Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are Bushies Getting Tighty Whities?

Folks in the corrupt wing of the Republican Party, made up almost entirely of "loyal Bushies" we suspect, appear to be feeling tightness in their jockey shorts these days.

Inevitably, the story of the sewer-like Bush Justice Department, centers on Alabama. A number of honest Alabamians are fighting back against the Bush Machine, and that seems to have the Bushies in a lather.

First, it seems clear that the Bushies were counting on former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman remaining in federal prison for the next seven years or so. Instead, Siegelman is free pending an appeal, and he is able to tell his story far and wide. Every now and then, a member of the Alabama press picks up on the story, and that happens today with an enlightening Q&A from Markeshia Ricks, capitol correspondent for the Anniston Star.

Corrupt GOPers can't be happy that Siegelman now has forums to make comments like this:

The Star: Why do you believe Rove hasn't agreed to testify under oath?

Siegelman: He doesn't want to run the risk of lying under oath and being prosecuted for perjury. You know, I think it's telling that he talks a good game. He wrote a, I think it was a five-page letter to [MSNBC anchor] Dan Abrams basically asking Dan Abrams questions about why he should testify under oath. When Conyers invited him to testify under oath, he's dodged that, he's skated, and I think it's clear he's got something to hide. Otherwise, there is no reason why he wouldn't testify under oath.

Or this:

The Star: Since 1998, you've been the subject of some kind of investigation. Why do you think that is?

Siegelman: It's all part of the same case. It started when Karl Rove's bag man, I call him, Jack Abramoff, started putting Indian casino money into Alabama to defeat me in 1998. Shortly after I endorsed Al Gore in 1999, Karl Rove's client, the attorney general of Alabama (Bill Pryor) started an investigation. In 2001, Karl Rove's business associate and political partner's wife, Leura Canary, became a U.S. attorney and started a federal investigation. … It started with the attorney general and the state investigation, followed by the federal investigation, followed by indictments in 2004, and then another series of indictments leading up to the 2006 election … but, yeah, it's all part of the same case.

And then Siegelman repeats a statement that has given him quite a bit of mileage in recent weeks:

I think this will make Watergate look like child's play when it is fully investigated, not so much this case because certainly it's not about me. It's about restoring justice and protecting our democracy and, because this case shows the lengths to which those who are obsessed with power will go in order to gain power or retain power, it has attracted the attention of the national press.
Specifically, because it is tied to the White House because Karl Rove is not only a political adviser to the president but he's a close personal friend of the president, and you asked me if I was surprised, no I'm not surprised that the national media has focused on this because it is the only case that has led Congress directly to the doors of the White House.

The other cases that are being mentioned or being talked about are primarily the eight U.S. attorneys who were targeted for removal either for failing to move quickly enough or for not following really the party line — the Karl Rove party line — of trying to do damage to Democrats who were involved in an elections contest.

What Congress is seeing in this case is the other side of that coin, which is what happens when a U.S. attorney does follow the party line and a person is selectively prosecuted to impact the outcome of an election.

Siegelman goes on to note the critical role of Republican whistleblower Jill Simpson in bringing Bush DOJ sleaze to light. And that leads us to the latest GOP attempt to discredit Simpson. It comes from that trusty right-wing rag, the Weekly Standard.

Writer John H. Hinderaker makes no attempt to hide his misogyny, referring to Simpson as a "conspicuously large redhead" of "uncertain mental health."

And he makes little attempt to convince semi-coherent readers that he has his facts straight.

Hinderaker says Simpson has scratched out an "uncertain living" in DeKalb County, Alabama. Does he tell us what he means by "uncertain living?" Nope. Does he offer any evidence to back up this claim? Nope.

Hinderaker describes Simpson as a "very strange person" who "lives in her own world." What in the heck is this supposed to mean? The same terms could be applied to Stephen Hawking couldn't they? Or Paul McCartney? Or Brian Wilson? Or J.K. Rowling? Or any number of the brightest minds on the planet?

Hinderaker describes Simpson as the daughter of "rabid Democrats." Does he offer any proof of that? Nope. And does he note that this contradicts Simpson's sworn testimony before Congress? Nope.

Hinderaker reports that Simpson's house and law office are on the auction block. Does he offer anything to support this, say from a public document? Nope. And what does he mean by saying the property is "on the auction block?" Does he mean it's for sale? Then why doesn't he say so?
If the property is for sale, so what? What is that supposed to mean? Hinderaker doesn't tell us.

The Siegelman/Simpson tag team apparently is drawing blood. And that seems to have loyal Bushies on the edge of becoming unhinged.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the right wingers, such as John H. Hinderaker, are rather quick to claim psychological expertise and question the mental health of anyone who reports on their wrong doing. But to use a statement like "uncertain mental health" simply means there has been no reason for her to have undergone psychological evaluation. In other words, this is a pure propagandized way of describing any of us who have no history of psychological difficulties in a way to make the reader doubt our mental health. This is the worst kind of lying.

Anonymous said...

You guys have done a wonderful journalistic job at helping take the cover off Rove and Bush's other boys. I found a web site that gives more chilling details of the evil Bush and Rove have mustered. Go to