Monday, May 19, 2008

A Vast Right-Wing Charade in Alabama

Let's return to the issue of motive behind the orchestrated "auction" of my house one week ago today at the Shelby County Courthouse in Columbiana, Alabama.

One thing I've learned in my fight against corrupt public officials in Alabama: The more you learn about the law, the worse the corruption is likely to look--and the more you can understand the motives driving the bad guys.

As we noted in our previous post on this subject, I now know enough about the law to prove that the "sheriff's sale" really was about trying to shut down this blog. How do I know that? Let's take a look at the facts and the law:

* As a result of the "sheriff's sale," the most corrupt attorney William E. Swatek can get out of it is a lien on my portion of our home. That's because the house is jointly owned by my wife and me, and the amount of the "judgment" against me is so small--$1,525. The lien remains dormant until we attempt to the sell the property. I only discovered this in the few days prior to the "sale," and Deputy Bubba Caudill admitted that is all that could be done--after he had repeatedly called us and told us he was about "to sell that property." In other words, we discovered the truth after Bubba had repeatedly committed honest services wire fraud--at the instigation of Bill Swatek and a number of corrupt public officials in Shelby County.

* Now here is where it gets real interesting. If you have a court judgment and want a lien on someone's property to enforce it, all you have to do is file a certificate of judgment. That places a judgment lien on the property and causes the judgment creditor's rights to attach to the property. A search of probate records in Shelby County shows that Swatek didn't do this. Why not? Here's my guess: Getting a judgment lien doesn't do anything to scare my wife and me. It just sits there, minding its own business, until the day comes that we try to sell our house. But threatening to have a sheriff's sale of our house? Why, that gets people stirred up a bit. It might even get someone stirred up enough to cave in to Swatek's thinly veiled desires, which is to put a stop to this blog. Also, it appears that Swatek wanted to leave as small a paper trail as possible on his way to causing my house to be unlawfully "auctioned." Getting a certificate of judgment, garnishing my wages--those things cause paper trails and get third parties involved. It appears Swatek wanted to "keep it down home, cuz" as much as possible.

* Here's the irony of Swatek's bogus plan: Without a judgment lien on my property, he had nothing to gain by holding a "sheriff's sale." No one else's rights can attach to my property without a judgment lien. But Swatek wasn't interested in anyone's rights attaching to my property. He wanted to scare me into halting this blog, and that's why he orchestrated the fraudulent sheriff's sale, which we caught on tape!

* The bottom line? Initiating a sheriff's sale on jointly owned property, in order to satisfy a "judgment" in an amount under $2,000, appears to make no sense under the law. But Swatek, as usual, wasn't interested in the law; he was interested in scare tactics--and corrupt judges, clerks, and sheriff's deputies were actively participating in his little scheme.

* The sheriff's sale failed, so what will Swatek try next? I have no idea. But at some point, you would think he would realize that schnauzers don't scare easily. And schnauzers are fairly adept at figuring things out when people are trying to cheat us. Here's another lesson Swatek evidently has not learned: You keep poking a schnauzer with a stick, and he eventually is going to bite you. And when a schnauzer bites, he draws blood and holds on for dear life. And that doesn't feel so good for the bitee. I suspect many a bitee has looked back on things and said, "You know, I wish I had left that schnauzer alone."

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