Friday, December 7, 2012

Luther Strange And Jeff Sessions Reportedly Have Ties to Controversy About Contracts At Alabama State

Luther Strange

Are bones buried on the campus of Alabama State University in Montgomery? What about whole skeletons?

The answer to those questions might be yes, according to a new report in The Montgomery Independent. And the report states that those bones might be traced to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

Editor and Publisher Bob Martin, in an article dated December 6, notes that Alabama State trustees last week placed new president Joseph Silver on paid leave. That came after Silver told the board he had discovered contracts in which "the deliverables are not readily seen and accountability has not been demanded." When Silver sought more information, he reportedly was told not to push his inquiry any further, and then was placed on leave.

Who might have benefited from such bogus contracts. Martin addresses that issue, on several fronts:

A few weeks ago I reported about a $100,000 campaign contribution Atty. Gen. Luther Strange accepted from the Poarch Creek Indian Casinos in 2010. Now it appears he also accepted near that same amount under a contract with Alabama State University (ASU) during that same campaign for the office of attorney general. 
I have been told by more than one source that Strange did little or no work for the school, which is now embroiled in a controversy over the attempted firing of its newly hired president who has threatened to reveal bones buried on the ASU campus dealing with contracts and other matters.

What implications could this have? Martin spells it out:

A question must then follow as to whether or not some of those bones are associated with the attorney general, and if so, will they be brought before his very own grand jury panel, a panel which was put together initially several months back to investigate possible illegal actions of state office holders. One Montgomery wag has said that prosecution threat was probably referencing office holders who happened to be Democrats. The grand jury is still hanging around, but I am not aware of any indictments it has returned.

If this leads to Luther Strange, where else might it lead? Martin has some fascinating thoughts on that subject:

It has been revealed to me that U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions has also been the recipient of substantial contributions or payments from ASU. If so, could these also be among the bones that are suggested to have been buried on the campus in Montgomery? No other political names have been mentioned at this point, but I would wager there are plenty of others who should be curious about what may be protruding from the burial site of those bones.


Anonymous said...

Has Luther Strange done ANYTHING abive board since taking office as AG?? First off, he was caught taking millions that were earmarked for the gulf oil cleanup but meant to continue the war in e-bingo. He and Riley were busted on that. Then it was discovered that the Poarch Creek Indians lined his pockets with 100 grand, and for what purpose---shutting down the competion in the state. Now we find he has a 100 grand contract with Alabama State for no work done there. This man is the highest law enforcer in the state?? Bring on the indictments!

David in S. Alabama said...

How about a li nk to the story in the Montgomery Independant?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:30--

Big Luther came from Bradley Arant, so I don't imagine he knows how to do anything above board. I also doubt that he has any qualifications to be AG. He has a law degree, but I'm not aware of any experience he has connected to law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Why would an historically black university want to help out a little white racist prick like Jeff Sessions? If that's proven true, it's pathetic and whorish.

legalschnauzer said...


At the time I wrote the story, I could not find a link to it on the Web. The Independent's Web site tends to run well behind its print schedule. Will check again, but I don't believe the story is available online.

Anonymous said...

It's reassuring to know that a university run by black folks can be every bit as corrupt as one run by white folks. Alabama State should be better than that.

Spasmoda said...

LS, this story with Dr. Silver at Alabama State reminds me of what happened to you at UAB. He was looking under rocks on campus, and you were looking under rocks off campus, but you both got placed on some form of leave. You were fired, and I look for Dr. Silver to be ushered out of office permanently before too long. It doesn't pay to look under rocks in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Strange Luther has a law degree,but has never tried a single case in any courtroom. He was a lobbyist until he got involved in politics. My guess is that he will stay away from Victoryland, as he has from Greene County. Those two are the only counties that have amendments that passed throught the AL legislature and a vote of the people. And in light of his recent illegal activities involving the Poarch Indians, he will be lucky if not indicted. He needs to take a refresher course in legal ethics.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Think we will here about this in the mainstream press? anyone investigating this? and how in the world do you get to the independent?

Anonymous said...

Prick JEFF SESSIONS Loved that.Hit the nail on the head.. And Shelby looks like a lizard with that crooked lying mouth when he talks but you can blame the dumbassed people in Alabama for putting them in office OVER AND OVER.. Just gives them more time to do dirty deals and line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:57 PM
NEVER will they be touched, Gomer Riley and his CLAN members.. are like MC Hammer. Can't touch this.. Never fear if you want to get by with anything.. Join their group. You can get by with murder.

jeffrey spruill said...

Wasn't Jeff Sessions a federal prosecutor?

legalschnauzer said...


Yes, Jeff Sessions was a federal prosecutor and was nominated to a federal judgeship, which flopped when racist comments surfaced from his past. He also was AG of Alabama.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:57, you're correct about the corruption as a CLAN and ITS' also the mob and we in the US are literally in deep waters until the drowning succeeds:

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