Monday, October 24, 2016

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Rob Waudby Jr., district manager for Skyline Steel and key player in huge public-works projects, appears at cheaters' site

Skyline Steel
The Birmingham-based district manager for an international steel company is among paying customers at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site, records show.

Rob Waudby Jr. heads the South district for Skyline Steel, with an office at 4908 Cahaba River Road, Suite 200, in Birmingham.

Skyline Steel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, the largest producer of steel in the United States. Skyline serves markets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Colombia. It has 20 sales offices in North America, and Waudby heads the one based in Birmingham.

Waudby is married to Gretchen Waudby, and they live at 2764 Cherokee Road in Mountain Brook. According to public records, the assessed value of their home is roughly $400,000. Our guess is that the sales price, if the house were on the market, would be much higher than that.

Is Skyline Steel involved in some major projects? Consider this item from the news page at their Web site:

Gretchen Waudby (right)
Working with Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Group, Skyline Steel is providing steel for the largest design-build civil works project in the history of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Reduction -- as it's officially named -- is a $695-million wall barrier designed to protect New Orleans from storm surges similar to that generated by Hurricane Katrina.
Skyline Steel is furnishing almost 18,000 tons of steel pipe (36" OD x .750 wall) to Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Group for this massive two-mile long project. When the production and fabrication are complete, the steel pipe will be loaded on barges and transferred to a Shaw subsidiary in Delcambre, LA.

Skyline Steel is proud to be the steel supplier for such an elaborate, and important project that has the potential of impacting millions of people as well as the environment in a positive manner.

Can you imagine how much 18,000 tons of steel pipe cost? The figure probably would boggle the mind -- at least this mind.

As for Rob Waudby's activities at Ashley Madison, we sought comment from him for this story, but he had nothing to say for the record.


(1) Edgar C. Gentle III -- attorney at Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, Birmingham, AL (3/8/16)

(2) Stewart Springer -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL. (3/9/16)

(3) Richard W. "Dick" Bell -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL (3/14/16)

(4) Robert M.N. Palmer -- attorney and bar association president in Springfield, MO (3/15/16)

(5) Thomas Plouff -- attorney, who is licensed in Alabama and has a practice in Chicago (3/17/16)

(9) Randy Bates -- executive VP and member of board of directors, Golden Flake (10/5/16)

(10) Reid Carpenter -- attorney, Lightfoot Franklin White, Birmingham (10/6/16)

(11) Scott Sink -- exec. VP, McGriff Seibels Williams, Birmingham (10/11/16)

(12) Russell Byrne -- VP for information systems, Bromberg's, Birmingham (10/17/16)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone outside of Mountain Brook use Ashley Madison? It seems like they all live in the "Tiny Kindgdom."

Anonymous said...

Life must be pretty boring in the Brook.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I suspect they are conservatives who want Hillary Clinton prosecuted over her handling of emails that apparently involved no crimes, while they support coverups for misbehavior of their suburban pals on Ashley Madison.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hillary, happened with th Kallon nomination. Would Hillary renominate him?

legalschnauzer said...

Good question, @1:12. I hope she would start all over on that one.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the nervous nellies who always complain about your Ashley Madison coverage actually care about the feelings of the customers, wives, and children involved?

legalschnauzer said...

No, I don't. Why would they care? Do they express concern about anyone else's feelings, on any other stories? It's nonsensical, in my mind. I think they are people who are on the list or know someone on the list, and they fear exposure. It's all pretty transparent, to me. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I share your thoughts. Seems like an orchestrated effort to me, like several people are coordinating it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting . . . The Waudby name is fairly prominent in Birmingham circles. I know of at least two lawyers by that name. One of them, Bill Waudby, works for Baker Donelson. The other, a woman, works for a federal judge. Believe the woman's name is Sally Waudby. Can't remember which judge she works for. Not sure if the two lawyers are married, but I think they are. Perhaps the lawyer Waudbys are related to the steel Waudbys?

Clinton L. McKinney said...
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