Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If Roy Moore beats Luther Strange in today's GOP runoff, look for Strange's establishment-Republican base to throw support behind Democrat Doug Jones

Jill Simpson
If Roy Moore beats Luther Strange in today's Alabama GOP runoff for a seat in the U.S. Senate, look for Strange's pro-business Republican backers to throw their support to Democrat Doug Jones, a retired attorney and prominent whistleblower says.

Dana Jill Simpson, who testified before Congress about a Republican plot to politically prosecute former governor Don Siegelman, says Jones colluded with GOP operative Rob Riley to hurt the chances of Siegelman and codefendant Richard Scrushy (former CEO of HealthSouth) getting a reversal of their convictions on appeal. Jones and Riley used the convictions to help generate more than $50 million in attorney fees from a lawsuit against HealthSouth -- and as co-liaison counsel, they took a significant chunk of the money.

Given Jones' documented ties to Rob Riley, it would not be a surprise to see him receive support from the Riley Political Machine, which largely was built by Karl Rove and the kind of right-wing luminaries who now support Luther Strange. That is exactly what Jill Simpson sees happening if Strange comes up short against Roy Moore today. In fact, the following scenario could play out: Jones uses his ties to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing case to attract black voters, all the while taking marching orders from establishment, white Republicans.

In other words, a vote for Doug Jones could turn out to be a lot like a vote for Luther Strange. If you are a Democrat, and that doesn't make you gag, something must be wrong with your gagging reflex. The following (with some editing for clarity) is from Simpson's statement on Facebook over the weekend. She wrote it in response to attacks on me in Democratic circles for writing critically and accurately about Doug Jones in a post last week about the Moore/Strange runoff.

Doug Jones
Please note in Simpson's words below, her references to three overlooked factors in the Senate special election to fill Jeff Sessions' seat: (1) The possibility of election theft; (2) Ties between GOP business elites, and the Dixie Political Mafia, to Russians; (3) The irony of "civil rights" Doug Jones casting his lot with the Riley family and its ties to neo-Confederate, all-white organizations:

Doug's problem, the way I see it, is that he is better friends with the Republican Riley bunch than with Progressive Democrats. Those of y'all running your mouths about Roger telling about Doug have no clue what we went through dealing with Doug being the Rob Riley snitch who often warped stuff.

I want to tell you what I think is going to happen if Luther loses the primary.  They -- the Rove, Riley, Sessions, Canary, and McConnell Dixie Political Mafia -- are going to support Doug against Roy because he is one of their DNC Centralist Elitist Democrats that has snitched for them -- and that is the way they are planning to beat Roy if he makes it out of the primary. Moore should beat Strange unless foul play happens with the Canary/Chamber of Commerce Election Thieves who could play games with Russians and rock the vote.

If you want to pick on Roger for telling the truth, I think you are a nut. In my opinion, Roger suffered, as did his wife, to see the world knew a great injustice occurred in the Siegelman case -- and he helped out for years on all the Alabama GOP Dixie Mafia ties to Russia.

I might add that I am not worried in the least if you elect Doug, as I think it will become apparent who he has to answer to to stay in office. Doug is a Republican lite candidate, in my opinion. 
In closing I will say this: It doesn't matter which one of these jokers gets elected, as the Republican Ringmasters have control of both parties in Alabama. I might share that I do admire that Doug did some special things against the Klan. But for the life of me, I have never been able to understand how he could then team up with the Riley folks, who are part of the all-white Mason Lodge bunch and also have been reported to have strong ties to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, who helped put them in office.

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