Thursday, October 16, 2008

UAB's Hypocrisy Takes on International Dimensions

Brazil's new consul general came to Birmingham the other day and paid a visit to my former employer, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

UAB President Carol Garrison took the visit from Adalnio Senna Ganem as an opportunity to extol the virtue of international alliances and study-abroad programs. Garrison noted that she encourages UAB students and faculty to spend time overseas.

"I have not met anybody who has had an experience like that who has not said it changed their professional life, and often their personal life, forever," Garrison said.

The people Garrison has met probably have been treated fairly and lawfully by their overseas hosts. But what about international students who come to UAB? How are they treated?

I know of at least one group of international students, trainees in UAB's medical program, who have been treated dismally. At least one lawsuit has been filed in the matter, and it appears that more will be on the way. And there are indications that the trainees' home government might get involved, given that UAB is trying to develop business relationships in the burgeoning country.

In at least one respect, the trainees have been blatantly cheated. And that's not just my opinion. The U.S. government made that finding.

You will be learning much more about this case here at Legal Schnauzer. It shows that UAB's abuse of students and employees goes well beyond my case. And it shows that UAB's hypocrisy cannot be contained by the borders of the United States.

Carol Garrison says international experiences tend to change people's lives. Well, she might try talking to some of her own international students. Their experiences at UAB have changed their lives--for the worse.

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