Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here Is An Inside Look At The "Web Scraping" That Led To Major Content Theft at Legal Schnauzer

A blog based in India stole content from Legal Schnauzer by using a technique called "Web scraping," an information-technology professional states. What is the key tip-off? It's the rogue blog's use of advertising, our IT source states.

The blog,, uses an almost identical title and Web address as this blog--with the only difference being the addition of the letter "a" after schnauzer. Republican political figure Rob Riley cited LegalSchnauzera in court documents and claimed the site might signal that I had not been fully purged of contempt after my wife, Carol, removed certain items from sites under our control, leading to my release from jail.

Our IT source, however, says Legal Schnauzer has been the victim of content theft from the India-based knockoff. We have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the registered owners of the site, who are shown from advertising documents as:

Poonam Verma and Pushpender Kumar
Verdhaman Hall/Verdhaman Complex
Delhi, DL 110091

(Note: The spelling most often found on the Web is Vardhman Hall or Vardhman Complex.)

Our source says scraping clearly was present at the site:

Typically the term "Web Scraping" is used to describe the act of taking content from a third party website (such as your blog) and displaying it on (another) website. Web scraping is not always malicious. For example many popular travel websites utilize web scraping. When you search for a flight the travel website reaches out to third party websites such as Southwest, Delta and American Airlines. Only the relevant information from the third party website is displayed to the user. . .

As it relates to "" it is clear that the website is blog scraping. ( All links redirect the user to advertisements. The user probably used your RSS feed to automate the process and capitalize on advertising revenue. The creator of this website either used a fictitious name or did not have any concerns about revealing their identity. The owner of the blog is listed as Poonam Verma. I found two separate forms of advertising on this website. The first one was Google Adsense. The second one was more of a custom solution in which the links direct the user to other websites owned by Verma.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:27AM 04-16-2014

Thanks for your information, because such contributions goes to the heart of Murph's Mission Statement's goal, I think; bringing forth, MAKING KNOWN, to "WE THE PEOPLE" our government's "one-eyed jacks" OFFICIAL[S] conspirators', corruptors', ACcomplicities' engaged together for the sole purpose of self serving greed at the expense of the tax paying public.
Now more than ever before acting in such brazen maneuvers without fears of public exposures which may sanction their recalls, or held publicly, personal, accountable for THEIR intentional failed responsibilities in upholding official duties after having given sworn oath to said office[s].

Haggard n Muskogee
Greenwood n the U.S.A.
Historians are destined to record the cases involving Shuler for future political science classes' discussions. Legacies build upon the backs of the poor and minorities for personal gain and/or ladder climbing involving these times have been will have been exposed for what they were,
"wolves in sheep's clothing".

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Anonymous said...

All they have to do is get a court order and request to verify if you are not the owner. Of course, you agree on the order to google allowing/granting them to do so. They can tell where the person logged in from etc. and verify that you have not.
As you said; when you click links it leads to ads, is there something on that blog that you and Carole had to take off your blog? Is that the issue? If that is the issue/case; why don't they send Google an order demanding the content to be taken down?
Do you have an attorney yet? If not, you better get a public defender.

e.a.f. said...

mostly I'd say its Riley being upset Mr. Shuler is out of jail. He was just looking for away to put him back there. Riley was lazy and hoped the next judge would be also. Too bad Riley.

Obviously India is way ahead of the U.S.A. regarding this type of think. People like to make money, this is easy.

It is rather amusing though, to think Riley had Mr. Shuler placed in jail and now someone in India is using the material and making money off of it and there isnt' a damm think Riley can do about it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

there you've gone and done it again schnauzer, the technology is what got you kidnapped.

tech scared the alabama mafia, all are mafia. anyway, the mafia hasn't really caught up in the IT and you got enough brains to think about the truth according to technology on line and not the communist manifestos called media in mainstream america.

now you're learning the people about the web and how powerful the business of catching the wave of the web, IS, and serving the people again you bad patriot.

you keep getting the iron curtain lifted up, so the consciousness has the power of real info, and that's exactly the greatest terror. the alabama mafia unconscious can't be in total control anymore.

scary for americans, never been in this awakening, IT is actually how the world has decided the future decides. no more hypocrisy unless the hypocrites enjoy seeing web scrapes in all forms to be seen in the world of IT.

we're in the 21 century, uh huh. Don Siegelman is going to be free soon, watch the web!

Ashley James said...

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Anonymous said...

Its sad to hear about the content theft on your website.

I understand how bad it feels when you see your site is being scraped and replicated somewhere else.

Good that atleast found who is the culprit!

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