago and said they had similar experiences with the future judge (and attorney general of Alabama). That means we likely will have a string of posts about Bill Pryor's loutish behavior toward men -- Pryor is married with two children and has been ardently anti-LGBT in his public statements -- that might rival Kavanaugh's alleged behavior toward women.

But Legal Schnauzer needs your help. Loyal readers have helped sustain this blog -- even when I was unlawfully thrown in jail for daring to report accurately and aggressively on subjects that ruling elites did not want uncovered. And we invite your support to help continue the battle. My wife, Carol, and I have paid an enormous emotional and financial price for engaging in journalism that portrays modern-day "Big Mules" in a not-so-favorable light. In essence, conservative forces have stolen everything we owned, forcing us to live like refugees in a state (Missouri) where we do not want to be. On top of that, deputies -- at the behest of a crooked landlord and lawyer -- conducted an unlawful eviction, which led to them breaking Carol's arm so severely (a comminuted fracture) that it required trauma surgery and almost six months of physical therapy for repair.

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The notion that federal judges have ugliness in their backgrounds is not a surprise to us. We've seen (and reported on) their crooked rulings from the bench for years, so it only stands to reason that quite a few of them have mistreated others away from the bench.

You might say Pryor is Brett Kavanaugh's alter ego. They share radical right-wing views, they both came out of the Federalist Society, and Pryor -- thanks to his affiliation with former U.S. Senator and Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- appeared on Trump's SCOTUS short list before Kavanaugh did. In fact, Pryor appeared to be the favorite to fill the late Antonin Scalia's seat until our reporting about Pryor's connections to 1990s gay pornography via made the media rounds across the country. In other words, our journalism already has helped shape the nation's highest court -- you're welcome, Neil Gorsuch -- and we are on the verge of showing that Bill Pryor (like Kavanaugh) does not have the background or judicial temperament to sit on the federal bench.

Shane Rogers-Mauro, as a trumpeter at
Northeast Louisiana Universiy
We also are likely to show that Pryor (like Kavanaugh) lied to Congress about the ugliness in his background -- and that leads into criminal territory. Brett Kavanaugh hardly is the only dubious character on the federal bench. The system is infested with them.

Our Schnauzer nose is pressed to the ground on judicial issues that dominate today's headlines, and the latest on Bill Pryor can be found only at our blog. To continue with such hard-hitting, exclusive reporting, which the mainstream media (MSM) largely will not touch, we need your help.

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