Friday, December 21, 2012

New Report Hints That Alabama AG Luther Strange Is A Stooge For Those Who Write Him Paychecks

Luther Strange

Alabama State University paid Luther Strange at least $41,250 in apparent consulting fees during the 2010 campaign for state attorney general, according to a report yesterday in The Montgomery Independent. The payments raise new questions about possible conflicts of interest involving our state's chief prosecutor. And those conflicts take on heightened interest with this week's reopening of the VictoryLand casino amid renewed threats from Strange to close it down.

We have known for weeks that Strange received about $100,000 in campaign cash from the Poarch Creek Indians and seemingly has tried to reward them by targeting a prime competitor, VictoryLand, for possible raids and closure. Now the Alabama State story supplies new evidence that Strange conducts his official business by granting favors to those who supported his campaign. And it comes against the backdrop of a grand jury that Strange has convened in Montgomery, supposedly to investigate possible illegal actions of state office holders.

Is it possible that Strange himself belongs in the cross hairs of a criminal investigation? Could the attorney general be close to committing acts that meet the definition of bribery under federal law? Bob Martin, editor and publisher of The Montgomery Independent, hints that the answer is yes. I will do more than hint at it; the facts, as we know them now, strongly suggest that Strange has engaged in illegal "quid pro quos" (something for something deals) that define federal bribery. And he might have broken the law, or be in the process of breaking the law, on at least two fronts--the Poarch Creek/VictoryLand issue and the Alabama State issue.

Let's take the ASU story first: The university likely will face an investigation after placing new president Joseph Silver on administrative leave when he started asking questions about campus contracts. According to The Independent, Strange did little or no work for Alabama State, and his cozy relationship with the school should preclude his participation in any investigation of the Joseph Silver matter.

Bob Martin reports that at least $15,000 of the payments to Strange came after he had won the primary and general elections and taken office as attorney general. How can a public official who has been paid by Alabama State conduct a thorough investigation of Alabama State? Martin suggests that he can't.

If Strange tries to protect his ASU benefactors from an investigation, could that amount to a "quid pro quo" that would violate federal bribery laws? Let's consider the evidence:

The checks from ASU to Strange came between May 24, 2010, and February 8, 2011, Martin reports. With Joseph Silver having launched a potential scandal at ASU, the attorney general finds himself in a touchy situation. Writes Martin:

This revelation comes at a time when Mr. Strange should be exercising the duties of his office by investigating the potential corruption at ASU arising out of the selection of a new president; [the president's] attempted investigation into campus contracts; and his subsequent placement on leave by the university's board of trustees. 
But the acceptance of this money by Mr. Strange will, I believe, disqualify him from being involved in any ASU investigation or prosecution and may create more problems than that for him. It should, however, also mean that no "play for pay" allegations can be made in the upcoming ASU probe since the Alabama AG's office should be totally disqualified in my opinion.

The line in bold above suggests that Martin believes Strange is walking a thin ethical line. Martin then provides more information to back up his concerns:

This week I was provided a 17-page document listing nearly 700 ASU payments by check in 2010 and 2011 and involving multi-millions of dollars. The seven checks to Mr. Strange were not on this list. The first check to Mr. Strange was in the amount of $18,750, dated May 24, 2010. The remainder included one dated July 9, 2010, in the amount of $3,750; on August 16, 2010, in the amount of $3,750; on January 28, 2011, three checks each in the amount of $3,750; and on February 8, 2011, one in the amount of $3,750.

What did Strange do to earn those checks? Not much, reports Martin:

I have been told from more than one source that Strange did little or no work for ASU, which is now embroiled in a controversy over the attempted firing of its newly hired president, who was benched after he threatened to reveal bones buried on the ASU campus dealing with contracts and other matters. 
A question must then follow as to whether or not some of those bones are associated with the attorney general, and if so, will they be brought before his very own grand jury, a panel which was put together initially several months back to investigate possible illegal actions of state office holders.  

As for the Poarch Creeks, Strange appears to be earning his paychecks by harassing their competitors at VictoryLand, referring to the casino's reopening as "the path of confrontation." Writes Martin:

A few weeks ago, I reported about a $100,000 contribution Mr. Strange accepted from the Poarch Creek Indian Casinos in 2010. That should have confirmed Mr. Strange as the "gambling AG," but as he continues to threaten to close VictoryLand . . . , it merely confirms him as the newest pawn of the Poarch Creek Tribe. . . .  
The attorney general owes the citizens of Alabama an explanation of these Poarch contributions, and with regard to the principle of equal justice, a clear recusal of his office in any action that might involve the Poarch Creeks or their competitors.

It also appears that Strange needs to come clean about his connections at Alabama State, especially if the Joseph Silver case leads to a criminal investigation.

Will Luther Strange prove to be an impartial and professional prosecutor or a glorified stooge who allows justice to be bought and sold? That question might shape one of the most important Alabama stories of 2013.


Anonymous said...

Luther has no jurisdiction on Indian land. He publicly (see link) pressured the regulator to stop their gaming.

Riley did the same. Do you fail to note this because it undercuts your narrative?

Anonymous said...

Oh how the money rolls in rolls in.

I mean oh how the digits do produce money for only them.

Clarifying the word fucking, meaning sowing seed in Dutch origin.

Thus, one of my favorite films, Jesse James: "a ton of stupid."

I'd say the Dutch, in studying Rembrandt's many etchings with that exact phrase, were in the same mind frame use of words.

Throwing away "seed," or wasting the "money" can be truly a "ton of stupid," too.

I am a female and very sick and tired of the "men" who actually think women in America must be "a ton of stupid," or "fucking dumb."

Neither are true and the news sells lots of STRANGE "realities" for the "white men" to think other than with common sense.

Legal Schnauzer is insulted by some who arrive at his blog, when the money should roll in to him, he and his wife, for bringing Alabamians into the aughts.

ZIO FASCISTS are in control of the "money" and this is definitely a ton of stupid and very fucking dumb, beyond words.

LS is onto the Zio Fascists and now he must get all the support his wife and he deserve for exposing the TAP ROOT rot in U.S.

Anonymous said...

Why is this never brought up for the citizens to vote for.. If we want gambling or lottery?

I can not understand why a county in AL is still dry..In these days and times..

Why can't we have lottery. Go to the casino's all you see is Alabama tag. Then lotteries you see tags at the state line getting their tickets.. Do they not realize that money could be staying in AL??

When or will this ever come up for us to vote yes or no.

Anonymous said...

what about all the off shore accounts not disclosed?

Anonymous said...

Wrongfully accused and unlawfully incarcerated Leonard Peltier, and recently passed Russell Charles Means, did not agree with the Indians getting Wall Street defrauded in the "Casino Business."

Only in the Dakotas is there a "real" bank, and the Indians are in complete control of this "interest free public bank."

See ELLEN BROWN's books on public banking, etc.

The Casino Business is not anything but, for the owners of the business of gambling.

Now please, the business of gambling is a closely tight knit global mobster RICO.

Las Vegas was to compete with Monte Carlo? Or, just allow another kind of hole in the natural desert for vermin to find a hiding place?

Any and all Attorneys General in charge of any and/ or all "gambling," in "state's," are exactly what the owners of gambling hire.

Las Vegas, Nevada and Clark County are absolutely proof of how powerful the gambling owners in the global "family," are and here to stay. China and most of "Asia," is heavily invested in the gambling commodities markets.

Do we wait for the next end of the world, for what the reality is: drug laundering for one of the primary examples and of course how better to human traffic and trade.

In Las Vegas the corrupt money commodity market is spinning like a never ending spigot cycle.

Drugs, alcohol, men, women, children and name a commodity not earning some "human being," a "living?"

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 7:32--

The issue, as I see it, is not what Strange can do re: the Poarch Creeks. As you note, he can't do much of anything. The issue is the ongoing threats against certain non-Indian gaming sites. That he would take money from the Poarch Creeks and then harass their competitors . . . well, that raises the issue of a quid pro quo.

Anonymous said...

If Strange publicly pressured a regulator to shut down Poarch gaming, what difference does that make? He knows he can't stop it, so it seems like an empty gesture to me. When we later learn that he took money from the Poarch Creeks, his "pressure" seems like fraud, an act.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Sue Schmitz sent to prison for allegedly taking tax dollars and not doing any work for them?

Raymond said...

I have a hunch that Joseph Silver might turn out to be the Man of the Year in Alabama. Maybe not in 2012, but in 2013.

legalschnauzer said...


I think you might be right. It sounds like Pres. Silver threw a wrench into a number of schemes that were rocking along on the ASU campus.

Not sure how ASU managed to hire a president with both a spine and a sense of ethics. Those qualities are hard to find in higher ed these days.

Anonymous said...

"Higher Ed?"

No we do not have this, it is a well organized maze.

Were there actual higher ed selected leaders, then there would not be Campus Crest and other very clear privatized "ed" decisions against great investigative journalists.

Anonymous said...

"... Don’t be intimated by men and women in black robes. On the other hand you must show a respect for the judicial system. You may want say “you are biased.” Aggression in court often backfires unless you are saving the big bang for your finale.


.. Before you travel the recusal route be aware that the Judges all talk about you behind closed doors and while they are not supposed to deal with advice on individual cases or lawyers they do it anyway. When the next Judge is assigned he will have heard only the side of the Judge before him and being a judge and expecting the other judges to cover his back, he will try to mend the record such that the committee in charge of judges does not get wind of these antics.

very important study-read and the writer is a lawyer who formerly sat "on the bench."

Redeye said...

"Not sure how ASU managed to hire a president with both a spine and a sense of ethics. Those qualities are hard to find in higher ed these days."

Which may explain why he is no longer the President of ASU. :)

jeffrey spruill said...

How can a public official who has been paid by Alabama State conduct a thorough investigation of Alabama State? Martin suggests that he can't.

Good luck if it's turned over to Eric Holder's DOJ.

Remember this FBI National Security Letters blunder:

'Cause my Rep. In Congress surely hasn't:

August 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Spruill:

Thank you for your e-mail expressing your opposition to the administration's recent proposal to permit the FBI to collect internet use records in national security investigations without going to court and without showing that a person has done anything wrong. I appreciate you apprising me of your views on this issue.

Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as this issue comes before me. Please feel free to contact me in the future on other issues which may be of concern to you.

Very truly yours,


Member of Congress

e.a.f. said...

It all sounds rather peculiar. The threat of grand juries must work wonders for some people. From what I can read here, I keep thinking RICO statute.

What a waste of taxpayers' money. The people of Alabama deserve better. Luther Strange doesn't sound like appropriate material for A.G. Perhaps a revision of state election laws might be in order, specifically who & how much can be given to candidates. Oh, right the supreme court of the U.S.A. decided corporations are people & then you have those super pac things. I live where there is a limit set on what any politician can spend on their caimpaign. Over spend & you could loose your position. It works very well.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:07 PM
That is exactly the issue that many people face when filing a motion to recuse and/or a complaint against a sitting judge. I'm shocked to hear that judges and lawyers discuss cases ex parte...not really. Once you have run afoul of the legal cabal then you really have an uphill climb for justice.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is the pedophile cultists that have truly caused the problems in "society."

"... The keynote speaker at the Sex Faire and "Women's Health Conference" in 2002 was a person named Pat Califia, who has authored dozens of books and essays about sexual pervserion including S&M and pedophilia. Califia is quoted on the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) website with the following:

".. Boy-lovers and the lesbians who have young lovers are the only people offering a hand to help young women and men cross the difficult terrain between straight society and the gay community. They are not child molesters. The child abusers are priests, teachers, therapists, cops and parents who force their stale morality onto the young people in their custody. Instead of condemning pedophiles for their involvement with lesbian and gay youth, we should be supporting them.

.. Jerry Sandusky couldn't have said it better himself. Califia's words came from an interview in 1980, at a time when Spanier was one of the most prominent sociologists in the world, specializing in sexuality. It is impossible to imagine him being unaware of who Califia was. Penn State paid Califia with state-subsidized money within a month of President Spanier hearing of two seperate child rape allegations against his staff and actively covering them up.

.. The 2002 Sex Faire and related festivities were not an isolated incident. We had one the previous year as well, including a presentation of "The Vagina Monologues," a pornographic play. The Pennsylvania state legislature called Spanier to a hearing for using taxpayer subsidies to pay for it. At the hearing, when he was pressed on the question of whether the sex faire was wrong, Spanier reached into his Ph.D. bag of tricks and responded, "I don't understand what you mean by 'wrong.'"

Read more:


WYDEN and the "Legislature" in the State of Oregon, with of course the City of Portland's MAYOR SAM ADAMS, and the rife history of pedophilia by NEIL GOLDSCHMIDT, former Mayor of Portland and Governor of Oregon, GOT THE GOVERNMENT TO PAY FOR TRANSSEXUAL OPERATIONS.

Wyden in the news papers, has invited all the "confused teens," across America TO apply for a government job in Oregon, and then get to be transsexually operated on, via the digital federal money.

It's the pedophile cult and then the Obama Administration is of course a modern BI - that means he does not honor his marriage vows with Michelle other than sharing with his lovers Raham Emanuel and ? ? ? name a pleasure button the sexual deviants do not get lured into due to drug addiction "poly."

Anonymous said...

"... But the Rockefellers wrote the book on hiding their immense fortune in corporate contrivances and secret bank accounts, an easy task considering they own Chase Manhattan Bank, which is now known as J P Morgan Chase.

.. The Soviet article also exposed the Rockefellers’ much-ballyhooed “philanthropy” and “work ethic.” The article revealed: “The Rockefellers do not buy yachts worth many millions, like the Vanderbilt magnates; they do not install doorknobs and water fountains of pure gold in their palaces. But love for luxury is not alien to them. The play house where the children of the Rockefellers frolic cost a half million dollars. Bourgeois newspapers, willingly ‘forgetting’ about such ‘trifles,’ relate with tears of sympathy how the children of the billionaires earn pocket money by raising rabbits, cleaning boots, and even destroying flies at ten cents per hundred.”

.. Today, the successors of the same “bourgeois” media of 1959 prattle on about how Mitt and Ann Romney had it so “tough” after graduating from college. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the son of billionaire heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, goes on about how tough it was for him to break into the news media, as if his mother had nothing to do with his rapid ascension in the corporate media.

.. The Soviet paper paints a picture of the Rockefellers that is similar to today’s Romney family: “The people want to know the truth. And the truth about the wealth of the Rockefellers consists of dark deeds, thousands of ruined families, hundreds of thousands of workers in many countries of the world tormented by work beyond their strength. The truth is the concealed history of many wars – it is oil stained with blood.” Of course, today the same can be said about the Rockefeller-linked Bush family, as well as Dick Cheney, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, and the Rothschild family.

Anonymous said...

"... In January of this year, Krim was employed by JPMorgan Chase as a strategy consultant for only 3 months. This happened just prior to his employment with CNBC.

.. According to court documents regarding the lawsuit, the purpose for seeking legal remedy is:

1. The deceptive coercive methods employed by mega-banks to facilitate injured parties’ participation in loans and mortgages
2. The fraudulent and illegal use of MERS
3. Breach of plaintiff’s statutory rights
4. Purposeful violation of consumer and homeowner protect statues
5. Processing money from unknown sources in contravention of the Patriot Act of 2001
6. Foreclosing upon and accepting monies for assets that do not exist

.. The lawsuit states that there was a “a systemic fraud on thousands of investors” concerning the mortgage-backed securities first purvey by Bear Stearns, who was later acquired by JPMorgan Chase as part of the US governmental bailout of the banks after the 2008 crash. These securities were sold, according to the lawsuit, willfully and with intent by the seller to defraud and deceive investors. Because the securities were a combination of home mortgages, credit card debt and student loans which were bundled together and sold on the global markets after given a fake triple A rating.

.. Some of the mega-banks named in the lawsuit are:

• JPMorgan Chase
• Wells Fargo
• Wachovia
• Citigroup
• US Bancorp
• Ally Financial
• GM Acceptance Corporation
• One West (owned by George Soros)
• Deutsche Bank
• PNC Bank
• Bank of America
• Bear Stearns

Read more:

jeffrey spruill said...

How does the elite make their crimes go away?

They do what "the little people"-us- don't have the opportunity & never will.

They sell off their major asset & the criminals are back in business.

Jeffrey Immelt-Obama's job czar should be ashamed of himself-- but ill gotten gains energize these ogres.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Spruill, thanks for that link, it confirms what Bernie Sanders has been telling US, the media is getting even less "free."

The Weather Channel is about telling us what the spraying in our skies is going to bring in poisons known as "chemtrails," and then weaponry by way of HAARP. Of course we do not get this factual media news information other than the "pundits" spew their talking points.

And OGRES, yes indeed our family of artists has an entire series of world class drawings, naturally the great artist was intentionally killed, but we have the drawings and the OGRES, very well defined as a Goya truth.


OGRES, by design.

Anonymous said...

"... A lawless justice system is ruining the economy.
Lawless Central Bank

The non-partisan Government Accountability Office calls the Fed corrupt and riddled with conflicts of interest. Nobel the World Bank would view any country which had a banking structure like the Fed as being corrupt and untrustworthy. The former vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said said he worried that the failure of the government to provide more information about its rescue spending could signal corruption. “Nontransparency in government programs is always associated with corruption in other countries, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be here,” he said.

Moreover, the Fed has broken the law by withholding information from Congress, letting unemployment rise in order to keep inflation low, and otherwise exceeding its authority under the Federal Reserve Act.

Our central bank’s lawless and unaccountable actions are hurting the economy.

Lawless Attack on Democracy

Anonymous said...

As the dream fades:

“I had a lot of faith in the system, the mythology that if you work really hard you can achieve anything, and the stock market always goes up,” says 2009 law school graduate Elizabeth Hallock, 33. “It was pretty naïve on my part.”

And fingers are pointed:

Hallock is the named plaintiff in one of 14 lawsuits against some of the nation’s best-known law schools, including her alma mater, the University of San Francisco School of Law. The civil complaints, filed in 2011 and 2012, accuse the institutions of overstating graduates’ job-placement results and incomes.

Generation Y Wakes Up From The American Dream, Faces An American Nightmare, Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/26/2012

Anonymous said...

My intuition kept vigil during the mass killings, from the first time the "children" were pointed at.

Seeing the drugs put into schools, during the early 1970s, to dumb down Americans.

Now we have Big Pharma hiring as a top executive, the woman who was in government and lobby for of course, Obama, "care" Big Pharma has to sell drugs as medicine and ho ho ho the money raps. Or is the word rapes?

Kip Kingle in Oregon was a very tragic beginning of the most dangerous "imagination" that was and is used to manufacture "reality."

The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information, Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre.

By Prof. James F. Tracy
Global Research, December 25, 2012

“[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, December 15, 2012

Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre. The public’s general acceptance of the event’s validity and faith in its resolution suggests a deepened credulousness borne from a world where almost all news and information is electronically mediated and controlled. The condition is reinforced through the corporate media’s unwillingness to push hard questions vis-à-vis Connecticut and federal authorities who together bottlenecked information while invoking prior restraint through threats of prosecutorial action against journalists and the broader citizenry seeking to interpret the event on social media.

Along these lines on December 19 the Connecticut State Police assigned individual personnel to each of the 26 families who lost a loved one at Sandy Hook Elementary. “The families have requested no press interviews,” State Police assert on their behalf, “and we are asking that this request be honored.[1] The de facto gag order will be in effect until the investigation concludes—now forecast to be “several months away” even though lone gunman Adam Lanza has been confirmed as the sole culprit.[2]

With the exception of an unusual and apparently contrived appearance by Emilie Parker’s alleged father, victims’ family members have been almost wholly absent from public scrutiny.[3] What can be gleaned from this and similar coverage raises many more questions and glaring inconsistencies than answers. While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.

The Accidental Medical Examiner

An especially important yet greatly underreported feature of the Sandy Hook affair is the wholly bizarre performance of Connecticut’s top medical examiner H. Wayne Carver II at a December 15 press conference. Carver’s unusual remarks and behavior warrant close consideration because in light of his professional notoriety they appear remarkably amateurish and out of character.

Anonymous said...

Sound Bite Prism and the Will to Believe

Outside of a handful of citizen journalists and alternative media commentators Sandy Hook’s dramatically shifting factual and circumstantial terrain has escaped serious critique because it is presented through major media’s carefully constructed prism of select sound bites alongside a widespread and longstanding cultural impulse to accept the pronouncements of experts, be they bemused physicians, high ranking law enforcement officers, or political leaders demonstrating emotionally-grounded concern.

Political scientist W. Lance Bennett calls this the news media’s “authority-disorder bias.” “Whether the world is returned to a safe, normal place,” Bennett writes, “or whether the very idea of a normal world is called into question, the news is preoccupied with order, along with related questions of whether authorities are capable of establishing or restoring it.”[12]

Despite Carver’s bizarre performance and law enforcement authorities’ inability to settle on and relay simple facts, media management’s impulse to assure audiences and readerships of the Newtown community’s inevitable adjustment to its trauma and loss with the aid of the government’s protective oversight—however incompetent that may be—far surpasses a willingness to undermine this now almost universal news media narrative with messy questions and suggestions of intrigue. This well-worn script is one the public has been conditioned to accept. If few people relied on such media to develop their world view this would hardly be a concern. Yet this is regrettably not the case.

The Sandy Hook tragedy was on a far larger scale than the past year’s numerous slaughters, including the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting and the Batman theater shooting in Colorado. It also included glaringly illogical exercises and pronouncements by authorities alongside remarkably unusual evidentiary fissures indistinguishable by an American political imagination cultivated to believe that the corporate, government and military’s sophisticated system of organized crime is largely confined to Hollywood-style storylines while really existing malfeasance and crises are without exception returned to normalcy.

If recent history is a prelude the likelihood of citizens collectively assessing and questioning Sandy Hook is limited even given the event’s overtly superficial trappings. While the incident is ostensibly being handled by Connecticut law enforcement, early reports indicate how federal authorities were on the scene as the 911 call was received. Regardless of where one stands on the Second Amendment and gun control, it is not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration complicity or direct oversight of an incident that has in very short order sparked a national debate on the very topic—and not coincidentally remains a key piece of Obama’s political platform.

The move to railroad this program through with the aid of major media and an irrefutable barrage of children’s portraits, “heartfelt” platitudes and ostensible tears neutralizes a quest for genuine evidence, reasoned observation and in the case of Newtown honest and responsible law enforcement. Moreover, to suggest that Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact, the exact inclination that in sum has brought America to such an impasse.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after the shooting “as other ambulances from neighboring communities rolled up, sirens blaring, the first responders slowly realized that their training would be tragically underutilized on this horrible day. ‘You may not be able to save everybody, but you damn well try,’” 44 year old emergency medical technician James Wolff told NBC News. “’And when (we) didn’t have the opportunity to put our skills into action, it’s difficult.’”[9]

In light of this, who were the qualified medical practitioners pronounced the 20 children and 7 adults dead? Who decided that none could be revived? Carver and his staff are apparently the only medical personnel to have attended to the victims—yet this was in the postmortem conducted several hours later. Such slipshod handling of the crime scene leaves the State of Connecticut open to a potential array of hefty civil claims by families of the slain.

Did a mass evacuation of the school take place?

Sandy Hook Elementary is attended by 600 students. Yet there is no photographic or video evidence of an evacuation on this scale. Instead, limited video and photographic imagery suggest that a limited evacuation of perhaps at most several dozen students occurred.

A highly circulated photo depicts students walking in a single file formation with their hands on each others’ shoulders and eyes shut. Yet this was the image of a drill that took place prior to the event itself.[10] Most other photos are portraits of individual children. Despite aerial video footage of the event documenting law enforcement scouring the scene and apprehending one or more suspects in the wooded area nearby the school,[11] there is no such evidence that a mass exodus of children from the school transpired once law enforcement pronounced Sandy Hook secure. Nor are there videos or photos of several hundred students and their parents at the oft-referenced fire station nearby where students were routed for parent pick up.

Anonymous said...

Halliburton of Dick “deficits-don’t-matter” Cheney fame officially employed 10,500 employees in the Caymans, but they all worked in a very-crowded mailbox. That’s what a tax haven can do for you. These 10,500 workers were scattered around the world in Halliburton projects but they all worked out of that mailbox. Halliburton escaped paying any benefits, including unemployment insurance, because their subsidiary was Cayman-based!

TransOcean, owner of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 workers and millions of fish and birds, moved to the Caymans from the U.S. for tax purposes as did 19,000 other U.S. corporations. It later got a better deal from the Swiss, so it is now incorporated in Switzerland, the land of tax havens and secret bank accounts. Experts in banking estimate that we lose well over $100 billion in federal taxes to tax havens alone. Hidden money may account for another $100 billion.
Many Caribbean islands are tax havens, including Anguilla, Antigua, Barbadoes, the Bahamas, Aruba, Belize, Bermuda, the Caymans, and dozens of others.

It’s Time The Rich Pay Up

Now the CEOs of globalized firms are saying that the destruction of the American middle class does not matter because their firms will continue to make money from four poor people from India and China who are lifted to the middle class while one American is dropped into poverty. According to an article in the January Atlantic Monthly, members of an investment committee of a major U.S. corporation agreed “that’s not such a bad trade.” I guess there is a new world order.
Bob Herbert, who just left the New York Times, put this attitude in perspective: “Limitless greed, unrestrained corporate power, and a ferocious addiction to foreign oil have led us to an era of perpetual war and economic decline. Young people today are staring at a future in which they will be less well off than their elders, a reversal of fortune that should send a shudder through everyone.”

Questions or comments:

PULL QUOTE: “With the current attacks on unions led by Tea Party-Republican politicians, I wonder how long it will be until the pitchforks turn into the 300 million guns squirreled away in homes across the land.”

Anonymous said...

LS, hoping you are taking time and not down with that very ugly "bio warfare" same "cough" that has put George W. Bush Sr., in the hospital!

I knew the "elite" could not stop the poisons from killing their own, what is "W" to do when "Sr." is no longer hiding the OGRE "child" spawned from pond scum in its' CIA Ghetto Hell.

Anonymous said...

Bob Martin and the Montgomery Independent have earned a slew of ad revenue from Victoryland. Guess your nose for news missed that obvious point.

Anonymous said...

Inns of Courts. These institutions were, in my investigation, set-up to be the new world order "middle class," after a fashion.

When the offshore accounts are definitely accounted for by and through those that set-up off shore accounting: Dick Cheney et al,

Then Inns of Court are safely in a haven of off shore accounting.

Hon. Jean Maurer, (J)

Now when we put a TRO before Hon. Maurer, she was 100% on the side of the "homeowner," UNTIL the "bank" talked to her.

Inns of Court, check out the TRIBE and its' real hideout.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:04 on 12/27--

Can you point to any inaccuracies in Martin's reporting? If not, you don't seem to have much of a point.

Anonymous said...

I love Alabama State University and hope for the best for her.