Monday, October 3, 2016

Insider for Alabama "Luv Guv" Robert Bentley, apparently Rebekah Caldwell Mason, leaked information to smear vocal critic Spencer Collier

"Luv Guv" Robert Bentley and Rebekah Caldwell Mason
An insider from the administration of Alabama "Luv Guv" Robert Bentley recently leaked a false document, designed to smear one of Bentley's most vocal critics, according to a post published over the weekend at Alabama Political Reporter (APR). Multiple sources tell APR that the leak, to Associated Press (AP) likely originated with Rebekah Caldwell Mason, who reportedly remains a Bentley confidante despite her supposed resignation several months ago.

The leak, according to APR publisher Bill Britt, was designed to smear Spencer Collier, who was head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) until Bentley terminated him. Collier has a pending lawsuit against Bentley, Mason, and others allegedly connected to the loss of his job.

AP reporter Kim Chandler received the false information and reportedly has not published anything about it yet. She apparently received the material last week, during a particularly treacherous time for the Bentley administration. Reports APR:

The documents alleging wrongdoing by Collier were given to Chandler in a week when Bentley’s private attorney Joe Espy resigned, and subpoenas were issued for the Governor, his former Special Advisor and alleged love interest Rebekah Caldwell Mason and her husband, Jon.

“The timing on this one is too clever by half,” said a former Bentley advisor. “This has Rebekah written all over it. She is the only one dumb enough to think this kind of stunt would work.

Britt's post dovetails with earlier reports that Bentley (and perhaps Mason) unlawfully targeted attorney Donald Watkins and me because we broke stories about the Bentley/Mason extramarital affair that ended the governor's 50-year marriage and threatens to implode his administration. Is Mason, who already appears to reside in a dangerous hole, digging an even deeper hole for herself? Is she borrowing from the playbook of convicted House Speaker Mike Hubbard? Has Mason long made it a habit to leak false information to Chuck Dean, an Ashley Madison devotee and journalist who apparently no longer works for Writes Britt:

Others believe Mason, who continues to serve as Bentley’s closest confidante and a regular guest at the Governor’s various living quarters, was the force behind Collier’s termination.

A senior staffer who left the administration during the turmoil following Collier’s firing points the finger at Mason for several leaks, including leaks given to former scribe, Chuck Dean. Within minutes of Bentley placing Collier on “medical” leave, Dean allegedly received a tip from Mason which led to a story about Collier being punished for disobeying Bentley’s order not to cooperate with the Attorney General’s Office.

Insider’s in the Administration say the atmosphere is toxic, as the Attorney General’s Special Prosecution Division closes in on Bentley and his cohorts.

“Leaking to Kim is just another attempt to divert attention away from themselves,” said the former advisor. “If they learned anything from Hubbard it was to blame someone else, and shine the spotlight on them.”

Sounds like the "Luv Guv's" affair with Mason rages on. Does that mean the two of them are delusional, or perhaps they hold deep-seated beliefs that they truly are above the law?


Anonymous said...

There seems to low for them to stoop to, for the Bentley/Rebekah duo. They just make our state look terrible. And our state deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Mason remains a Bentley confidante, and she is a guest at his living quarters? Great Caeser's Ghost! What arrogance, what stupidity!

Anonymous said...

As a Alabama citizen, I feel blessed that the federal govt. loaned Big Luther : Matt Hart ,Alice Martin, Keith Baker, Katie Langer to restore justice and the rule of law to Alabama.

Unknown said...

Mason was so dumh, she didn't even know how w hill became a law.

Anonymous said...

Clean up on aisle 4, where @1:28 spilled huge amounts of sarcase . . . Repeat, clean up on aisle 4.

Anonymous said...

"This has Rebekah’s written all over it. She is the only one dumb enough to think this kind of stunt would work.”

One of the quotes of the year.

Anonymous said...

With civil and criminal trials looming, you'd think Mason would be concerned about her credibility. To say she has resigned, and then continue as Bentley's advisor/plaything is not going to look real good in the courtroom setting.

Anonymous said...

He's runnin skeered!

Bentley says impeachment committee's tactics 'frightening'

"Gov. Robert Bentley today called the effort to assert subpoena power by a committee investigating impeachment charges against him "frightening," although he said his office would respond to every "legitimate" question."

Anonymous said...

Hah! Bentley is concerned about money being spent on impeachment. Funny, he didn't have that concern when beach house was being renovated, when he was taking trips to Vegas to watch Celine Dion, etc.

Anonymous said...

Beka and Bentley are in denial. They also are in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Aboard the Eliza Battle, Mike, with Governor Bentley at his side, was holding a news conference. Mike began." First, I am honored to introduce to you the war correspondent who will cover the war from upon the Eliza Battle;Ms Dickie Chapelle. The Governor and I have formed an alliance with Victoryland. The Camperdown and Eliza Battle will engage the Victoria. Victoryland will do Battle on the second front-the Obama Justice Dept."
Ms Chapelle cornered Bentley and said "I finally meet the Luv Guv." Bentley responded" WE are at war and wars have casualties. Mike is a great war strategist and has a battle plan that will work. Alabama has an Attorney General who was a lobbyist from Washington, using the same personel the Justice Dept used to prosecute Siegelman. My administration has given the empeachment panel over 35000 documents. The attorney in charge was on the Clinton Whitewater investigation panel. The empeachment panel now has subpoena power. Do not be surprised if Hart and Clinton recieve a subpoena. Mike has a plan"