Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Is the FBI Interested in Recruitment of Auburn Football Star?

Cam Newton

President Barack Obama has taken a "look forward, not backwards" approach to possible crimes of the George W. Bush administration. But the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) is involved in an investigation surrounding the nation's premier college football player.

Yes, the same DOJ that has ignored the activities of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Co. is examining the recruitment of Cam Newton, Auburn University's star quarterback and the front runner for this year's Heisman Trophy.

If that sounds nuts to you, it means you have a functioning brain and conscience. If the Obama administration does not realize that it seems nuts . . . well, that might largely explain why the president's party took a thrashing in the midterm elections.

Thanks to his absurd "look forward, not backwards" statement, Obama has signaled that he is not serious about justice issues from day one. With word that the FBI is involved in the Cam Newton investigation, the Obama DOJ is in danger of moving into joke territory.

Who is Cam Newton? If you have to ask that question, you don't follow college football--and you clearly do not live in Alabama, my home base. The National Football League is littered with outstanding players who came from Alabama universities. But Newton might be the most dynamic player to come through the Heart of Dixie since Bo Jackson.

With dazzling running and throwing skills packed into a 6-6, 250-pound frame, Newton has led Auburn to an undefeated season and No. 2 national ranking. But stories started popping up last week about money being involved in Newton's recruitment. And now, we learn that the FBI has interviewed at least one key player in the Newton story, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

How did Cam Newton go from football hero to major character in a story that might have criminal implications? It started when a couple of individuals with ties to Mississippi State University said Cecil Newton, Cam's father, was shopping his son's services. Some reports have indicated that Cecil Newton wanted "more than a scholarship" in exchange for Cam's wondrous quarterbacking skills. Figures in the range of $150,000 to $200,000 have been cited.

Newton did not sign with Mississippi State, so the question lingers: What did Auburn, MSU's rival in the Southeastern Conference, do to satisfy Cecil Newton? So far, reports indicate that neither Auburn nor Cam Newton have done anything wrong--and the quarterback continues to shine. But if it is determined that Cecil Newton's actions made Cam ineligible, a shining Auburn season could go up in flames.

All of this is compelling, especially here in football-mad Alabama. But why is the FBI involved? These are matters normally left to the NCAA, which governs college athletics.

The Cam Newton story provides more evidence that the Obama DOJ is rudderless. Consider some of the issues from the George W. Bush years that the DOJ has deemed not worthy of attention:

* Torture

* Warrantless wiretapping

* Political prosecutions

* Unlawful firings of U.S. attorneys

* Going to war on false premises

What is worthy of the DOJ's interest? Cam Newton's recruitment.

We knew Obama was a sports fan--and we like that about him--but this is getting ridiculous.

Mr. President, what does it take to embarrass you about your performance on justice issues? If this doesn't do it, I'm not sure that anything will.


Redeye said...

Only in AmeriBama would the FBI be interested in the recruitment of an Auburn football star.

finebammer said...

"Why Is the FBI Interested in Recruitment of Auburn Football Star?"

simple answer: they're not.

and once again with this latest post you've given your readers (both of us) more lock-down proof of what a far-left moonbat you really are.

the fbi isn't interested in the slightest in scam newton's recruitment by auburn, mi$$. $tate or any other college for that matter.

what they are interested in is human trafficking which is exactly what scam's "father", cecil, did.

cecil newton was shopping his son out for the long green just like a slave on the auction block.

(check your history books, ls. a war was fought over this. the bloodiest war in american history?? ring a bell, frootloop???)

and by the looks of pastor cecil's once about-to-be-condemned newnan ga. digs, slavery still pays. (and pays pretty good) this is where another subject of the fbi's attention might be tied in, uncle miltie (you could be a winna too!)mcgregor.

i have to give you credit for one thing, you know SOMETHING'S wrong with holder's doj. but as usual, you're on a glacier for a trail.

(to make it easy for your friends to understand, that means ls is "cold")

try this from a source you might respect. emphasis on "might".

it starts out:

"Attorney General Eric Holder not only defended a New York trial for lead Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheik Mohammed, he lectured, he taunted, he preened. Unlike others, he was not "scared" of what Mohammed would say at trial. Failure was "not an option." This case, he told a reporter, would be "the defining event of my time as attorney general."

Which it certainly has been. Under Holder's influence, American detainee policy is a botched, hypocritical, politicized mess."

it ends:

"How does Obama back down and accept a tribunal? He could begin by appointing an attorney general who understands the requirements of national security. Some on the left believe Holder should resign out of principle. Some on the right believe he should leave because he is out of his depth. Such bipartisanship should not go to waste."


really though, ls, if you were a bluetick, you couldn't find your butt with a bratwurst stuck in it.

Anonymous said...

Finebammer - The FBI is involved because they are investigating Kenny Rogers, not Cecil Newton. They are also investigating possible extortion charges, quite possibly involving a grad assistant in Tuscaloosa. So "scam" as you call him, is not the subject of the FBI, nor is his father.

Once the facts come out about this case, you bammers will find something else to whine about, because you won't be satisfied when you see the outcome.

finebammer said...

you just keep telling yourself that, "anon".

that and sleeping pills will help you rest

Anonymous said...

I don't need sleeping pills, bammer. It's you bammers who are in full meltdown mode. You have no idea what you are talking about, especially that nonsense about McGregor. It's laughable, and there was a reason why the FBI "asked" about McGregor. Expect the person who was questioned about that to find themselves in even deeper trouble now, because the FBI has found their "leak." You see, that's how you find out who is doing the "leaking," bammer. And who is feeding the bogus information to the media.

When this is over, you are going to feel VERY stupid. No, scratch that. The average bammer is too obtuse to recognize their own stupidity.

Redeye said...

Thanks for clearing that up Anonymous...let the media tell it the FBI is investigating Cam and Ceciel Newton.