Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Universities Sell Their Souls--At a Very High Cost

A growing body of evidence, which we will be laying out here at Legal Schnauzer, indicates that a large donor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) probably played a central role in my unlawful termination.

But my former employer is hardly alone in selling its soul. And taxpayers who help fund public universities should be asking hard questions about the power big donors exert over the supposedly pristine world of higher education.

Consider another Alabama institution, Auburn University, which is about 100 miles to the east of Birmingham, near the Georgia border. Auburn is building a new student center, which will replace the Foy Student Union.

The old building was named in 1978 for James E. Foy, a much loved dean of students who retired that year and now is 92 years old. Many alumni and students--not to mention the Foy family--want the new building to maintain the Foy name. They say the name has become synonymous with the student union at Auburn.

But the university plans to sell naming rights for the new building to the highest bidder. And the price tag is hefty. If you have a spare $25 million sitting around, you can have your name on the new Auburn student union.

Let's imagine that Auburn finds a donor named Bud Schwartz to cough up $25 million and get his name on the new student union. What kind of power will Mr. Schwartz wield on campus? What if Mr. Schwartz disagrees with a certain professor's politics and wants him fired? What if Mr. Schwartz isn't pleased with a certain administrator's religion and wants her fired? What if Mr. Schwartz has concerns that a black student could be named homecoming queen and wants to make sure that doesn't happen?

Based on my experience at UAB, our mythical Mr. Schwartz could get his way on all of these issues at Auburn. And Auburn, like UAB, is a public institution that takes taxpayer dollars and is supposed to follow federal law--not Mr. Schwartz' whims.

Let's consider Oklahoma State University. That fine institution a few years back essentially sold its entire athletic program to oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens.

After OSU received a $165 million donation, it seemed like a good idea to rename the school's football facility T. Boone Pickens Stadium. When Pickens wanted to make sure he had his own water boy in place as athletics director, it seemed like a good idea to hire Mike Holder. When former basketball coach Sean Sutton somehow ran afoul of Mr. Pickens, it seemed like a good idea to send Coach Sutton packing.

But guess what happened on Oklahoma State's road to Athletics Heaven? Old T. Boone drove his pickup into a ditch.

Funds for OSU athletics were invested in a hedge fund that Pickens controlled. And with the Bush economy going in the tank, Pickens' fund has taken a drastic turn for the worse, losing $ 1 billion this year.

Sane minds at OSU had encouraged the university to place a significant portion of the funds in safe accounts. But T. Boone wouldn't hear of it. And now it appears that virtually all of the money is gone.

Athletics programs at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Kansas now are struggling because big donors have gotten into hot water.

So listening to the guy or gal with big bucks does not always work out so well in higher education. That's a lesson that folks at UAB apparently have yet to learn.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the UNIVERSITY went away when it allowed George W. Bush to GRADUATE from HARRRRRVard, with "Gentlemen Cs," indeed!!

Let us be brutally honest and evaluate all the Ivy League LEADERS in the US, who are nothing but TRUST FUND "babies."

Tragically, the parents payed for the education, therefore "higher learning" is measured in money, and certainly not, in intelligence.

Definitely genes do matter. The Bush Family is in its third generation and the rumor is, the third generation of "wealth" is almost ALWAYS LOST. Prescott, and F.T. Bush, Esq. (Hong Kong) joined with Russell smuggling company, 1800s.

How did this fortune begin? Ah, but of course, from the suffering of the Chinese in the Opium Wars.

Do we want to guess whether or not the Chinese have approached the Bush Dynasty about this?

After all, the silver that the Russell smuggling company (and their partners the UK/GB, but of course!), took out of China was for the taxes to be paid. But, with Opium addiction, who cares to pay their property taxes!

Then, communism was blamed for the collapse of China and Karl Marx was of course the perpetrator - his great big "book" did it!

Bad thoughts, wanting LABOR to be respected, not the raping, pillaging and plundering by the "elites."

Money is the God of America and BRAND POISONING is the religion.

How to LIVE, rather than continue in the EVIL backwards direction of the criminally insane who have decided to "cull their herd," of "unnecessary eaters" (Henry Kissinger's 400 page paper, 1972).

America must begin to remember what it was, before the Mossad and CIA did a coup d'etat on the brain cells of US "leaders," to enslave the whole world with the nonsense of a HOLOCAUST that has yoked the masses into a debt peonage that is clearly only in favor of about six (6) families who control the 400 trillionaires that manipulate the "free markets."

My cousin once removed is Karl Marx so I have an attitude, it is true. My "rebellion" which "I come by honestly" is a RECKONING to and for the "ZIONISTS" or what they have crowned themselves with, in past, "ILLUMINATI."

These criminally insane cultists have used every "nation" they can, to do what it is they do -- rape, pillage and plunder.

Kings and queens are rolling in their graves, in watching this 21st Century roll-back of the Magna Carta and any sane "modern" THINKING.

Wishing they could be here, again, to enjoy thinking with their inbred brains, choosing brain dead "leaders" to do what it is that they do best: behave as lowly beasts.

And all the while, carrying their "sheepskins" as though they've passed the audition of being human.


The problem with HIGHER EDUCATION in the UNIVERSITIES, is that, they RULE, those who have the GOLD (money) and therefore the SKULL & BONES secret societies, are the genuine education for those who have the golden rules, in their secret hiding places.

Russell & Co. created SKULL & BONES, on purpose.

Bush, Kerry, et al. do what they are told, by those who create the secret cultist societies that hide the gold to rule the fools.

Time to begin with new learning ways and means, that teach us creative genius.

Long past the time that the criminally insane (the count is one hundred million, plus or minus?), the predatory cultist bleeding brains, (inbreeding for far too many years and counting) STOP




This is the higher education missing piece, at every so-called university:

How do the intelligent of our species corral the criminally insane lower beasts who think because their family lineages entitle them to "money," that they have somehow been entitled to "lead" and mass murder, globally!????

Where do the Americans get their sense of entitlement?

Flunking out of Harvard does not provide a brain dead zombie with a license to "lead."

Frighteningly, in America, the MONEY of the Bush Crime Family, bought lots of the same ...


Nixon took the US Dollar off the "gold peg." America was bankrupt, then. But, in reality, it was in 1907, when the Aldrich and Rockefeller families joined and began our decent into NON-ENTREPRENEURIAL.

America was a nation of creative energy and the Rockefeller made certain it became a nation of debtors, and but of course, pharmaceutical addicts ... RITALIN in the schools, beginning in 1974 or earlier!

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They had lots of help from the ZIONISTS, who have had their foot on our throats, now, since the creation of a super state (1900s/1947-48), to try again to rule the whole planet.

Debt slavery is nothing new, it is as old as the story about Egypt, BC.

Study the WEB OF DEBT, it is by far the newest and best overall read. Beats any university teaching and this is an understatement of all understatements.

However, to critically understand the plight of America: SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION, by F. William Engdahl.

Our BRAINS in the US, have been purposely SHRUNK.

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We must begin to demand the FAA flight paths of the chemicals in our skies.

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Forget American Universities until they remember the meaning of the word, intelligence.

READ: SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION, by F. William Engdahl, and WEB OF DEBT, by Ellen Brown, JD.

Pre-primers for kindergarten and this is where the US is, in the cosmic enema reality of "brains."

Anonymous said...



His work is well worth studying, to understand an intricate fabric woven into the US "leadership" system.