Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Reid Carpenter, of Lightfoot law firm, defends insurance companies when he's not appearing at cheaters' Web site

Reid Carpenter
A lawyer who helps defend insurance companies and other financial institutions for a prominent Birmingham law firm is a paying customer of the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs site, records show.

Reid C. Carpenter has been with the Lightfoot Franklin and White law firm since 2010. He maintains a general litigation practice, but a significant percentage of his work involves protection of financial-services companies. That means if you ever are victimized by a bank, mortgage company, or insurance company, Carpenter is the kind of lawyer who will try to ensure that you get no justice -- or as little justice as possible.

This is from Carpenter's bio at the Lightfoot Web site:

Reid Carpenter is originally from Talladega, AL. He joined the firm in 2010 after graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law. At Alabama, he was a member of the National Civil Trial Competition Team, through which he was a recipient of the American College of Trial Lawyers Award and the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Student Advocacy Award. In addition, Reid was selected as a member of the Order of Barristers and served as his class Career Services Representative.

Reid maintains a general litigation practice, but a significant portion of his practice is dedicated to products liability and pharmaceutical litigation. He also defends claims brought against insurance companies and other financial services providers.

Outside of work, Reid is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and spring turkey hunting. He also participates in team roping events and was a professional rodeo cowboy prior to law school.

Carpenter was a professional rodeo cowboy before becoming a lawyer? That's pretty interesting, but it sounds like he took a major step backwards in his professional life; the world needs cowboys much more than it needs lawyers.

On the subject of interests outside of work, trying to line up an affair on Ashley Madison seems to be one of them -- although it's not mentioned on Carpenter's professional bio. Based on public records available to us, it's not clear if Carpenter is married or not.

We sought comment from Carpenter for this article, but he has not responded to our queries.


(1) Edgar C. Gentle III -- attorney at Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, Birmingham, AL (3/8/16)

(2) Stewart Springer -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL. (3/9/16)

(3) Richard W. "Dick" Bell -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL (3/14/16)

(4) Robert M.N. Palmer -- attorney and bar association president in Springfield, MO (3/15/16)

(5) Thomas Plouff -- attorney, who is licensed in Alabama and has a practice in Chicago (3/17/16)

(9) Randy Bates -- executive VP and member of board of directors, Golden Flake (10/5/16)


Anonymous said...

The Schnauzer is back to nipping at the heels of lawyers. This is my favorite part. Popcorn, with extra butter, please . . . munch, munch, munch.

Lee Kingsnach said...


Anonymous said...

A lawyer who defends insurance companies. What a rewarding life that must be. No wonder he's on Ashley Madison.

e.a.f. said...

Lee, you're back using the "c" word, but would you explain why you have to use the term. if you're referring to Roger, it doesn't apply. I've understood him to be a male and therefore does not come with a vagina. People really need to stop using the word "cunt" to express unhappiness. Remember, you all come into the world through a vagina, unless you are born by C-section. So have a little respect for your mother's body.

if lawyers belong to organizations such as A.M. you have to question their "moral compass" and their sense of judgement. Good judgement is important when you hire a lawyer, so is a decent moral compass. If your lawyer will cheat on his partner, who else will he cheat on?

Anonymous said...

Who are you calling the "C word," Mr. Kingsnach? Given your name and use of the language, you seem to have a disturbing obsession with a certain part of the female anatomy.

legalschnauzer said...

Great point, e.a.f. The following provides an excellent big-picture view of things:

"If lawyers belong to organizations such as A.M. you have to question their "moral compass" and their sense of judgement. Good judgement is important when you hire a lawyer, so is a decent moral compass. If your lawyer will cheat on his partner, who else will he cheat on?"


S C said...

Is Kingsnach a made up name?

legalschnauzer said...

My guess is that the name is made up, SC, but I'm not certain about that.

S C said...

I have a question about the AM list: Can you see the date when somebody joined/signed up? Can you see when/if they terminated membership?

Reason i ask, I'm curious if some people signed up during a divorce and/or separation and then terminated service when they remarried and/or got back with somebody.'

Is it a monthly service or do folks pay annually?

Anonymous said...

There is a person who goes by Lee Kingsnach, and it appears to be a woman. What's up with that?

S C said...

@2:54 Where did you find a woman Lee Kingsnach? What state?
i checked whitepages and a few others & didn't see anyone with that name (no one with that last name at all)

legalschnauzer said...

SC @2:43 -- You can see the date when someone joined, but that involves a deeper layer of research, and it takes some time. I've run several summaries that show the information that can be derived from the deeper research. Here is link to an example (scroll to end of post):

One of the most interesting pieces of data, to me, is where it shows the GPS location at the time the person signed up. You can look at that info up to see if it's the person's home, office, etc. As for termination dates, I'm not sure about that, but I think it would be on there.

I'm not sure about the monthly/annual payment question. My guess is that AM is more than happy to take your money, any way you want to spend it. My understanding is that you can join for free, and that gives you some ability to browse, but I think you actually have to pay to post photos, comments, etc. The free area is where you get "accounts" for Barack Obama, etc. At some point, someone set up a free account under my name -- I assume it was someone unhappy with my blog. I haven't even looked at it, but I got some e-mail stuff indicating someone had set up a bogus account.

(BTW: The free level is where the numbers get huge. One of my IT consultants on this said the Alabama paid list was roughly 6,000 to 8,000 -- I'm guessing some here -- and the free list was like 280,000.)

I don't think it's possible to set up a bogus account in the paying section. No. 1, most people don't want to pay to pull a joke. And I think you have to give credit-card information etc. that someone isn't likely to have for a joke account.

Anonymous said...

Ride'em cowboy!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Great line, @2:03. Maybe Mr. Cowdude is on Ashley Madison looking for his soul, the one he checked at the door when he joined Lightfoot law firm.

Anonymous said...

Roger, something similar happened to me - I did not sign up for this site but my email address was used to open an account. I saw emails about new guys ready to meet me, but they went to spam and I did not think anything about it until after the hack. At that time, I got a ton of extortion emails from blackmailers who threatened to tell my husband if I did not pay up.

I did a little research, and found that AM is free for women, and the site does not validate emails. That means anyone can sign up using anyone else's email, which is what happened to you. But, if you are a man, you cannot use this site unless you pay. Any man who is in the free database basically was signed up as a bogus or joke account by someone else, or had fleeting curiosity but came to his senses and did not actually use the site. To actually use the site and meet a woman, a man has to pay. And if a man is in fact in the paid database, that man did try to use the site. That is why these profiles are legitimate - no one would pay for AM unless he intended to use it.

It is much more ambiguous for women. If you see a woman in the free database, that woman could have used the account in a way a non-paying man could not. Or it could have been a bogus account. The lack of payment does not resolve the issue easily, as it does for men. For me, this meant that pretty much everyone I know thinks I am a cheating slut because of the hack. But I ever singed up for this site. I cannot understand how AM allows any email address to be used without verification. They basically allowed my name to be stolen and defamed, and they could have avoided that by including a simple verification feature for emails used to sign up. To me, this is the real story of the AM fraud -- the facilitation of identity theft.

S C said...

LS, the GPS stamp on where the person is when he/she signs up is very interesting.
I had no idea.

legalschnauzer said...

I think it was Rob Campbell, Gov. Bob Riley's son-in-law, where GPS at sign-up went right to his house.

Lee Kingsnach said...

Hey Fellas,

Sorry so many questions about me. I come from a long line of Kingsnaches. I am the first Lee Kingsnach in my family tree...which was my mothers doing.

Had I known I would be this popular on the web talking about cunts...I would have started long ago.

EAF....I am just saying cunt about this story. I find the word very specific and really quiet violent. It sure gets attention.

SC...You sound like a little man. Probably a small penis, like marco rubio. I am in sweet home,in the biggest city we have.

LS...I come here for the giggles. The self appointed morality reminds me a little of a bad spoof of a North Korean election.

My new word to start discussion is Stink Hole.

As in these men must have shot out of their mothers stink hole rather than her cunt.

Keep on Keeping on legal Beagle.

I am heading our to the regal beagle for a drink to see my buds Jack, Chrissy and Janet.

S C said...

Lee, bless your heart, you caught me...i'm a little man.

Speaking of, what's the deal with jack chrissy and janet? Three's Company i presume? You struggling with your own sensitiviy issues?

Lee Kingsnach said...

SC...what up sista?

Whose up for a pussy grab? I wish someone would come grab hold of This Lee Kingsnach and show me how they hit on women like a bitch. My big phoneyed tits love the attention.

Speaking of attention, just read a court report,staring the roger murdock of the south, a local editor in chief, that there was to be a sexual harassment suit for behavior towards a Director of Publications in 2007. It was the failed sexual overtures that really lead to the demise of life, career and times.