Monday, September 18, 2017

Bogus 911 call related to our eviction case came from Burrell Behavioral Health -- with help from my brothers -- and it damned near got Carol and me killed

Burrell Behavioral Health
If I didn't make a 911 call or communicate a threat to law-enforcement officials -- and their written statements via discovery in my wife, Carol's "assault" case indicate that I didn't -- then who did?  The discovery documents present so many varieties of the story that it's hard to nail down the answer. But it appears the 911 call and information about an alleged threat came from: (A) My health-care provider; and (B) My brothers.

Do the documents provide any evidence that I actually communicated an unlawful threat to anyone? Nope. But officers used information based on fourth- or fifth-hand hearsay to justify barging into our home and pointing assault rifles and pistols at us. (Documents are embedded at the end of this post.)

In other words, an individual from Burrell Behavioral Health and my brothers (Paul and David) damned near got us killed.

Records show that the 911 call came at about 10:22 a.m. on Aug. 12, 2015, from a Burrell Health case manager named Joshua Davis. Here is the key note regarding the call:

CLR (caller) is a Burrell case manager. SUS (suspect) threatened to shoot anyone who came to evict them. There is an eviction notice on the door.

SUS: DOB 1956. MW, 55-60, gray hair, he owns a gun, prescription medication for PTSD and depression. Last spoke to Roger on 8/4/15. Roger's relatives called Josh with Burrell to report threats. Burrell made a Dept. of Health and Senior Services on (sic) 8/7/15

Roger's phone number is 205-381-5673.

What do we learn here:

(1) I (the "suspect") supposedly threatened to shoot anyone who came to evict us, but there is zero information about how Burrell would know that. There also is no evidence;

(2) I supposedly own a gun. The truth: I've never owned a gun in my life, unless you count the B-B gun I got as a Christmas gift when I was about 12 years old. I didn't own a gun at the time of the call, and I don't own a gun now.

(3) I've taken prescription medication for PTSD and depression. That medication was prescribed via Burrell. Millions of America's take medication for those conditions. Does that mean we all are "armed and dangerous"?

(4) My relatives (likely my brothers) called Josh Davis to report threats. This indicates no one at Burrell reported hearing such a threat from me. They heard something third- or fourth-hand and decided to call 911 based on their "duty to warn" protocol. Do they have a "duty to get the truth" protocol? Apparently not.

(5) Burrell had my phone number and could have called me to ask about this. Instead, they put my life (and Carol's life) at risk by calling 911 when they had no remotely direct evidence for doing so.

Let's establish a couple of key facts here:

(1) I've spoken with Josh Davis one time in my life, and it was via phone about an issue related to Carol's social worker. It was long before the eviction issue ever arose, and it had nothing to do with guns, threats, medication, or anything related to that. Our understanding is that Josh Davis has left Burrell, and that probably is a good thing. One wonders if he left of his own accord.

(2) I've never communicated with my brothers, or any other family member, about a threat or any other possible response to an eviction.

(3) I'm pretty sure Burrell had no release from us to talk to any member of my family. When we first became engaged with Burrell, we left it open for them to speak with family members. But we got a report that my lawyer/brother, David, called a caseworker and said I had asked him to call her. That was a lie, and we then signed papers instructing Burrell not to discuss our care with family members or anyone else. At the time Josh Davis took the call from my "relatives," I'm pretty sure we had withdrawn approval for such communications. But Davis went ahead and not only talked to them -- against our instructions -- but called 911 about us, with zero evidence of a "threat." That might help explain why Davis no longer is at Burrell.

What would make my brothers think Carol and I were a threat to anyone? I don't know, but it seems to be a notion they simply pulled out of their asses. Documents suggest my brothers certainly tried to portray us as threats -- even though they had zero evidence to support it.

The 911 records conclude with this notation: "No significant call history of Roger Shuler, senior services and county already notified. No other police action to be taken at this time."

That, however, does not mean my brothers were finished trying to incite violence against Carol and me. It makes you wonder if they wanted to get us killed.

(To be continued)

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