Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rogue Blog From India Used "Web Scraping" To Grab Heaping Helpings Of Legal Schnauzer Content

A Web site that Alabama political figure Rob Riley cited recently in court papers is registered to owners in India, an information-technology professional tells Legal Schnauzer. The IT source also states that it appears Legal Schnauzer has been the victim of a common form of content theft called "Web scraping."

Riley states in documents that he had discovered a Web site called LegalSchnauzera.blogspot.com, which has an identical title and address to my blog, except for the "a" added to the end of the word schnauzer. Riley says the "LegalSchnauzera" site still was running certain articles that my wife, Carol, had removed from Legal Schnauzer to comply with a court order and gain my release after five months in jail on civil-contempt charges. Riley asserts that the presence of the "LegalSchnauzera" articles raises questions about whether I was fully purged of contempt, and he has asked for a hearing or a show-cause finding on the issue.

As we stated in a post yesterday, neither Carol nor I had any knowledge of, or connections to, "LegalSchnauzera"--and she had, in fact, removed all of the court-ordered items under our control. Now we know that the rogue site has roots in India and apparently has been making unauthorized use of Legal Schnauzer content--in heaping portions.

Based on a review of advertising data, our IT source was able to trace "LegalSchnauzera" to the following registered owners:

Poonam Verma and Pushpender Kumar
Verdhaman Hall/Verdhaman Complex
Delhi, DL 110091

We already have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the listed e-mail address. Verma's name appears on "LegalSchnauzera," but it was unclear if that was a real name. Our IT source says advertising data refers to other sites where Verma is the registered owner.

The rogue site apparently has not been updated since September 2013, but it includes Legal Schnauzer posts from the early days of our site.

We have filed a response to the Riley document and outlined our findings regarding the origins of "LegalSchnauzera." 


Anonymous said...

That happens to a lot of us.. ALL THE TIME. Well the ones of us that has blogs.

Wayne said...

For Rob Riley to be a lawyer, it appears he's certainly inept of the internet. Had he read the addresses on the rogue website it would have show it clearly was NOT Legal Schnauzer's blog. And now he's asking the Judge to make a determination. I hope the Judge has more skills of the internet than Mr. Riley. Geez...

Anonymous said...

This sounds a little like terrorism to me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Riley wants to make things as tough as he can on "The Schnauz" ! Jumping thru hoops is just one of the areas that can be controlled that creates constant concern...Wouldn't expect it to be any other way ! By the way-What has Ted Rollins et al been up to while "The Schnauz" has been otherwise occupied ???

Anonymous said...

What's been happening involving the Shuler's arrest and incarceration interestingly if been noticing last few days has paralleled current events ongoing in Nevada with the cows seasonal grazing being herded off rancher's control by federal helicopters and agents with drawn guns up to the point of a stand-off Sunday. The ranchers and his friends held firm and the cattle were returned [more to story]; but to the point there was only one [01] national network covering this story, Fox News.

Likewise same with Shuler's cases, excluding national, media within State of Alabama apparently fail to believe him standing up for his constitutional rights against the political machine don't rise to the level of being newsworthy; even during and after being in county jail for five months w/o bail when mounting legal authorities speaking out about being illegal and unlawful media has yet to be seen or heard from;
by their absences only gives justification for public to question not only "the system" but media; apparently, according to authorities and media Shuler's rights and freedoms are not worthy of, nor do they warrant attention being drawn to them being violated by those elected/employed to protect them.

If Fox must be afraid to move on the Shuler story being in Alabama, one is left to reasonably wonder just how far down in the political control and corruption abyss this state has sunken down too?

How sad, Alabamians assuming the three monkey's positions, accept whatever spoon-fed or not media coverage they are given, fearful
to react when in question, afraid of retaliation[s].

Git along little doggie,
Yippie Yo Ki Yea Rollin Rolling Rawhide; a lot of cowboys coming together making a stand for this rancher and his family, some from across the U.S. that didn't even know them; had it not been for that one national media obviously this story would have never been known.

Not confirmed yet, but appearances are that some politicians are wanting this grazing pastures, open federal range lands, for something that flying under the radar to be built there; keeping locals out of the loop...............

Anonymous said...

the guy who started WIRED, told the US Gov that our IT was going to lose us the edge in the global market

we were way in the early years, 1970s and 1980s, already behind

look at the alabama system, there's not a real adept in the IT or there would never have been what happened to Legal Schnauzer

the guy WIRED, now makes and sells chocolates

advice to riley, sell a chocolate jesus on every street corner cause the internet has definitely made the alabama injustice look exactly as IT is

not in the 'real' world of electronic IT and that is the only 'real' in the world of 21 Century 'law' psychological war is a genuine art

the internet isn't going to go away in spite of how the riley clan-cultists', control systems

no more pretending the rovian imbeciles have a clue about IT

Anonymous said...

China, Bundy's grazing land was sold to a huge Chinese Solar Corp.

We don't get the news because the news is the US sold to China and Russia, our right to own property and our right to be safe, Roger and Carol aren't safe.

Nobody is safe in America. Alabama thugs are terrified because they know the safety issue is not just about Carol and Roger.

The current mafia, never hasn't been a mafia in some kind of behind the scene control, Government America, as Carter said this isn't a functioning democracy.

Of course papers are being published by the Ivy League PhDs and other fancy titled institutionalized 'think tanks'.

What is America? Oligarchy.

The Journalist here gets to now tackle the real of what is, and isn't America.

Anonymous said...

Alright, moving along, here we have this story that the showdown in Nevada was really about an underhanded business deal involving Senator Harry Reid, his son, the BLM and a 5 billion dollar solar energy plant. You probably saw a few people sharing links making these claims. Let's fact check.

Claim number one: Senator Harry Reid's son, Rory Reid (try saying that name ten times as fast as you can), is the primary representative for ENN energy group, a Chinese energy company involved in a $5 billion solar project planned for Clark County Nevada, on the on land where the Bundy ranch is located. First source: Reuters: Aug 31, 2012. Well this is interesting. It turns out that the conflicts of interest in this project were well documented, but Harry pushed it through anyway. He pushed it through in spite of the controversy that was stirred up when the land was sold to ENN for $4.5 million dollars even though separate appraisals valued the land at between $29.6 million and $38.6 million.

Claim number two: Reid put one of his former employees in charge of the Bureau of land management and thereby used his leverage in the agency to clear the Bundy's off the land. What do they claim as their source: CBS Las Vegas. Hmmm... That's interesting. Neil Kornze, the current BLM Chief is a former adviser for Harry Reid, and Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader, and therefore was directly involved in his confirmation. That's another serious conflict of interest there considering that the BLM is claiming jurisdiction over the land where Rory Reid's company wants to build.

e.a.f. said...

and if you don't like that land grab wait until the U.S.A. signs the 12 country Asia/Pacific Free Trade deal.

Anonymous said...

think globally and act locally

the saker reports this about America's collapse, he was in the collapse of the USSR

the USA sold the USA to the Russians and the Chinese, and the Americans of the USA weren't considered in the trade-exchange deal

began really flying fast track in Clinton's second term,


that's the name of the "Carving Up The Grand Chessboard"

Great reporting on the Bundy Ranch here, LS, one of the best short narratives of the NEWS and so, there, American Can Too!

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