Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wife-beating federal judge Mark Fuller now faces scrutiny over procurement of prescription drugs

Donald Watkins
Federal judge Mark Fuller, who is charged with beating his wife in an Atlanta hotel room, now faces an independent investigation into the possibility that he illegally obtained prescription drugs.

That is from veteran Alabama lawyer and businessman Donald Watkins, via posts on his Facebook page. Watkins, chairman and CEO of Masada Resource Group LLC in Birmingham, says he has a team of investigators working on the Fuller story. The results of their work are "mind boggling," Watkins says, and he plans to develop a criminal case against Fuller and his drug supplier.

Watkins says his reporting on the Fuller case, plus his posts about an overtime-pay scandal involving Gov. Robert Bentley and a state trooper, have led to threats against his family.

Fuller's apparent abuse of prescription drugs was an issue in his 2012 divorce case. Watkins is taking a closer look at the issue, and this is from one of his recent posts:

While the Alabama Media Group is fighting to get access to Mark Fuller's sealed divorce records, and while the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is trying to determine whether Fuller beat his wife Kelli on August 9th, I am tracking down the person who supplied Fuller with illegal prescription drugs.

As I reported yesterday, we are making substantial progress with our ongoing Fuller investigation. The progress has been so good that I am starting to get threats to me and my family.

We are verifying the source and location of the drug supply. This investigation has taken us all of the way back to Fuller's hometown of Enterprise. The leads are pouring in to us now. They are appear to be very credible and corroborated by other independent evidence.

We are about to blow this Mark Fuller sex, illegal prescription drugs, alcohol abuse, and wife-beating scandal wide open. The truth about all of this is simply mind-boggling. Stay tuned.

How serious could this get? Watkins provides insight in a comment to his post:

Facebook friends, nobody is big enough to crush truth on a permanent basis. They can stall it momentarily, but they cannot suppress it forever. I may have found a possible second source for the illegal drugs. My team is on the case. This part of our investigation may be bigger than the wife-beating incident. Dispensing controlled substances/narcotics without a prescription is a criminal offense. Asking for these drugs on an illegal basis makes the person requesting the drugs equally guilty. I am working to develop a criminal case for knowingly participating in a scheme to acquire and use controlled substances/narcotics without a prescription.

Someone apparently is not thrilled with Watkins' investigative efforts. Reports Watkins, in a separate Facebook post:

At 9:50 p.m. EST Sunday night, I received a threat from someone on Facebook posing as "Gary Globalmiddleman". This person is not one of my Facebook friends. The threat came through my private message inbox feature. It stated, "worry about your own family. stop friending people just for shock value".

Judge Mark Fuller
(via Phil Fleming)
 I obviously struck a nerve with my posts yesterday. Based upon my investigative experience and the many death threats I have received during my 41-year legal career in Alabama, this particular threat came from either Robert Bentley's political camp, or one of Mark Fuller's die-hard supporters. For the past two months, I have placed both men under heightened scrutiny and what the public has seen is truly shocking and disgusting.

Watkins apparently has the resources to deal effectively with those who might issue threats:

My security team has locked the electronic footprint on this message. Whoever sent it to me overlooked one critical electronic tracer. We will identify, find, and deal with the person who made this threat.

For the record, I do not respond to threats. I work all over the globe, and some of my work is performed in really tough places. I have an excellent security team, including the best information technology experts on the planet. The question is not whether this person will be found, but when this event will occur.

Meanwhile, I will continue to report the truth about Bentley and Fuller. These men are twins of deception. I did not make these men do bad things. I only shined the spotlight on their despicable conduct. Whichever one of them authorized the threat against me and my family is a real criminal.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out what Watkins turns up.

Unknown said...

Great job! Fuller's contemporaries on the federal bench may be beginning to realize that his position is untenable. While their initial inclination was to protect one of their own, they'll turn on him in a NY minute if the heat gets too hot.

Anonymous said...

Fascist States Of America.

Streets are one of the clues, Nazi Germany and street construction was a fascist control mechanism. Watch small business go away as the roads change all the transportation routes and what is the directive direction? Corporation.

Big Corporation has taken the Mark Fuller racketeers and made these "people" into zombie drug addicts. Presidents have enough others' "handling" them, so they don't get like Fuller.

The bureaucrat. Fuller isn't a Federal Judge, he is the stooge for those that operate in the shadow government.

Watkins is a hero and we can pray that he gets the hero job done that has to be or FSOA aren't fit to live in!

Staying inside the house and afraid of the outside because the killing Corporations are ravenous.

Not life, simply waiting for the toll to ring about getting rid of the mortal coil!

The lights are bright, Schnauzer and Watkins, but be more than careful of the darkness ready to swallow and destroy all the lights, due to corruption at the peak!!

Anonymous said...

Little by little, God is revealing everything that is hidden. He will reveal all of the dark places fully. I will continue to watch Him work and unfold all of this wickedness.

Steve said...

It's a shame Watkins couldn't have gotten behind your case Roger. He seems well qualified to expose corruption!

Anonymous said...

Applause for Watkins outing Fuller and Bentley.
But now, who is going to out Watkins?
Everyone in this town knows Donald Watkins and some of his antics.

e.a.f. said...

Oh, this is so good.

The door you opened a bit is being yanked open by others.

This is better than a crime novel. Wait this is a crime novel. thank you for instilling hope in so many others.

legalschnauzer said...


I would love for Mr. Watkins to get involved with my case if he has an interest. It's clear I was unlawfully detained at a traffic stop, then unlawfully arrested and thrown in jail for five months--all because of a lawsuit from Rob Riley that has no basis in the law. It should be a meaty case for the right lawyer who wants to help turn Alabama back in the direction of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Could this supplier be working with other federal judges--maybe state judges, too? Maybe that's why the judiciary wanted Fuller to step down--to keep all the drug stuff under wraps.

e.a.f. said...

prescription drug addiction is rampant in North America. Some times it comes about because people were prescribed these drugs for pain, and were almost immediately addicted. this is big pharma at its best.

For many, prescription drugs mask the pain, or provide relief from life, and enables the addict to tell themselves, they aren't like criminals or "other" drug addicts. Their doctors prescribe their drugs, so it must be o.k.

The medical community has know since the 1970s how doctors "accidently" kill their patients with prescription drugs. It isn't a big step for them to know they are addicting their patients also.

One of the benefits of a provincial (Canada) prescription system, it can keep track of who is prescribing what to whom. Any doctor,pharmacy can check on the provincial pharmacy system to see if the patient sitting in front of them has been "shopping" for prescriptions.

Of course Americans would never go for a system like that. Hey, the province (our verison of state) even pays 80% of all drugs over $800 a yr. I know it smacks of socialism, but what the hell, it works and keeps lot of people alive.