Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bonnie Wyatt Is Released This Afternoon From Jail

Bonnie Wyatt

A central Alabama woman who has been unlawfully incarcerated for almost five months was released this afternoon from the Chilton County Jail.

Bonnie Cahalane (Knox) Wyatt had been held since July 26 because of a property-related debt from her divorce case. We have shown in a series of posts that her incarceration was unlawful, and the case recently drew the attention of examiner.com.

A Motion to Reconsider Incarceration in the Wyatt case was on the 9 a.m. docket today at the Chilton County Courthouse. Ms. Wyatt's release was not finalized until late afternoon.

Details of any agreement related to the alleged debt are not available at this time. A source told Legal Schnauzer that Ms. Wyatt likely will have to sell her house in an expedited fashion. It remains unclear if she is subject to re-arrest.

A court document ordering Ms. Wyatt's arrest found that she owed $165,000 to Harold Jay Wyatt, her ex husband, for his equity in the marital home. The order was based on a handwritten settlement agreement that did not appear to be formal or finalized, and the court file appeared to include little documentation to prove such an amount was owed.

Bonnie Wyatt owned the house before her marriage to Harold Wyatt, and the couple lived together as man and wife for only about 10 months. At the time of the marriage, Ms. Wyatt was recovering from a fire that destroyed her home and was investigated as arson. The fire hit shortly after her divorce was finalized from Bobby Knox, president of Shelby Concrete.

Harold Wyatt claimed that he spent a substantial sum to help complete the interior of the home, but it remains unclear exactly how much he spent, whether Ms. Wyatt authorized the expenditures, and why the work was not fully covered by homeowner's insurance.

When Ms. Wyatt failed to pay the $165,000 allegedly owed, Chilton County Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds held her in contempt and ordered her arrest. Reynolds made that ruling, even though Alabama case law states that a party cannot be subject to contempt, and incarceration, for failure to pay a property-related debt from the dissolution of a marriage. Such remedies are available only if the debt involves spousal sustenance and support, such as alimony.

We will continue to follow the story, which now primarily shifts to the contents of a possible agreement and any legal avenues Ms. Wyatt might have for gross violations of her civil rights.

Our research indicates' Ms. Wyatt's incarceration probably was driven by factors that have nothing to do with an alleged debt to Harold Wyatt. What is the real reason that Bonnie Wyatt was unlawfully jailed for almost five months, and who needs to be held accountable for it? We will continue to ask that question, and others, related to this peculiar case.


Anonymous said...

I AM GLAD SHE WAS RELEASED.. Maybe she will give her story to you.. I will say one thing.. She is a tough woman and good I am glad she it out.. Now let the fun begin.. Her ex well let's just say..I'd go after him for his balls. In a legal sort of a way.. If I had to spend the rest of my life on earth I'd end up with his balls and a silver platter. Thank you for letting us know she is out.. x

legalschnauzer said...

You're welcome, and yes, the story is a long way from over. I'm not at all sure the ex is responsible for this. He apparently went along with it, but I'm not convinced it was his idea--or it was designed to benefit him.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that the real criminal is still sitting on the bench.

Anonymous said...

I just love some of your anonymous post 5:08 hit the nail on the head!~

Anonymous said...

She will have a hard time getting custody of her child unless this is turned over to another judge.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer, your work was instrumental in getting Bonnie Wyatt free from unlawful incarceration.

Just as Russia and China and the Middle Eastern countries too learned, the U.S. has lost its stranglehold on censorship and the George W. Bush "Terror War" destruction of our rule of law is being at long last, held accountable one sparkling spirit at a time.

Bonnie Wyatt is a diamond that gets to shine again, no more hiding her in jail and with the support of as many other sparkling spirits, she can truly take AL to a new level of "civilized."

This is truly great news and your investigative journalism gave all the "justices" circling a disconnected due process drain, the genuine law to remember why we follow our Bill of Rights.'

Anonymous said...

Was she gag ordered?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 6:12--

I don't know anything about a possible gag order at this point.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 6:04--

Thanks for your kind words. I think our reporting, and that of Brad Patterson at examiner.com, had an impact. How much, and in what way, I don't know. Still a lot of unanswered questions.

Anonymous said...

I count this as a major victory for Web journalism. I'm convinced Bonnie Wyatt would have rotted in jail if not for reporting from non-traditional sources. Still not sure, Ms. Wyatt is out of the woods on this. But at least she has a fighting chance--no thanks to the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what's going on in the courts today? I was at Jefferson County courthouse earlier. My lawyer said World War III has erupted between domestic relations judges and lawyers. He said that he knows very little, but he expects all hell to break loose. I can hardly wait. Hearing this, then the release of Bonnie Wyatt makes my day. Merry Christmas to all who have suffered at the hands of our judicial system. And for those bastards who have inflicted this upon us- GO TO HELL!

David in S. Alabama said...

Question: When the judge illegally incarcerated her contrary to law, did he negate the soveriegn immunity that would otherwise protect him?

legalschnauzer said...


Issuing arrest warrants is considered part of a judge's duties, so he has immunity for that.

In my view, here is the big question: If you can show that the judge engaged in a conspiracy to violate Ms. Wyatt's civil rights, that might remove immunity. I've researched this issue a fair amount, and a strong argument could be made that engaging in a conspiracy is not part of a judge's duties. That means the judge, and others involved in the conspiracy, could be held accountable.

My guess is that someone will try to get Ms. Wyatt to sign an agreement, releasing any opposing parties from civil liability. In fact, someone might already have tried that. Ms. Wyatt would be wise not to sign any such document. She really should hold someone's feet to the fire for what has been done to her.

Sharon said...

Nice to see some good news come from our courts, for a change.

legalschnauzer said...

Is it possible that Judge Sibley Reynolds could be held accountable for his unlawful incarceration of Bonnie Wyatt?

That involves some weighty legal issues, such as judicial immunity and conspiracy. Those interested in studying this subject further might want to check the following link, where we addressed the issue back in August:


jeffrey spruill said...

The fire hit shortly after her divorce was finalized from Bobby Knox, president of Shelby Concrete.


I find that sentence VERY REVEALING.

Did not Bobby Knox basically say he owned the Alabama judiciary?

Anonymous said...

Great news LS! If she's stood 5 months in jail bc of that prick then she should tell him to shove his gag order! She should stick it to Reynolds the same way he did her. It can be done! Maybe Bonnie will let you be a part of it LS since you no doubt played a big role in her release. Kudos to you man and thank you for what you do!!!!

legalschnauzer said...


You've got a good memory. Here is the exact statement regarding Bobby Knox, in a 2002 court document:

"The Defendant has bragged to the Plaintiff that he knows all of the Judges and he can get anything he wants done, legally or otherwise."

Anonymous said...

LS,this woman is free because of you. Please don't stop reporting on this case. You may not only help this one woman, you may set a new standard for all women in Chilton county.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they use something other than guns!

Anonymous said...

I think Bonnie Wyatt and Sherry Rollins should get together first. Then put together a plan to bring in a biggun lawyer from another state to take their cases before a higher court and squeeze some justice out of them.

There has to be more power in numbers. Maybe if they use some outside muscle with these criminals in our court systems,they could go down in history for the expose'.

It is time there was real change for mistreated divorced women, children, and the Legal Schnauzer, and the many dead who were "suicide " victims.

Someone, with a reality TV camera could literally follow Schnauzer every day and make a riveting reality show that would capture and hold all our interests. I still miss the show where Dominick Dunne showed us the lives of people who were charged with crimes in the rich and famous category. Imagine how entertaining it would be to see these white male judicial types and the rich bourgeousie' fighting to stay out of jail and having to stand in front of a crooked judge who is on the take. Personally, I would not miss a minute of such a riveting show. Lawyers, judges, hunting clubsmembers,rich killers, falling of the fiscal cliff like dominoes....ummmm...I can hardly wait

Anonymous said...

Russia is voting now to not allow any more Russian children to be adopted in the U.S. of A.



Do not think for one nano that LS is not the news, now.

Thank you Legal Schnauzer and THANK the "enlightened" GOD, too.

The New York Times has failed US in reporting about how corrupt our courts are.

Legal Schnauzer investigates the real time stories in America and no more Hollywood horror shows for US to be literally treated as though not human.

Where are the standards in our U.S. of A., that hold the devil in the details accountable for the MISOGYNY & PEDOPHILIA?!

These "white" very frightening "officials of the courts," are so brain dead due to how many "mixtures of drugs," prescribed by "doctors?!" Oh my God, I am NOT moving back to the south as long as the misogynists and pedophiles are THE "supreme injustice" makers.

Am looking forward to you staying alive LS, and doing the job that the New York Times has failed in, for the past 50 plus years.

Anonymous said...


This is the Email to Nancy Pelosi, who says she is very committed to "Women's Rights' ~ thus, please everyone who can send an Email, do so - about Bonnie Wyatt - to Nancy so she can do her job for women.

Also go to her site and post there, use her own zip code + four to send, it is about taking the obfuscation that our "leaders" present and get S.M.A.R.T, too, just like "them over here."

legalschnauzer said...

Here is a link to an article about a possible ban in Russia on adoptions to the United States:


Anonymous said...

... Jim W. Dean in reply to Joe Jordan, 12/17/2012 5:39:21 PM

"... Amen Joe, Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves to see how our democracy is undermined by critical information being withheld from us for decades, which made us powerless to attempt any corrective action. And to think these are elected officials and our government that does this to us. You would expect the same treatment from an invading occupier ...

"... Amen Joe, They have undermined everything the Founding Fathers had planned to give us by keeping us blind on these major issues, just like we would be treated by an invader who had us under occupation. And yet we actually elect people to do this to us, which presents the scary thought that maybe we deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Think again anon 8:58! Pelosi doesn't give a s--- about women's rights! Nor does anyone in DC! They are only trying to rally women like they did for the last election to rally banning gun rights! Sadly the last people who will stand for women in DC is women!

Anonymous said...

9:31, valid point and exactly what they are counting on! Blaming "we the people" for US demise because we voted for it. Well that's just crap and I think we all know it! And if we decide not to vote??? They've boxed in the people methodically via dumbing down aka lying! So the answer would have to be no, it's not deserved!

Anonymous said...

You forgot, dads are victims too. Family courts in Alabama are often less likely to award custody to a father even if the father is a better parent. Great news for ms Wyatt, excellent reporting Roger. f not for LS this case would have never seen the light of day. Unfortunately, there are many more cases of injustice and corruption in the alabama family court system. Much work left to be done cleaning up this cesspool Roger. Job well done.

Anonymous said...

1:22 that is simply NOT true! Courts in are awarding custody to fathers over mothers now in the majority of cases! Something tells me you know this

Anonymous said...

I would like to see that data, especially in the neoconservative state of Alabama. Perhaps you should check into Alfa.org

Anonymous said...

Do tell what senior living has to do

David in S. Alabama said...

LS, I was think about when the judge asked her "Have you learned youyr lesson yet.

Another question haw can a judge issue an order based on a hand-written, un-notarized agreement without any kind of hearing?

Can he be held liable for incareration for over 5 months when the legal limit is 5 days?

legalschnauzer said...


Good questions.

In Bonnie Wyatt's case, the legal limit is zero days incarceration. Under Dolberry v. Dolberry, she was not subject to contempt (or incarceration) for a property-related debt from dissolution of a marriage. Contempt can be used only for a marriage debt that involves spousal support or sustenance, such as alimony.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I figured that's what you meant. First of all I see it everyday. 2nd, ALFRA is not a "family rights organization they are a fathers rights organization! The last thing they consider is what's best for the child! 3rd, the stats regergitated by group are bogus and the same lies fathers rights groups have been spewing for 30+ yrs. 4th, at least you all admit your selfish, mysoginistic agenda is being pushed by the federal government. 5th, you all are a serious danger to women and children and should be run out of the state!

Anonymous said...

do you think that due to the publicity, thanks to this blog, that the judge and associated lawyers in this case decided that the increased scrutiny was not in their best interest? Would that explain why a flacid motion devoid of any case law references miraculously springs Ms Wyatt? Look forward to you interviewing Ms Wyatt, unless of course their is a protective order in place. Would you consider a protective order an attempt to cover people's tracks and inhibit any further public scrutiny of the activities in this Chilton county courtroom? Could they use the children's best interest as a reason to seek a protective order??? It worked for Judge Doss right?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 8:53--

It's nice to think that our reporting played a role in helping to free Bonnie W. But I really don't know what caused Reynolds to let her go. I do know my blog posts on the subject drew a lot of interest, not only in Alabama but all over the country. The Bonnie Wyatt posts definitely seemed to resonate with people, and perhaps that did heighten pressure on the corrupt legal types who made this happen.

To my knowledge, no gag order is in place.

e.a.f. said...

Merry Christmas Ms. Wyatt! I am so happy she is out of jail. It is most likely the result of this blogs constant writing that she is out of jail. Without independant bloggers & their readers many injustices would not see the light of day. In tbis case L.S. focused a huge spot light on the situation! Good work.

If I had not read about this in your blog I would never have know. Once I read it, I wrote the governor. People can get involved in cases of injustice and make a differance. It may cause the judge & those of his ilk to have second thoughts about doing it again. Your blog is on a list of progressive blogs, in Canada. Please keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

THANK YOU L.S. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! I'm so thankful & blessed for ALL that you did for me & continue to do! I know without a doubt, if it hadn't of been for you starting this blog about me, & the Good Lord, I wouldn't be free today!! I'm very thankful for the others that wrote about me also. Also, for ALL the feed back from your readers. I am looking forward to the next road to travel with you, L.S., and everyone else that helped to get my story out there.

Anonymous said...


I'm a mother that had my children taken and given to their father by a corrupt judge. I am also a member of ALFRA. And to me, you sound like a selfish woman that revels in the fact that you can use your vagina to your advantage. I hope you don't have a daughter.


Anonymous said...

@ 10:21, actually no I'm a man and I suspect you are too. This is a classic ALFRA tactic. You people exploit superficial support of women to hide your true agenda...fathers rights!

If by chance you are being truthful, then do tell how your affiliation with this fathers rights group has helped you and your child? I would bet it has not! They are only using you to push their 50/50 agenda that you obviously are in favor of. You are either misled and have not educated yourself or you are foolish and selfish.

Quite frankly, regardless if you are male or female your comment is clearly evident of why you lost your child.

Anonymous said...

Probably one of the biggest problems I have with your snake group is that you make us good dads look BAD!

Anonymous said...

Imagine that...father's rights. What a novel concept.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:53

And yours is a classic tactic of the lawyers that are in the good old boy system. ALFRA makes a difference that cuts into the bank accounts of the bottom feeders that profit off this system.

My guess is that you have a vested interest in what happens in Reynolds' courtroom. At any rate, Reynolds has exposed himself by his actions in Ms. Wyatt's situation. And that is a beautiful thing.

ALFRA-bhm.epr said...

To: Anonymous said.
My name is Kenneth Paschal.
Many individuals desire to hide their identify for multiple reasoning.

Your comment about the Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) is not true. The word family should help clarify.

"The fact is that the divorce court and family court systems are hopelessly broken. War between mother's groups and father's groups is just as bad as the government and judicial corruption because it simply serves to support the status quo. The only way to fix this and save America is to get people to understand that there is one enemy: dishonesty and corruption in government, with attorneys, and with parties and others who lie in court."

I would love the opportunity to meet and hear other issues or concerns you may have regard ALFRA and our efforts in making a positive change for our children. Working together, we can accomplish more!

Please attend one of the local ALFRA chapter meetings to learn more: http://alfra.org/birmingham , http://alfra.org/huntsville

Knowledge is powerful!

Anonymous said...

4:25, you are either a dumb tool or a malicious and bought minion! As usual your facts are misleading and reckless!

I know not one family law attorney that doesn't support your agenda! They publicly denounce then privately support because they stand to make a fortune off the misfortune of families and especially children! They think that if the voters see that they support it that it won't get passed by legislature so they play the bait and switch which is what your tactic always is! There are a few state senators involved in your group who have been figured out by the public. They have been pushing your agenda for their attorney friends. The public gets what you all are trying to do to our society!

Explain this to everyone, what will happen to victims of domestic violence and pedofilia if your agenda succeeds? I think we all see how these crooked judges DO NOT follow law anymore! Are you comfortable knowing your agenda will and HAS ruined lives?

Anonymous said...

If you weren't pushing and lobbying the 50/50 bill then what you say may sound somewhat believable. I agree knowledge is power and from a historic standpoint various FR groups have equal parenting as their agenda. The majority of FR groups seek 100% custody for fathers no matter if the father is fit or not! Your group tries to hide the truth behind what you truly stand for by throwing out support for mothers as well. What those moms don't understand is that there is probably a 100% chance that a FR group was behind her losing custody. Judges and attorneys aren't solely to blame and you well know it sir! They (you all) are in cahoots! I think everyone Is aware of the story of King Soloman! Moreover, animals couldn't and wouldn't live the way you want children to live! If a dog or cat were being shared 50/50, they will run away! Your agenda is built to make the courts more money and destroy lives! The best thing for children is that their parents get along and not treat them as property! Your agenda is not one for peace! It's the opposite!

Too bad you aren't truly trying to expose the atrocious state of our courts because the people need that!

Anonymous said...

@12:37 PM

Bought minion? You are an idiot, chick. You also have atrocious grammar. Ever heard of spell check?

And, if you are a guy, I bet you got beat up a lot by the other boys and girls. (Seriously, too much estrogen in your posts for you to be a dude.)

Anonymous said...

This is 12:37 and thank you anon 6:26 for further proving every point I've made! So you say you are for "family rights" yet when someone is a gentleman and defends what is just and right you essentially call them a p--sy! Not one time have you answered any question I've asked but you are quick to insult. Everything I've said about your group ALFRA is spot on and I've actually held a lot back but could continue if you like?

Here another question you surely will not answer. Does ALFRA give money to women the same way they do men? You know what I mean! How else can you lazy tools stand to not work and stay in court constantly with well paid attornys?

And 6:26, maybe you should take your own advice. Go get ALFRA to buy you a dictionary. Better yet see if they'll pay for you to get an education! That's what those grant monies you all take are suppose to be used for.

ALFRA-bhm.epr said...

What is this 50/50 bill and lobbying you're referring to?

ALFRA do not lobby, we education the general public, elected officials, judges, lawyers on the concept children need each of their two fit parents regardless of the parents marital status. Who would be against this concept and why?

From a historic standpoint doing wrong over a period of time appears to be right, even if it's criminal in nature.

Also, have we met? I know I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a gentleman last month but he had the same mindset as those that were against abolishing slavery and allowing women to have the same rights to vote as men.
Hopefully you're not the same person.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you January 10th at the next ALFRA meeting.
Please visit ALFRA.ORG for more information about our efforts to promote equality as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

If you have further questions or would like to learn more about ALFRA feel free to contact ALFRA via their contact link at ALFRA.ORG.

One thing is for sure, posting on Legal Schnauzer and playing the gender game will not make a positive change for our children and country. I hope to see you January 10th or feel free to email ALFRA via their contact link at ALFRA.ORG to schedule an individual meeting with one of their spokesperson. Working together, we can accomplish more!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about Bonnie Wyatt being released and Sibley Reynolds corruption. I have a sneaking suspicion who is posting the anti-ALFRA rhetoric. They practice in front of Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

The only rhetoric being spewed here is by you people! You keep trying to align me with corrupt judges to deter the focus from your own alignment!

You have not answered one question I've asked and continue to throw insults.

Everything said about you all is true. People don't have to take my word. Check them out for yourself!

The Bill is SB196 and you already know this! You are mysoginistic criminals who are aiding the corruption in the courts! Don't take my word for it! Check it out for yourselves!

Not that you will answer this question either but I'll throw it out there. Can you tell me why only the corrupt judges are giving 50/50 in custody cases?

Anonymous said...

After reading these comments I decided to check out ALFRA. I noticed that the 1st comment Kenneth Paschal posted here was plagiarized.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's why he put the text in quotes.

I'm not sure why there is so much teeth gnashing and hair pulling over father's rights. Do I agree with alfra 100%? No. I'm not a member either. However fathers often get the short end of the stick in custody disputes. I believe the court should not be bias in anyway during divorced/custody proceedings. The "best" parent should be to custodial parent, regardless of whether its the woman. or a man. Let's just have a level playing field for once to start with. The best interest of the child should be paramount not the sex of custodial parent, too bad that's not the case in far too many family law cases in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

The people here speaking on behalf of ALFRA are definitely trying to mislead! The fact of the matter is that fathers are rapidly being placed in the role of the mothers by the corrupt courts and mothers are being eliminated from the family picture! What's most disturbing is that in AL family courts even fathers that have been proven to have molested their children are being given custody! The more these "protective" mothers try to save their children from the trauma being inflicted upon them by the courts, DHR, and their abuser, the more these children are being handed over to their abusers. ALFRA is perpetuating and aiding in these crimes done unto children by giving out false information. Our society has fast become a pedofile haven! The truth is that courts are now more often awarding custody to fathers, especially those who aren't fit to be referred to as such! What's worse is that the group of legislators pushing SB196 are well aware of what I've said here yet still are trying to get this legislation passed. The root cause of this Marxist / Fascist degradation of mothers is gender based initiatives and the multi-billions of dollars our government is pouring into them!