Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shane Rogers-Mauro, a classmate of Bill Pryor's at Northeast Louisiana U, says the future judge outed him in college -- pointing to a Kavanaugh-like tendency to abuse others and act in devious ways

Bill Pryor, as a drummer at Northeast Louisiana University

After a raucous confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh stands as Exhibit A of a federal judge who lacks the temperament, integrity, and impartiality to sit on the federal bench.

Consider Bill Pryor, who sits on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (Alabama, Georgia, Florida) and has an office at his "duty station" in Birmingham's Hugo Black Courthouse, as Exhibit B. In essence, Pryor is a closeted-gay version of Brett Kavanaugh, perhaps even more far to the right politically -- and both were on Donald Trump's short list of U.S. Supreme Court nominees. Pryor apparently fell out of favor -- opening the door for Kavanaugh -- and that likely is because of our reporting about his forays into gay pornography, with nude photos appearing at in the late 1990s.

Shane Rogers-Mauro, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, man who says Pryor sexually harassed him while the two were classmates at Northeast Louisiana University (NLU, now University of Louisiana Monroe), uses terms like "cruel" and "evil" to describe the Pryor he knew in college and read about since the judge's rise to political infamy as a closeted gay who is virulently anti-LGBT in his public statements. Rogers-Mauro says he has notes about others who have told him Pryor sexually harassed them at NLU.

Shane Rogers in the NLU Marching Band
In fact, Rogers-Mauro has seen Pryor's cruelty in a most personal way. Jealous over a relationship Rogers-Mauro was having in college (he was Shane Rogers then, and Rogers-Mauro is his married name), Pryor outed his classmate. Says Rogers-Mauro:
I was in a band fraternity -- Kappa Kappa Psi -- when Bill discovered I was seeing someone else, and he decided to out me to the rest of the band. Back then, outing was rotten thing to do because people were pretty much in closet. In fact, I would say that outing me, alone, was a form of sexual harassment. I was ostracized in the fraternity, and it pretty much ended my time in that organization.

Bill has a self loathing outlook, with his anti-gay opinions in court and in his public statements. That is so old school and disgusting to us all.

Rogers-Mauro said Pryor was an annoying, abrasive presence on the NLU campus, especially in the close-knit band community:

I don't have a lot of dirty stories about Bill; I never had any sexual interaction with him. He's got a wife and kids, which is pretty shocking. That is him in Bad Puppy. He was known as gay -- he was in percussion, a drummer -- and he had a mouth on him, saying things, about politics and other subjects, that he shouldn't have been saying. We worked together in work-study, so we got to know each other pretty well.

I'm surprised he's an appellate-court judge. Not only is he not the right person for the job, with all of his prejudices, but I've never seen someone so conservative and cruel. We wrote Bill off as a pure radical; he was always glorifying Reagan. His views are so far right -- he was Republican this and Republican that. 
This guy's evil. I've had no contact with him since college. From opinions and statements of last 20 years, I can see it's only gotten worse. How can he be a judge of others when he's so prejudiced in one direction. That goes beyond homosexuality or anything like that. He will try to get as high as he can. He's one of those power grabbers. You can't make judicial decisions in the right way when you are so far on the fringe.

As a federal judge, Pryor appears to be a successful individual -- on the surface -- and Rogers-Mauro did not see that one coming:

I never thought twice about him being successful in anything. People would walk the other way when he was coming toward them because they did not want to deal with that kind of aggressiveness. I'm 53 now, and I've never seen anyone so radical in entire life.

He's gotten higher than he ever should have. I find it hard to believe Bill could be impartial in anything. And others who know him can't believe he's a judge. He's just very aggressive, very evil.


Anonymous said...

Whacky-assed right wing judges part next?

Anonymous said...

So, that's Pryor in college?

legalschnauzer said...

Yep, in the drum corps, straight from the yearbook.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that picture of Pryor before.

legalschnauzer said...

This is the first time we've run it. I believe it's from the NLU yearbook, or a similar university publication.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Pryor shared this info with the Senate Judiciary Committee?

legalschnauzer said...

No chance, and that is an important issue, as we spelled out in a May 2017 post:

That brings us to Pryor's Senate confirmation hearing. It is standard for a federal nominee to be asked, under oath, if there is anything in his background that might embarrass him or the president who nominated him. Pryor has known the nude photos were public since at least September 1997, and our sources say he likely did not disclose their existence to FBI and Senate investigators.

Anonymous said...

Any new schlong pictures coming? A Pryor post without a schlong picture somehow seems deficient.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pryor lied to Congress during his confirmation process?

legalschnauzer said...

@3:44 --

I don't think there is any "maybe" about it. And lying to Congress is grounds for impeachment. Here is more from our May 2017 post:

In fact, Pryor and Sessions might make a nice matched set in the slammer. We already know Sessions has lied to Congress about his communications with Russian officials during the 2016 election. And there is little doubt Pryor lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings. Consider this from one of our first posts on the gay-porn subject:

Pryor has known the photos were public since at least September 1997, and our sources say it's unlikely he disclosed their existence to FBI and U.S. Senate investigators during the pre-confirmation process for the federal judgeship.

Could Pryor face serious consequences if it is shown he made false statements to officials looking into his background? Based on the impeachment and removal of Louisiana federal judge Thomas Porteous in 2010, the answer might be yes.

One of the articles of impeachment against Porteous involved his failure to disclose information to investigators--and his false statements during pre-confirmation regarding any background information that might prove embarrassing to him and the president who nominated him, Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Donald Watkins afternoon post about his indictment?

legalschnauzer said...

@6:26 --

Yes, saw that and plan a post on it in the morning. Not quite sure what to make of it, and the fed case seemingly has been brewing for a while. Thanks for sharing.

e.a.f. said...

It is the very traits Pryor is alleged to have which most likely had him placed on the bench. There are people who have use of his "talents". They keep track of people like him, so when the time comes, he can be of use to them. When people are placed on these federal benches, the person appointing, doesn't usually know them. They are just names on a list, which others are promoting. Pryor is where he is because he is of use to some. Those who ensured he was placed there have found him useful. It is why the judicial system in the U.S.A is so rotten in some places.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. --

Many in Alabama believe Pryor is on the bench as a reward (from Karl Rove) for launching the investigation of Don Siegelman.

Tim said...

After reading the second article with quotes from this "Shane Rogers-Mauro", many things don't add up. Is he the same 53-year-old who is married to Victor Michael Rogers-Mauro? Fifty-three is a little young for the part... How did I know his age? His and his partner's info is listed in this online directory: If I were him I would have it removed. (I was looking for an image of Shane when I googled his name.)

legalschnauzer said...


A couple of thoughts --

(1) I'm not sure an online directory is the most accurate way to determine someone's age.

(2) On his Facebook page, Shane says he graduated from NLU in 1984. If he was 22 at the time of graduation, that would make him 56 now. Pryor's Wiki page says he is 56 and graduated from NLU in 1984. That would fit with everything Shane has said in these posts; I've written three of them.