Thursday, January 17, 2013

Federal Judge William M. Acker Jr. Proves That Lifetime Appointments Help Breed Corruption

U.S. Judge William Acker (right)

Anyone who thinks it is a good idea for federal judgeships to come with lifetime appointments, and almost no accountability, might want to examine the career of U.S. District Judge William M. Acker Jr. in the Northern District of Alabama.

We've already shown, in a case involving workplace discrimination and First Amendment issues, that Acker tends to rule with utter disregard for the rule of law. And we are about to show, in a case involving allegations of Medicare fraud, that Acker butchers civil procedure in order to protect his conservative brethren--even those who appear to be stealing from taxpayers.

Now we discover that a bipartisan watchdog group has anointed Acker a "judicial misfit." The group, which bills itself as The Committee To Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges, Attorneys, and Public Officials, has a Web site at

We were delighted to learn that the folks at have exposed William M. Acker Jr. as a "misfit." Our only concern is that such a designation will give misfits a bad name; "crook" might be the more appropriate term for Acker.

What drew the watchdog's attention to Acker? Well, it involves the judge's acts of breath-taking arrogance, dating back to the late 1980s. We will take a look at that in a moment, but first let's examine what we already know about William M. Acker Jr.

Consider his actions in my employment lawsuit against the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), granting summary judgment to defendants without giving the plaintiff (me) a chance to conduct any discovery and violating black-letter procedural law. We've presented powerful evidence that, in the process of denying my fundamental due-process rights, Acker might have engaged in a criminal conspiracy.

We soon will present evidence that Acker committed similar unlawful acts in dismissing a whistleblower complaint brought by Alabama resident Ingrid Awtrey Law under the U.S. False Claims Act. Law's complaint alleges rampant Medicare fraud and other misconduct against Performance Group LLC, a physical-therapy company partly owned by Homewood attorney Rob Riley, the son of former Republican Governor Bob Riley. Acker found some creative, and unlawful ways, to dismiss the complaint, protecting Rob Riley and his company from scrutiny.

That's curious because our research indicates Rob Riley, or someone connected to him, almost certainly was responsible for my unlawful termination at UAB. We have words directly from a university official's mouth, proving I was targeted because of my reporting on this blog about the political prosecution of former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman. Given that Siegelman was Bob Riley's primary political rival, and my reporting helped show the prosecution was riddled with irregularities, it's easy to see why the Riley family might have wanted to shut me up.

The bottom line? Discovery in my lawsuit against UAB almost certainly would have unearthed damaging information about the Rileys, especially Rob Riley. And a genuine investigation into Ingrid Law's whistleblower complaint probably would have revealed criminal activity associated with one of Rob Riley's business enterprises. Both cases just happened to wind up with Judge Acker, and he acted contrary to simple procedural law in dismissing them both.

Is William Acker, an 85-year-old Reagan appointee, the designated protector for the Rileys and other GOP elites? It certainly looks that way from here.

None of us should be surprised at Acker's flagrant misconduct from the bench. As reports, he has been exhibiting stunning arrogance for years--essentially claiming that the law does not apply to him. The Web site spells it out in a post titled "U.S. Judge William Acker of Alabama; tax scofflaw."

Jefferson County enacted an occupational tax in 1987, and Acker and fellow U.S. Judge U.W. Clemon decided they shouldn't have to pay it. The case, styled Jefferson County v. Acker, made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the judges lost on a 5-4 ruling in 1999.

What made the judges think a tax that applied to other citizens did not apply to them? The watchdogs at address that question, at least in terms of Acker:

The state of Alabama presented William Marsh Acker, Jr. with a law license in 1952 after he graduated from Yale University Law School. 
Former President Ronald Reagan was duped into nominating William Acker, Jr. as a District Court Judge for the Northern District of Alabama in 1982 when he was 53-years-old (DOB 1927). 
For at least 14 years (ca. 1987-2001) Acker refused to pay the Jefferson County, Alabama,  occupation tax. In refusing to pay the tax, Acker had the chutzpah to claim that the judiciary should be exempt from a tax that he believed was an effort to regulate judges.

Signs of Acker's arrogance can be seen throughout the occupational-tax case--and elsewhere. From the report:

Acker’s asinine argument doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Clearly, Acker missed his calling as a standup comedian. Eventually, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that the tax wasn’t unconstitutional as Acker had laughingly claimed it was in a lawsuit filed by Jefferson County to collect the taxes that Arrogant Acker owed. 
After losing in the Court of Appeals, Acker the Comic filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, which resulted in the Court upholding the ruling by the 11th Circuit. Put simply, the Supreme Court told Acker to take a hike. 
After serving less than 14 years as a District Court judge, Acker assumed senior status. Senior status allowed Acker to work a mere 10 hours a week while collecting a full salary of $174,000 as of 2012. Is that a sweet deal or not?

So William Acker is paid $174,000 to work 10 hours a week--and he still can't get simple procedural matters correct from the bench. Is this a wise use of our tax dollars? Are lifetime appointments for federal judges a good idea? The folks at have a blunt answer:

As we speak (ca. March 2012) Acker remains on the bench in Birmingham even though he’s 85-years-old. The only way Acker’s significant snout is going to be removed from the public trough is when he’s removed from the bench donning a wooden robe.

For Ingrid Law, myself, and others who have served as Acker's victims, that "wooden robe" cannot be applied quickly enough.


James Greek said...


I am very honored when you use the info I send you to make a blog post! It's always brilliant! First the 411 about Orkin and now this! Amazing!

legalschnauzer said...

Thank you for sending it, James. You definitely made this post happen. I depend a lot on reader input, and this is a classic example.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Acker gives me the creeps. He looks like a nasty old weasel.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lawyer, and I can't ID myself for obvious reasons. I check your blog several times a week. Some of it I like, some makes me queasy, almost all I find interesting.

There is no question that Acker acted outside the law on your UAB case. I checked the court file via Pacer to make sure you were reporting things accurately, and you are. Summary judgment was granted with no discovery, not even a scheduling meeting, and that can't be done. That Acker would be so brazen about it is deeply troubling to me.

I can make no judgment about the overall validity of your claim against UAB. I don't know what the ultimate outcome should have been. But under the law, you clearly were entitled to conduct discovery.

You obviously already know what I'm sharing, but I write for the sake of any doubters on this subject. I can't vouch for all of your reporting, but I can vouch for this.

I don't know what Acker was thinking, but this makes me think he should step down from the bench--and probably should have done so years ago.

Spasmoda said...

How much does a guy like Acker make under the table? I can only imagine.

jeffrey spruill said...

Where's Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson on The Committee To Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges, Attorneys, and Public Officials.

The guy says it was the Bush inner circle(saying because he talked to the New York Times) who made his apppointment to the U.S. Supreme Court not happen-when in reality it was his FBI files that made a Senate Confirmation hearing impossible.

Notice he was a former editor of the Virginian Pilot.

legalschnauzer said...


I've wondered that same question. Also, wonder if guys like Acker report their "side payments" to the IRS. Would be interesting if Anonymous were to obtain tax records for federal judges and see how many of them are tax cheats.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:31--

Thanks for your insights. I assume you have practiced before Acker?

Anonymous said...

Here is the part that really frosts me. This guy is just stealing from the public, and he has been for years. Imagine how much taxpayers must pay to keep judges on "senior status" around the country. What a scam!

"After serving less than 14 years as a District Court judge, Acker assumed senior status. Senior status allowed Acker to work a mere 10 hours a week while collecting a full salary of $174,000 as of 2012. Is that a sweet deal or not?"

Unknown said...

Here is how this elitism happened.

But of course Legal Schnauzer - it was the power of "Journalism."

In a word, yep.

Walter Lippmann "Dean of Journalism" was in the league of "elitists" and at the turn of our century into the "enlightenment" [this was nothing more than the manufacturing, primarily for the wars, that boomed the U.S. into a 'super power status'], this elitist group of 'thinkers' were in essence hired to propagandize the US "Bewildered Herd," into the mass controlled society that consumed 24/7-365 for the corporate 'elite' powers to be forever rich. They needed to groom society and thus, our systems of courts, police and of course drugs sold as 'western modern medicine.'

Quite the "Hollywood" society which was of course due to the fact, that, the European "aristocrats" decided to clean up America so they could tolerate being amongst the NON "Sovereign Omnicultured Citizen."

We went from citizens' rights into the consumer credit score wins, and the judges are as corrupt as this system can handle, too far and we would revolt.

Just Enough Injustice and we keep our "elite" masters in charge of the "Bewildered Herd."

Please, how good can it get!

Digital credit paying their crimes from and to wherever the digits can be gotten from the ATMs.

Crimes committed against the Republic and our U.S. Constitution's law is laughed at all the way to the ATMs.

LS, you did not behave as the journalist was re-engineered to do in forming the "Sovereign Omnicompetent Citizen" for the Ackers et al to be retirees as elite criminally insane.

Look at this country since this agenda to have an apartheid - the so called 'elite' who are clearly common criminals that have purchased immunity - and then the so called "middle class" which in reality is what we are ... proletariat vs. the Vanguard!

How to exterminate the vermin and all the vile bugs eating their way from the inside out!

Thanks to James Greek, wow what an investigator!

come and help me, too


e.a.f. said...

Alabama to Washington, we have a problem! Obviously there is nothing to reign in out of control judges. Not a good thing.

Judges should be required to retire at 70 or so. After that you have to take into consideration new lawyers who might be more up to date on law & life. There are also the issues of dementia, not to mention not having to work so much for the same salary. A waste of money given the amout of debit the U.S.A. has.

There ought to be some ground rules for people who become judges. It might start with a rule about no political activities. Not appearing under the influence in public, because that picture of the judge certainly would lead me to conclude he had had one to many. What is boils down to a code of conduct for judges & if there is violation, then they are toast.

As a min. there ought to be a judges council for review when there are allegations of wrong doing. We have that in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I haven't practiced much before Acker. Most of my work is in state court. Acker has been on senior status ever since I started my practice, so any opportunities to come before him have been limited. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy on the left? Acker look like Howard Marshall who was married to Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe a little more hair. Damn he's old! Maybe he's just so old that he cant recall law.

legalschnauzer said...


We have judicial councils here, too, and I filed a complaint with Acker, especially after he told me in open court that he was intentionally going to rule unlawfully against me. The council did nothing about it. Judges overseeing judges is a recipe for corruption, as our lifetime appointments. Without citizen oversight, I see nothing changing in the U.S. justice system. Lawyers have all the power, and they have proven they can't handle it.

Here is URL to a post about my experience before the judicial council, and it includes a copy of their findings:

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 1:52--

The guy on the left is a professor from Stanford. I forget his name. I've run the picture before and identified him, but I guess I was too lazy to do it this time. The photo was taken at an event at Birmingham-Southern College. I think they have a symposium or some such in Acker's "honor," as if it's a good thing to honor a corrupt, sleazy fossil.

BTW, the Stanford guy's name is Jack Rakove. I just checked. Should have done that the first time.

Anonymous said...

just because acker is obviously the poorest version of a federal judge doesn't mean lifetime appointments is a bad idea. a bad judge, ok, but the system has a purpose -- keeping politics out. of course, politics is involved in appointments. but the hope and expectation is that once appointed the judge rules by the law, not politics. and, obviously, not acker.

Unknown said...

Anon 11:30am,

It is impressive you actually as an attorney at law, without first being paid for your time, looked at Legal Schnauzer's case.

I do not mean you any disrespect.

I do not mean any real attorney at law disrespect, I married one.

What I know is the lawyers in America do not know the money and this is a serious problem.

I challenge all lawyers to go back through every case and look where money was not included as a contract within each and every contract - from the most simple to the most complex.

Law schools do not teach about the money and therefore, in my understanding about REAL law, then there is no lawyer - attorney at law standing in the U.S. of A. that can practice law.

My lawyer friend-husband until operating a mortgage brokerage with me, did not have a clue [neither did the hundreds of attorneys I freelanced for during the 1980s & 1990s] about the digital computer keystrokes, sold as though money.

FRAUD, he FINALLY got it having tried many a case of RICO.

But, what happened to us in the courts? Oh my God, there is not enough time here.

Money is the tap root of contracts and law is about contracts in the reality. Thus, every lawyer in this United States should sue the law school that charged so much money - to get to teach an 'elite' class how to break the law.

The Federal Reserve System [Fed] is a creditor and thus, there is NOT ONE SOVEREIGN 'BANK' in the U.S. of A. This truth has been so long we don't know how bad the reality is of BRAWL.

Every good lawyer - attorney at law in the U.S. needs to get together and sue every BAR and Inns of Courts, too. All stipulate to GROOM SOCIETY, as the more sophisticated intellects - due to the rule of law.

Rule of law: contracts and of course the fine details in the conflicts, as well as any and all matters of contracts and resolutions to the details.

Absent the money law understanding there is only fraud.

Herein lies the rub with the judges because those that are corrupt do not give any concern other than to the consumer laws.

That is the next challenge for any and all lawyers - attorneys at law: does the contract get heard in a court of consumerism or citizens'? Citizens have been decided moot, thus it would appear the money truth rears again a very interesting concept for all the lawyers in the land.

The U.S. Court of International Trade is said to be the only genuine Article III, U.S. Constitutional Court in America.

Thank you Mr. Attorney At Law for the courage to review LS and his wife's and his case, AND post with the professional power of the schooled in due process law.

Roberta Kelly aka Biloxi Marx
just getting going after a very bad spell with the witch hunt USDC et al, OR,

Anonymous said...

The judicial councils are all an extra layer of 'protocol.'

Criminals to cover for the criminals that all pay dues and other monetary investments to prey upon the ignorant of the law.

Should there be enough good men and women in the law, we would not be a failing super power.

China and Russia did not fail when the same inner decay was taken into their societies, they did not fall. The U.S. is choosing to allow the same criminals that did this to every mature country - because the criminals believe the people and dirt are already beholding to the killers of our own species. Look at the reality, killers and then these criminally insane get to have it all.

jeffrey spruilll said...

@Coyote Lane:

Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell who was most definitely working for the corporate elite.

Freud's nephew--Edward Bernays would be impressed by Lewis F. Powell's adherence & dedication to American cosumerism.

Anonymous said...

I personally think these positions are serious business and the most alert and honest should assume them. You go to work, you are not guaranteed a job for life. No way is my mind as good as it was 30 years ago and I am 59. I suspect in 20 more years when I am 89 I wont be as sharp as I am today. What if you have someone with dementia ruling on your case? You have to take what you get. I think a lot of laws in this land should be changed. This is on.. No judge should be appointed for life and no congressman should be allowed to serve more than one term just like a the President. But then I think a lot of things should be happening that will never. x

jeffrey spruill said...

@Coyote Lane:

He was known for drafting the Powell Memorandum, a confidential memorandum for the US Chamber of Commerce that described a road map to defend and further their concept of free-enterprise capitalism against real and/or perceived socialist, communist, and fascist cultural trends.[2]

Sorry. I forgot to include Powell's Wikipedia page:,_Jr.

Anonymous said...

Are we thinking of the same nephew of Freud's? Is this the same guy who advised on putting fluoride in our water? Which they did do.

jeffrey spruill said...


Unknown said...

"... But then I think a lot of things should be happening that will never. x ....

Anon, I disagree. IT ["elite"] wants US to believe in A PSYCHOLOGY OF DREAD. This is what has been sold to Americans as the "society model."

The CROWD and how to control this "energy" is what the "elite" are all about. The fear of past crowds gathering and at long last doing away with the chains of ignorance, the human 'consciousness' elevating into a paradigm shift of more freedom and enough of the parasitic "elite."

Walter Lippmann, what a psycho in my investigation of him. He actually decided with the "elite," but of course, how to control the crowd of "Bewildered Herd." We were not humans capable of being "self-governing" then, despite Mark Twain and others, Benjamin Franklin, proving the opposite to be true.

America in my investigation was at a crossroads of being sentient, unconscious, subconscious, conscious, superconscious.

Thus, the ELITE who had invested their "money" ~stolen of course from the human victims that the worst of our species have always been about colonizing~ INTO America, decided.

see PART 2

Unknown said...


TECHNOLOGY reached everywhere, WORLD WAR I, made lots of elitists rich. Edward BERNAYS sold WAR after WWI: "Good for Democracy."

The time had come to engineer the "Bewildered Crowd" into consumers of whatever the elite corporations could get produced for the market.

Constant terror everywhere to shake our body-mind-spirit into a shrinking NON "citizen." We have been very carefully programmed to be an:

unintelligent human CONSUMER.

NO critical thinking!

I studied a little "Psychotherapy" with two of the best MD PhD Psychotherapists in America. One actually studied with Carl Jung in Vienna. Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud studied of course, DREAMS and "Psychotherapy" together with other minds of that time that were realizing the "enlightenment of the mind."

Artists are very curious. I am a curious artist and very nosy woman.

Here in the U.S. there were thinkers who were scaring the "elite" that believed and to this day believe We The People are owned by nobility.

Mark Twain was one thinker scaring the elite and his contemporary "Dogberry," profound!

Did the ELITE OF EUROPE fear for their "investments" in the land where the human beings were nothing but, a "Bewildered Herd!"


Same today as yesterday. In the Middle East we're at war for the investments which have been rooted there, since Nixon and long before.

It's always about the money, and then the real wealth: dirt.

When China and Russia discovered that the military NATO was dead serious about encircling them and eventually "liberalizing" their economies into belonging to the gigantic BLOB [funny Bernays called them the SLOBS, just had to tie those two ideas] they decided to "partner" here with US and via the inflow of both China and Russia into the US as "globalism," and military bases as well as missiles continue to encircle China and Russia. Not good.

When I began looking at the money and what happened to the idea of "sovereign," the programming around this idea was unbelievable.

Call IT the "propaganda machine," because this INVISIBLE FORCE is going 24-7/365, it never stops programming the global consumers from procreating the species for the killing to happen and then until the killing the consumerism without ceasing.

IT has become like the movie 2001, Space Odyssey ~"Hal"~ the computer take-over, in essence.

Noam Chomsky has written some very informative work about Bernays.

Bernays "coup" as Chomsky said, was getting the women in the New York City Easter Day parade in 1929, to all light up and smoke cigarettes. The tobacco companies as well as all the health diseases, enrich the elite.

The U.S. of A. courts were intentionally constructed to do what has been done since the first Kings told the masses that God spoke only to the Kings. Hypnosis is very real.

Mass hypnosis has been able to fool almost all the people almost all the time. We have the internet to thank for not suffering even worse a fate which has already proven to be Ghetto-Hell here, just imagine ~ what about we did not awaken!

We The People are awake now!

see PART 3

Unknown said...


The elite are afraid to not do what they do to their own species since it is in their blood to cannibalize the earth and every human innocent that can be preyed upon. The families that began these insane belief systems have grown and multiplied.

Tragic psychological insanity, exactly what Freud said.

The elite in Vienna hated Freud.

Freud pointed out that after World War I, he was wrong about just how far the 'human' unconscious instinct could rot [Rollins et al] into worse beasts than he had imagined.

DREAM WORK. This is how Twain, Dogberry, Der Blu Riders, Freud, Jung, and there is not one 'enlightened mind' that did not and does not DREAM the belief(s) which are reality and not what the WOE INDUSTRIES [my words] PSYCHOLOGY OF DREAD program.

Before falling asleep and this is very difficult, eyes closed and body relaxed into alpha, beta, going for delta and theta: see self walking towards a staircase, descend the stairs and at the bottom walk through a hall, imagination is key here, image the stairs vividly and the hall [SEE inner to co-create the outer or there is a mind that is getting the individual mind to join a hypnotic herd] ...


Trust the conscious mind in the morning and write down the dream. The hall can lead to doors or ?

Trust the unconscious to communicate with the subconscious and then the rest is imagination to empower our CITIZENS that were psychobabble as "Sovereign Omnicompetent."

We cannot take back our body, mind, spirit, until we believe we can. We have been indeed mass hypnotized into giving our rights' away to consumer whatever the elite class of criminally insane sell as as "good for democracy."


What about good for human consumption for sane choosing in the year 2013, evolving the 1928, and mid-1800s, "thinking."

Reboot our imaginations. I am going to do some info gathering, to "whom" we must write letters to, the 'elite' all that have decided the digital dust is money. IT is RICO, IT is FRAUD, in every tribal collective unconscious ~selling US in our consciousness:

our "invisible government in control."

Make IT fully visible, SUPERCONSCIOUS the "evil" into going forward and let us LIVE in a greater dream ~the dreams that Jefferson and Madison and Framers of the U.S. Constitution dreamed for US. Let US join in realizing sovereign is our birthright.

US Treasury, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan, Walter Lippmann, Edward Bernays, et al, are propagandists for the propaganda forced into our world as though reality.

Unknown said...

"... Powell .. practiced primarily in the areas of corporate law (especially in the field of mergers and acquisitions) and in railway litigation law.

.. board member of Philip Morris between 1964 until his court appointment in 1971 and had acted as a contact point for the tobacco industry with the Virginia Commonwealth University.

TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Please as this poisonous product reached critical mass in the market, 2000 chemicals and opium mist sprayed onto the paper to addict from the FIRING TONGUE moment.

Did Powell really not know what was going on? Did he care to know?

The tobacco industry was well informed of Bernays and there is no way Powell did not know the secret of mass hypnosis' invisible government power.

DRUGS were intentionally set up in the DOCTOR INDUSTRY and this is no different than the "legal tribe" of no real education in the art of contract, nor healing.

SYSTEMS OF ELITISM. Schools, doctors, lawyers, and the corporate giants FINANCE, insurance, real estate.

Who and whom operate the corporate systems? "... Through his law firm, Hunton Williams Gay Powell & Gibson (later just Hunton & Williams) he represented the Tobacco Institute and the various tobacco companies in numerous law cases...." wiki

The so called Supreme Court Justice and also a celebrated attorney at law in the U.S., it is the same story: no disclosure about the "money."

The Inns of Courts, according to my investigation, was constructed across America, 1980s.

Reagan was of course a huge consumer crossroads President selling US, HOLLYWOOD.

We got sold and get sold via the CIA, HOLLYWOOD. The CIA runs the operation of INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT.

We get killed for not behaving as the Bewildered Herd is programmed.

DREAM and in our DREAMS IMAGINE what actually is in the minds of millions of Americans vs. the elite of criminally insane.

Anonymous said...

Those two in the phogo remind me of the Muppets, two old sock puppets that sat in the balcony and were what the two in the picture are, too, full of stuffing and that's all folks.

Anonymous said...

LS, write a letter with all your readers also signing on AND please correct "Photo" for pogo :-)


ATTN: Congressman Elijah Eugene Cummings, Member Admitted (MD Bar): 12/01/1976; 2235 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515, T [202] 225-4741, T [410] 496-2010

[202] 225-3178
[410] 685-9399
[410] 455-0110
[410] 465-8740


Chief Judge Donald C. Pogue, United States Court of International Trade, One Federal Plaza, New York, New York 10278-0001, T [212] 264-2800

FAX: [212] 264-1085


"... Prosecutor in Aaron Swartz ‘hacking’ case comes under fire

Posted by: admin

.. I’m a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer, and not in the habit of impugning the integrity or attacking the reputation of prosecutors; after all, I too was a prosecutor (here in South Florida)years ago. BUT … this U.S. Attorney ought to be summarily fired — and her ambitions to become Governor of my native Massachusetts, ought to be killed immediately:

Anonymous said...

The two knuckle chuckle heads pictured, no doubt "Captains of Industry" ...

"... Propaganda Part I: Bernays and Goebbels ~

.. I am currently reading a book called "Propaganda," by Edward Bernays. Along with Walter Lippmann, he is one of the fathers of American public relations. He was a direct nephew of Sigmund Freud and spent much time as a child studying human psychology under him. He put this knowledge to good work.

.. Bernays, along with Lippmann, believed that the masses could not be entrusted with decisionmaking in a Democracy. Fleeing antisemtic religious persecution in Austria, both believed that the masses had a mob mentality that would aim at nothing short of tyranny and oppressive brutishness, if given the chance.

.. To preserve the form of democracy, while minimizing its essence, Bernays and Lippmann (like the political philosopher Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago in the United States) stated that "the masses" must be presented with a predetermined, pre-selected, pre-digested set of options, dictated by the "Captains of Industry," or similar such men of virtue ...."

Anonymous said...

Here is an example letter to VANGUARD:

"... Dear Pension Fund Manager: I know you think of the borrowers as ants living in a remote world, but many of those “Ants” are the same people expecting pension benefits that will need to be reduced because of lack of money caused by your losses to the investment banks who still have the money.

.. Isn’t it time you got rid of your bias against homeowners and borrowers and realized that it is in your self interest to treat the borrowers, especially those who are fighting in the court system, with respect and dignity.

.. If you don’t these pensioners are going to come after you for not doing all you could to recover the funding for the pension fund you manage. You are being set up by the investment banks and they are in the process of throwing you under the bus without you realizing it .... CON'T~

Anonymous said...

"Captains of Industry," are not fearful of their futures ...

"Vanguard" umbrellas the judges, courts and "Goldman Sachs" also reaps untold unjust profits for 'managing' these too old to know and too mass hypnotized to know ~technology. IN this century this is as unacceptable as not knowing digits got sold to US as though "real" money. These judges think it is funny being Nazis.

"... Indeed, McNabb has presided over Vanguard’s continuing rise in the world of indexing and low-cost investment. The firm, now the biggest mutual fund company in the world, with more than $2 trillion in assets, hauled in over $140 billion last year—more than a third of that in ETFs.

.. Bill McNabb joined Vanguard more than 25 years ago, and ascended to the chief executive role in 2008, just as the economy was about to unravel—not that it matters much to Vanguard, which always emphasizes the long term.

.. Indeed, McNabb has presided over Vanguard’s continuing rise in the world of indexing and low-cost investment. The firm, now the biggest mutual fund company in the world, with more than $2 trillion in assets, hauled in over $140 billion last year—more than a third of that in ETFs ...

.. While it’s impossible to get anyone at Vanguard to acknowledge that it’s part of what journalists are calling a fee war in the ETF industry, McNabb told Managing Editor Olly Ludwig that, from his company’s perspective, it’s all about economies of scale and the long “inexorable” march toward lower and lower fees ...."

jeffrey spruill said...

@Roberta Kelly aka Biloxi Marx:

Is it an oxymornon that the Powell Memorandum defended against fascist cultural trends since Benito Mussolini stated that fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power?

Anonymous said...


The way I have clued into the "rhetoric" is the opposite is generally the case for-of-to-in the reality. This is the KEY.

Our reality is an oxymoron.

My newest case in point is Jon Stewart. I was reading where his "liberal fans" are not as faithful to him because he isn't supporting the trillion dollar coin feverisly and then there was his support for the film of torture or some sort of news that proves our reality is an oxymoron, to me.

I believe that any human that gets so apartheid in the head that they actually think others' are thinking as they, well we need to put these 'people' in places where they can't do to Legal Schnauzers, Bonnie Wyatt, and the sweet attorney who was literally BARRED from life.

When I stood in the Louve in Paris and looked onto Napoleon's bed, I was shocked. Of course I knew the stories of how "little man" he was, but lord his bed was that of a very small child.

This told me much. His ego needed to do what it did, to feel as though he really wasn't a midget.

Oxymoron: YES it was Goebbels that studied Bernays and now we live in this unbelievable REAL?!

Oh help me Shakespeare ~ To Sleep, Perchance To Dream ...

How did we get to the place where news was made funny that is about mass murder global killing non-stop? That is why I wrote Viacom at their Security and Exchange Commission site, to tell Jon that he needs to stop acting like Bernays and Littmann and get real.

There was a song when I was growing up: Hitler was a jerk, Mussolini bit his weenie and now it doesn't work.

That is my take on the psychotic despots that decide because of the NEWS to take the world on a crash landing into the zone of zombie where their ? are oxymoron indeed.

You caught my thought, thank you very much, I was on Jon Stewart for just that. You've helped me focus my rant.


Anonymous said...


I'm still on a rant, sorry.

Powell was from Virginia, where the Kelo decision was the first to truly shock the nation.


The Virginia State Constitution wrote an Article to protect from the CONSUMERISM that was total Kelo AND the "Supreme Court" gets to eat what it did in Kelo.

U.S. Constitution is vague in Eminent Domain, stipulating individual states' rights.'

Powell's photo is an unbelievable statement of how he feels about his power to change history, in my reading pictures worth thousands of words.

Moron, he joined with the globalists and destroyed the idea of due process law. I believe these morons all take seriously brain damaging psycho drugs.


Unknown said...

Oxymorons = Morons Morons and more Morons

Bill Clinton wearing a wedding ring

Barry Soetero a Harvard, U.S. Constitutional "Professor of Law,"

Barack Obama wearing a wedding ring while his lover Rahm Emanuel got kicked out of the White house by Michelle

choggs said...

We support your actions Roger.

jeffrey spruill said...

Obama: U.S. Constitutional "Professor of Wall Street."

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, this is great:

"U.S. Constitutional Professor of Wall Street"

Thanks for the perfect title!


James Greek said...

I could see Henry Acker in Harry Anderson's role in Night Court.