Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Case Unmasks Morally Bankrupt "Leaders" in Higher Education

Jerry Sandusky

The second chapter of the Jerry Sandusky scandal is about to be written, and it looks like it will be radically different from the first.

Chapter 1 focused on Sandusky and the boys he sexually abused, during and after his tenure as an assistant football coach at Penn State. Chapter 2, it appears, will focus on the university leaders who had information about Sandusky's crimes and chose not to report it to the proper authorities.

This kind of moral lapse among those who lead an institution of higher learning might be shocking to the public. But I worked in a university setting for almost 20 years, and it does not shock me in the least.

Ironically, my experience was at one of Penn State's regular football rivals--the University of Alabama. I witnessed moral decay in the UA System that, while not as dramatic as what we now are seeing at Penn State, certainly rivals it in severity and scope.

In fact, I would argue that the depravity of UA officials might actually be worse than what is being uncovered at Penn State. While Sandusky's crimes were monstrous, many of them occurred while he was not a Penn State employee. The wrongs of university leaders appear, so far, to be sins of omission, not sins of commission. And one could argue that PSU officials felt hamstrung because Sandusky did not report to any of them during most of the inquiry.

As for University of Alabama officials, I've seen signs that they do more than cover up wrongdoing; they actively engage in it--and it has cost taxpayers perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars. From a personal standpoint, it cost me my job.

Let's start with this humdinger of a fact: The president of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees has documented ties to insurance fraud that netted a 15-year federal prison sentence for a man in, of all places, Pennsylvania. Paul Bryant Jr., the son of UA's late football-coaching icon Paul "Bear" Bryant," heads the board that governs the three-campus UA System.

When Bryant Jr. isn't conducting university business, he serves as CEO of Greene Group Inc, a corporation with interests in catfish farming, dog tracks and gaming, cement, insurance, and more. One of the companies under the Greene Group banner was Alabama Reassurance, which was implicated in a $15-million fraud scheme that sent a Philadelphia lawyer/entrepreneur named Allen W. Stewart to federal prison in 1997.

Paul Bryant Jr.
All of this is a matter of public record, but the citizens of Alabama do not seem concerned that their flagship university is led by a proven fraudster.

At the Birmingham campus where I worked (UAB), President Carol Garrison was involved in a scandal that led to the resignation of University of Tennessee President John Shumaker. Garrison and Shumaker were a romantic item, from their days together at the University of Louisville, and made frequent use of a university plane for their personal pleasure. Garrison was in her first year on the job at UAB, and her role in the Shumaker affair would have gotten most presidents fired. But the UA System already was facing a likely discrimination lawsuit from Garrison's predecessor, so she survived and still serves as UAB president.

Garrison was one of at least two UAB presidents who helped oversee massive health-care fraud on the Birmingham campus. One of the whistleblowers in the fraud case, a forensic accountant, estimated the fraud at $300 to $600 million, but a friendly Bush-era prosecutor let UAB off with a fine of $3.4 million--less the 1 percent of the actual fraud.

As for me, I was fired in May 2008 from my job in the UAB Publications Office because I was writing this blog--on my own time, with my own resources--about corruption in Alabama legal and political circles. As a government employee, I was protected by the First Amendment, not to mention anti-discrimination laws (I was over age 40), but UA leaders apparently don't feel they have to be concerned with minor inconveniences like the U.S. Constitution and federal civil-rights law.

To be specific, I was fired for writing about the political prosecution of former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman. Someone in the state's right-wing power structure obviously didn't appreciate my reporting and decided it would be fun to cheat me out of my job.

This isn't a supposition on my part. In a tape-recorded phone conversation with a UAB human-resources official named Anita Bonasera, she admitted that I was targeted because of the Siegelman-related content on my blog. There is little doubt that someone on Paul Bryant Jr.'s board of trustees ordered a career hit on me, and President Garrison went along with it. It's also possible that any number of federal crimes have been involved, including wire fraud, mail fraud, and obstruction of justice. A lawsuit on my wrongful termination is pending in federal court.

How do officials in a corrupt university actually talk? You can check it out in the video below, as Anita Bonasera spills the beans on why I was fired. The key segment is from about 1:40 to 2:30. In fact, you can read a transcript from a portion of the conversation between me (RS) and Anita Bonasera (AB), clearly showing that Bonasera and my supervisor, Pam Powell (and Powell's supervisor, Dale Turnbough), knew exactly why I was targeted and unlawfully fired.

I start the conversation with Bonasera by referencing a meeting with Turnbough, where I complained about on-the-job harassment I'd been experiencing from Powell for about six months--and I proceeded to file an official university grievance against Powell that same day, with Turnbough's knowledge and apparent support.

Turnbough never said anything about alleged deficiencies in my performance, which were later raised when I was placed on administrative leave. In the meeting with Turnbough, I brought up the issue of my blog and asked if that somehow explained Powell's bizarre behavior. Turnbough acknowledged that she knew of my blog but assured me it was not a problem. She also indicated that she was going to take care of the issues with Powell, and I left the meeting thinking the problem was going to be resolved. Less than one month later, I was fired--even though university policy plainly states that an employee cannot suffer retaliation after filing a grievance.

From my conversation with Bonasera:

RS: I told Dale Turnbough about this two weeks ago, and she never said a word about any of this. In fact, she said she was going to take care of it, she assured me absolutely that this had nothing to do with my blog—and then two weeks later I find out it’s all about my blog. 
AB: It’s not all about your blog. Your blog was an insignificant piece. . . . The blog . . . was a very small part of the bigger picture. . . . again, related to other non-work related things. I didn’t see those non-work related things. Pam (Powell) sat down with the computer people—and I don’t know who else was there—and they reviewed what was work related and what was non-work related. 
RS: And she’s the determiner of that, even though she has told us . . . 
AB: She was able to determine what you were working on and whether it was related to your blog . . . 
RS: Well, you just said it, it’s all about my blog. You just said that. 
AB: That was a piece of it. Some of it was research related to your blog, from my understanding. I understand there were some things about Siegelman, screens up about Don Siegelman, things that they saw you doing that they consider to be research for your blog because then that was topics that you wrote about on your blog. 
RS: Those are also news articles that we are supposed to keep up with, about Alabama, stuff in the news.

Do I have any doubt that University of Alabama officials would cover up for an apparent child molester if they thought it would make their lives easier? In other words, do I have any doubt that the "leaders" of the University of Alabama are every bit as morally bankrupt as those currently being unmasked at Penn State?

I have no doubt at all.


Anonymous said...


PLEASE the book is read twice in less than a day ...

READ The Wandering Who by Gilad Atzmon and invite Gilad to Alabama to speak in honor of Siegelman and YOU for standing in this time.

Gilad well understands EXACTLY the entire story from the letters A to Z.

The U.S. Constitution was being rewritten and you were one of the first learners of this agenda, because Don Siegelman was a direct hit by the "new world order" of Bush Royal Dictator for the criminally insane that labeled the business "banking."

Banking is no more than credit fraud and the HIGHER EDUCATIONS run this ponzi scheme while taking money for real.

Look at student debt.

How did that get to be in a Constitutional Republic.

Watch Yoav Shamir and listen to the young blacks talk about the way the money gets worked.

Fritz Kraemer, On Excellence, tells us about our GOLDEN ARMY ROMAN EMPIRE and thus, again why you got fired without any respect whatsoever for our good law, the due process rule of law in our U.S. Constitution IS just about all that separates US from the past where the criminal global classless tried to go.

Pre Magna Carta: The Queens, Beatrix of the Netherlands, her father was one of Hitler's number one Nazis.

Where the Snow Queen hides, is where the insane criminal ALONE (YEA) assassin killed in cold blood too any innocents; Queen of England and Queen of Spain.

All families of Queens and Kings on earth wage wars and this is an ongoing reality since the first War, Spanish - American. Study GOYA'S BLACK PAINTINGS it is all there, too.

The BILDERBERGERS are the agents for the ELITE of earth, so this cult has decided.

America was to be a North American Union to fit in with the African Union that the COLONEL got regime changed for blowing the whistle about.

You blew a whistle, lucky the Colonel's fate did not reach the American shores, be sure though IT was already here as Rove ET AL.

A more modern and sophisticated regime change in the US?

You do not think so and neither do I: REGIME CHANGE came and we got to be "sold down the river," that it was and is progressive to give up all our "BUNDLE OF RIGHTS" to PAY TO PLAY in the credit fraud that has destroyed America.

HIGHER EDUCATION CORPORATIONS are no doubt operating in the so called credit debt model and now what? How do these people resolve credit fraud vs. real labor money and parents' mortgaged into the death spiral, for credit fraud!?

The predatory don't stop. From credit fraud to paedophilia is a natural prey, it is a no boundary operation, globally.

Anonymous said...

Here is where HIGHER ED in the US is MIA:

"... Iran's message to [US President Barack] Obama is very clear: we are not another Iraq and have learned the right lesson from America's invasion of Iraq after bleeding it for years," says a Tehran University political science professor who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He adds that most Iranians are "nationalistic" and will support the government in case of a military confrontation "with Uncle Sam". . . .

July 6, 2012, Asia is a day ahead of US,

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Why are the HIGHER UNIVERSITIES ACROSS AMERICA NOT standing for our U.S. Constitution's law regarding foreign affairs?

Credit fraud has literally become a prison for our right to be free.

What to do with such an unimaginable type of paedophilia IN THAT America's future generations are already batteries in the Matrix and unborn credit fraud works for the predatory, and has for centuries.


In America regime change needs to happen alright, begin with the non representative Constitutional Republic NOT BORING AT ALL, freedom promised as well as protection - your lawsuit had best not lose LS, or we get to keep on figuring out the good law and maybe back to school? Law degrees may be an education for every person in America and ONLINE teaching, well you've proven you are more than qualified.

Anonymous said...

"All of this is a matter of public record, but the citizens of Alabama do not seem concerned that their flagship university is led by a proven fraudster." I am assuming you said this jokingly because everyone in this state knows.... Nick Saban could walk up and slit Jesus Christ throat and it would be overlooked. All this crummy state is interested in ...winning a damn football game.. They care nothing about anything.. Just football. Whatever goes on at the University of Alabama will be overlooked. Jerry Sandusky should only wish he had been a part of University of Al football program.. He would have been a free man today.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 2:05--

Well stated. I certainly can't disagree with a word you said. And yes, upon reflection, my statement in the post does sound like a joke.

Anonymous said...

Alabama and Oregon.

Oregon had Governor Goldschmidt whose photo got removed from the State Capitol, only within the past year or two, since the little girl who he committed paedophilia on for years died. She was almost 50, and where is Neil, former Governor of OR? Rumor tells either Israel or the EU. Then there is Mayor Sam Adams and the boy who was not of age and then was old enough to consent. Same stories about the cult that runs the U.S., take a look at each state and then know the whole story about where these practices originate: read The Wandering Who, by Gilad Atzmon.

AND then do not wonder why we have USA ghetto, it is an agenda.

AL and OR are considered the "twin" lessons to be taught to the "liberals" and "progressives," just like the east Palestinians are learning and yes, the Israelis also standing for the 21st Century wake-up call.

Why are the thieves of credit fraud controlling earth.

Louis Brandeis is rewritten, just like Tony Blair is doing his best to rewrite history.

The question begs, though: Why did Brandeis pen our right to coin our own currency to the Fed, since he was such a "humanitarian" "JUSTICE?!" No, I have carefully studied this "Supreme Court" "Justice" and his work. He did exactly what the Zionists told him to do - look like a protector of "rights," BUT, there is a BIG problem with his decisions. Can you see? LS? ET AL? What our progressive, liberal "Justice" did to our "good law?!"

Let us discuss this, people of

Anonymous said...

One of my FAVORITE writers on the www, and his comment about AMERICA'S "HIGHER ED":

". . . What makes this op-ed noticeable is that it was not written by a rabid neocon. The author is "an international affairs professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School, a former deputy national security advisor and a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations." If this is a measure of the level of intellectual debate prevalent in the revolving door between academia, punditry and policymaking, US elites can't help seeing the future as worse than the Black Death. ..."

So many have been spawned from the loins of HAAAAARVARD. Must be an agenda? George W. Bush Jr. was only at Gentlemen Cs, from his Harvard days as lead cheerleader, as well, double digit IQ? HA HA, his Emotional Quotient NEVER was developed because school is not about teaching civilized behavior, necessarily, that starts in the womb and with the "families" of Skull & Bones?! The wealth of the family was a booty theft from the Chinese, et al!

Well come now, once a Pirate always a Pirate and no sheepskin from Harvard as a token, changed the U.S. Constitution, other than by remote control from where, exactly, did this regime of unconstitutional spawn?!

Anonymous said...

How is your pending wrongful termination lawsuit going?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know. You know?

Robby Scott Hill said...

Roger - It has cost the State of Alabama & a few law firms lots of time & money to not provide us with career opportunities. I'm glad they are having cash flow problems. If it exists, I hope they find themselves burning in that Hell they are always threatening me with.

legalschnauzer said...

I have a feeling it's going to cost them a lot more time and money--and maybe more than that.

Anonymous said...

still nothing new with any of your pending litigation?

legalschnauzer said...

Haven't heard a word. How about you?

Anonymous said...

No. Just curious. You haven't blogged much new about yourself lately.

legalschnauzer said...

No particular reason for that. The boat tends to go where the current takes me.