Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Legal Schnauzer Earns A Prominent Place In Survey Of The Top 50 Independent Law Blogs In N. America

Legal Schnauzer ranks among the top 50 independent law blogs in North America for 2012, according to a recent survey by a media-relations software and research company in Chicago.

Our blog, which launched in June 2007, ranks at No. 37 in a survey conducted by Cision, which describes itself as "the leading global provider of media relations software services and solutions for public relations professionals."

The top five blogs on the list are (1) Above the Law; (2) The Volokh Conspiracy; (3) Grits for Breakfast; (4) TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime; and (5) The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times. (The full rankings can be viewed at this link.)

I must confess to being late to the party on this. Cision released the rankings on November 16, 2012, and I didn't find out about it until one evening last week. How did it come to my attention? Well, that requires another confession: In pursuit of self-satisfaction (and glorification?), I was Googling my own blog. The first four pages of results produced material I had seen before, but on page five, I happened to spot something that referenced "Legal Schnauzer and top 50 law blogs."

My immediate response? It was something, "What the hell?" (And yes, when a new phone directory arrives, my first act is to check and make sure my name is in there.)

When I clicked on the link and discovered that a media-relations company in Chicago had kindly included me in its list of top 50 law blogs, I was dumbfounded. What was my exact reaction? After wetting myself three or four times in glee--and running down the stairs to break the news to Mrs. Schnauzer at the top of my lungs--I thought I handled myself with professional aplomb.

In a moment of trying to channel Sally Field, I might have said something along the lines of, "They like me, they really like me!"

Seriously, this is a pretty nice achievement--and the recognition is deeply appreciated. On top of that, I have no idea how Legal Schnauzer came to make the rankings. I don't recall ever hearing from anyone at Cision, before or after the rankings came out. I don't recall anyone telling me they were nominating my blog for such a survey. 

I have learned that Cision conducts surveys of top blogs in a variety of fields--education, automotive, public relations, food, travel, weddings, PR and marketing, consumer electronics, etc.

Kristen Sala, senior manager for electronic media, wrote the blog post that introduces the top 50 law blogs for 2012, and here is how she describes the process used for compiling the rankings:

Law surrounds us daily. It affects all of us, from a politician running for office, to the head of a successful PR firm, to the author of an independent blog who works out of the comfort of her home. The law has even made its way into a few prior CisionBlog posts, including our piece outlining Twitter's copyright infringement policy, and our Q&A on content publishing and distribution.
In light of this ever-present topic, we ranked the top 50 independent law blogs in North America. The list was created using Cision's media database, and blogs are ranked based on our Cision Influence Rating. Reaching out to varied audiences, these blogs cover a range of law-related issues. Some offer tips to future law professionals on how to get into law school, while others offer tips to seasoned attorneys on how to keep themselves organized or argue a case. There are blogs that approach law from an outside perspective, offering unbiased updates on recent trials and cases; while others focus on one branch of law and might offer consumers an inside scoop on taxes or copyright.

Here is the Cision top 50 for 2012. As you can see, our little blog is in some lofty company:


Anonymous said...

Refreshing that the top billing didn't hound you for 'money' to be one of THE top blogs.

Entrepreneurial. America in reality was, and can still be, great and it's NOT because of any of the institutions, but indeed the individual entrepreneur/s.

Legal Schnauzer.

And, all the creatively open blogs in the US have made the reality enema cosmic for the too dumb to get the world isn't flat - KARL ROVE ET AL - not anywhere on the global earth.

INDEPENDENT what a concept.

The Southern reality was unfortunate just as the entire US was and is. When the KARMA of killing fields has the spiritual force to bring balance, then that is how the energy 'independence' gets a turn to bring back the balance - Legal Schnauzer proves.

LS, upon NOT in institutionalized fraud of 'university' taught and continues to teach us all, to know genius isn't canned.

How promising LS, truly thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations LS...keep up the good work exposing these crooks in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

It's about time! Well deserved and thanks for all the hard work and courage.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !!! Nice work! More in depth on the Rollins' Group please! More to them than just ol' Teddy !!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news, not only for you but for your many readers who believe America must return to a state where our constitutional protections apply to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Murphy has an extra big smile today in heaven. Bless her soul for inspiring this blog, which not only informs and entertains but touches lives. We all owe a debt of gratitude for that little schnauzer.

Anonymous said...

This news made my day. Richly deserved. Many congrats from a devoted reader.

TLR said...

What splendid news! And you are, indeed, in impressive company. I notice a lot of the blogs in the top 50 are based at universities, law firms, and big publishing houses. Striking a blow for the little guy!

Anonymous said...

Those of us who know what hell you and Mrs. S have been through are especially delighted by this. I'm tempted to print out a copy and send it to UAB with this note: "Shove it up your ass."

Anonymous said...

As someone with ties to political/legal circles in Alabama, I know how widely read your blog is here. And I know it is influential, with both the "good guys" and the "bad guys." Glad to see you are getting national, and even international, recognition.

Anonymous said...

This tells me the public has a hunger for real journalism, Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what metrics Cision used in making this list. But I know why Legal Schnauzer is must reading for me. You support many of your posts with documentation--from court files, public records, etc. And you often provide audio of interviews you've conducted with figures in the legal news. This builds credibility and shows that you have done your homework.

Sharon said...

Awesome news, LS. Congrats, and may you reach the top 20 next year.

Anonymous said...

Was Bill Baxley consulted about this ranking?

Anonymous said...

Are there any other Alabama blogs on the list?

Anonymous said...

"Acquaintances gives us moments;
friends gives us hours;
good friends gives us days."
Harry Beck.
Thanks Murph, from your new friend.

legalschnauzer said...

I'm pretty sure I'm the only Alabama blog on the list, @9:33. In fact, I might be the only Deep South blog on the list. I'm going through the other blogs and trying to figure out where they are based. I'm only about halfway through, but so far, I haven't found another blog that is based in the Southeast. I do know of one, Grits for Breakfast (No. 3) that is based in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Readers can tell when a blogger is doing serious journalism and/or analysis. I urge folks to check out the other blogs on this list. Many of them are written by legal scholars and attorneys from heavy-hitting firms. LS is in the big leagues. Way to go!

Spasmoda said...

Hey, LS, did you hire a big PR firm to help get this done? You can be straight with us.