Monday, May 5, 2008

Some Humans Ain't Human

A few weeks back, I proposed Gunslinger by John Fogerty as our official theme song here at Legal Schnauzer.

Gunslinger is a meditation on the need for justice in our broken, postmodern America. And Fogerty makes the point that justice won't come easily, and those who seek justice are going to have to be tough enough to fight for it.

Gunslinger will always resonate with us. But I think we have room for more than one theme song. And I recently discovered another, thanks to a coworker who is a John Prine fan. Prine's song is called Some Humans Ain't Human, and it gets right to the heart of the issues we raise here at Legal Schnauzer.

Experience has taught me that whenever you see injustice, or evil, or both, you can rest assured that at least one really crappy human being--and probably more than one--is behind it.

Prine, like Fogerty, has been around a long time and written a lot of great stuff. But this one really hits home for me. You can check out the lyrics here.

Let's enjoy Prine performing Some Humans Ain't Human live:

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