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Republican "conspiracy theorists" who launched smear campaign against Robert Mueller apparently have ties to right-wing bloggers with pull at Alabama State Bar

Robert Mueller
A Republican lobbyist and a young right-wing activist with a history of dubious Tweets apparently are behind a bizarre scheme to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller with false sexual-harassment allegations. Mueller reportedly has asked the FBI to investigate the scheme, and one report refers to its perpetrators -- Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl -- as "pro-Trump conspiracy theorists."

The story even showed up on The Rachel Maddow Show Tuesday night, under the title "Bumbling Trump booster botches Mueller smear, implicates own mom." I told you this story was bizarre. It also hits close to home, according to an Alabama political insider. Burkman and Wohl are tied to a fringe right-wing media outfit that has been active in "The Heart of Dixie," says Jill Simpson (retired lawyer, opposition researcher, and whistle blower) on her Facebook page.

Burkman reportedly hired a firm called Surefire Intelligence to unearth dirt on Mueller, with a press event set for today to reveal the first of Mueller's supposed victims.

Ali (Akbar) Alexander at Grindr gay-sex app
As for Jill Simpson, she says Burkman is tied to the National Bloggers Club (NBC), which is headed by a felon who now calls himself Ali  (Akbar) Alexander (as opposed to Ali Akbar) and reportedly has ties to GOP luminaries, such as Karl Rove, Steve Bannon, and Grover Norquist. Perhaps it should be no surprise that a fellow with a criminal history might be trying to change his name, and the Web site Breitbart Unmasked helpfully has provided an update on the seediness in Ali (Akbar) Alexander's background.

We have tackled that subject ourselves with posts about Akbar's criminal activities and his tendency to troll for gay sex via the Grindr geo-social app.  We also have pointed to evidence that Akbar has pull with the Alabama State Bar -- via connections to Montgomery attorney Baron Coleman and Tripp Vickers (assistant general counsel with the Alabama State Bar) -- and has used those ties to help launch attacks on Alabama progressives, including Jill Simpson and yours truly.

Now Simpson says the National Bloggers Club, the group Akbar heads, is tied to the goofballs who apparently are trying to smear Robert Mueller and might now be in serious trouble with the FBI. A serious probe into the Mueller scheme could lead to Alabama, Simpson suggests:

A Trump-supporting far right-wing blogger, and the News Club bunch of idiots, have been caught trying to set up Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a phony #MeToo deal. For years Roger Shuler and I have been telling folks how nutty this right-wing National Bloggers Club is, and they run with the Bannon and Rove-Norquist crowds. Now the dumb asses are caught trying to set Mueller up. They always brag to each other about what they do and are easy to catch -- and Mueller has got them. I certainly hope Mueller yanks the National Bloggers Club's chain and destroys them.

Simpson's interactions with the right-wing crazies go back several years, to the beginnings of the Don Siegelman case:
The NBC, as we call them, came to my attention when they harassed and told false stories about Siegelman activists. The NBC is a vicious group. What is such a hoot is that is how I first learned about crazy Steve Bannon's bunch. I started getting a master's degree in philosophy and religion, and the nuts in the National Bloggers Club started following me around in D.C. and California. The idiots were making a film for Andrew Breitbart and were trying to falsely claim I was a ring leader in Anonymous, as they were friends of mine, and that I was dating a guy who they believed was in Anonymous. The dimwits offered me all kinds of things to say I was part of it, through him.

Simpson knows these creepy wingers can get both scary and personal. She also says they are behind -- at least in part -- some of the abuse (false arrest and imprisonment, theft of house) that has been directed at my wife, Carol, and me. They also likely played a role in the allegations against Roy Moore that led to Doug Jones' victory in Alabama's special election for the U.S. Senate. Says Simpson:

Tripp Vickers
Even as late as 2013 they were threatening me and called my boyfriend (now husband) trying to advise him not to marry me, telling him I was going to jail. The GOP National Blogger bunch in 2014, due to me having a neck injury, worked with their Alabama State Bar buddy, Tripp Vickers and his former law partner,  Baron Coleman and a federal judge to try to set me up -- when in all likelihood it was them who set my office yard on fire and burned up my car and my shed with all my files in it. They spent months trying to frame me with all kinds of things. They were not successful. I might add, in my opinion, they were responsible for what happened to Shuler as well -- as some of their members bragged about it at their Web sites and were working with Rob Riley who first used a #MeToo deal in the Doug Jones-Roy Moore race. Now this group of dimwits, it appears, has gone after Mueller, with another couple of guys in their thug network (Burkman and Wohl). It is out of that GOP blogger and press group that all these wacko lies come from -- and Bannon is in the middle of it.
If the FBI gets on the trail, Simpson says, it likely will lead to Steve Bannon -- not to mention Jeff Sessions and Alabama:
If Mueller pulls the thread, I suspect he will find it leads to Bannon and the NBC, which  Bannon inherited from Breitbart. . . . This NBC group and their associates target folks in false campaigns. Around 2011 is when they started a blogger war with left-wing progressive bloggers and writers. I know, as I was a target of theirs. They try to destroy people. 
In winter of 2016, I went to the FBI as I had proof of what they had done to me and was told the bureau was not interested. I said, "Look, you have no idea how dangerous they are," and now they have targeted Mueller. What a hoot. The Alabama FBI should have listened but I guess they are too far up Jeff Sessions' butt. Sessions works with the NBC and Bannon to target Sessions' enemies. 
That is when I figured out if the FBI won't do anything, I am still going to start daily writing about these folks, and as you know, Jim and I outed their Project Alamo election- theft operation in December 2016. 
This bunch is closely tied to Jeff Sessions, as Bannon is an operative who adores Sessions; we found that out in our bloggers war. Now the FBI is investigating the NBC-connected folks we wrote about, as progressives demanded it, and now they are getting their own taste of what we have been dealing with, as the same bunch of thugs tried to set up former FBI chief Mueller.

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