Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eleven Weeks After Being Rear-Ended On Hwy. 280, Sherry Rollins Has Ongoing Pain and No Vehicle

UAB nurse Shawn Henson
When we last reported on Sherry Carroll Rollins, she was struggling to regain her senses after being rear-ended on Highway 280 in a crash that totaled her vehicle and left her passenger with a detached retina.

Rollins emerged from the wreck with no visible injuries, but she has reported periodic pain in different areas that range pretty much from head to toe. Her situation is complicated by two factors: (1) The vehicle was not in her name but in the name of her ex husband, Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins; (2) She has no health insurance, thanks largely to the cheat job she received in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case, over which Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson unlawfully presided.

How is Sherry Rollins doing now, almost 11 weeks after the wreck happened on May 24? Well, she probably is not doing nearly as well as Shawn Taylor Henson, the 23-year-old UAB nurse who hit her. In a May 28 post on his Facebook page, Henson features a picture of a red truck that he is driving while his Acura is being repaired from crashing into the rear of Sherry Rollins' Subaru.

Meanwhile, Ms. Rollins has no vehicle. She has no way to drive her daughter, Emma, to school when it starts in a few days. They recently had to take a taxi cab for Emma to get shots and a checkup for the school year. Also, Sherry Rollins still has not received a thorough medical checkup, and she has no idea about the kind of physical toll the wreck might have taken on her. She did visit St. Vincent's emergency room, but received only a limited exam when she reported being uninsured.

And get this: Ted Rollins reportedly received about $9,000 in insurance money for the Subaru, but he has chosen to pocket it rather than apply it toward a new vehicle for his daughter and ex wife. This from a man who, at last report, owns three private jets and is CEO of a company that has received about $800 million in Wall Street support since late 2010.

As for the wreck itself, there is no question about who was at fault. This is from a May 28 post on Shawn Henson's Facebook page:

For those of you who are unaware, I was in an accident Friday night. I've always been a safe driver, and this experience has definitely shown me that even looking down for a SECOND can be too long. So, this red truck shall be my ride until the Acura is fixed. Very thankful that the car was all that was damaged.

A friend wrote, "AGAIN?!?! Didn't you just get hit back a few days ago?" Henson responded with this:

Yes. Last time, someone else hit me in the parking lot. This one was on me.

Shawn Henson admits he was at fault, but he apparently is fine and has had a vehicle to drive all this time. Sherry Rollins has not even had a genuine medical exam to determine if she is fine, and she has been without a vehicle for almost 11 weeks--plus, she has no way to get her 15-year-old daughter to school in a few days.

Is that a just outcome?

The alert reader might ask, "Can't Sherry Rollins get a lawyer to help her?" Well, she's been to at least three--James Beaird in Jasper, David Wininger in downtown Birmingham, and Gusty Yearout in Mountain Brook. All three have more or less shrugged their shoulders and indicated they couldn't do much. None of them offered a strategy for addressing Ms. Rollins' two most immediate needs--getting a thorough medical checkup and obtaining a replacement vehicle.

Shouldn't Shawn Henson's insurer be responsible for filling those needs, not to mention paying any damages that might be proven with an investigation of the crash? I don't pretend to be an expert on personal-injury law, but I would think that a semi competent lawyer in these circumstances should be able to ensure that (1) Sherry Rollins gets seen by a doctor; (2) She gets a replacement vehicle in a prompt fashion; (3) The crash is investigated to determine what (or who) might have contributed to Shawn Henson's reckless driving.

Beaird, Wininger, and Yearout are experienced personal-injury lawyers, well known in the profession. But not one of them even hinted to Sherry Rollins that they could help her with any of the three issues noted above.

Ted Rollins already has demonstrated that, with the apparent help of his corporate law firm (Birmingham's Bradley Arant), he can manipulate a divorce case in Shelby County, Alabama. Are the same forces powerful enough to ensure that the area legal tribe turns its back on Sherry Rollins in a personal-injury matter? A reasonable person might ask that question.

In our June 10 post on the wreck, we noted several oddities, based on information in the accident report and from Sherry Rollins. (See accident report at the end of this post.)

* Was the UAB nurse driving without lights at 8:05 p.m.?
* How could the UAB nurse have caught up to a vehicle driving 45 mph and inflicted that much damage while driving 50 mph?
* How do you accidentally hit a vehicle that hard when it is moving in front of you, when it has not braked? Did the nurse's air bags deploy before impact or upon impact?
* Why did the St. Vincent's ER physician say it sounded like possibly the strangest wreck he had ever heard about?

That last question might be the most interesting one of all. This came from Dr. John Ammon, a veteran ER doc who probably has treated thousands of wreck victims. The story Sherry Rollins told him--that she was driving about 45 mph and still got mashed in the rear by a vehicle supposedly driving 50--reportedly left him baffled.

Wouldn't it be interesting to interview Dr. Ammon? Wouldn't it be enlightening to look into Shawn Henson's background, at his phone and e-mail records, at his trip to Atlanta just before the crash, and his apparent taste for sporty, luxury cars (per his Facebook page, which by the way, no longer includes posts about the Atlanta trip; they seem to have vanished.) Who was Shawn Henson visiting in the tony Buckhead section of Atlanta, anyway?

Is it possible that someone with much deeper pockets than Shawn Henson's orchestrated this crash and should be held accountable? Is it possible that person has connections to Atlanta, home to Orkin Pest Control and its umbrella company, Rollins Inc.?

Shouldn't a semi-motivated personal-injury lawyer be willing to ask such questions, especially with a possible major payday hanging in the balance? Why do Birmingham lawyers, so far, show not the slightest inquisitiveness about the crash that has upended Sherry Rollins' life?


Anonymous said...

The Rollins' - As a group-have always been such a benevolent bunch ! (Sarcasm ) !!

Zacherydtaylor said...

This certainly sounds odd. Rear end crash's are virtually always the fault of the person in the rear, as he seems to admit. Most if not all states require liability which is supposed to cover the people that could be hit by at fault drivers so this should certainly cover her.

Her health care, if she had it, should only be used as a back up and they would go after that. It is certainly odd that her ex would leave her without especially while he has so much but as your previous posts indicated he clearly is an authoritarian fanatic with connections.

FWIW I also followed up a little on my previous comments about Rollins Environmental Services on a post about trade secrets and environmental destruction. It includes Bullard's excerpt on Alsen, which wasn't previously available on the web.

The people his family dump chemicals on often don't have health insurance either and if his father could have gotten away with it he would have left them high and dry but it was cheaper to offer them a token settlement than to pay legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Funny that Shawn Henson supposedly is in the "healing arts," and yet his carelessness causes this for another human being. We all make mistakes, of course, but I wonder if Mr. Henson even cares about the harm he has caused to another.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on this, LS. I am both sad and angered that Ms. Rollins still is up in the air, 11 weeks after a wreck where she was victimized and no one has helped her.

Anonymous said...

If personal injury lawyers can't help in a case like this--where one driver admits fault--what use are they?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how Sherry Rollins received payment for the car it was not in her name. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder about the ambulance chasing lawyers that advertise pretty constantly on TV and why a call has not been made to one or several of them by Ms. R ?? Or maybe it has...curious..

legalschnauzer said...

Excellent points, Zachery. Indeed, where is the other driver's liability insurance? Thankfully, I haven't had much personal experience with this sort of thing, but I'm amazed at the runaround Sherry Rollins is getting from personal-injury lawyers. I thought they lived for cases where the other party admits fault.

legalschnauzer said...

She didn't receive payment for the car because it wasn't in her name, @10:12. That's why she has no vehicle. That's what the post says. And @10:13, I'm not sure about who does and does not advertise on TV, but I provided the names of three attorneys in the post with whom Ms. Rollins has met. She perhaps has called or met with others--I'm not sure. I'm guessing that it gets hard to have too many lawyer meetings when you don't have a vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Still don't understand how Sherry Rollins and her passenger--it was her daughter-in-law, if I remember correctly(?)--were not taken via ambulance to an ER after such a crash. That should be standard procedure.

Anonymous said...

ms rollins' copy of accident report should reveal not only who at fault, but more importantly the contributing factor[s] causing to be impacted from behind. While ms. rollins will most assuredly be dependent on friends for assistance her being shut-out supposedly by reported law offices does not totally eliminate her quest for equal rights/justice. She may want to consider, if push has come to shove contacting the Alabama Insurance Commission's Commissioner, both vehicle's insurance carriers, AAA, Alabama Better Business Bureau, file a complaint with luther, and Governor. Contact tv media. In the interim study planning how to file your Pro se civil action involving both vehicle's insurances in federal court, not circuit! May get newsworthy, a third party claim, loss of use, insurable interest as to why not applicable for this man's ex-wife, after all he was providing her with vehicle, therefore as goes forth one goes both, the vehicle and insurance as required by law; they are required to respond back to the court within 14 or 30 days, for process begins. For you see ms. rollins does have workable options, but will require time and efforts in pursuing, hopefully producing favorable results beforehand. Paraphrasing, the only things needed for bad things to happen to good people is for god men to do nothing!

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for an insightful comment, 10:45. I will make sure Sherry Rollins sees this.

Anonymous said...

for 10:41 AM.many times after an accident when obviously no visible signs of physical injuries, or complaints, an individual at the time will not go to ER, but hours later trauma to body's muscular and nervous systems will begin showing signs of strains, torques, and twist due reactions to overall blunt force traumas localized, various areas of body.

Anonymous said...

LS have you ever wondered if Ted Rollins was to blame for your firing from UAB? Not sure about timeline but if it matches, seems more his speed. Wonder if he's donated to university or Hospital in distant and recent past?

Also, why is Sherry not on Medicaid?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Beaird, Wininger and Yearout are worthless as the wart on my butt. They have a gift-wrapped case handed to them, and they can't be bothered to handle it? They can't figure out a way to help a prospective client get transportation and a medical checkup? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

I know from personal experience that injuries from a car crash are not always readily apparent. Soft-tissue injuries can take months or even years to manifest. If Sherry Rollins' passenger had a detached retina, it's likely Ms. Rollins herself has soft-tissue injuries, at least. These lawyers should be the subject of a bar complaint for such callous actions.

legalschnauzer said...

Good questions, @10:59. I don't know why Sherry Rollins isn't on Medicaid. I was fired at UAB long before I had ever heard of Ted Rollins, so I don't think he was a factor. I do think his law firm, Bradley Arant, might have been involved because they are close to Team Riley--and I have no doubt that someone close to Rob Riley and company is responsible for my firing.

Anonymous said...

This reveals the reality of going to a personal-injury lawyer. Their ads give the impression that they care about your well being. In reality, they don't give a s--t.

Anonymous said...

What does Ted Rollins need with $9,000? Is he going to buy a truckload of fecal-soiled towels with it?

Anonymous said...

From checking out his Facebook page, I would say Mr. Henson is gay--not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I have several friends who have been involved in accidents like this, and they never have fully recovered. They still live with pain.

Anonymous said...

10:45AM is spot on

Sherry Rollins has to get into the fight as a pro se

it's her only real chance to finally get what she needs

indeed file against the insurance because the looking like he has been into the endocrine drugs to bend his gender? coo coos are abundant in the USA Soros made certain to ruin any semblance of sanity cause the brain can be used with the drugs to bend the endocrine system

Michael Hastings was videotaped via a true 'watcher' and the control mechanism of the auto is able to do exactly what the controllers want? Hmmmm

THE UAB nurse is a slave to a system that has clearly gotten the poor lost soul to do endo-drugs?

his behavior appears to be one that 'blacks out' for a time, long enough to belong to the controllers of the psychos

Sherry has to get into the on line school of save ourselves each and every one and especially mothers who love our children GOOD LAW for the reversal of what has happened to most all, LS you got to know first hand how evil the vile bile pedophile cult truly is

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, LS. This kind of thing can happen to any of us, at any time. Sorry to hear that the legal system has let down Ms. Rollins. Hope that turns around soon.

Anonymous said...

This crash should be investigated. I think this was more than a standard "accident."

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the lawyer in Jasper, but I'm quite familiar with Wininger and Yearout. Why they can't take useful action on behalf of a clear victim such as Ms. Rollins is beyond me. My impression is that they see this case as a hot potato, for some reason. Not sure why. Lawyers wonder why we have a poor reputation with the public.

Anonymous said...

If Shawn Henson is gay, there is nothing wrong with that, of course. But when you put that in perspective with Ted Rollins' documented abuse of boys, plus the investigation for child sexual abuse of his stepson . . . well, it adds a possible angle to all of this that is very dark. Is Shawn Henson being used by unscrupulous people? I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Different topic but there is an interesting article at regarding the co-defendent in Big Luther's complaint against former Sen. Lowell Barron. The co-defendant in the case has been financially ruined and unable to find a job. She was arrested, handcuffed in her home in front of her daughter and forced to do a perp walk with tv cameras alerted. Barron was allowed to turn himself in. Strange and his office are truly thugs.

Anonymous said...

Comment on other person's comment. Soft tissue injuries are looked on with scepticism by juries. Defense lawyers know this and drag trials out for years. Plaintiffs with no visible injuries don't fare well. Been there and seen that.

Anonymous said...

LS, didn't you write previously that Ms. Rollins' vehicle belonged to Bradley Arant, that the tags had to be renewed through them? If that's the case, she probably has a legal claim against the law firm, and that's probably why the local lawyers don't want to help her much.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I did write that, @12:56, and I think your point is a very good one.

Anonymous said...

lawyer non-cult aren't
liewyers all schooled in the dark art

sherry do it self lawyer
grow fearless silver tongue sue auto 'owner'
resolution BA deep pockets

contract? follow money auto tags

Anonymous said...

make That 4 jets. And a Brand new Tesla for Ted and Brian. all on shareholder dimes

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Truthseeker said...

To Commentor at 8:31: Can you email or call me at 205-834-8225? My email is thank you.

signed: Sherry Carroll Rollins

Anonymous said...

Bierd seems to have some same attributes in cases that law firm you mention in Birmingham has. Seems he is part of the right wing good old boys club in divorce cases.

Anonymous said...

9:55 it's easier to just hit shift and prit screen at same time, go in to word and hit paste. The construct to your liking.

Anonymous said...

ms. rollins, should consider this filing complaint too, since involving injuries and property damages if such incident[s] involving accident has occurred, 940 18 U.S.C. Section 1341

Anonymous said...

human filth

the so called system 'court' is almost 100% the most corrupt and dumb that choose to act on whatever imagination can produce in the flatulence of perpetual stink

e.a.f. said...

Lawyers may not be willing to help Ms. Rollins. However, as one of the posters outlined, there are things which one could do. With the assistance of a paralegal one could have the forms completed and get on with suing the other individual.

The lack of a complete physical is just another reason Americans need a better healthcare system. In B.C., Canada such an accident would have resulted in a trip to the emergency, with a full work up, at no cost, beyond the $70 premium per month a family pays for full health care.

Rear end accidents are usually very easy to deal with. In this case, Ms. Rollins was not even stopped. I'm not familiar with Alabama driving laws, however, in most jurisdications the one doing the rear ending would have had a large ticket or a charge, such as driving without due care and attention. If he didn't then there is something wrong with the police in alabama, but I'm sure that is another article.

Mr. Rollins must be a real piece of work, pocketted the $9K and left his former wife and daughter without a car. Nice going Rollins. It might be nice if someone took out a large ad in the Wall St. Journal advising those associated with Rollins, what he is really like. Prhaps one of the enviornmental groups would be willing to assist. its not like Orkin is doing anything for the enviornment of the world.

Perhaps someone with some letter writing experience could send letters to the editors of many American newspapers outlining Ms. Rollins plight and asking Mr. Rollins to man up. If he has really tiny balls, we would understand.

legalschnauzer said...


As always, thanks for a Canadian's perspective. You make an excellent point about the differences in U.S. and Canadian health-care systems, and the role that plays in a case such as this.

BTW, I haven't reported it yet, but Ted Rollins' company is coming to your general neck of the woods. He has a project planned for Montreal.

Anonymous said...

great point LS, Canada isn't but part of the North American Union and why the same agendas are creeping slowly but surely, into every nook and cranny of the once upon a time sovereign branch of monarch UK

Anonymous said...

LS. Did you read yesterday's 8-K. Mr Hartnett is getting out.

legalschnauzer said...

No, I didn't see that. Can you send a link/URL? Is this a surprise development?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:44--

Are you thinking that Ms. Rollins should file a criminal complaint, with FBI? Is this 940 18 USC 1341:

Anonymous said...

You better make a copy of his confession.. If Teddie gets wind this FB page is a confession he was responsible of the accident you can bet it will either go private where no one can read it or disappear.. Then the evidence will disappear.

Anonymous said...

ms. Rollins being a lawful and legal tax paying Alabama citizen is within her rights to reach out to the U.S. Postal Inspector's Office after acquiring proof of any matter of thing intended for scheming via any postal services and/or interstate carriers for purpose[s] of fraud or swindle as provided for in U.S.C. Title 18 940Section 1341, Part I, Chapter 63 which carries a fine and/or 20 year sentence each count guilty. Ms. Rollins should begin with original agreement which provided her the use of vehicle, and catalog her history of vehicle's use. Anything delivered via mail leading up to, during, subsequent date of accident involving her custody, car, and control of vehicle under husband's "BLANKET" insurance policy I'm sure should be included for determination. Dependent on results, if favorable, would qualify for the F.B.I. to file a field report, which may lead to other issues. Remember, not necessarily the intent to Ms. Rollins alone, but likewise anyone, agency, tied to the accident that has been caused or caused to be caused to participate in such a U.S.C. Title.

Anonymous said...


This is what the HACKERS were doing their best to get out to we the experimented on


We are being 'hacked' into and the Chinese appear ok with the ideology since the people there are in the same 'boat' so to speak

Jeff Rense & Dr. Bill Deagle - Prognosis For Planet Earth

e. a. f. said...

Rollins coming to Canada, oh no! Of course he may have problems in Quebec, given the language laws. Everything is done in french. He won't be able to post so much as a sign, if it isn't in french.

Quebec has been running a huge investigation into corruption in the construction industry. A number of mayors, including Montreal, have had to resign. It maybe Montreal is actually on their third temp. mayor, pending the next election. A number of other mayors have been charged regarding corruption.

The investigation is being run by the Quebec provincial police. Perhaps they would like a heads up about Rollins and his operating procedures. Quebec's construction unions might also like a heads up. It might interfer with their getting their end.

Ms. Rollins, ex wife, may want to look into having her spousal and child support reviewed in Canada. It is federally regulated and it is based on a formula. There isn't any way to avoid paying, except quiting your job.

Anonymous said...

Years ago my mom had acciden wast hit from behind by teenage driver. Teenager Had limited insurance payout, lawyer said you can't get blood out of a turnip. My mom still has neck and back issues and suffers from this accident. My parents are not sue happy people but just wanted responsible party to be responsible for damages. I still think it was a fishy outcome and that lawyer today is disbarred for keeping and spending clients money's . Just saying