Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Fan Base in an Unlikely Place Doubles in Size

We recently noted that Legal Schnauzer had developed a fan base in a most unlikely place--Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham.

Someone who apparently is a Briarwood student discovered the blog and became a fan, noting that the school has allowed a thirst for football power to override its academic and moral mission.

Now I've received an anonymous comment from a second Briarwood student. So it looks like our Briarwood fan club has doubled in size.

Given my suspicions that Briarwood played a leading role in the legal difficulties my wife and I have experienced, I never expected to have any readers on the school's campus--much less readers who actually seem to like the blog.

So I'm pretty thrilled with my little Briarwood fan base, kind of the way Gloria Steinem might be pleased to learn someone at the Vatican was reading her work--and enjoying it.

So let's take a look at what my second Briarwood correspondent has to say. He uses the casual spelling and grammar that is common in Web communication, but I think the message will get through:

i am a student as well and i dont find it the least bit supriseing that they would do this its just like a christain republic dumnass. if u ask me christains are the worst i hope the rapture comes and takes them all away cause then it would be like heaven

Something tells me that message was not approved by the Briarwood leadership.

I'm happy to see that at least a couple of Briarwood students have a healthy skepticism about the school's actions--and how they differ from the school's rhetoric.

If my Briarwood correspondents want more information about their school's questionable ethics, they might want to check out this post. It indicates that Briarwood officials know Shelby County judges cheat on their behalf and intentionally tried to take advantage of that by having a case unlawfully moved from Jefferson to Shelby County.

How's that for "Christian" ethics?

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Anonymous said...

I must say that after reading Franklin Reeves' comment about "God," I am hopeful with respect to the student who wrote in about Christians.

The student who obviously understands one possible reality of being human, rather than some perfect idea of "God."

Does Franklin Reeves actually believe (I hope I'm remembering and spelling his name correctly? ... didn't check, so just tapping a quick-read memory flash) that he can attain this perfection of a GOD that can never be human else suffer the eternal hell of all imperfections!?

And all the while, Franklin, did you not think about your GOD definition? AND, to which author is this GOD defined, and given credence? Think about it for a minute - who created the definition of this so-called GOD that you worship without question?

Who defines lie? George W. Bush and his Global War On Terror, that so many Christians line up to onward into battle?

It gets boring in America when one must attempt to communicate with those who profess to be Christians and even attend seminaries, and so on - Godly pursuits.

All the while the mass murder of humans continues and theft of Americans wealth, hopes, and last but not least, lives.

Our prisons are more overflowing than the Russian Gulags, but hey, Christians are gathering together for the "Second Coming."

Why not do it yourselves, Christian Soldiers, and take the burden off God and his son, Jesus that you profess to love.

Do it yourselves - march to Washington DC and braid that bullwhip ... every American CHRISTIAN ... run those liars, thieves, MASS murders, etc., etc. and so on, out of this country and into the end times where they belong!

That's a true Christian, so it has been written in that book you all pretend to read.