Monday, June 18, 2018

Medical records show my lawyer-brother David Shuler called Burrell Behavioral Health to make false claim that I had threatened to shoot cops if they tried to evict

David Shuler
One week before our unlawful eviction in September 2015, my lawyer-brother David Shuler sent an email accusing me of calling 911 to issue a threat that I would shoot any law-enforcement officers who attempted to evict Carol and me. We since have learned David -- surprise, surprise -- was lying, that the call came from Burrell Behavioral Health, our health-care provider.

Newly obtained evidence shows that David's deceit goes much deeper than we originally understood. He launched the bogus story about a threat to shoot law-enforcement -- a threat that I never made, on a subject I never discussed with him.

David's role in concocting the 911 ruse, which almost got Carol and me killed and led directly to her broken arm, comes from two pieces of evidence -- my medical records and the 911 call itself.

Let's first consider my medical records. Here is an entry dated 8/5/15, from psychiatric nurse Matt Charles, who was my caregiver at the time for Burrell:

Update 8/5/15 -- Allegedly, patient's brother has contacted the case-management supervisor regarding Roger. Roger's brother states that Roger has threatened to shoot anyone who tries to evict him. After discussing this with the CSS and case-management supervisor, a plan was made to hotline these concerns regarding Roger.

What does it mean to "hotline" these concerns? We're not sure, but we believe a message was sent to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

What do we learn from this note in my medical file? There is no evidence that I threatened to shoot anyone, cop or otherwise -- and I did not, in fact, make such a threat. Also, I've never discussed anything of substance with David since I've been back in Missouri; it became clear early on that he was not to be trusted, so I've shared almost nothing with him.

In short, attorney David Shuler made up the threat and my role in the 911 call -- pulling both from some deep, dark crevice with which many lawyers seem equipped.

As for evidence of David's deceit in the 911 call itself, we will address that in an upcoming post.

(To be continued)

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