Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Luther Strange makes runoff with Roy Moore in Alabama U.S. Senate election, but that might add to the heat from Strange's mounting ethical baggage

Luther Strange and Roy Moore
Luther Strange came in second to Roy Moore in yesterday's Republican primary for a special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate. Strange and Moore will meet in a runoff on Sept. 26. The winner will advance to face Democrat Doug Jones in the general election on Dec. 12.

Some recent polls had Strange missing the runoff, despite the endorsement of Donald Trump. That's because Strange has enough ethical baggage hanging over him to sink the Lusitania.

The spotlight already is shining on that baggage, especially Strange's temporary appointment to the Sessions seat by Robert "Luv Guv" Bentley, the disgraced ousted governor who apparently gave the position to "Big Lutha" in exchange for soft-peddling an investigation on Bentley's sex- and finance-related wrongdoing.

But the spotlight figures to get even hotter between now and Sept. 16, especially since Strange's baggage appears to go way beyond the Bentley deal. In fact, Strange's biggest ethical problem might, appropriately enough, involve dirt -- lots of real dirt. Strange's ties to that scandal might be in the early stages, but we've seen reports that "Lutha" has dirt under his fingernails, and federal investigators are poking around. For good measure, the scandal appears to have some connection to Jessica Medeiros Garrison, Strange's one-time campaign manager and mistress.

As for Doug Jones, he received a high enough percentage of votes yesterday to avoid a runoff and advance directly to the general election. As a staunch liberal, I generally support just about any Democrat with a pulse and three or more brain cells. But Jones is a dismal candidate and an even worse human being, as I will be showing in a series of posts between now and general-election day.

Jones is little more than a whore for the GOP's Riley Political Machine. Jones teamed with Rob "Uday" Riley (son of former Gov. Bob Riley) to help gather more than $50 million in attorney fees from a civil case against Richard Scrushy (codefendant in the Don Siegelman criminal case), HealthSouth, and related entities.

Rob Riley became part of the plaintiffs' team, even though he had blatant conflicts of interest, according to a 2008 report from Huffington Post's Sam Stein. In fact, Stein quoted two sources who suggested that Riley's insider knowledge from the Siegelman/Scrushy criminal case helped force HealthSouth's decision to pay $445 million, one of the largest settlements in securities-litigation history.

We picked up on that theme in a piece that showed Jones is happy to ignore right-wing conflicts if there is enough money on the table. From our 2011 post:

The other co-liaison counsel in the HealthSouth case -- Jones' chief local assistant -- was Rob Riley, the son of former Republican Governor Bob Riley. Why did Doug Jones need Rob Riley on the lawsuit team? Probably because Riley had inside information about former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. And that information probably came from Riley's involvement in a Republican conspiracy to conduct a political prosecution against Siegelman and Scrushy, a scheme that Alabama attorney and whistleblower Dana Jill Simpson revealed to the world.

Should progressives be concerned about Doug Jones' willingness to make money by jumping in bed with a member of the Riley clan? What about Jones' apparent determination to now push tainted nominees to [the] Democratic [Obama] administration?

Regular readers know that Bob Riley has ties to GOP felons Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon. And yet Doug Jones, who now seems to have the Obama administration's ear, is comfortably aligned with Bob Riley's son.

That's enough, for now, about Doug Jones. Even if he were a good Democratic candidate, Jones likely wouldn't stand a chance in the general election. Given that he's mostly a phony and a con artist -- touting his "civil rights" bona fides while the record shows he has little regard for the rule of law and equal justice --  Jones surely will get swamped by Moore or Strange in December.

Doug Jones
If it came down to it, I probably would vote for Roy Moore over Doug Jones; that's how bad Jones is. I consider Roy Moore one of the most gross charlatans in modern political history, but I suspect he would do less damage in the Senate than he's done as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

If it came down to Strange or Jones, I wouldn't vote for either one. I'd write in the name of a dead armadillo. We have reason to hope that, regardless of what happens in the Senate race, a "dirty" scandal will finally chop "Big Lutha" down to size.

We've seen signs that the "dirty" scandal hits real close to home for Mrs. Schnauzer and me. We will spell that out in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile, folks who voted yesterday for Luther Strange should think twice about how much dirt they are willing to stomach.


Anonymous said...

I think the runoff is Sept. 26.

legalschnauzer said...

@6:40 --

You are right. Thanks for the heads up. I will fix the error.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see if Strange becomes "Teflon Luther."

Anonymous said...

Roy Moore will be an embarrassment wherever he is. But I agree, Schnauzer, that he probably will do less damage as a senator than as chief justice.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you don't like Doug Jones. I figured he, being a Dem, was on your good side.

legalschnauzer said...

I hate Doug Jones with every fiber in my being. I'm convinced he has gone out of his way to hurt my family -- or he knows who hurt my family and has kept it under wraps -- so I consider him to be the lowest of the low. Anyone who would associate with Rob Riley in any meaningful way has some serious ethical issues. If I saw a train run over Doug Jones, I would stop and cheer. Did I mention that I hate Doug Jones?

BTW, I'm not alone. Jill Simpson and Don Siegelman also hold Jones in low regard.

Anonymous said...

Getting elected gives Roy Moore a rush, and I think that's why he runs. He loves knowing that he has snowed a bunch of people in Alabama, and he needs that adrenaline to keep him going. He will do very little as U.S. senator. I doubt he has any clue what a senator does.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that Jessica Garrison still is underground on social media, since Big Lutha's name surfaced with the Superfund scandal. Not sure what that says, but it sure as hell says something.

Anonymous said...

What are the D.C. ties for Doug Jones? I know a lot is mentioned about Luther Strange's long time D.C. connections, but I'm beginning to wonder if Doug Jones doesn't have some too. For I was an observer many years ago when Doug Jones made a presentation before the Committee on the Judiciary in the Senate. At the time, I just dismissed it as the usual very flowery way the Senators speak to each other, however, the committee had to cut his presentation short due to lack of time. Before doing so, however, the Democratic head of the committee (I think it was Leahy, but time as made that detail a little rusty for me) stated publicly from his position as head of the committee that he hoped to see Doug Jones as a "fellow member of the Senate someday". He really lapped that up, I can tell you that. And every one took notice.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:30 --

All good questions and points well taken. Jones, of course, was appointed a US attorney by Bill Clinton, so that probably explains some of the DC connections. During the Obama admin, I think Jones pushed hard for appointment of George Beck as USA in Montgomery. Beck, of course, came from Karl Rove's favorite Alabama law firm -- Capell Howard.

Beck made sure that Bentley and Luther Strange and Roy Moore's Supreme Court could all act corruptly -- over and over -- without facing repercussions.

Dougie's not nearly as pure and clean as he wants people to believe. You don't lie down with Rob Riley without catching fleas, ticks, STDs or something along those lines -- something parasitic. Rob Riley is a parasite, and Doug Jones is pretty much the same way.

e.a.f. said...

gee, it reads like the people of Alabama get a chance to decide if they want gonorrhea or syphilis. Not much of a choice if you ask me. Why don't independants run? Who knows they might just win if every one is unhappy with the candidates. Its like use a condom and avoid both diseases. It happens in Canada sometimes when an Independent runs. They have beaten the main stream parties and won.

given the on going case of racist foot in the mouth by the President, if he is supporting Big Luther and Luther looses, it sends a message to the world. if he wins the primary and then the election its sends another message to the world. this election may be more of a referendum on the President than an actual election of a senator.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. --

Gonorrhea or syphilis? Hah, you made me LOL. In Alabama, it's like people are giving themselves gonorrhea or syphilis. I didn't know that was scientifically possible. Maybe you have to sit on the wrong toilet seat.

e.a..f. said...

actually you can have both at the same time. perhaps that is what some of the Alabama politicians are suffering from. It can affect the brain and you can go crazy. the citizens of Alabama need condoms to protect themselves from these politicians. glad I made you laugh. some of your posts have been ever so entertaining for me.

Anonymous said...

The Derplorables are riding out on Big Lutha!

"Roll tide, you betcha.

Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is heading down to Alabama to help boost former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore (R) in his primary against appointed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), joining forces with a pro-Trump super-PAC to try to knock out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) strongly preferred candidate."

Palin will join a bus tour run by Great America Alliance, a pro-Trump group that recently added former White House staffer Andy Surabian, who has close ties to recently ousted former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. The planned rally will occur late next week, according to a strategist close to the organization.

It's a good thing Senator Strange doesn't have any junk in his trunk. Other than being appointed by the Luv Guv under somewhat questionable circumstances. Senator Strange is probably very happy that all that that Drummond Coke EPA bribery stuff already got handled.

The karma of a one of the more extreme Republican factions turning a completely unqualified Republican tool like Sarah Palin back on a Republican establishment toady like Luther Strange, when it was the Republican establishment who made Sarah Palin into a thing...

Big Lutha has to know that his voters will eat this kind of stuff up like chicken with white BBQ sauce! Getcher hot harpy here!

legalschnauzer said...

God, what a circus. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

If it's not Bible Supergirl it might be something like Bible Hot Hockey Grandma.

Deplorables eat that kind of high heel hot stuff up either way!