Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brother Suggests He Knows Who Caused the Death of Alabama Lawyer Major Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Jr.

Major Bashinsky's older brother strongly hints in a recent blog post that he knows who caused the Alabama lawyer's death in March 2010.

Sloan Y. Bashinsky Jr. has written several blogs from his base in Key West, Florida, and has consistently stated that he supports the official finding of suicide in his brother's death. Here at Legal Schnauzer, meanwhile, we have written a series of posts showing numerous reasons to doubt the medical examiner's findings.

Major Bashinsky, according to his brother, was bisexual and killed himself--trying to make it look like murder--because he was convinced someone was about to out him as having a secret gay life. Sloan Bashinsky has used his blogs to share different versions of this theory almost from the moment Major's body was discovered in a water hazard at Birmingham's Highland Park Golf Course on March 15, 2010.

But Sloan Bashinsky recently took it a step further on his blog Good Morning Birmingham. In a post with a lengthy, grammatically challenged title--"theravenspeaks wanders into the deep end, accusing me of causing my younger brother Major to kill himself"--Bashinsky hints that he knows the identity of the person who drove Major to suicide.

That points to a possible crime and again raises a question that we addressed in a recent post: Has Sloan Bashinsky reported this information to authorities? And if not, why not?

For the purposes of this post, we will assume that Sloan Bashinsky is right, and I am wrong about the manner of death in the Major Bashinsky case; we will assume that Major Bashinsky killed himself. Under either scenario, however, it appears a crime was involved. The death clearly was not an accident, and my reporting raises questions about the suicide finding, so that brings murder into the equation. Sloan Bashinsky discounts murder, but he points to other possible crimes--especially extortion or, at the least, harassing communications.

What prompted Sloan's recent revealing post? He received an e-mail from a reader who calls himself "theravenspeaks." This gentleman, in eloquent but firm language, accused Sloan of threatening to out Major and causing his suicide.

Sloan, naturally, took exception to such accusations. But in the process of defending himself, he revealed an awful lot about someone else. That person's identity remains unknown to the reader, but it sure appears to be known to Sloan. Consider this from the post:

When Major’s body was found, my father’s widow hired a body guard round the clock. My sister and Major’s wife and older children also probably wondered if they were next to be killed, if the anonymous letter writer’s demands were not met. It was a blessing the coroner and local police department ruled it suicide made to look like murder. They made that ruling about two weeks after I started posting it was suicide made to look like murder.
I caught hell for doing that. I caught hell for explaining even before the coroner and local pd came out with their suicide finding, that Major had done himself in because someone was going to out him for being bisexual, who could prove it, and there was nothing Major could do to stop it, and since his image was the most important thing to him, which everyone who knew him well, knew, he contrived his exit to look like murder.

This is a fascinating piece of writing. We learn how a wealthy family reacts--or at least how one wealthy family reacts--when a member dies under suspicious circumstances. We learn that the first instinct of certain family members was to think that Major had been murdered, and that they were in danger, too; they apparently saw no signs that he was a threat to kill himself. We learn that the family apparently had no confidence in the ability of law enforcement to protect them. Also, this scenario hints that the family felt under siege for some reason, that it was involved in controversy and had attracted the kind of enemies that might resort to lethal tactics.

The post then becomes even more fascinating:

I had no proof Major was bisexual. He knew I had no proof, and he knew I knew. He knew his first wife knew, and she had no proof. We were no threat to him. But the person who was going to out him was a very serious threat. Major was the toughest, meanest person I had known. No way he buckled to worrying what his brother and first wife knew, and to what others knew, for we were not the only straight people in Birmingham who knew.
The person who was about to out Major had it in for him. Something very nasty had happened between them. It was very personal. And it was very real.

Consider the first segment in bold above: Sloan tells us that Major had an enemy with a nasty disposition, someone who was a "very serious threat" to him.

Now, let's consider the second segment in bold. Sloan knows why this person "had it in" for Major. Sloan knows of a specific event--something "very nasty" and "very personal" had happened between them. In his own words, Sloan Bashinsky seems to be saying that he knows who pushed his brother to commit suicide--and why.

Sloan has a law degree, so he has to know this involves possible criminal behavior--that it at least merits a thorough investigation. If there was communication between Major and his antagonist that involved the U.S. mails or wires, that probably would make it a federal matter.

Even if criminal issues were not involved, Sloan's words suggest that someone has civil liability in the death of Major Bashinsky. Major had two children in their 20s or so from his first marriage, and he had two young children with Leslie Hewett Bashinsky, his second wife and widow.

Major's children and his wife have been deprived of his presence and support, and they would stand to have powerful claims in a wrongful-death action.

Has Sloan Bashinsky spoken with law-enforcement authorities? At the very least, has he used his knowledge--both legal and factual--to help Major's heirs seek justice against someone who intervened in their lives with tragic consequences?


Anonymous said...

Two Words, Karl Rove.

LGBT USA is very "tight."

jeffrey spruill said...

After reading that--the Birmingham P.D. should be knocking on Sloan Y. Bashinsky Jr. door!

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, and perhaps the FBI. Unfortunately, we can't discount the possibility that the PD and/or the FBI were involved--either in the wrongful death or a cover up. I see very little reason to trust modern law enforcement. Never would have said that 12-15 years ago. But the scales have fallen from mine eyes.

jeffrey spruill said...

Yeah Mr. Schnauzer--- I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean.

David Bouchard gets stuck at sea July29,2010:

One defendant in the Nicholas attack did not appear in court Wednesday because his attorney, David Bouchard, alerted the court that he is stuck at sea trying to cross the Atlantic in a sailboat.

Exactly a year to the day a former employee of Erik Prince sworn declaration to a Grand Jury in Alexandra,Va..

Gotcha this time Dave!

Anonymous said...

When THE WANDERING WHO is read, written by Gilad Atzmon, then the absolutely fascinating John Doe 2, declaration about Eric Prince in the pdf shared [THANKS!] is very clear. Insane "Christian" Crusaders. As Wayne Madsen Reports, the true Christians are being slaughtered at this time.

Mercenaries as Blackwater | "XE" now, the name has been changed so many times to hide the criminal enterprising called "war."

Yes, this is exactly what the ongoing pretend modern society is about, wars sold as crusades.

Hardly believable in 2012, but we cannot deny upon deep mole snoops.

The 9th of Av. I have spent time, now, studying this "phenomenon" and I must say We The People have definitely been and continue to be, blinded by scales on our eyes.

A BIG HAPPENING, every year, and this tribe of people are always in the grieving cycle for being always the tormented in the earth life of "chosen."

Could have been the bus explosion, or any mass terror works, for the RICHEST "people?" that gambling with earth's past, present, future.

YOAV SHAMIR'S ON DEFAMATION FILM. Time to shed the scales from our eyes alright.

Scary 9th of Av beginning 7/28/12?


Anonymous said...

James Holmes’ likely murders overshadow father Robert Holmes’ Libor testimony.

"Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system. Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money."

Mind you I am not saying that there is any sort of conspiracy involved here, however it has to make you stop and wonder, . . .

legalschnauzer said...

A number of blogs and Web sites are reporting news today about James Holmes' father and his possible testimony re: the LIBOR scandal. It appears that Robert Holmes does work for FICO, a credit scoring company, but I am not sure that the LIBOR connection has been confirmed. Even if it is, I'm not sure how that would connect to the Aurora mass shooting.

The UK Daily Mail has a good piece on the Holmes family:

Anonymous said...

If Robert Holmes was going to appear before a US Senate Panel within the next few weeks...may we suppose that some people within the banking community did not want him to tell what he was going to tell...did they hire someone to put drugs within the reach of his son James on a daily basis, did someone use mind control and plant the seed that he should kill these people in Aurora until it became a reality in James' mind? How long will Robert Holmes be busy with his son's defense and trials...two years or so? Might not have time for the US Senate Panel hearing.... Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

If Robert Holmes was going to appear before a US Senate Panel within the next few weeks...may we suppose that some people within the banking community did not want him to tell what he was going to tell...did they hire someone to put drugs within the reach of his son James on a daily basis, did someone use mind control and plant the seed that he should kill these people in Aurora until it became a reality in James' mind? How long will Robert Holmes be busy with his son's defense and trials...two years or so? Might not have time for the US Senate Panel hearing.... Just wondering.

jeffrey spruill said...

What I would like to know Mr. Schnauzer -- because it's clear for anyone to see -- is who provided the info to David Bouchard on the timing of John Doe no#2 declaration of Erik Prince crimes- so Bouchard could then use Frank Batten Jr. & Conrad Shumadine's Va. Pilot to give Prince a heads up that it's time to get out of the US?

Prince sought to avoid giving a deposition in this case by claiming that he needed to be in Abu Dhabi in time for his children to begin school there on August 15. It is unclear what English-speaking school in the country begins any time before September. But, calling his bluff, Susan offered to travel herself to Abu Dhabi to take the deposition there, and the judge granted the order. As the old expression goes, if you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Mohammed.

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr. said...

I don't know where Shuler got it that I hinted in the last post I wrote about Major, or in any prior posts to my websites, that I knew who was going to out Major. I don't know who it was. I'm convinced it was someone who knew Major well and was able to prove with hard evidence Major was bi-sexual, and there was nothing Major could do to prevent it from being made public. That has been my written and otherwise position all along. theravenspeaks lives down here in the Keys, has attacked me lots of times on a local blog, and on my websites, over matters having nothing to do with Major. I don't know who theravenspeaks is, because he declines to identify himself, despite many challenges from me to put his name and face behind his words. Maybe three months ago, the ravenspeaks accused me of being the person who was going to out Major. I dealt with that in a post, and eventually theravenspeaks came at me again with an even more lame explanation of how I caused Major to kill himself, which led to the post Shuler used some of in this article in which he says I hinted that I know who threatened to out Major. I wish I did know. But I don't. I was just a little while ago notified by a Birmingham acquaintance that my sister's ex-husband, Eddie Krebs, passed away. I had heard years ago that Eddie was in a pretty bad way, Parkinson's, as I recall. I hope Shuler doesn't try to make something sinister out of Eddie's passing, like he did out of my stepsister Suzanne Bashinsky's passing from a horrible cancer a few months after Major's death; and out of my cousin Bubba Major's suicide maybe a year after Major killed himself. I was in constant email conversation Bubba, starting with Major going missing. Bubba was in a real bad way over his wife and him separating and his life not turning out the way he had hoped. I felt badly when I learned Bubba had killed himself, and had left a note in his own handwriting, I was told by someone in Birmingham I have known a really long time. I wondered if their was more that I could have done, which might have given Bubba hope, or swayed him to stick it out? I never doubted, though, that Bubba killed himself, and left a suicide note. And I don't doubt that Major killed himself, and tried to make it look like someone else did it. Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr. Little Torch Key, Fl,,

legalschnauzer said...


If you don't know where I got the idea that you knew who was about to out Major, check your own words. Here are just some of them, from your recent post:


"The person who was about to out Major had it in for him. Something very nasty had happened between them. It was very personal. And it was very real."


Perhaps I am guilty of taking your writing too seriously, but you clearly seem to be talking about a specific person and specific events that caused this person to have ill will toward your brother.

Now, you claim to not have any idea who it was. These events weren't "very real," as it turns out; they were just a product of your imagination.

That makes me think your theories about suicide in your brother's death also rest on shaky ground. Perhaps I, and other readers, should not take your work seriously in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dear Legal Schnauzer: for your edification, Sloan has admitted on his own blogs that his father and others in his family (and I surmise, his brother as well, who apparently shared his father's confidences according to Sloan)were "terrified" of what Sloan might write about them in his blog, under the pretense of being guided by "Angels". It is not a stretch of the imagination therefore that it might be Sloan himself who was the one who was going to "out" his brother in retaliation for an event that may have happened a very long time ago and until recently has been locked in the family closet. Did you ever read of Sloan's public admission of molesting his younger sister when he was a teenager? You will find it on his blog. Perhaps you might find this of interest:


Anonymous said...

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