Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Connecting the Dots Between Karl Rove and His Alleged Bisexual Lover

Ali Akbar and Tim Pawlenty

The GOP operative who is alleged to be Karl Rove's bisexual lover states in a video that he has, in fact, worked with Rove. We also have learned that Ali A. Akbar has ties to possible election fraud in Texas, where Rove built his political base.

Election fraud in Texas? Gosh, no wonder it appears these two get along famously.

These latest details come from top-notch research at The Liberal Grouch blog. The Grouch, whose real name is Bill Schmalfeldt, has been closely following the story since Alabama lawyer Dana Jill Simpson released a letter last week that she had written to Robert Bauer, chief counsel for the Barack Obama re-election campaign. The letter was a reaction to Rove's recent bizarre rant on Fox News, in which he made a number of clearly false allegations about Bauer and Simpson, who is best known for her role as a whistleblower in the political prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

In the letter, Simpson denied Rove's charges that Bauer had once represented her and confirmed Bauer's statement that the two had never met. Simpson went on to say that she thought Rove attacked out of fear that she was about to reveal information regarding his personal life, including the alleged relationship with Akbar.

Known mainly for his role as president of the National Bloggers Club, an umbrella group for conservative bloggers that grew from the Andrew Breitbart network, Akbar recently was outed for having a criminal record. But Simpson's letter took the level of scrutiny to a whole new level.

As Schmalfeldt asked in a recent post, how did Akbar go so quickly from being a small-time criminal thug to a prominent position within the GOP, one where he has his picture taken with such luminaries as Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty?

That's the kind of rise that seemingly could only happen with the help of a powerful booster. Is that booster Karl Rove? And is the boost driven by a sexual relationship between Akbar and Rove.

Schmalfeldt uncovered a YouTube video where Akbar acknowledges having worked for Rove. You can catch the video at the end of this post, and the key part comes at about the 2:17 mark.

As for Akbar's ties to possible voter fraud, Schmalfeldt found a December 2007 post from a Web site called Libertarian Republican. Akbar, at the time, was working on the John McCain presidential campaign, and he apparently was willing to openly discuss shady election tactics:

The John McCain Campaign is facing a possible scandal from a Texas Campaign Staffer John McCain Campaign Staffer Ali Akbar from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, is alleged to have discussed using voter fraud techniques. This occured in an extended conference call within 1 month ago, with two other political operatives, one a volunteer for Ron Paul for President in Nevada. The staffer is in charge of a very key McCain for President campaign area. The staffer has been contacted by "higher-ups" in the McCain camp asking him to explain his statements. 
More details emerging . . .  
According to one sourve in the DFW area Akbar has had past problems with the law including credit card fraud. And that he might in fact be on parole. 
Just breaking . . .  
The McCain campaign at the highest levels has had an emergency conference call on the matter.

The articles goes on to say:

Statement from one of the two witnesses Joey Dauben of South Dallas: I sat in on a meeting in my downtown Dallas office and heard an ecampaign staffer with the John McCain campaign – Ali A. Akbar – openly discuss ways to manipulate, rig and otherwise “take” an election

Schmalfeldt traced Akbar to Ellis County, Texas, where he worked for a news Web site called the Ellis County Observer. Akbar's work apparently involved covering up the misdeeds of a former police chief named Michael Meissner, who was charged with posing as a woman and soliciting photos of underaged boys. That sounds Sanduskyesque.

Meissner worked with an Ali Akbar, who was on probation for credit card abuse and theft, to suppress online records of his misdeeds. Akbar was an executive editor and webmaster at the Observer, but was accused by proprietor (Joe) Dauben of endorsing voter fraud tactics.

For a young guy, Ali Akbar has built quite a tangled web around himself. Will it all wind up at Karl Rove's doorstep? Jill Simpson says the answer is yes. And The Liberal Grouch is building a stack of evidence pointing in that direction.


Anonymous said...

One can wonder, in the first place, if his name can be really "Ali Akbar," which I believe means "God is Great" for Muslims. Has anyone looked into his origins?

Rove is believed to have been behind spurious homosexual allegations against Gov. Siegelman and against Alabama Republican Atty. Gen. Troy King, who had crossed Gov. Bob Riley, another master of dirty tricks. So he is keenly aware of the harm such allegations can do to political figures. He has reason to be jittery.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, and you might recall the ugly child-molestation rumors Rove spread about former Alabama judicial candidate Mark Kennedy, who was noted for being a genuine advocate for children.

I believe Rove used these sorts of tactics against one of his GOP rivals in TX, a guy named Weaver. I need to look up details on that. Would welcome comments from readers with knowledge about that case.

The Liberal Grouch said...

I am humbled by your remarks. New details about Akbar's past published today. http://www.theliberalgrouch.com/2012/07/03/is-there-anything-ali-akbar-has-not-lied-about/

Anonymous said...

"... The New York Times reported on June 17 that Adelson—a key ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is himself a close, longtime friend of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney—has said he is prepared to spend $100M of his own money this year to defeat Obama and help elect Republicans.



Did any reader read Gilad Atzmon to know our future here? The Wandering Who do not intend to become simply the whom in a world that has exclusively topped the centuries with "chosen."

Rove ET AL have very powerful credit crunching predatory criminally insane in positions that dictate our military leadership, just look at how Romney is now our Obama and then do we get Killery the Hun, too, to VOTE for as is our right? She was powerful enough to dictate the dictators of Libya, and now Syria? Be GONE.

Here comes America's turn for the same regime changes?

The Liberal Grouch said...

Another story that may interest your readers is how Karl Rove got Zazzle to remove an image from a product I had created. The image was of Ali, wearing an Obama mask, waving handfuls of $20 bills. The e-mail from Zazzle confirmed Karl Rove claimed "intellectual property rights" over the image, which does not include him or his full name. How odd.


legalschnauzer said...

To Liberal Grouch:

Excellent work, Bill. I hope folks will check out your site for lots of important background on Ali A. Akbar.

legalschnauzer said...

To Liberal Grouch:

Bill, thanks for enlightening folks about the Zazzle image, and Rove's effort to squash it. Are you thinking that Rove took the picture, that's why he is claiming intellectual property rights? If so, that seems to confirm that he and Ali were holed up in a hotel somewhere, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

In 2006 - 2008, artists of renown lost websites, just like that gone and in the olden days a site cost no less than $10K to $50K for an "international" top of the search engine find websites. The Malaysian genius with a tome of no less than 3000 pages directed all to the web, to "survive" these centuries in the aughts.

Yes, the gulag is real. The owners of the www do whatever "they," "them," that IT pleases.

Crystal Cox has been a target, too, for disappearance of any power in "ownership" and call it what it isn't - our "Bill of Rights" honored.

Welcome to Stalin's dream beyond come true.

It appears a new type of IRS model is at construct? Stealing has been since the beginning of time immortal by the self-proclaimed "elite" BUT, now, the instant death by eminent domain is "God's Work" through the force of digital technology?

Do we all unplug at the same time one of these days just to see what happens to IT?

How about on "election day?"

smile imagination, smile-smile

Anonymous said...

btw, thanks liberal grouch for reminding me to visit regularly. /rk

Anonymous said...

PATRICK LEAHY, Chair, Senate - Hon. Leahy, Yale School of Law, Committee on the Judiciary. He recently spoke about our system in the courts and I posted that talk, here at LS. Leahy has had a website constructed I believe, it was in 1995. There was then a very powerful COALITION constructed across the nation and throughout the law schools this legal fortress has been carefully designed.

DIGITAL DUE PROCESS protection and the CORPORATIONS were and are all fully represented, but of course.

Anonymous said...

AND don't forget "Turd Blossom" - George W. Bush Jr.'s pet name for his "Boy Genius."

Former Governor of Alaska, not Palin, was scorned for saying out loud Washington DC was-is a "cult."

During this time websites across the U.S., state "treasury" departments were well constructed, too, "keeping the faith," were bold statements.

What does it all mean. Hmm,

Anonymous said...

I still think more investigation should be done on a possible sexual relationship between Karl Rove and Jeff Gannon (remember him?). I still believe this is what was behind all of Gannon's mysterious and seemingly overnight visits to the White House. Gannon. real names James Guckert, seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Someone should track him down and ask him some quest

David said...

Gee...and here I was thinking that Jeff Gannon was visiting upstairs in the private residence while Laura Bush was out of town!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gannon the news "boy toy."

OPEN revolving door to George ET AL. ALL got to enjoy the shows!

All these so called "politicians" and their "new world" of old world paedophilia and other "common purposes" (see Brian Gerrish for the European ugly twin to our US "common purpose," too) need to be dipped in Clorox and then put into the sunshine to fade away in the light.

There is a new HOME TEST "medical" piece of "equipment" to test for HIV and what does this say about "America" to have the FIRST home HIV test when in Europe and Asia, et al, et Cetera, the homosexuality "gene" has been shared for eons.

Just passed Obamacare and presto we get new stuff to sell that is the innovative and progressive first in science?

Nah, Cuba's medical system has been far superior to the U.S. and cured Hugo Chavez's cancer without any of the high cost seen in the US of A.

FRANKLY speaking, the US MILITARY has had the "single payer" option and in 1947, or thereabouts, the MENGELE style of "medicine" in America began TESTS on "American children" who did not have any say in choosing to NOT be "experiments" and what stories can be told by the "military brats" born just after WWII set-up the "medical CONTROL" just like what is the final nail coming soon as the "Obamacare."

Anonymous said...



Suspected Leaker: John Roberts' Own Clerk!

Seven Theories About Who the Supreme Court Leaker Was

The Supreme Court is usually very good about keeping its deliberations secret, but it hasn't worked out that way for its ruling on Obamacare. Over the weekend, CBS News' Jan Crawford revealed that "according to two sources with specific knowledge of the deliberations," Chief Justice switched his vote from one to strike down the law to one to uphold it. So who are the two rats? Politico's Dylan Byers explains that the speculation is all over the map. The plot only thickened when Salon's Paul Campos reported Roberts wrote both the opinion and the dissent, according to "a source within the court with direct knowledge of the drafting process." Who could that be? Here's a guide to the many theories.

Anonymous said...

Rove - proof that what goes around......comes around.

Anonymous said...

Schnauzer.......bite like a real bulldog and don't let goof Rove's butt go. Snarl, bark, and chew. Get the truth out. Thanks.

The Liberal Grouch said...

Looking closely at the photo, not entirely sure it is a hotel room. In the lower right of the unaltered photo (http://www.theliberalgrouch.com/2012/07/03/things-about-the-photo/) you can see what looks like a wireless speaker, of the sort used in a home entertainment system for surround sound. It is clear from my own efforts to replicate the conditions of the photo, however, that Ali did not take this photo himself. All of my efforts to take a mirror photo ended with the flash obliterating all images in the mirror. One can clearly see light coming from below Akbar's mask so it seems as if the photo was taken by someone in a seated or reclining position, then - perhaps - flipped to make it LOOK like a mirrored self-portrait. But it's impossible to do that without the camera being seen in the mirror or the flash obliterating the image. And the shadows in the rest of the room indicate that flash was, in fact, used in the photo.

The Liberal Grouch said...

Also, there is no metadata on the photo lifted from Akbar's facebook page to identify time and place, so it is obviously a copy of a copy that I believe was flipped to appear to be a self-photo shot into a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss .

Anonymous said...

how did Akbar go so quickly from being a small-time criminal thug to a prominent position

One might ask a similar question about Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert.

How did a gay, male prostitute with no journalism experience gain unprecedented and unbelievable access to the White House including 200 visits when there were no news conferences scheduled?

legalschnauzer said...

There has been quite a bit of speculation that Jeff Gannon actually is Johnny Gosch, a boy who was kidnapped in Iowa and forced into the Franklin Scandal pedophile ring. Here is one story on the subject:


Anonymous said...

LS- I read a lot about this at the time- possibly even the article you linked, but I can't be sure. I looked at the Marine photo of G/G, and tried to figure out who he was. A lot of work for nothing. There are so many bizarre aspects to every thing about this case it's easy to go down blind alleys.

So, my simple question, not having thought about this for a long, long time, is after the Bush era, the time he was in the spotlight, what happened to G/G?

Any evidence he has surfaced again?

legalschnauzer said...

Anybody know about Gannon/Guckert's whereabouts these days? I haven't heard anything about him since about 2006-07. The jeffgannon.com Web site appears to be long out of date.

mondomike said...


Republican homophobia is legendary!
Methinx they doeth protest too much!

The Republican Party actually self- flagellates when it comes to homophobia and the "gay issue." They use the gay issue in almost every National election, on a state by state basis (of late) to draw out the homophobes among us to vote against their own secret yearnings and cravings, and, OF COURSE FOR their present hack Presidential candidate! Then, these 'homo' hatin', and possibly quite gay Republican voters quietly sneak back into the closet and continue their secret and tawdry (wink, nod) "private" love affairs with members of the same sex, and sometimes even with mules!

HEY, I'm just sayin'!

David said...

Then there is story with no ending about George W's college roommate who was the mayor of Konxville, Tn at the time of Bush' swearing in who was immediately whisked of in to the night and appointed ambassador to some eastern European country and not heard from again.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information.

Anonymous said...

I am retired and can dive into it.

Robby Scott Hill said...

You have connected more dots than you realize - child porn, JFK & everything else rotten in America go back to the Meisner Family & the Russian Jewish Mafia which also includes Somalian & The Boss of Bosses, Simeon Mogilevich himself.