Monday, April 21, 2014

Legal Schnauzer Is Not The Only U.S. Blog To Receive Unwanted Attention From Content Thieves In India

Legal Schnauzer is not the only blog to have its content lifted by a blogger from India who goes by the name "Poonam Verma." As happened in our case, part of the scheme is to add the letter "a" to the end of a key word in the URL.

The discovery came from Michael Donahue, an information-technology professional we asked to look at legalschnauzera.blogspot.come, the India-based site that copied our work. Donahue not only found the source of our problems, he also found at least one other U.S. blogger who had been targeted.

That was the Good Point Ideas Blog, which can be found at Robin Ingenthron, of Middlebury, Vermont, writes the blog and owns a company called American Retroworks Inc. The blog and the company focus on recycling, electronic exports, and fair trade.

On January 9, 2014, Ingenthron wrote a post about a blog from India that was lifting his content, and he traced it to someone using the name "Poonam Verma." In this case, the URL was changed to and the title became "Damageethical  Blog."

From Ingenthron's post on the discovery:

How's this for a doppleganger? Damageethical Blog, "by Poonam Verma". He may be from India, or from Sri Lanka, I see 22 pages accessed from Sri Lanka this morning.
It's registered as (notice the letter "a" affixed to retroworks). And it's a complete reposting of my work in this blog.
Except every post has a crap link advertisement in front. I haven't found any malware.
So... since I'm a mission oriented dude, do I see this as "getting the word out?" Or should I be outraged at the paid ads for water removal, sewage, etc. he's selling? It's like running into a cyber-Leonard Zelig from India.

That's exactly what happened with Legal Schnauzer. An "a" was added to our URL, with content lifted and an ad linked to each post.

Our thanks to Michael Donahue for helping us learn that we aren't the only victims of this scam.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are back home with your wife. I can only guess what spending time in jail is like, but I do know that just because a person has run afoul of the law does not always mean they are bad people. I hope you can resolve all the legal issues. I know first hand finding a good lawyer is not a walk in the park, not like tv where a Perry Mason comes to defend you. Without $$ you are on your own in todays world. I don't know how you feel about the Good Lord, but for me he has always had my back, always the one to cheer me on. The only hope, when all hope was gone. Keep your head up and always move forward. Good luck, and may God bless you.

e.a.f. said...

but will it be enough for Riley to not drag you back into court.

Anonymous said...

Riley in retrospect has probably thought many times what could have been the equated value when comparing his decision to go after Shuler and now; when once under the national radar, locally maybe just one of the good ole boy; now has brought Shuler's arrest, jailing, and court procedures to national and international exposures and too along with Riley his Alabama Bar associates' histories must have left many a politician wondering and scratching their heads; what in the world was Riley thinking to do such a thing. Sure Shuler spent some off time with three squares and a cot, maybe a little lonely, missing his wife; but earning unknown amounts of respect for his actions, leads one to reasonably ask, what was Riley's gain from jailing Shuler, more importantly what is his political favorably now as compared beforehand when individuals throughout the U.S. and internationally had never heard of him; justifies asking the question for nearing elections, how will all these connecting avenues intersect, and become a part of Alabama, Congressional, elections?

Remember, "we the [little] people".

Anonymous said...

Why is Riley NOT going after all the other folks I see his story on their websites. It is not like you were the only one with the story.. I read yesterday on another site the story so it is still out there. You are just not the one telling it. Or does he just have one on for you? seems like he can't take on the whole world. And you can google his name and the situation and find it on a lot of places.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

the courts have been begging the house appropriations for money, the courts can't operate and the 2012 sequester evidently has interrupted the courts ability to function.

never mind the banks got trillions, the courts can't even get billions, begging time after time julia gibbons, i believe the name of the justice chair of budget for the jurisprudence?

so the judges that are getting paid from the appropriations budget commission/committee can't seem to have the power either, over the fraud of digital dust paid by the international monetary fund, that has decided to take america back to the days of when the country was also very poor.

here we are, digital digits pays for everything and luxuries are paid by the so called 'metals'.

but, somehow the usa got lost in translation and INDIA?

USA and India are connected at the hip especially in the genocide of the earth, called green.

yea india was already set-up to be the partner in crime, and we know the devils in the details because Gandhi was killed too, for his liberty seeking ways.

india belonged to england when Gandhi was killed and then again when the new leader female was also assassinated by the same people: the neo-cons own india.

Anonymous said...

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger et al, as well as the neo-con “thinkers,” owe their positions and good living standards to the largesse of the elite. This is an important point that must be kept in full view at all times. These thinkers and writers are on the payroll of the elite and work for them. In case someone has any doubts about such a statement, it might help to read the following quotes from Professor Peter Dale Scott’s comprehensively researched book The Road to 9/11 – Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America (University of California Press, 2007):

Anonymous said...

with the usa owning the most vicious military that has now put 'boots' into russia and of course the chinese and the usa are definitely in a pivot of whose going to say chicken first, where do we think we are actually going here, in usa

there's no usa and how psychologically bankrupt are the minds that have invested in this so called 'democracy'?

the three number comes into mind, there was recently agreements that the superpowers all made, and now that arrangement has changed

china russia usa and the world isn't cooperating in their decisions to own earth and all the slaves called human people.

damn internet and journalists!!

snoop the past three happenings that are a lead up to what to expect and the india tool of new war rules set-up was not an accident, there are no accidents in the power of the internet knows all and that's that,

so #3 'hit' after the two others

#1, russia and the gauntlet down, #2, china is not going to allow any further partnerships with japan and korea to get past the gauntlet down too

TERRORISM catches schnauzer blog and others in the net!

#3, internet?

Anonymous said...

Capital Control is now done by the power of "IT", globally, the time may be near when the IT isn't, how can the mind prepare for a shock and awe that is as catastrophic as no longer can the power of IT be accessed in any way whatsoever, and the psychological war has already begun, schnauzer once again you're the head of a pack, be careful of the direction you're headed because the Riley's control the IT, too!

Anonymous said...

"An elderly man was walking along the beach. He saw that a storm had washed up onto the sand what looked like thousands of starfish, now all dying in the sun. He then saw a little boy picking up starfish, one by one, and gently returning them to the safety of the sea so they would live.

The man said to the boy, Why are you bothering? Can't you see there are thousands of starfish dying here? What possible difference can you make?

The little boy picked up one more of the starfish and returned it to the sea, and said to the man, It made a difference to that one."

It is my opinion, and I want to believe the opinions of many others that Roger and Murph along with Carol know that their efforts in bringing forward to the public their government's issues; that there are those who cannot, or will never be
convinced of their information.

But, paralleling the old man and boy's story about the one starfish can be applied to Roger;
no, he can't convince everyone to side with him and that dog, but it hasn't stopped him from trying to make a difference, one
Alabamian at a time.

When all his pains and sufferings are over he'll still will have never known how many lives that he had a positive impact upon; if for no other reason[s], individuals privately learning more than ever before about
their "we the people" government.

REMEMBER it's "We the people" that owns our government, what ever it is, or not, reflects on us as Alabamians, after all for it is us that elected and employed each and every position in charge over us!!!!!!!!!

e.a.f. said...

loved A, 4:05 p.m.'s comment. it is so true, it made a difference to that star fish.

one person can only do so much, but if a lot of people do one thing, it can improve a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK :-) :-) !!