Tuesday, October 16, 2018

RICO lawsuit is looming in the case of Birmingham attorney Burt Newsome, and it could bring shock waves to the seedy Alabama judicial world in 2019

Burt Newsome
A brewing federal lawsuit could shine white-hot light on some of the bad actors who have helped turn the Alabama legal/political landscape into a sewer.

An Atlanta law firm is preparing a lawsuit under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), and it is expected to hit the dockets in 2019, according to a report at banbalch.com. The complaint is expected to center on Birmingham attorney Burt Newsome and efforts by Birmingham's Balch Bingham law firm to essentially steal his lucrative collections practice and ruin his law business.

The RICO case also has the potential to unearth all kinds of misconduct that has gone uncovered (so far) in the North Birmingham Superfund scandal, which featured Balch Bingham in the center ring, with numerous political behemoths revolving in various orbits above.

Does anyone believe Balch partner  Joel Gilbert, Drummond Co. VP David Roberson, and former state lawmaker Oliver Robinson were the only criminal actors in that scam? Was Jay Town, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, more interested in protecting certain political heavy hitters -- yes, you Richard Shelby, Jeff Sessions, Luther Strange, and Jabo Waggoner -- than achieving full and comprehensive justice?

The Newsome RICO case, with Buddy Parker of Atlanta's Maloy Jenkins Parker firm reportedly at the controls, could answer those questions and many more. Meanwhile, a lawsuit involving Newsome is dragging through state courts in what banbalch.com has described as "a corrupt and unconstitutional Star Chamber," presided by Judge Carole Smitherman. For good measure, banbalch.com has documented about $30,000 in donations that have gone to Judge Smitherman and her husband, State Sen. Rodger Smitherman -- from Balch-affiliated individuals or entities. Hmmm . . .

Somebody must be nervous about all of this because the Newsome family has been the target of what appears to be an orchestrated terror campaign, the kind of thing you would expect from those associated with organized crime. The RICO statute, appropriately enough, is designed to combat organized crime -- of which there is no shortage in Alabama.

Who should be nervous about the looming Newsome RICO case? Banbalch.com provides a fascinating list of possibilities:
A ground-breaking expert on money-laudering, Buddy Parker, Newsome’s RICO attorney, is looking at all the moving parts and intricate details, even the mundane aspects of the case that may have been overlooked, or unknown to observers, including us.

Persons and entities of interest we are learning about (some for the first time):

* Alabama State Representative Jim Hill, an attorney who represents co-conspirator John W. Bullock, and Hill’s ties (as a former judge) to the Alabama Judiciary System.

* John W. Bullock and his business the Pink Variety Store near Pell City, Alabama.

* Diane Bullock, the ex-wife of John Bullock.

* Virginia Voitus, an alleged girlfirend of John Bullock, and former bank teller.

* Alabama Power’s Government Affairs Department and employee Melissa Black.

* Scott, Sullivan, Streetman, and Fox, P.C. the law firm that has remained silent even though associate Robert M. Ronnlund has allegedly engaged in criminal obstruction of justice and alleged alteration of evidence.

* The detectives at the Calera Police Department including one who allegedly verbally disparaged Newsome over the phone. Calera Police was the agency that provided a statement (not sworn nor under oath) calling the pre-paid cell phone number connecting all the co-conspirators “a routing switch.”

* The Alabama Supreme Court and Associate Justice William B. Sellers, a former Balch  Bingham partner.

* State Senator Rodger Smitherman and Judge Carole Smitherman who have received over $30,000 in questionable campaign contributions. Judge Smitherman presides over the secret Star Chamber.

* The Columbiana Police Department which pulled over and arrested Newsome in May of 2013. Newsome was pulled over after attending a publicly-known court hearing.

* Verizon and alleged employee Jason Forman.

Behind-the-scenes ugliness already is in play, according to banbalch.com:

We learned what appears to be the most damaging evidence is alleged witness tampering and intimidation by alleged “racketeers” linked to Balch Bingham.

One of the key witnesses to the Newsome Conspiracy Case was allegedly told not to provide testimony or evidence and then was eventually and abruptly fired.

Could the RICO case present a powder keg that is set to blow up in the faces of powerful and corrupt Alabama interests, come 2019? Banbalch.com suggests the answer is yes:

Ironically, every move hidden or unhidden, done inside the secretive Star Chamber or not, we are told only helps Newsome. With 44 retaliatory orders signed by Judge Smitherman, and the cast of dubious characters rejoicing with every questionable filing, antic, motion, and lop-sided “victory” (including the unsolicited responses to the Alabama Supreme Court about Newsome’s Writ of Mandamus), only help solidify the civil RICO case. 
Although they may not find a “briefcase full of cash,” the intricate details, alleged money-laundering, and manipulation of the Alabama legal system (including law enforcement) should create a solid civil RICO case that will fundamentally impact not only Balch Bingham, but the entire judiciary system in Alabama.


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Smitherman has another link to Alabama Power. Steel City Creative. She is seeing a case involving a former executive from Alabama Power. The evidence is interesting.

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