Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When my brothers' bogus reports to our health-care provider didn't result in much, they contacted cops directly to claim Carol and I were mentally unstable

David Shuler
How desperate were my brothers to portray Carol and me as threats to law enforcement regarding our unlawful eviction in September 2015?Documents obtained via discovery in the bogus "assault" case against Carol reveal they were pretty darned desperate.

My brothers contacted Burrell Behavioral Health to report a "threat" we had never made -- and on top of that, we likely had withdrawn permission for Burrell to communicate with any of my family members. According to 911 records, that resulted in a finding that I had no significant call history, and "no other police action [would be] taken at this time." To be precise, there probably was no call history at all on me, and no police action ever was taken -- much less "other" police action.

So, it seems my brothers' efforts to cause a stir failed, but they didn't stop there, according to police documents. What would make David Shuler (an attorney, with an apparently busy divorce practice) and Paul Shuler (who long has worked as a radiology technician at Mercy Hospital Springfield) spread word that we were dangerous, without any evidence to support that?

The scary and disturbing question in my mind is this: Were they trying to get us killed, and if so, who put that notion in their minds? If that was their plan, it damn near worked. A thuggish cop almost ripped Carol's left arm apart at the elbow, requiring trauma surgery. And another cop barged into our home and pointed an assault rifle at my head, with his finger on the trigger. The slightest bump or flick could have caused my brains to land all over the wall behind me.

Calling our health-care provider did not accomplish much, so David and Paul apparently tried calling cops directly. (Documents are embedded at the end of this post.) This is from Deputy Debi Wade's written report, dated 9/10/15, the day after our eviction:

On August 30, 2015, we received the Writ of Execution to post at the residence. It was posted by Deputy Harrison on the morning of September 1, 2015, with a deadline date of 09-09-15 @ 9 a.m. given. Between the 1st and the 9th of September, two deputies with our agency were contacted by two different brothers to Roger Shuler. The brothers . . . both wanted to warn deputies that their brother was mentally unstable. They both stated that they feared for our officer's safety during the eviction. I was told that one of the brothers stated that Roger's wife Carol had the same mental instability and belief system as Roger and would more than likely go along with whatever her husband did or said. We were not aware that Roger had a wife in the home up to that point.

This is pretty mind-blowing stuff, so let's try to digest it:

(1) Between Sept. 1-9, roughly three weeks after the 911 call from Burrell hadn't accomplished much, both of my brothers contacted deputies to claim I was mentally unstable. What evidence did they present of that? We have no idea.

(2) Why did my brothers consider it their concern to worry about officer safety? Most officers have the equipment and training to take care of their own safety, right? Were my brothers at all concerned about the legality of the planned eviction or danger to OUR safety that their call was causing? Doesn't sound like it. Perhaps they wanted us to be in danger.

(3) Carol and I have a "belief system" that makes us a threat? What the hell belief system is that -- being a Democrat, expecting courts and law enforcement to act without corruption? Has our country dropped into such a hole that these "beliefs" and expectations are considered unusual, even threatening? Sheesh.

What about the words of Deputy Scott Harrison, who seems to have been involved in this up to his eyeballs? The first word of a 911 call came via an e-mail from David Shuler, based on information supposedly provided by Scott Harrison -- and it claimed I had issued a threat via 911, which even officers now seem to admit was false. Harrison notes the "threat" was issued via a 911 call from Burrell Health, and then writes:

Roger's brothers, David Shuler and Paul Shuler, had also both independently expressed concerns for our officers' safety due to this threat made by Roger to harm the Law Enforcement officers tasked with enforcing the eviction. David Shuler and Paul Shuler both advised that they were unaware of whether or not Roger owned any guns or other weapons, but both felt he was capable of carrying out his threats given his current mental state and psychological issues. We were . . . told that Roger Shuler's wife Carol also suffered from mental illness.

What jumps out here?

(1) Harrison fails to mention that, based on records of the 911 call, David and Paul created the "threat" out of thin air. There is zero evidence that I made such a threat.

(2) David and Paul admit they have no idea whether I have any weaponry to carry out a "threat." In fact, I didn't and never have. Ironically, Paul is the gun nut in our family; he has taken several trips out west to shoot moose, elk, and other animals. But he thinks I have an issue with guns?

(3) What makes Paul and David experts on my mental state, or Carol's? Since we've been in Missouri, we've barely spoken three sentences to either of them. Neither ever has voiced the slightest concern about Carol's shattered arm, or that I came close to having my head blown off with an assault rifle.

Let's not leave out the words of Officer Jeremy Lynn, who also referenced the 911 call, noting supposed "violence" that seems to have grown from David and Paul's fertile imaginations:

In addition to the above information, two of Mr. Shuler's brothers, one of which is an attorney, had contacted members of the Sheriff's Office to share the fear they had of what he may do during the eviction process to law enforcement.

Probably unknown to Officer Lynn -- it's a matter of public record, via a vicious ex parte letter to the judge in our eviction case -- is that David Shuler was working against us and in favor of landlord Trent Cowherd. And he was doing so, even though Cowherd's eviction action was unlawful on four grounds at the time, with two more (a. acting before rent was at least one month late; b. acting contrary to Missouri's Castle Doctrine Law) discovered later.

The actions of my brothers, according to law-enforcement records, were so outrageous that I'm left with two alarming questions: (1) Were they trying to get us killed? and (2) On whose behalf were they working? It certainly wasn't ours.

If there are other explanations for their actions, I can't think of any.

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