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Missouri cops' written and verbal statements not only don't make sense, they defy the laws of gravity, in an effort to cover up police brutality against my wife Carol

Christian Conrad
All four Missouri deputies who testified at my wife Carol's recent "assault" trial said in written reports that she wound up on the ground either before or just after being handcuffed. But at trial, under oath, none of them mentioned Carol being on the ground -- and one of them went out of her way to say Carol was handcuffed while standing.

Why all the inconsistent statements, which likely amount to perjury? Well, it's obvious Carol's arm was broken for two reasons:

(1) She was seated on the ground, on her butt, where an unknown individual wearing a blue shirt and reflective sun glasses had slammed her;

(2) "Mr. Blue Shirt" then reached down to grab both of Carol's arms just above the elbows, while she still was seated on the ground, and violently yanked on them in an upward and backward motion.

Carol and I both testified to that, under oath, at trial -- and while Carol likely was in a state of shock and might have had a concussion from being slammed to the ground on the day cops beat her-- I saw the whole thing from about 15 feet away, while sitting in the driver's seat of our car. Unlike Carol, I did not have my brains scrambled by having cops slam my head against a wall multiple times after they unlawfully burst into our apartment. And certainly, no one slammed me butt-first to the ground.

Carol's arm likely was broken because she had been slammed into an awkward position, sitting butt-first on the ground, when an ignorant animal in a blue shirt started yanking on both arms as hard as he could.

How vicious was this? From my sportswriting days I've been on the sidelines at numerous college football games -- including pretty fair teams like Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Kansas State, LSU, Tennessee, UAB, Florida, North Carolina, and many more. I've seen some frightening hits from a few feet away, but I've never seen a level of violence inflicted on anyone that tops what was done to Carol during our unlawful eviction in September 2015.

The cops' combination of written and spoken words not only are false and nonsensical, they defy the laws of physics. (The judgment, written incident reports, and a perjury-related motion are embedded at the end of this post.) Let's examine the cops written statements:

(1)Debi Wade

Lt. Conrad came around my right side and grabbed [Carol's] left arm, and Deputy Harrison came up from behind and grabbed her right arm. Capt. Lynn rushed in to place her in handcuffs. She resisted them by jerking her arms in an attempt to free herself from their hold. (If Carol had been placed in handcuffs, how could be attempting to free herself from their hold?) I had stepped away once I knew they had her under control. As soon as she stopped resisting and the cuffs were checked for comfort, and I heard one of the male deputies advise her that she was under arrest and read her Miranda. Carol sunk down on the ground in a sitting position in a defeated manner, on her own accord. She waited quietly on the ground. (Sounds like someone coached Wade to avoid saying anything that might suggest Carol was slammed to the ground, against her will.)

The reality: A "male officer" did not advise Carol that she was under arrest. Sheriff Jim Arnott, after watching "Mr. Blue Shirt" slam Carol and break her arm, pointed at her and falsely said, "You assaulted a police officer." Arnott clearly knew Carol was injured, and he would need an excuse, in a hurry. Wade falsely stated that Carol "sunk down to the ground," "of her own accord." Carol and I both testified that "Blue Shirt" slammed her to the ground, and it had nothing to do with "her own accord." Wade was correct that Carol wound up on the ground, but she lied about how Carol got there and what happened once she was there.

(2) Scott Harrison

I approached Carol from behind and placed a hold on Carol's right arm and Lt. Conrad took a hold of Carol's left arm. We were able to detain Carol in handcuffs once she stopped resisting. (Where was Capt. Lynn, who according to Wade, applied the handcuffs? They can't keep their stories straight. That happens when you are lying.) I ensured the handcuffs were not too tight and made sure that they were double-locked so that they would not cinch down any further on her wrists. Carol then willfully sat down on the ground, with my assistance.

An inside view of the hardware required
to repair Carol's arm via trauma surgery

The reality: Like Wade, Harrison correctly stated that Carol wound up on the ground, but he lied about how she got there and what happened once she was there. He claims he assisted Carol in sitting on the ground, which is a complete crock.

(3) Jeremy Lynn

Lt. Conrad and Deputy Harrison then attempted to restrain Mrs. Shuler, however, she continued to resist and pull away from them. I grabbed Lt. Conrad's handcuffs and handcuffed her while Deputy Harrison and Lt. Conrad held her. Mrs. Shuler then sunk to the ground and sat. Lt. Conrad then retrieved Deputy Harrison's car. He pulled it up in the driveway, and Deputy Harrison escorted her to the vehicle. She continued to pull away and resist walking to the car.

The reality: Lynn continues the pattern of admitting Carol wound up on the ground, but he lies about how she got there and what happened once she was there. Like the others, he leaves "Mr. Blue Shirt" out of the story entirely

(4) Christian Conrad

At this point, I informed her she was under arrest for assault. (A lie; Arnott pulled the arrest out of his ass.) Carol fought against us until she was handcuffed. Once hancuffed, she sat down on the grass and said she was done fighting. I asked her if she was OK, and she said her shoulders were sore from being hancuffed the first time.

The reality: Sound familiar? Like the others, Conrad admits Carol wound up on the ground, but lies about how she got there and what happened once she was there. No word about Mr. Blue Shirt slamming her to ground and yanking so violently on her arms that he broke one of them.

What is a consistent theme through all four of these accounts? They have Carol sitting on the ground -- on her own -- while wearing handcuffs. I've had handcuffs on, so I know what the experience is like. One of the last things you want to do is sit yourself on the ground because: (A) The natural tendency is to use both arms to guide yourself down and cushion yourself once you approach the ground. With handcuffs on, you can't do that, and you realize it right away. Knowing that you are likely to fall directly on your ass, with nothing to support you, you are not likely to even attempt sitting on the ground of "your own accord."; (2) If you do manage to sit down, you have almost no way to get back up. Try sitting on the ground and getting up without using your arms. I'm betting you can't do it. And I know from experience that the handcuffed person realizes his arms are incapacitated and isn't even thinking of attempting an act that requires his arms to start or to finish.

I was never a star student in physics class, but I learned enough to know the cops' stories are bullshit.

They must have known their stories were bullshit because they changed them at trial. Only one of the four cops mentioned anything about Carol and the ground at trial. It came from Debi Wade, who seems to have a dysfunctional relationship with the truth:

Wade also confirmed Carol Shuler was handcuffed while in a standing position after charging Wade like a bull.

What baloney. This is the same Debi Wade who wrote that Carol wound up on the ground while being surrounded by multiple cops, but now Wade makes a special point of saying Carol was handcuffed while standing. Why the change? Well, these cops aren't very bright, but even they realize an injury is more likely to happen when a subject is placed in handcuffs while seated on the ground, with a thug yanking on her arms. So, they try to take the ground and the thug out of the equation.

Pretty much all of the cops' fairy tales fall apart on closer inspection, and another will do that shortly.

(To be continued)

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