Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins Takes Vindictiveness To All New Levels

Sarah and Emma Rollins, on one of
their father's private jets, with
music star Rosanne Cash

If you have followed our coverage of the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case, you might think that Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins could not go any lower. But you would be wrong.

We have shown that Rollins caused his ex wife and two daughters to be horrifically cheated in a divorce case that could not lawfully be heard here in Alabama; that's because Sherry Carroll Rollins had initiated a divorce action in South Carolina, where the family lived, and it had been litigated there for three years. Ted Rollins and his billionaire cousin, R. Randall Rollins of Atlanta, almost certainly committed perjury in order to minimize Ted's child-support payments. And we know that Ted Rollins was convicted for assaulting his stepson in 1995, and that came on the heels of a North Carolina social-services investigation of possible sexual abuse involving the same stepson.

That all emits a nasty odor, but we learned this morning that Ted Rollins can go lower still. I received an e-mail from Sherry Rollins, stating that her vehicle was on the verge of collapse and needed about $1,000 worth of repairs. The vehicle was provided to her after the divorce case, and documents show it belongs to Bradley Arant, Ted Rollins' corporate law firm in Birmingham.

Why is Sherry Rollins driving a vehicle owned by Bradley Arant, and why hasn't someone at the law firm ensured that it remains in operating condition? I've not been able to obtain an answer to that question. But Sherry Rollins says her ex husband has been notified about the needed repairs and has refused to pay for them. That means oldest daughter, Sarah Rollins, who was home on fall break from University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, has been unable to return to school. That means youngest daughter, Emma Rollins, must walk to school and cancel music lessons.

Sherry Rollins goes on to state that the water and electricity are due to be shut off soon at her home in Birmingham because the bills have not been paid. Again, Ted Rollins has ignored pleas for help.

Is this retaliation against Sherry and Sarah Rollins because they have spoken out on this blog about Ted Rollins' abusive actions in the past? It sure looks that way.

It's not that Ted Rollins can't afford to help his ex wife and two daughters. He is CEO of a company that completed a $380-million Wall Street IPO in late 2010. A South Carolina judge established during the divorce case that Ted Rollins belongs to one of the nation's wealthiest families and routinely travels in private jet craft. I'm aware of vacation/business trips he has taken to Jamaica; Monaco; France; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; and Sundance, Utah, in the past year or so.

Sherry Rollins, of course, would not need her ex husband's help if she had received lawful treatment in the divorce case. She receives $500 a month in alimony, $815 a month in child support (total, for two children) and got pretty much nothing in terms of marital assets that should have been equitably divided in court.

Here is a portion of Sherry Rollins' e-mail that I received this morning:

We are now without a car and I can never go get Sarah again at school. . . . 
I presume that this is the end. The water gets cut off on October 22 and the bill has not been paid for two months. The electricity is scheduled for cut off also. 
I guess this is the end for Emma and me. I don't know what to do. . . . 
I will take a cab tomorrow and try to get the car back and drive it home and try to find someone to fix the brakes cheaper and put on a power steering belt and I will go and sell an old ring I have for the gold in it. I don't know if they will give the car back to me or not. He may tell them to keep it. . . . 
There is more to come. I will lose Emma and be homeless next. They have never refused to keep a car on the road before.

Is this the standard thuggish behavior of America's "1 Percent"? Is this the sort of disdain for regular folks that Mitt Romney unknowingly revealed at his "47 Percent fundraiser" in Boca Raton, Florida. Is this the sort of treatment all of us can expect if the power of ruling elites goes unchecked?

I sent an e-mail to Ted Rollins this morning and gave him an opportunity to explain himself. I copied the e-mail to Dawn Sharff, one of his lawyers at Bradley Arant. I also copied representatives from two of the underwriters on Campus Crest's IPO--Paula Poskon, of Robert W. Baird and Associates, and Vick Seth, of Raymond James. I invited all of these individuals to respond to questions about Ted Rollins' abusive actions toward his ex wife and two children. None of them has responded.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Ted Rollins and his associates:

I understand that the car you and Bradley Arant have provided for your ex wife, Sherry Carroll Rollins, has broken down and needs major repairs--and that you refuse to pay for them. 
I further understand that this means your oldest daughter, Sarah Rollins, cannot return to school at the University of the South and your youngest daughter, Emma Rollins, now has to walk to school here in Birmingham.
Finally, I understand that utilities are about to be shut off at the home where Ms. Rollins and your children reside--and you have given no indication that you intend to do anything about it. 
A few questions for you, given that you are CEO of a publicly traded company that provides housing for other people's children: 
* If you treat your own children and their mother in such an abusive fashion, why should anyone entrust their child to a facility that is built and managed by your company, Campus Crest Communities? 
* Do you intend to see that your children and their mother are homeless, with no transportation? Is this the outcome you were seeking when you filed an unlawful lawsuit for divorce in Shelby County, Alabama? 
* Is this the kind of "leadership" and "vision" that investors and underwriters in Campus Crest Communities can expect? Is this what consumers can expect from your company? 
* You have affiliated yourself with taxpayer-funded universities around the country. Is this a reflection of how you intend to interact with students and administrators at campuses where your company operates? Is this an indicator of how you plan to uphold your obligations to top officials at institutions that have allowed Campus Crest into their communities? Are you reliable and trustworthy or are you vindictive and petty? 
* Since the vehicle in question belongs to Bradley Arant, your corporate law firm, why have they not ensured that it is kept in a condition to operate? 
I intend to write a post on this subject in about one hour. I also welcome comment from key underwriters of your company. If any of you care to respond to these questions, please do so by 9:30 a.m. CDT. 

Thank you,

Roger Shuler


Anonymous said...

This guy might be one of the biggest a-holes ever.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Bradley Arant was in the vehicle leasing business. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Sherry [insert birth name here] file a complaint against the law firm Bradley Arant: "Lemon Law," is a consumer protection 'act.'

Roberta Kelly

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ms. Rollins has considered filing a criminal complaint for perjury against her ex and his cousin, Mr. Money Bags from Orkin. Perhaps that would get their attention.

What do you think, Schnauzer? Would this be a state or federal action?

Robby Scott Hill said...

It's very unusual for law firms to provide vehicles to their clients or to creditors of their clients. It could easily be argued that such use is not an ordinary & necessary business expense for tax purposes. Also, I wasn't aware that the Rules of Professional Conduct allowed the operation of a car rental business from a law office.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:24--

I think she would have a clear-cut case for perjury against both of them. The problem would be getting a prosecutor to pursue the case because perjury probably is the easiest crime to get away with in the U.S.

I'm not a lawyer, of course, but I suspect Ms. Rollins could go state or federal. If she could prove that the ex and the cousin conspired to do this across state lines, and used the U.S. wires (computers, phones) to do it, it's probably federal.

Statute of limitations (SOL) might be an issue, either way.

She certainly could file some sort of civil action against both of them, for damages that are ongoing. Don't think the SOL would bar that sort of action. The daughters also might have a civil claim, although I'm not sure how that works under the law. The oldest is 18, so age might not be a factor for her.

Ms. Rollins also could go to North Carolina and report what she knows about the child sexual abuse case there. That crime has no statute of limitations under NC law, so Ted Rollins still could be prosecuted for that.

State officials blew off that case back in 1993, but in the post-Sandusky era, they might take it seriously now.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Durham County, North Carolina was Mike Nifong's jurisdiction. Remember the Duke University lacrosse case?

legalschnauzer said...

Interesting points, Rob. Could the law firm expose itself to liability if Ms. Rollins were to have an accident in its vehicle, especially with it in poor condition? I've never understood why she was given a Bradley Arant vehicle to drive, but I'm told the documents say the firm owns the car. I do know that Ms. Rollins seems to struggle every year to get her tags renewed because she can't do it; she's not the owner of the car. When she tries to get someone at Bradley Arant to handle it, they apparently ignore her.

I certainly do remember the Duke lacrosse case. The various child abuse issues involving Ted Rollins took place in Franklin County, which I think abuts Durham County. Actually, I think the stepson went to school in Durham County, so some events might have happened there. Not sure about that.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Roger, Franklin & Durham Counties are very close together. If the child attended school in Durham county, there could have been sufficient contacts to establish jurisdiction. It happens in Alabama all the time. Take for instance Boaz City Schools. The City of Boaz lies partially in Marshall County & partially in Etowah County. The school buildings are in Marshall, but the school buses are parked & maintained in Etowah. Students live in both counties. Even in the old days when Boaz Schools were part of the Marshall County System, most of the Boaz students who lived in Etowah County went to Boaz High School because Black Folks sent their kids to Etowah County High. What did Mike Nifong know and when did he know it?

Robby Scott Hill said...

I know of one local sex scandal that was going to get swept under the rug by the good ol' boys' system until the plaintiff discovered that she could proceed in the other county where arms couldn't be twisted & the legal tender didn't spend. Then, it got settled out of court. This could be interesting.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for your insights Rob, as always, and that's an interesting angle re: Nifong. Had not thought of that.

It's interesting that, during the sexual abuse investigation, the family was referred to a psychologist at Duke University. That's where Ted Rollins went to school--got his MBA there, met his first wife there. I believe the Rollins family has given quite a bit of money to Duke.

Sherry Rollins states that she told the Duke psychologist about the discovery of feces-soiled towels and strange items that Ted Rollins kept in his vehicle--and the shrink told her to read a book, "The Homosexual Matrix." Why on earth did the psych guy not report this to authorities? Under the law, it certainly appears that he had a duty to report; he obviously thought something improper was going on. Why else recommend the book?

I wonder if Duke University was involved in a cover up. And I believe it is in Durham.

Duke probably has the kind of power in Durham County that the UA mafia has in Bham metro area.

Robby Scott Hill said...

My dad used to work for Walker Patterson “Skipper” Inman, Jr., the nephew of Doris Duke. He would be probably be pissed if he knew Duke University was helping someone treat a woman that way.

legalschnauzer said...

It's almost as if the Duke psych guy was oblivious to the fact that an apparent crime was involved here. It would be like telling a shrink, "I think I saw my neighbor kill someone," and he says, "Oh, read 'In Cold Blood,' it will help you understand what you saw."

"Uh, don't you think I should report this to authorities? Maybe you could help?"

"No, no, just read the book. It's great!"

Robby Scott Hill said...

All of the 1% aren't bad people. "Skipper" helped my family many years ago. In fact, I probably wouldn't be here today if not for him & Aunt Doris. The good die young, but assholes live forever -
"Walker Patterson “Skipper” Inman, Jr., died peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010, in Denver, Colo. He was born March 11, 1952 in Florence, S.C., the only child of Walker Patterson Inman and Georgia Polin. He was orphaned at the age of 10 and lived with his aunt, Doris Duke, internationally known heiress and philanthropist. They remained close until her death and Walker was appointed executor of her estate. Walker was a passionate free spirit, an adventurer and explorer — a true swashbuckler. His life was centered around his family. As a family man, his children, Patterson and Georgia, were more important to him than life, itself. His true love and soulmate, Daralee, gave him the contentment he was searching for his whole life. Walker traveled on his much loved yacht, Devine Decadence, from South Carolina and discovered the South Pacific. He also spent a lot of time with his nephews and niece, David, Bart, Mat and Heather. After a major refit, he took the boat back to Hawaii, meeting his friend and captain, Brett Armstrong. The boat is now in New Zealand, where he enjoyed extensive cruising and dinner parties on board. Walker was a gourmet chef as well as an avid gun, knife, sword and steam engine collector. He looked forward to training his camel, Sinbad.
A pyrotechnics expert, his Fourth of July firework displays were legend in the Wyoming Valley below is mountain top home in Grover. His quiet generosity changed many lives. He divided his time between his Grover ranch, Outlaw Acres, and Greenfield Plantation near Georgetown, S.C., that he inherited from his father.
Walker is survived by his sister, Susan; and her children, David, Bart, Mat and Heather. He will sadly be missed by his faithful mastiffs, Doolie and Doolie, Jr “DJ”; his twin children, Georgia Noel Lahi Inman and Walker Patterson Inman, III; along with his wife, Daralee Inman. Funeral services for Walker Inman will be held on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 1 p.m. in the Holy Family Catholic Church. A viewing will take place from noon to 12:45 p.m. prior to the services at the church.
Services will also take place at the Greenfield Plantation, located at 2713 Choppee Road, Georgetown, S.C. on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 1 p.m."

Anonymous said...

Roger, have you ever posted what Sherry should have received if you used standard formula and Ted's true assets and salary?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 1:26--

That's an interesting question. I know a South Carolina judge had issued a temporary order for family support that was in the $5,000 to $6,000 a month range. (I will double check those figures and try to get the exact figure.) That's more than 5-6 times what she wound up receiving on child support, and that was not a final figure in SC. My research indicates there was so much coverup on Ted Rollins' assets that it is almost impossible to guess what she might have been entitled to in terms of marital assets. But I think it's safe to say that she and her daughters would have received a nice house and a nice vehicle free and clear, so they would not be renting and having to drive a piece of junk of Bradley Arant.

Will give this question some more thought because it's a key one. Should do a post on it, but I haven't because it involves a lot of guesswork.

Really goes to just how badly the Rollins girls (Sherry and her two daughters) were screwed. My understanding is that Sarah for sure has a trust fund that was established by her grandfather (John W. Rollins Sr.), and she has no idea what's in it. She's 18 and off to college, and I'm told neither she nor her mother have been given any information about the trust fund, other than that it exists. I think one exists for the youngest daughter, too, but Ms. Rollins seems less certain about that.

jeffrey spruill said...

No wonder Mr. Earl C. Howell is no longer President of Campus Crest Communities Inc effective October 20, 2012.

Nor is he no longer Chief Operating Officer of the Company, effective October 20, 2012.

This guy-Ted Rollins being exposed as a sexual deviant--hidden feces-soiled towels & all. Now this.

Ted Rollins perversions have no bounds.

David in S. Alabama said...

Roger have written that a case was brought against Rollins in NC. Can you get any documents (complaint,judgement, dismissal, etc.) related to Rollins and post them on scribd?

legalschnauzer said...


Yes, I've written about a criminal case against Rollins for assault on his stepson. Those documents are on Scribd, and I've embedded them in posts here. You can check them out at this link:

David in S. Alabama said...

Ok Read the waqrrant and the disposition form. At the bottom of form it says "over". What would that tell us. What about trial record and any evidence i.e. photos. hospital reports. What about a mug shot of the meanace to society?

legalschnauzer said...


Court files on criminal cases can be surprisingly skimpy. I have't personally inspected this file, which is in North Carolina, but I'm told there's not much information there.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Ted was involved with the Boy Scouts. Their perv files are to be made public today.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for the alert. That should be interesting. Boy Scouts, Catholic Church . . . what's next?

Anonymous said...

What about the $150,000 mrs Rollins received as a settlement? That she carelessly blew on shoes and clothes? Mr Rollins is not at all the monster you think. On the other hand- mrs Rollins is a greedy bitter woman.

legalschnauzer said...

The case was decided by a judge. There was no settlement agreement. You appear to be clueless about what actually happened in this case.

Anonymous said...

Note to Anonymous: you state that Mrs. Rollins had $150,000 as a settlement? and she blew it all on shoes and clothes? I lived by her for two years while she was going through two divorces; one in S.C. and another one in Alabama; I never saw her wear anything that wasn't faded, tattered, old and unattractive. I do remember her wearing a skirt and sweater to court that she purchased for court to look better; she took them back to the store afterwards; that is how desperate she was and is still to this day. Lately I have seen her spend a whole $6.00 on an outfit from the thrift stores; about two dollars per item. I also think your comment about a settlement is a lie; she received NO settlement nor a settlement. She was left with an old car which fell apart and zero dollars; I should know she was evicted from her rented apartment near me.