Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clanton Lawyer Angie Avery Collins Faces Allegations Of An Affair With Sheriff's Deputy Shane Mayfield

Angie Avery and Jamie Collins
The estranged husband of Alabama attorney Angie Avery Collins makes a statement in court documents that suggests she is having an extramarital affair with a Chilton County sheriff's deputy named Shane Mayfield.

"You know she's f----g Shane Mayfield," James Thomas "Jamie" Collins is quoted as saying in an incident report filed December 14, 2012. (See report at the end of this post.)

Angie Collins has been the attorney of record for Clanton resident Bonnie Cahalane, who unlawfully was incarcerated for more than five months last year in the fallout from a divorce case styled Wyatt v. Wyatt. Collins also served as counsel when Cahalane's house unlawfully was sold, based on the orders of Chilton County Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds.

Court records show that Collins did pretty much nothing to protect her client's personal or property rights. Is that because Collins is in a vulnerable position with her own divorce case and must gain favor with the judicial establishment in an effort to help her cause?

The answer appears to be yes. Records also suggest Angie Collins has filed a number of incident reports against her estranged husband that might be of questionable merit.

Why do we say that? Consider this timeline: Angie Collins filed for divorce on September 11, 2012, and Jamie Collins responded with a counterclaim for divorce on Sept. 28. The case originally was assigned to Reynolds, but upon Jamie Collins' motion, it was assigned to Talladega County Judge George N. Sims.

As the case moved into the discovery stage, Angie Collins apparently was slow providing responses, so Jamie Collins filed a motion to compel on December 7. One week later, Angie Collins filed a Petition for Protection from Abuse (PFA). 

As grounds for the petition, she cited an incident where she let Jamie Collins into her residence and said he grabbed both of her breasts before leaving. On another occasion, she said they got into a verbal altercation, and he grabbed her right arm, spinning her around, before leaving. (See documents at the end of this post.)

Such incidents can be signs of legitimate abuse. But given that Angie Collins' petition came after her estranged husband pushed for discovery responses, a reasonable person might wonder if the PFA was filed in retaliation for the motion to compel.

Central to Angie Collins' allegations of abuse was an incident at the Chilton County Courthouse at 11:10 a.m. on December 14. A report from Officer John Beutler says Jamie Collins entered Courtroom No. 1 on that date and began speaking loudly in the direction of Angie Collins, who apparently was there in her representation of a client. From the report:

He was making statements to Ms. Collins about Christmas arrangements concerning their children. Ms. Collins replied that she was not going to discuss the matter with him in the courtroom. I, Officer John Beutler, approached Mr. Collins and advised him to leave the courtroom. I escorted Mr. Collins to the hallway and asked him to calm down. Mr. Collins then made the statement, "You know she's f----g Shane Mayfield. All I want is an answer to my question."
I advised Mr. Collins to sit on the bench while I went to ask for a response from Ms. Collins. Ms Collins advised me to tell Mr. Collins to consult his attorney. I and Officer Jeff Harrell approached Mr. Collins and told him to see his attorney about the matter and to leave the building. Mr. Collins complied and left the building.

Where does that leave us. Public documents show that Bonnie Cahalane has been treated unlawfully and abusively by a Chilton County "justice system" that is wildly corrupt. Judges like Sibley Reynolds primarily are to blame for that. But we now know that Ms. Cahalane's own attorney has done her no favors--and that probably is because Angie Collins has major legal headaches of her own. 


Anonymous said...

Do these actions by Collins now rise to qualify her in the ranks of the likes of Garrison, Strange, Pryor, King, Sessions, Riley and their underlings? It appears she has met the basic qualifications!

Anonymous said...

Checking the "one-eyed jack" Bill Pryor's societies' and foundation's mission statements, word for word, Collins, if not now a member, appears to qualify. "One-Eyed Jack", Marlan Brando to movie's counterpart; these people see you as a law abiding one-eyed jack, but I've seen your other side. Pryor is making mockery of very organizations that promote him and end results reveal how were allowed to be made fools of.

Anonymous said...

LS, your blog is getting better than the Star and Enquirer I read in the grocery checkout line. It's one affair after another. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Liberty Duke, @8:13. She's a charter member of that club. Some consider her a founder.

Anonymous said...

What about corporate junkies, those companies and executives that are addicted to their profits, their prestige, their corporate jets, their vacation homes and their quarterly bonuses? We regularly intervene for some of society’s human addicts, who are on the road to ruin and damnation and a danger to themselves and others. Shouldn’t there be interventions planned for these wealth, power and greed addicts before they kill again?


LS, incredible work exposing how the JUSTICE is a psychopathic club of truly sick and dangerous 'people' to their own selves and definitely look what this psychopathic faction is doing to all US not psychopaths!

Anonymous said...

I certainly think citizens should take allegations of abuse seriously. But when the PFA comes one week after the husband has filed a motion to compel in a divorce case . . . well, that smells pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Even if a person doesn't give a rip about the law and injustice and all that jazz, your blog is damned entertaining, Mr. Schnauzer. Better than an episode of "Desperate Housewives" . . . and your stuff is real. Yee-haw!

Anonymous said...

I hear Shane Mayfield has broken up a number of marriages. He must be quite the practitioner of the bedroom arts. Or maybe women in Chilton County find a dirt bag attractive. Or maybe there's not enough to do in Clanton. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

This post surely made Angie Collins' morning. Just the thing every woman wants to wake up and read about herself.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the uniform, @10:47. Chicks dig uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Got to give Officer Beutler credit for taking a thorough report. He doesn't mess around. By God, he gets all relevant information in his reports. Angie Collins probably is thinking, "Oh, s--t, why did I have to complain to him?"

Anonymous said...

If Angie Collins is pissed, she ought to thank her buddy, Judge Sibley Reynolds, @10:01. If Reynolds had treated Bonnie Cahalane fairly under the law, I doubt that LS would have had any reason to look into the Collins divorce case. What goes around, comes around--and it sometimes bites you in a delicate place.

Anonymous said...

LS, do you think the judge from Talladega will be any better than the ones in Chilton County?

legalschnauzer said...

Good question, @10:11, and the answer is no. My experience has been that when you get one judge to recuse, the next one is likely to be just as bad as the original. You would have to be utterly naive to think this outside judge isn't going to be influenced by the Chilton Co. judges. That's just the way our corrupt system works.

On the plus side for Jamie Collins, a reporter is following his case--and the judges might be hesitant about screwing him over to tbe benefit of a tribal member (Angie Collins). The best medicine against corruption is sunlight. That's what I try to provide. The MSM certainly isn't going to do it.

Anonymous said...

I hear they call him "Shane the Swordsman," @9:47. LOL.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:14. You're right! This should be a group of inclusions, not exclusions, therefore adhering to your suggestion Liberty Duke actually ascends Collins ranking; but not to be oversightful again I've included Sessions' campaign secretary Claire Austin in an effort making expansion of this illustrious group come full circle achieving law and religious societies' and foundation's open recognitions rightfully due them.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the sheriff of Chilton County exercise a little control over "Shane the Swordsman"? Maybe Shane's extracurricular activities are beyond the sheriff's jurisdiction. But perhaps the sheriff needs to take action against a deputy who is going way beyond the call of duty.

David in S. Alabama said...

An even more interesting question would be - Who is sleeping with Judge Sibley Reynolds?

Anonymous said...

Well the same sheriff fired four deputies for doing same thing but will not fire Shane .Why not sheriff do tell or have you had an affair yourself.

Anonymous said...

America doesn't have enough people who are highly intelligent. MSM you said, LS, certainly isn't going to use the sunlight solution.

USA is everywhere what IT is, in Alabama and LS, thanks to your real reporting, Americans know just how corrupt IT as our truth truly is.

Judges and the attorneys who are allowed in the system of who do we cheat 'em and how, bet AND the winner is, pedophiles, psychopaths and sociopaths and not a real higher intellect of non corrupt.

Should the checks and balances work, in a democracy, then the lawsuits against the mercenaries that set up prisons on other soil, but named the facility American, have to be honored also in due process law.

INJUSTICES in USA have been intentionally made to order. The freaks of nature actually think that America at 5% of global population get to behave as the ROBED ROACHES dictate.

ROBED ROACHES don't get a retirement unless they are pedophiles, psychopaths and sociopaths, and then the lawyers such as the fat girl doing best to sing a 'love song?'

Endocrine insanity. The class drawn to the ROBED ROACHES scuttling human filth, are like the scabies under skin, leaving all the poop just beneath flesh.

LS, sunshine is disinfectant, however, the real clean up is when the dust of powdered sugar snuffs the infection and cures the spreading 'cancers'.

Cancer is a fungus in reality and so we have to stop the nasty spread all over the world, cancer of fungicide global USA.

Love Murphy Schnauzer getting the fake bow wows stealing brave barking dawgs bones.

the truth said...

I can assure you that Shane Mayfield is not now, nor has he ever messed around with Angie Collins. I went to High School with him.In Gym class we all had to climb the rope......He has a great fear of heights.