Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wall Street Analyst Paula Poskon Tries To Retract Her Honest Comments About CEO Ted Rollins

Paula Poskon

How far will Wall Street types go to protect the criminals in their midst? The answer is pretty darned far, even when the crime in question is documented child abuse.

That's the take-home lesson from my recent conversation with Paula Poskon, of Robert W. Baird and Company. Baird is an underwriter for the $380-million IPO that Campus Crest Communities and CEO Ted Rollins completed in late 2010. In her role as an analyst, Poskon covers the Campus Crest stock, so I sought her out for comment about the ugliness in Ted Rollins' past, which includes a conviction for assault on his 16-year-old stepson and a social-services investigation, based on a citizen complaint about possible sexual abuse of the same stepson.

My primary question was this: How do investors react when they learn that a CEO has a criminal history, especially involving abuse of a child? Poskon apparently made the mistake of giving an honest answer. She first responded by saying, "Oh, my God, I was not aware of any of that." She vowed to research the matter and said investors would find the issue "very concerning," especially since Campus Crest's market, as a builder of student housing near college campuses, is young people.

Poskon's research apparently did not get very far before someone tried to strong arm her into backing off what she had said. In a followup conversation with me, Poskon went to rather extraordinary lengths in an effort to get me to not use her comments--especially when you consider that she regularly is quoted in the press, including such prominent publications as The Wall Street Journal. (See video at the end of this post.) Here is one of our exchanges:

Paula Poskon (PP): I don’t want you to quote me in any of your articles on this particular situation because I’m not equipped to say anything meaningful. It’s sort of like a blank chalk board. I just don’t know. 
Roger Shuler (RS): I can’t go there. We did an interview, and I want to use your quotes.

And then we had this:

PP: You haven’t even told me in what capacity you want to quote me. . . . I’m trying to be as open and factual as I can be, but I would like that same respect in return. I’m not equipped to be quoted on this situation because I'm not knowledgeable enough about it. 
I'm quoted in The Wall Street Journal, and the normal course of action is they will send me the quote they intend to use and ask if it accurately reflects our discussion or if there is something that needs to be changed. 
RS: We had an on-the-record interview and I’m going to use the quotes. I did say I would hold off while you researched this, but it sounds like your research is pretty much finished.

Poskon must have been desperate to have her quotes canned because she was resorting to utter nonsense here. I told her in my initial e-mail who I was and where I was based, that I was a journalist writing at a blog and several national Web sites, and I was interested in Campus Crest Communities--in part because it has a number of projects in Alabama, including a brand new one at Auburn University.

The capacity in which I wanted to quote her should have been clear. If it wasn't clear, she had plenty of time between the scheduling of the interview and our actual conversation to do a Google search on my work or ask me directly about any questions she had.

Poskon also is misinformed about the "normal course of action" regarding journalists and the use of quotes. If The Wall Street Journal runs quotes by her for approval, that's fine, but it hardly is standard practice in journalism--and I've been in the field for 30-plus years. Also, Poskon wasn't seeking to verify the accuracy of her quotes; she was seeking to have them scrapped. There never has been any dispute that the quotes I gathered were accurate.

Eventually, we returned to the subject of research on Ted Rollins' past--and it appears that was "research" Poskon never intended to conduct. She also misconstrued the nature of my interview request. I never asked her to verify the information about Ted Rollins' criminal history; I already had that. I asked for her views on how the investment world views such information. She gave me an honest reply, but that must have made someone in her chain-of-command uncomfortable, especially given the clout that the Rollins family has on Wall Street:

PP: Will I keep trying to learn about it and find out what I can? Of course. But I'm not in a position to comment on this specific situation without doing my own research. And I’m not in the position of putting a finite timeline around having that happen.
RS: I didn’t expect you to comment on specifics or do an investigation because I already know . . .  
PP: But I’m not in a position to comment on what you know. . . . To quote me specifically  about Mr. Rollins or Campus Crest, in the context of his personal life . . . I don’t know. I can’t comment on something when I don’t know about it. 
RS: You did comment, though, on how investors might see this. We talked about the fact it involved young people, and that’s relevant. It was on the record, and I’m going to use it.

Is Poskon being disingenuous when she claims that she can't comment on wrongdoing that she knows nothing about? Yes, she is. I told her that I had written extensively about Ted Rollins and offered to send her links to several key posts. She encouraged me to do that, and the material included embedded public documents that prove Ted Rollins' criminal history in black and white. Poskon acknowledged that she had read the posts, but then proceeded to claim she knew nothing about the matters at hand.

Clearly, Paula Poskon did know about the matters at hand. She just did not want to be quoted honestly and accurately about them.


jeffrey spruill said...


She's wants you to cover up Ted Rollins crimes too?

Go for it Mr. Schnauzer- this criminal-Ted Rollins needs to be exposed.

Wall Street & Ted Rollins just care about profits when the world we live in care about right from wrong.

Anonymous said...

She was probably threatened with losing her job. Her position changed completely after you wrote your blog about her and her comments.

Rollins is a protected little boy. His family is probably used to pinch hitting for him his whole life.

Barb said...

LS, this is a very informative and entertaining post. I don't know if you meant for it to be entertaining, but it is. You can almost hear your arm being twisted in Ms. Poskon's words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the education on how Wall Streeters think and operate.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 7:24--

Sadly, I suspect you are right about Ms. Poskon's position being threatened. And she is not a lightweight. For her to be quoted in WSJ and on CNBC, etc., tells you that she is a significant player.

Bo said...

Great "inside baseball" stuff. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Paula Poskon's boss wanted to "have a word with her."

Anonymous said...

What I'm hearing here is that Paula Poskon doesn't want to know about sleazoid CEOs. It upsets her apple cart.

Anonymous said...

Way to play hardball there, Schnauzer. Grrrr!

Anonymous said...

I feel for this Wall Street analyst. I think you were being an old meanie.

Gerry With A G said...

She makes the Wall Street Journal sound like a bunch of lap dogs.

Shannon said...

I actually liked and respected this woman when I read your initial posts on her. Not so much anymore.

legalschnauzer said...


I liked and respected her too, from our first conversation. I still think she's a very bright, capable woman--and probably a pretty good person, in most instances. But my take is that someone got to her, and she caved to pressure. Unfortunate because her initial comments actually made her and Baird look good, in my opinion.

Unknown said...

LS, when i posted here your site got taken into a new "google" page which said "time out."

OK, starting over here:

Franklin Scandal was the Bush Crime Family and the guy that was head went to the pen, but he is out now and secretly doing what the freaks of nature do, what they are told.

Videos were shown in the early years of the internet, before censorship was so unbelievably common, and the boys that were courageous to tell the truth?

Hands were burned, the top and the palms, to get the boys to do what they were told. The burning? Cigarettes would be put and allowed to destroy the human tissue, it was very ugly to see.

Corporations have children because the masses flock to "save the children." Children cause in our species to do what higher intelligence is, to protect and to continue to grow the races.

Now this can be true should in the time of DIGITAL DUST, the poverty and starvation on earth cured it has been proven, more than four times over, and this is the amount of money we know and not all the the "RICHES" in hiding places unknown.

Paula Poskons works for Warren Buffett at the WSJ and he was and is the Franklin Scandal.

Rome did the same in the end times, the least of the Empire took control and soon it was all over. Rollins and Poskons are the least of our America in reality.

David Rockefeller is the KING OF PEDOPHILES and it is his agendas we have lived under since he took over the "money" in the U.S. of A.

Bush Sr. was his main man, they are all main men to the king pin DEGENERATES. That is why Rome gathered up all the pedophiles and the "homos" and slaughtered them.

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What better way to control a very independent free thinking society - make the people too sick to define their own sex.

The first REALITY in our reality is to know who we are sexually.

In Copenhagen, they found out about this and the sh*t hit the fan about how the nappies were turning the boys into not even thinking as girls, no, the confusion now is how many generations are the children to be "non-gender."

Looks like the same thing here, why Campus Crest?

Paul Poskons values her digital dust over the future of her own reality of life in Rome's failing circuses.

Anonymous said...

"... It is the job of prosecutors to bring malefactors to justice with tools appropriate to the alleged offenses — for example, RICO vs. the Mafia or al-Qaeda. But excessive prosecutorial zeal that regularly aims the biggest guns in the government’s arsenal at the smallest fry can only undermine public support for the justice system itself. In cases like that of John J. O’Brien and Aaron Swartz, U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s penchant for bringing disproportionate charges intended for serious criminals against defendants who pose little or no threat to the public’s well-being suggests either puritanical vengeance or brazen self-promotion....

Brazen Self-Promotion is a disease it appears, Rollins and the ilk that superfund need the RICO reality, too!

Anonymous said...

Rollins belongs to the Too Big To Fail Clan, that is why Paula does not speak again of her misspoke to LS:

"... “The whole financial sector is too big,” Mr. Min said.

.. Mr. Dimon responded that JPMorgan was fulfilling its duty to lend to businesses and governments. He said JPMorgan and other banks no longer dealt with subprime mortgages and some of the other complex financial concoctions that led to the crisis. He also said JPMorgan had not abandoned Spain or Italy despite the risks in those highly indebted countries.

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Anonymous said...

Paula cannot be as stupid as she sounds! She's scared and you LS being the brilliant mind you are, outwitted her!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Paula needs a new do.

Unknown said...

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jeffrey spruill said...

Since Paula Poskon wants to transfer her convenient memory onto to you LS--which one of these Wall Street criminals do you think silenced her?

legalschnauzer said...

That's an interesting list, Jeff, thanks for sharing. Looks like all of those folks are analysts and probably are on Paula P's same level. My guess is that someone above her tried to do the silencing, and looks like that would be the leadership folks in Baird research. A URL below gives their name. A guy named Robert J. Venable is head of equities research, so he would be No. 1 on my suspect list:

Anonymous said...

LS you and Veneble went to same university

legalschnauzer said...

U of MO? That's interesting.

Anonymous said...

He went to UMKC.

Anonymous said...

Paula is the equivalent of human excrement. I don't know who is worse, she or Rollins! I'm going to have to go with Paula. She can more than likely control her actions. Ted not so much. He has to find others to do it for him.

legalschnauzer said...

Well, small world. I went to UMC, but same system. I think UMKC is known more for med school and pharmacy school than business, but I imagine Mr. Venable has done well for himself at Baird.

Anonymous said...

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