Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Legacy of Sleaze

Regular readers know that I have nothing good to say about William E. Swatek, the Pelham, Alabama-based attorney who filed the fraudulent lawsuit against me that is at the heart of this blog.

Swatek has an almost 30-year history of unethical behavior in the legal profession, so I am hardly alone in being harmed by this dirtbag.

If I were threatened with waterboarding and forced to say something positive about Bill Swatek, it would be this: "He appears to be about retirement age, so hopefully we won't have to live much longer with his ugly carcass in the legal profession."

Well, looks like the Swatek "legacy" will carry on in Alabama law after Bill Swatek retires.

We recently discovered that Bill's son, Chace Swatek, has joined daddy's "practice" in Pelham. Perhaps Chace is just killing time until a better gig comes along. But maybe he intends to carry on the proud Swatek tradition in the hallowed halls of Shelby County justice.

That certainly would be good news for folks who enjoy being screwed in Shelby County courts.

Stay tuned to Legal Schnauzer for details on the Swatek "legacy" that the Chacester might take over. It's kind of like Sonny or Michael taking over the Corleone family business.

Chace evidently is Bill Swatek's youngest son. The oldest son, Dax, is a Republican "campaign consultant" in Montgomery who has worked for such luminaries as Bob Riley and Alice Martin.

(By the way, what's with naming your kids Dax and Chace? A Schnauzer life lesson: Never trust people who give their kids weird, self-important names.)

I don't know much about Chace Swatek or what he plans to do in his father's miserable law practice. Chace evidently went to law school at Pepperdine University, which is the place where the esteemed Kenneth Starr is now dean. Glad to see Chace has his right-wing credentials in order.

According to a source of mine, those credentials didn't help Chace pass the California bar exam. (In fairness to the Chacester, the California bar exam is considered one of the toughest in the nation. Numerous famous folks have flagged that sucker. Wonder how many times Chace flagged it before he gave up and moved home to Alabama. Obviously, the Alabama bar exam isn't too tough if the likes of Bill Swatek and Mike Joiner passed it.) According to my source, right-wing credentials also didn't help Chace in a real-estate development business on the Gulf Coast. According to court documents, looks like right-wing credentials didn't help Chace avoid a $2,896.87 court judgment against him and for an outfit called Velocity Investments. Even all the strngs daddy pulls in Shelby County apparently couldn't help Chace get off the hook on that one. Ouch.

Wonder what Velocity Investments is about? I guess their name means if you don't pay them, they'll come after you real quick.

Of course, Chace is living at home, so I guess he doesn't have to worry about meeting a budget like most adults.

If you go belly up in enough ventures, maybe daddy's law practice starts to look pretty good. But the history of that law practice doesn't look so good. In fact, it's about as ugly as it gets in the legal profession.

And we will soon be laying it all out for you in gory detail.


Anonymous said...

Do not let up.
Do not stop.

Anonymous said...

From my experience, Velocity Investments is a junk debt buyer that engages in shady practices.

Anonymous said...

Chace was given as free council to an associate of mine. After seeing what this so called lawyer does first hand I had to question if he received his law degree from become a lawyer for free dot com. After doing research we found that his actions as a lawyer are ongoing horror stories. Not showing up for court cases, not contacting his clients, sending threatening emails and voice mails to clients who dared to interrupt him regarding their case, and not even being aware of when court dates occurred on a case were just some of the nicer sides of this man. Needless to say my associate was advised to fire this man and get real council. I hope anyone who the state appointments this man to as a lawyer immediately requests new council. This man shouldn't be practicing law much less stealing oxygen from those of us who actually need it.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon. No. 3:

Sounds like Chace is a chip off the old block. Thanks for sharing your insights.

I would be interested in hearing more about your experiences. Will protect your confidentiality. Feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail address:


James Greek said...

Chace and Dax will definitely takeover. I brt you $1,000 he cheated in law school. Just like dad and big brother Dax! (cackles evilly)

Anonymous said...

Legacy interrupted.