Tuesday, October 18, 2016

President of Alabama GOP women's group strongly supports Trump, proving that conservative rhetoric about "family values" has been a hoax all along

Donald Trump
(From alreporter.com)
Count me among the liberals who long have suspected the whole "family values" plank of the Republican platform was a fraud, one designed to con church-goers into voting for a party whose policies consistently cause them to lose economic ground.

Now, the head of a GOP women's group in Alabama has helped prove that our suspicions were correct. Frances Taylor, president of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) explains in an op-ed piece "Why I Strongly Support Trump." It's possible Trump's circus-act of a campaign will kill, once and for all, the whole "family values" canard. If that happens, he will have done us all a favor.

Without getting too harsh on Ms. Taylor, her column is pure claptrap. It's a regurgitation of the usual right-wing talking points on jobs, ISIS, border security, Obamacare, and regulation. Then it dives into a pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible statements and actions that have been attributed to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in recent days. These include, of course, his recorded comments about trying to f--k a married a woman and grabbing women by the p---y. Writes Taylor:

Do we like the words that he used in the recording? No. Plain and simple, no. Do we believe in today’s society and today’s culture that the words are shocking? No. Does anyone expect us to be apoplectic over a braggadocios conversation among two men who are private citizens more than ten years ago? No.

He apologized – we accept the imperfections of others, we find forgiveness, we look at the context of the conversation and can move on. Yes, other questions linger. Why isn’t there fury at the pay for play scheme she had going as Secretary of State with the Clinton Foundation? Why isn’t there fury at the gifts from countries who suppress women’s rights and promote terrorism? Why wasn’t there this level of fury when the Democrat nominee finally – and I do mean finally – apologized for using a private server that put our national security at risk and put people in harm’s way?

You can see where this is going. It's called "When you can't defend your guy, blame the other guy (or gal)." It's also called "your guy must be 'forgiven,' no matter how grotesque his sins, while the other guy (or gal) must never be forgiven, even if it isn't clear she's done anything wrong."

How nutty is it? Johnny Norris, a Birmingham attorney and writer of the Blue Southerner blog, responded with a piece titled "Women Voting for Trump Is Like Jews Voting for Hitler." Writes Norris:

A major party presidential candidate bragging about using his authority and his fame to get away with criminal sexual assaults on women is beyond shocking. It is unprecedented. It is outrageous. And it is a sickening affront to humanity in general and the victimized women in particular.

Shame on you, Frances Taylor. Your desire to put a sexual predator in the White House makes you a traitor to your gender. Your position bears some similarity to that of a German Jew who had read Mein Kampf voting for Hitler in 1933. The difference is that Hitler promised in his terrible book to exterminate the Jewish people, and Trump just wants to grab all the pussies he can get away with.

Taylor's words become even more disturbing when you pay a visit to the AFRW Web site. If you click on the "About AFRW" section, you will find this:

The Alabama Federation of Republican Women is a partner with all Americans who believe in family values, individual initiative, limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and honest and accountable government. Our goal is to foster the principles of America’s founding fathers and to elect Republicans that share our values and goals.

Did I see "family values" listed as the No. 1 principle GOP women hold dear? Did I see that the AFRW is committed to electing Republicans who share such "values"?

Frances Taylor
(From afrw.org)
Are the GOP women unaware that Trump is twice divorced and working on wife No. 3, and he has bragged on an open mic about trying to cheat on her? This is the man with the kind of "family values" they can support? Surely, you can't be serious. (And yes, I need to stop calling you Shirley.)

If you click on the "Why I'm a Republican" link at the AFRW site, you will find President Taylor's welcoming message, which states in part:
We are a group of women over 1,500 strong who believe in the principles of smaller government, lower taxes and the exercise of our God-given rights to freedom and liberty.

How are women supposed to exercise their God-given right to freedom and liberty when men like Donald Trump are holding them back by shoving tongues down their throats, grabbing their butts, groping their breasts, and grabbing their p-----s? Are Republican women driven by the desires of the "Fondling Fathers," or the principles of the Founding Fathers?

Frances Taylor doesn't look like a ding-a-ling, so we can only assume she knows her little group is about electing Republicans, no matter how vile and vulgar they may be. She seems to be admitting that whole "family values" spin game means no more to her than it does to us.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a loon, leading a bunch of sheep.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who hasn't seen Steve Schmidt's comments about GOP "intellectual rot" allowing Donald Trump to take over, I encourage you to check it out at URL below. Frances Taylor's comments are a classic example of "intellectual rot." The party simply has no ideas and cannot govern:


Anonymous said...

I tend to be more conservative than many on this blog (I'm a moderate, not a total right winger), but I totally agree that the same message that the republicans have been using since Reagan is no longer working...as proven by Trump being the nominee. The Republican "leadership" (as the lady in this article proves) has to get their head out of the sand (or other places) before they will be even close to winning an election again. The old "values" are not rhyming up with a new "millennial-driven" world.

LS...thanks for letting someone who may lean more conservative voice an opinion on here.

legalschnauzer said...

We welcome thoughtful, insightful voices of all kinds here. I've got a post coming soon that paints an unflattering view of a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.

Anonymous said...

@1:18 again. Both sides of the political aisle have their problems for sure. Just for the sake of the readers, this does "unflattering view" does not contain any nudity, does it? I'm still trying to shake that Bill Pryor picture out of my head.

legalschnauzer said...

Hah, funny you should ask, @1:18. The U.S. Senate story is an . . . well, maybe I should have used the word "unflattering portrayal" of a candidate. It's a story about a candidate's dubious actions, not his lack of clothing. But I recently received from a reader, in California, a second photo from the Bill Pryor "Wizard Gallery" at badpuppy.com. I'm working on firming everything up (sorry for the bad pun), and once the ID is confirmed, we will be running that. So, if you follow the blog closely, there may be more Bill Pryor images in your future. (Note: I'm convinced already it's Pryor, from the same photo shoot, but there are a few bases I need to cover before publication.) You might recall that the original Pryor photo gallery reportedly contained 8-12 photos -- numbers vary, from our sources -- and this appears to be one of those additional photos.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people probably have forgotten, but the Republican Party did not used to be a joke. It produced candidates and supporters who actually could govern and think. This woman's words are a disgrace to the history of the GOP, and I'm sure she would have no clue what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

The GOP has been making fun of people with intelligence for years. They all knew George Dubya was a ding-dong, but he seemed like a "good guy to have a beer with," so they voted for him. When you do that for years, you are left with a party led by people like this woman, who obviously is a joke and cannot be taken seriously.