Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes We Can!

With just four days left before the 2008 presidential election, now is a good time for some inspiration.

And I can think of no better place to find it than with "Yes We Can," a new song and video about the Barack Obama campaign, by contemporary Jewish artist Stacy Beyer.

I had never heard of Beyer, but she evidently has been around a while, producing three CDs. Here is a page about her from CD Baby. And here is a profile with some biographical information.

Another video of the same name was released back in February to considerable attention on the Web. It's a hip-hop tune, based on one of Obama's speeches.

The new song was writtten by Beyer and features soaring, gospel-tinged vocals. To my untrained ears, it's a terrific piece of work, and I plan to learn more about Beyer's music.

Check out "Yes We Can:"

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Anonymous said...

They don't seriously think Obama is a socialist or a communist. This is just language that invokes the image of the welfare Cadillac Reagan used to pander to racism. What it all ends up being translated as by the racists around here is: "Obama is going to take our money and give it to the f***ing lazy niggers."

jim gundlach