Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Jacob Wohl, a right-wing fraudster with ties to GOP felon and gay-sex troller Ali (Akbar) Alexander, has his Twitter presence "nuked" for creating fake accounts

Jacob Wohl
A Republican political hoaxwe -- who created false online narratives about Robert Mueller, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Kamala Harris -- was banned from Twitter yesterday after bragging about his plans to create more deceptive content.

USA Today published an article about Jacob Wohl's boasts at 6:14 a.m. CST yesterday,  under the headline "This 21-year-old tweeted lies about Robert Mueller and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, he’s eyeing the 2020 election." A few hours later came stories, like this one from, under the headline "Twitter bans right-wing activist Jacob Wohl over fake accounts." Sub-title of the engadget article: "It's not a good idea to admit you want to manipulate elections."

In what should be a surprise to no one, the bumbling Wohl is aligned with Ali (Akbar) Alexander, the slimy GOP operative who has a history as a felon and troller for gay sex at Akbar has bragged of his connections to Alabama, via governors (Riley, Bentley, or both) and the legal tribe, likely the Alabama State Bar. Adding to this carnival of GOP clowns, Wohl and Akbar are aligned with Laura Loomer, a loon who is famed for handcuffing herself to Twitter headquarters in New York after having her account suspended.More on a recent Wohl-Loomer-Akbar expedition in an upcoming post.

Wohl, an ardent Trump supporter, first came to our attention last November when he was found to have created false online posts that Robert Mueller was the target of sexual-harassment allegations. The FBI reportedly is investigating that episode. Alabama political insider Jill Simpson said at the time that Wohl was connected to Akbar and his National Bloggers Club. As usual, Simpson proved to be right -- Wohl is aligned with Akbar, and we will have more on that shortly.

USA Today quoted one legal expert who says Wohl is playing a dangerous game by publishing admittedly false narratives designed to affect political outcomes:

Stanford Law School professor Robert Weisberg said Wohl’s actions could be construed by a federal prosecutor as wire fraud, obstruction of justice or conspiracy – or as possibly violating various state statutes – but likely fell into a legal “gray zone.”

Ali Akbar mugshots
 “The whole thing smacks of illegality and nefariousness and deception, but it still needs to have an anchor in criminal statute,” Weisberg said.

How did Wohl cross the line with Twitter? USA Today, in a followup yesterday afternoon to its earlier post, explains:

Twitter announced that it is permanently suspending Jacob Wohl, a 21-year-old Internet hoaxer and supporter of President Donald Trump, following the publication of a USA TODAY article in which he boasted of using the social media platform to spread lies and disinformation.

In the article published Tuesday morning, Wohl disclosed what he claimed were his plans to create “enormous left-wing properties,” including Facebook and Twitter accounts, before the 2020 presidential election in order “to steer the left-wing votes in the primaries to what we feel are weaker candidates compared with Trump.”

Throughout the day, Twitter users had messaged the platform's CEO, Jack Dorsey, demanding that the company take action against Wohl.

In announcing the suspension Tuesday afternoon, Twitter said in a statement: “The account was suspended for multiple violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically creating and operating fake accounts.”

Is Wohl a tad reckless, even dim? Consider this from USA Today:

According to Twitter, after Wohl bragged of his intentions to violate its rules against the creation of fake or misleading accounts, the company scrutinized his activity on the platform and found he already created multiple fake accounts.

Ali Akbar at Grindr
Wohl said when reached by USA TODAY that he had never created a false or misleading account. "I've had accounts for my businesses and my future think tank, but that's about it," Wohl said, confirming that all of those accounts had been "nuked" Tuesday afternoon. "I've not created fake accounts or bot armies or anything like that."

When asked the name of the "future think tank," Wohl declined to provide it, saying he planned to use it in a "clandestine manner."

Among accounts that were suspended was that of Surefire Intelligence, Wohl's operation that played a central role in his scheme to disgrace Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the days before the midterm elections.

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