Friday, February 10, 2017

No one should be surprised at the corrupt deal between Bentley and Strange; we showed long ago, via their extramarital affairs, that they are morally weak

"Luv Guv" Bentley and his girlfriend
Gov. Robert Bentley's appointment of Attorney General Luther Strange to replace U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is being portrayed in the press as perhaps the most flagrantly corrupt act in modern Alabama history. Considering our state's history of political corruption, that's quite an "achievement" for Bentley. Heck, even U.S. News and World Report had to hold its nose while covering the story.

But Legal Schnauzer readers should not be surprised by any of this. We broke stories that first showed Bentley and Strange are ethically challenged. We even broke the story that Cooper Shattuck, a Bentley sycophant and possible replacement for Strange as AG, has the moral underpinnings of a gila monster. (Our apologies to gila monster lovers around the globe.)

All three of these "gentlemen" have engaged in extramarital affairs while serving in prominent public positions. "Luv Guv" Bentley is known for groping the nether regions and massaging the boobs of his married adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Mason and her husband accompanied the governor to the Donald Trump inauguration on state aircraft, along with an unidentified "special guest." I'm a pretty square guy, but even I can't ignore the kinky fumes put off by that arrangement.

Strange had a well-publicized affair with Jessica Medeiros Garrison, his one-time campaign manager. We are hearing reports that Strange also sunk his claws into another young female staffer who, like Garrison, went through a curious divorce just as she was getting comfortable in LutherLand. (We intend to apply a full-court press to crack that story; when and if we do, you will be reading about it here.)

Our guess is that Garrison is desperate to land some kind of Senate job under Strange, even though her child-custody order requires her to stay within 60 miles of ex-husband Lee Garrison, who resides in Tuscaloosa. Maybe Lee Garrison, who recently announced he would not seek re-election to the Tuscaloosa City School Board, can get a job with Strange and they all can move to the northern Virginia suburbs as one big dysfunctional family. I write that last sentence only slightly in jest. I would not be at all surprised if it happens. After all, Luther Strange has a lot of reasons to make sure the Garrisons keep their power-hungry tastes sated -- and their mouths shut.

As for Shattuck, Bentley's former legal adviser and former general counsel at the University of Alabama, he had an affair with Lisa Waldrop, assistant director of media and communication at Shelton State Community College. Shattuck also was known for boosting the career of young staff lawyer Katie Osburne, elevating her over much more experienced UA attorneys for reasons that were hard to decipher.

How's this for irony? Bentley and Strange ran for public office as "Christian, family values" conservatives of exceptional moral fabric. Shattuck used to be an assistant pastor at First United Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa until he and Waldrop apparently were booted when their affair became widely known. All three have proven to be "men of the flesh" -- quite literally.

Luther Strange and his girlfriend
As for Bentley's appointment of Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions, here is how U.S. News reported the foul odor coming from the Deep South:
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed his state’s attorney general, Luther Strange, to fill just-confirmed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat, apparently ignoring widespread concern about the appearance of a corrupt trade.

The Alabama attorney general’s office is conducting an investigation related to Bentley, against whom Strange requested impeachment efforts be stalled in November, citing “related work” by his office. Now, Bentley will be able to pick Strange’s replacement, too.

“I have learned you can’t be surprised in politics, and especially in Alabama politics,” says state Rep. Allen Farley, a fellow Republican who serves on the Alabama House Judiciary Committee, which Strange asked to delay impeachment work.

“If you think something can’t happen, you haven’t been here long,” Farley says. “There are a lot of meetings that aren’t public.”

U.S. News provided details about the deep doo-doo in which Bentley and his paramour, Ms. Mason, reside:

Bentley is caught in a complex web of scandals involving an alleged affair with a now-former senior aide whose husband is an appointee and the alleged retaliatory firing of a state official who cooperated in the corruption prosecution of a state legislature leader later sentenced to prison.

Farley says he’s willing to give Strange – who will be up for re-election in 2018 – the benefit of the doubt that “it’s just one of those things where it appears there could have been collusion."

He recalls the committee being “right in the middle” of its impeachment probe when “all the sudden we get a letter from the attorney general asking us to step down. And shortly after that, this occurs, where Luther is going to put his hat in the ring.”

Farley says he’s also trying to remain optimistic that impeachment work will move forward, though he’s concerned Bentley’s pick for the new state attorney general will slow-walk or nix that office’s probe.

None of this should be a surprise. Why should the public trust Bentley and Strange when we showed long ago that their spouses should not trust them?


Anonymous said...

Bentley and Strange deserve each other. Two absolutely worthless individuals.

Anonymous said...

This made Kyle Whitmire, of, gag. It must be bad.

legalschnauzer said...

You mean Kyle Whitmire, the "journalist" who admitted to covering up the John Merrill sex scandal?

Anonymous said...

I hate Mike Hubbard as much as the next guy, but I consider this latest news to be circumstantial evidence that the Hubbard case was a political prosecution. It's only purpose was to enhance Luther Strange's chances to become governor or U.S. senator.

Anonymous said...

Bentley = schmuck

Shattuck == toadie

Strange = disgraceful piece of pond scum

Anonymous said...

@1:06 -- Here is one more to add to your list . . .

Alabama voters = ignorant tools

Anonymous said...

Amateur psychologist here. I have officially diagnosed Bentley and Strange with personality disorders, brain damage, or both.

Jeff Sessions has "Little Man's Syndrome." You already know about his closeted homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think Alabama can't look any worse . . .

Anonymous said...

Mason/Bentley 2020.

Has a nice ring to it.

He may be a much better VP than governor.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Jessica Garrison already tried once to re-arrange child-custody agreement so she could work for Lutha?

legalschnauzer said...

Why, yes, I wrote about it here:

e.a.f. said...

then there is the question: do any of these people have "good judgement"? Do any of these people understand ethics. Big Luther will do well in the house of big daddy trump. some used to say those southeners were an incestuous bunch. perhaps some things don't change.

all of this doesn't say much about the citizens of Alabama who vote these people into office. One could refer to them as co-dependents. there are groups to help people get over that, oh, well if you don't know you're sick..............

Anonymous said...

Calling it here: It's a 50-50 on Alabama Attorney General Alice Martin.

Anonymous said...

A board the Eliza Battle the funeral guest were arriving. Bently and Big Luther arrived from the Camperdown moments after Young Jessica and Beka arrived from the pirate ship Revenge. Beka was wearing a low cut v-neck black lace 3/4 long sleeve gown. Coach Dye arrived with Shuler, who was invited to officiate. Everyone was gathered around the General's remains which consisted of some rags, a pair of penny loafers and a Fifth of Jack Daniels. Mike was thanking everyone for being there when Coach Dye interrupted him." Mike! We ain't gonna bury that likker are we. That Fifth is 4 quarters and 1 overtime." Everyone agreed that if the General was there, he would want the whiskey consumed. Mike was scanning everyone's face while he explained that the ship's galley did not have any whiskey glasses. As his glaze came to Beka, he said "All we have are Mason Jugs uh! I mean jars." Young Jessica said she would drink out of the bottle. Shuler began by asking if anyone would like to say something. Young Jessica replied "Give me the Fifth!" Every time Shuler asked a question, she plead the Fifth.
After the guest had departed, Admiral Tyron and The Stranger in the Shadows were in the galley. The Admiral asked where the next Battle would be. The Stranger replied that the Hibernia would drop anchor just over the horizon. The Camperdown with Bentley on board will appoint former Attorney General Troy King as the New Attorney General. When The State Attorney General uncovers enough evidence to implicate The Obama Justice Dept., The CSS Virginia will sail into Alabama Waters.

Anonymous said...


Who is the hottest out of the following:

Jessica Medeiros Garrison

Rebekah Caldwell Mason

Lisa Waldrop

Anonymous said...

Hottest? Rebekah Caldwell Mason, no question.

Anonymous said...

Aboard the Eliza Battle the crew was getting some much needed rest and recreation. Sheldon noticed in the paper that Bentley had appointed Steve Marshall as the new Attorney General and remarked to Admiral Tyron that the Stranger in the Shadows had said Troy King would be appointed. The Admiral corrected Sheldon by saying the Stranger had said the Camperdown would appoint King. The Stranger in the Shadows spoke up saying that Troy King was a "Noms de guerre ". ( Pseudonym) Mike has a plan to win this war and clear his name. Bentley could have appointed Senator Whatley and got the charges against Mike dropped on appeal. Mike is going to sink the Victoria. Troy Hates Martin,Hart, Riley and Big Luther and would have gone after them as Attorney General. And that is what the next Attorney General will do, thus the Nom de guerre. But Mike needs to accomplish this with the precision of a surgeon. Dr. Foreman was a Surgeon in the Civil War and he has helped Mike formulate this Battle Plan. If Senator Whatley as Attorney General implicated the Obama Justice Dept., you would only read about it in"Mad magazine". When well respected Attorney General Marshall holds a press conference, think EF Hutton.

SirSteve said...

I think Alabama should be congratulated on their robust defense of their position as the most turd-filled political shithole in the country. Nice try NC - try harder next time.

Anonymous said...

@1:40 pm: Good luck with pinning one's hopes for Justice on Marshall. Rumor already has it that he and the Luv Guv are fishing buddies.

Anonymous said...

@6:53 Re: The Tall Tales of The Eliza Battle
From my take of the "Tales" Hubbard and Bentley are allies fighting together. Marshall being a fishing buddy would help Hubbard get justice. My take from the tales are:
Public officials in Lee County Al are stealing real estate.
One of their victims discovers they are submitting false pre clearances to the Justice Dept., secretly de-annexing land, enabling the county commissioners to handle the legalities.
The victim contacts the Justice Dept., which contacts Auburn.
The thieves attempt to sell some stolen land to Campus Crest.
The US Vice president and Campus Crest are friends.
The US Justice Dept. does not pursue the secret de-annexations.
The Alabama political machine Attacks the Democratic money machine by indicting McGregor under the protection of a compromised US Justice Dept.
Unbeknown to everyone was that the victim was an extended family member of McGregor and McGregor knew with in days why the Justice Dept. was after him.
McGregor wanted Baker's phone records to prove his innocence, but Josh Moon and Shuler reported how they were "lost"
After McGregor is found not guilty, he begins his civil suit.
Hart obtains plea bargains or levies un-indicted charges against everyone that would be a witness for McGregor.and 4 years later the special grand jury is still impaneled. Hubbard would not co-operate.
The only avenue for Hubbard to fight Hart was a impeachment committee.
With a friend of Bentley as Attorney General, Hubbard can attack Hart.

Unknown said...

Looks like the "Luv Guv" wanted to get Big Lutha off his back