Monday, May 5, 2008

National Magazine Focusing on Justice

I spoke at length about three weeks ago with a contributing editor for a major national magazine. He was interested in background material on the Don Siegelman prosecution, the Paul Minor case in Mississippi, and my own situation with Alabama Republican authorities threatening to unlawfully seize my house.

My contact, we'll call him "CE" (short for contributing editor), said the magazine almost certainly is going to do a major piece on the Siegelman case. Looks like the writer will be a prominent journalist, who recently released an acclaimed book--a critical one--on the Bush presidency.

The magazine's plans regarding the Minor case and my case are less clear. Sounds like CE is interested in doing a piece on the Minor case, perhaps with a sidebar on my situation. But nothing is firm about that.

I told him that I think the Minor case is every bit as egregious as the Siegelman case, maybe worse, and has not received nearly the attention it deserves. And of course, I couldn't resist pointing out that my case shows that the Republican hierarchy does not just go after the powerful (Siegelman) or the wealthy (Minor). They also go after regular folks like me, particularly when we have the gall to start a blog that unveils their corrupt practices for all the world to see.

CE, by the way, is a major figure in journalism. He has written four books and had two magazine articles turned into motion pictures. His latest book focuses on regular citizens who stand up against corporate and governmental wrongdoing that led to environmental degradation in their state. If you've read Jonathan Harr's A Civil Action, or seen the movie starring John Travolta, you would definitely want to check out CE's latest book.

Hope to hear more soon about the magazine's plans, and I'll try to keep Schnauzer readers posted.

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