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This Must Be How Joe Paterno Felt When Confronted With a Report On Child Sexual Abuse

Joe Paterno

Until the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke last November, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was one of the most revered figures in sports. Then we learned that Paterno had been told about events indicating Sandusky had sexually abused at least one boy in a Penn State locker room--and the iconic coach failed to "do enough" to report the matter to authorities.

Paterno soon saw his charmed life fall apart. He was fired, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he died about three months later, with his reputation in tatters. The university to which he had donated millions of dollars even removed a statue of him outside the football stadium.

It all happened because Joe Paterno didn't know what to do with information that apparently confounded him; he simply could not grasp that one of his long-time assistant coaches had been spotted abusing a boy in a university shower. But Paterno surely did grasp that revealing such information could be explosive--and it would damage the lives of people he had known and trusted for years.

That probably is why Joe Paterno took a passive approach. And his failure to act decisively and aggressively, when faced with information about a stomach-churning crime, is why many Americans have vilified a once beloved figure throughout much of 2012.

I now have a slight taste for how Joe Paterno must have felt. That's because I've received extensive information about apparent child sexual abuse as part of my coverage of the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. Two sources within the family have confirmed that a North Carolina social-services investigation in the 1990s centered on a citizen complaint about a possible abusive relationship between Ted Rollins and his stepson. One source has provided details--the discovery, for example, of soiled towels that were the apparent byproduct of anal sex--that suggest something was terribly wrong in the Rollins household.

The issue particularly resonates because Ted Rollins now is CEO of Campus Crest Communities, a Charlotte-based company that completed a $380-million Wall Street IPO in late 2010 and has student-housing projects either completed or in development at 36 universities across the country. Like Jerry Sandusky, Rollins works in a field that revolves around young people--and yet, powerful evidence indicates Ted Rollins has treated young people in an abusive fashion.

Like Joe Paterno, I'm feeling queasy about the whole matter. That's partly because people I respect have asked me not to report on the subject, out of concern for damage it might cause to the family--especially the alleged victim who now is a young adult.

One of the people who has asked me to look away is Sarah Rollins, Ted Rollins' oldest daughter and the alleged victim's half sister. A 2012 graduate of Mountain Brook High School and now a freshman at University of the South, Sarah Rollins is concerned that reporting on such a sensitive matter would cause an irreparable schism in her family. (See posts here and here.)

We conclude today our series of posts about my conversation with Sarah Rollins. (See videos at the end of this post.) I have moved forward with reporting on the child sexual abuse investigation, but I have not taken that step lightly.

My actions, to a great extent, have been driven by lessons from the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State--especially Joe Paterno's role in it. The vast majority of Americans seem to have reached the conclusion that Paterno should have resisted his urge to look the other way--that he should have directly reported the information about Sandusky, consequences be damned.

Regular readers probably will not be surprised to learn that I'm not a big believer in going along with the crowd. A book called The Wisdom of Crowds spent weeks on best-seller lists in 2004-05, but I believe America's crowds often get things horribly wrong. How else can you explain George W. Bush spending eight years in the White House?

In this case, however, I think the crowds have it right. Victims of child sexual abuse are defenseless, and if adults continue to be squeamish and silent on the issue, the number of victims only will grow. Joe Paterno should have realized that. He should have done more.

As much as I appreciate Sarah Rollins' concerns--and I admire her for contacting me out of concern for her brother--I decided that I was not going to repeat Joe Paterno's mistake. I was going to report this story in a straightforward fashion.

The reporting process is ongoing, but technically speaking, my responsibility doesn't end there. Like Joe Paterno, I am obligated to report what I know to the proper authorities. That's not just my sense of right and wrong speaking; it's the law.

Many Americans probably have never heard of something called "misprision of a felony." (That first word, by the way, is pronounced mis-PRI-zhen; or at least, I think that's right.) It's covered under 18 U.S. Code 4, which states:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

I certainly have information about the possible commission of a felony, and North Carolina has no statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, so that would not bar an investigation or prosecution. The law states that it covers knowledge of the actual commission of a felony. Does the information I have go beyond the possible to the "actual commission" of a felony? Does the term "cognizable by a court of the United States" mean the law applies only to federal issues? If the information I possessed involved acts that took place in more than one state, would that make them federal issues?

I don't have the answers to those questions. But I am informed by the experiences of Joe Paterno at Penn State. And it tells me that citizens are expected to act aggressively with information about the possible abuse of children.

You can check out the last two parts of my conversation with Sarah Rollins below.


Anonymous said...

Roger, you are a journalist. As Sarah said, her mother trusted you. With everything this family has gone through how could you betray her trust? Most journalists know if it becomes known they cannot be trusted they will have no sources. As a journalist you were bound to only publish what Sherry gave you permission to publish. You betrayed your source and your profession and you betrayed a woman who had been betrayed by her husband and the legal system. She turned to you in trust. The last resort when the legal system breaks down. In my opinion what you have done is shameful.

The results I get in a search of journalists, ethics, source are all similar.

"Confidentiality of sources is central to the ethics of journalism." Confidential sources is one of the safeguards against corruption. As in deep throat.

This particular manual goes so far as to state if you aren't willing to go to prison in protection of your source then that should be stated before the interview starts.
"Once you have given your word to a source that you will protect their confidentiality, you must stick to that promise all the way, even if that takes you to prison. Unless the source agrees, you cannot tell the police, the judge, your editor or even your mother."

"So if you do not feel that you can go to jail to protect a confidential source, do not give your promise to them in the first place. Tell them at the start of any interviews that you will reveal their names if ordered by a court. They will probably then refuse to give you any more information."

"The legal system itself has flaws, so there must be other methods of correcting wrongs; journalism can be one of those ways."

Anonymous said...

In two words: "Healthy Shame."

In the event daughter Rollins does not work thorough her civil duty to expose a victims' abuse by a predator, then her conscience is to be far more in the stage of concern than imagined, just look at those who cover up crimes that are paedophilia: Joe Paterno, and Franklin Scandal, and the cauldron of vile evil is very filthy and must be emptied fully.

George W. Bush, Jr. and his cabal of evildoers have destroyed America. The cover up is that another entity did it.

It was George W. Bush, Jr. and his sick poly-addicted "ego," that got to have its' own way in the Ghetto Hell that the 'transnational' family owners choose.

Taking innocent humans and preying upon "US" is nothing new for the system which was intentionally corrupted by the families, Bush, et al.

There is a woman artist in Seattle at this time who has been arrested for NOT "finding her own self guilty of the crime," and the set up was by the FBI or was it the CIA? The new military government broke into her apartment and stole her art and personal belongings and possessions. Now a SECRET grand jury convened BEFORE THE break-in, is attempting to get her to testify against herself for the break-in.

Are we insane here?

George W. Bush, Jr. and his family was and is and, why we have Ghetto Hell U.S.A.

BUT let us pretend we are in "Healthy Shame" and continue allowing the American Dream DENIAL to cover up Ghetto Hell.

D-NILE is not a river in Egypt.

AMERICA the "United States" cannot begin the first step in "recovery" until the feet are firmly standing in the idea and not ideology, of the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT, as GENUINE LIFE POWER.

Graduating from fancy universities does not build character. The truth is character, and only this power can set free the reality of what it is: NOT a victim.

Truth is nobody's victim.

Time for Healthy Shame and this takes the toxic shame and changes the reality into the whole truth for healing.

Without the truth in wholeness there is only the lie and this eats the soul into oblivion.

Dare to lie, there is only the truth of an unseen energy to bring balance and equal time in the lie or equal time in the truth?

Choose wisely Ms. Rollins, your spirit grows in the light or you can stay in the dark.

Roberta Kelly

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:04 AM

Put your name out with your very abusive comment to the best "Journalist" in just about all of the "States" here in the U.S.A.

PLEASE, protect the people who are?

What people are you suggesting to be protected here?

Sarah is a grown woman and can actually seek the power of many other grown ups to finally, at long last, get the whole sordid truth exposed.

/Roberta Kelly

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 8:04--

I'm afraid you are mistaken across the board. One, Sherry Rollins contacted me because I'm a journalist, and I have a blog where I publish information. That's what reporters do, and that's why she contacted me. Two, Sherry Rollins never raised the issue about any of this information being confidential or off the record. In fact, she has told me that she has tried to acquire records to assist in my reporting on the sexual abuse issue. If she had told me that she wanted to share off-the-record information, I would have responded in one of two ways: (1) I would have told her, "Don't tell me anything that you consider off the record. I don't want to know it if you don't want me to use it." That's how many journalists handle such requests; (2) I would have agreed to keep it off the record.

I never took either of those steps because the issue never came up. Sherry Rollins actively and knowingly provided information on the subject. She was queasy about being videotaped on the subject, I think because she found it hard to talk about on camera. When she made those feelings known, I respected them and we did no videotape on the sexual abuse subject.

I don't know what Sarah Rollins means when she says her mother "trusted me" with information. But if she means that her mother gave me that information in an off-the-record manner, and I violated that trust, she is wrong--and I've got the e-mails to prove it.

The truth, as I understand it, is this: Sherry Rollins wanted this story reported and only became reluctant when her ex husband and son threatened repeatedly to cut off her utilities and possibly quit paying the rent, meaning she and her daughters would be homeless. Again, I have those e-mails.

I also think Sherry was concerned that her ex would refuse to pay for college for Sarah or try to send her to one of his Campus Crest schools that she did not want to attend.

Leah said...

Its one thing if Sarah was the one being molested and didn't want that published. Its an entirely different matter when the victim is someone else and the perp is in a position to molest continue others. When will folks realize that pedophiles are sick, evil and dangerous with no hope whatsoever of leading a normal life without preying on innocent children.

Thank you for being sensible enough to do the right thing!

legalschnauzer said...


You raise an important point. The sexual abuse investigation of Ted Rollins apparently was weak, so we don't know from that what went on. But we do know for sure that he physically abused his stepson, and a citizen saw or heard something that drove them to file a complaint about possible sexual abuse.

And Ted Rollins did wind up in a position to abuse again. His third wife, Holly Rollins, had a son named Ethan Matheson who was about the same age as Sherry Rollins' son when that relationship started.

Was that boy put at risk because authorities failed to react aggressively to the earlier complaint? Again, shades of the Sandusky case.

Spasmoda said...


So you approve of Joe Paterno's handling of the information he received about Jerry Sandusky? That's what I'm hearing.

Anonymous said...

The CHAIN OF ABUSE, must be broken.

It, the "Chain of Abuse," cannot be broken without a courageous enough human to stand in the light of truth power and not the darkness of lying so the "... pedophiles are sick, evil and dangerous with no hope whatsoever of leading a normal life without preying on innocent children ..." CAN BE RECKONED.

Leah, study Brian Gerrish who was a high commanding officer "former spy for the Royal Navy," and his work on exposing the "paedophilia," because this is exactly what Roger is also doing.

We cannot be civilized by covering up the most dangerous uncivilized in this society.

Bushes' ET AL Crimes as a global operation to destroy the family has to be 100% exposed or America does not go into the future, indeed, we remain in this Ghetto Hell.

Roberta Kelly

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for raising an important point. Sherry Rollins told me one of her gravest concerns is that her son--the victim of Ted Rollins' physical abuse for sure--now has four children. I'm not sure of the gender mix--I think it's three girls and one boy. Anyway, I know there is one boy, and Sherry said she is worried because she has seen signs of that child being treated in a harshly physical way. Sherry also said she strongly suspects that Ted Rollins might have been abused, in some fashion, by his stepfather. These problems do tend to run in cycles, and Sherry Rollins said she was deeply concerned about that. And it was not in an off-the-record conversation.

Big Mike said...

"Sherry Rollins wanted this story reported and only became reluctant when her ex husband and son threatened repeatedly to cut off her utilities and possibly quit paying the rent."

Let me get this straight: Ted Rollins builds housing for other people, but he threatened to shut off utilities and quit paying rent for his own children and their mother?

This guy is a piece of work, I'm telling ya!

legalschnauzer said...

Big Mike:

That's correct. And here is how badly Sherry Rollins wanted the sexual abuse story reported:

You might recall that I reported about a maid who found dozens of soiled towels, covered with feces and the apparent byproducts of anal sex.

Ms. Rollins gave me the maid's name and information on how to contact her so I could confirm material related to this incident. That's when I was able to move forward on that part of the story, and Ms. Rollins took a leading role in making that happen.

I don't know @8:04's identity, but he/she is sorely misinformed.

I probably should make this clear: I don't mean to sound like I'm jumping on Sherry Rollins' case here. She knows that she told me this information on the record and that she gave me permission to report it, even though I didn't need her permission. She just didn't want to be taped on camera.

Sherry Rollins has been the target of what amounts to terrorism from her own son and her ex husband--and that has caused she and I to have some disagreements. It's little wonder that she's rattled, but let there be no doubt that she wanted this story told. She is not about trying to cover up this story and never has been.

As for Sarah, I'm not sure what motivated her to contact me, but I was happy to talk with her, and I think she means well.

Anonymous said...

Roger, Roberta Kelly here.

Abuse is a cycle and it does not stop until the cycle is exposed.

It is called the "cycle of abuse."

Or, "Chain of Abuse."

The "chain" has now been broken in the Rollins' families' toxic shame.

The healing can only begin, upon the chain of abuse or cycle of abuse to be broken by one who has the courage to change the evil into live.

Unfortunately the American tragedy began with the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," as did the whole global chain of abuse we now must also break.

Should we not take the criminal class of "Paedophiliacs" that are in control from sea to shining sea and break this cycle-chain of abuse, then the future is indeed as worse than already bad enuf.

Roger Shuler has the courage to expose the chain-cycle and, it is up to the courage of Americans to grow up and break the evildoers' secret tribal cult.

All of them, "Paedophiliacs" exposed 100% from top to bottom and side to side, backwards, forwards and wherever the chain extends for the cycle to repeat.

Past the time to break the cycle, long past the time to heal U.S.A.

Chain a link around L-I-V-E, then the E-V-I-L, cannot survive without honoring the truth wholly.

jeffrey spruill said...


When Alabama presents a statue in honor of Mr.Schnauzer's hard hitting & in depth investigative reporting--nobody at UAB will ever have an excuse to have it removed:

Anonymous said...

Reading anon 8:04's movie script.

Opaque and dark character, one of HP Lovecraft's crawling as a thousand legged insect, gigantic shadow escaping the light.

How to manipulate or worse, and then the predatory tendency once engaged, cannot stop.

Just the type to go to an innocent's blog or where there is an opening, slither in darkness and then what - we all know:

Well researched to take Legal Schnauzer, where exactly?

How about the readers, especially the younger people who are reading this, what lure in this chain of BS posted at 8:04!

Predators addressing for the most, intellectually or socially extremely 'concerned.'

Pay attention Sarah's support group and do not get fooled by the HP Lovecraft 'demonic' paedophiliac bloggers' lies.

Anonymous said...

America's tap root has been intentionally poisoned.

Tap root America, American, was the truth to set free the spirit of life's truth.

Life's truth has been poisoned.

Legal Schnauzer, is a specialist American doctor, to heal America's poisoned tap root.

Upon the U.S. tap root being restored to health, all tree America, American roots get to thrive ...


Robby Scott Hill said...

Former Alabama State Trooper Joe Duncan gets out on Sunday. Several supervisors in state & local police departments in Alabama committed misprision of a felony when they allowed certain police officers under their command to bootleg alcohol. Some of the guilty parties have gone on to become county sheriffs and city police chiefs. The jury did not even recommend the death sentence for Joe Duncan, instead the judge acted sua sponte & overrode their recommendation by imposing the death penalty himself! The powers that be wanted Joe Duncan dead because he knew too much about too many powerful people. His trial for the murder of his girlfriend was the excuse they needed to kill him and eliminate a witness against them. This situation is one reason why Governor Bentley has had to appoint younger judges and police commanders like Major Tew. I'm anxiously waiting to see the political fallout from Joe Duncan's release from prison. Expect a few prosecutors, judges and cops to resign from office in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

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Toxic Shame


Anonymous said...

Last Saturday, officer Trevis Austin, a four-year employee in his first police job, was reportedly armed with the two non-lethal weapons and a gun when he exited the police station to confront 18-year-old University of Southern Alabama freshman Gil Collar.

Anonymous said...

"... I have to ask the question: What kind of parent would allow their child to vacation with 25 Secret Service agents in a foreign hotel? ..

"... If she were my 13-year-old she wouldn't be going to Mexico with the SS unless I was with her..

"... The real questions are: Are these the same SS agents that got caught with their pants down in Cartegena and would you really want those types in custody of a bunch of 13 year old girls? ..

"... DaffyDuck, u r bringing up a really hot item that Americans should look at, that item being Valerie Jarret. Very strange relations w/this family, she is w/them 24-7! She goes on almost all "family vacations". Her background is very fascinating, to say the least. She truly comes from a privleged background and yet there are reports of her being a slum lord in Chicago. I have to ask myself, why would an intellegent, privleged African-American woman want to get involved in slum property? No, she was not trying to clean it up, rather make a profit from it. She is said to be the most powerful aide of this President and the reason 2 other top WH advisors left.

"... It's time some lights were flashed on, in this deep mysterious place the Presidency has become. He makes Nixon look like Ozzie Nelson! This is a guy who brags about letting you see his guest logs, then goes ahead & meets with "secret" guests, not at WH, but on nearby property, some rented condos, I've heard.

JW Sues for Cost of Obama Daughter's Spring Break Trip

jeffrey spruill said...

@Anon8:04 AM

Is this manual:

just a smoke & mirrors sham to entice the American public into believing there's a free & fair press while the REAL manual for the U.S. media is this:

I know when I appeared in the Chesapeake,Va. General District Court with the FBI's running dog attorney-David W. Bouchard this article appeared in the Va. Pilot Friday-Dec.1,2006:


Do you know what happened Thursday-Dec.7,2006:

The dismissal of U.S. Attorneys controversy was initiated by the unprecedented[1] midterm dismissal of seven United States Attorneys on December 7, 2006 by the George W. Bush administration's Department of Justice.

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for bringing the Joe Duncan story to our attention. Definitely needs to be followed.

Anonymous said...

@Jeffrey Spruill, makes you wonder about all structure doesn't it. Maybe the whole concept of behaving with integrity and honor is a scam. Made up to trick the gullible into being easily played. Same with religion. Karl Rove is said to be an atheist but he sure knew how to manipulate believers to achieve his goals. Convince 18 year olds it's an honor to fight for your country. Laws, ha,, to be used only on chumps. .Maybe we've been programmed to think an adult male having sex with a child is wrong. More for the perv. that way.

Anonymous said...

Off this topic, but your topic for certain LS:

"... A debt collector, angered that a disabled US Army veteran was living off of disability payments, told him he “should have died” in war instead of "taking advantage of" other Americans.

­.. Minnesota-based debt collection agency Gurstel Chargo is now facing a lawsuit for verbally abusing the Army vet over a $6,000 defaulted student loan, Courthouse News reports.

.. “If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off Social Security while the rest of us honest Americans work our asses off,” one of the agency’s debt collectors allegedly told the vet. “Too bad, you should have died.”

.. Michael Collier was declared 100 per cent disabled after suffering permanent spine and head injuries while in the Army. As a result, both Collier and his wife receive disability payments from the federal Social Security Administration, which are exempt from seizure by debt collectors.

.. But in an attempt to collect on the defaulted student loan, the collector seized the money from Collier's wife’s savings account. The credit union then proceeded to freeze her account.

.. The Colliers filed an objection and requested a court hearing, at which the couple was told their frozen funds were exempt from such garnishment.

.. But the debt collection agency’s lawyer continued to harass the couple. Telling Collier “he would need to get a lawyer in order to get his money back,” an unidentified paralegal cursed at and threatened him over the phone.

.. “F--k you!” the paralegal allegedly said, “Pay us your money! You can’t afford an attorney. You owe us. I hope your wife divorces you.”

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove and all the Paedophiliacs running the earth into the ground did not win in the other America, thankfully. But, for US, there is NO HOPE of escaping the "BLOB":

"... Back during the George W. Bush neocon regime, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in his UN speech summed up George W. Bush for the world. I am quoting Chavez from memory, not verbatim. “Yesterday standing at this same podium was Satan himself, speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulfur.”Chavez is one of the American right-wing’s favorite bogyman, because Chavez helps the people instead of bleeding them for the rich, which is Washington’s way. While Washington has driven all but the one percent into the ground, Chavez has cut poverty in half, doubled university enrollment, and provided health care and old age pensions to millions of Venezuelans for the first time.

.. Little wonder he was elected to a third term as president despite the many millions of dollars Washington poured into the election campaign of Chavez’s opponent.

.. While Washington and the EU preach neoliberalism–the supremacy of capital over labor–South American politicians who reject Washington’s way are being elected and reelected in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

.. It was the Ecuadoran government, not Washington, that had the moral integrity to grant political asylum to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. The only time Washington grants asylum is when it can be used to embarrass an opponent ....

.. Unfortunately, the Democrats, if a lessor evil, are still an evil. There is no reason to vote for the reelection of a president who codified into law the Bush regime’s destruction of the US Constitution, who went one step further and asserted the power to murder US citizens without due process of law, and who has done nothing to stop the exploitation of the American people by the one percent.

.. As Gerald Celente says in the Autumn Issue of the Trends Journal, when confronted with the choice between two evils, you don’t vote for the lessor evil. You boycott the election and do not vote. “Lessor or greater, evil is evil.”

.. If Americans had any sense, no one would vote in the November election. Whoever wins the November election, it will be a defeat for the American people.

.. An Obama or Romney win stands in stark contract with Chavez’s win. Here is how Lula da Silva, the popular former president of Brazil summed it up: “Chavez’s victory is a victory for all the peoples of Latin America. It is another blow against imperialism.” Washington, making full use of the almighty dollar, was unable to buy the Venezuelan election.

.. How will a Romney or Obama win be summed up? The answer will be in terms of which candidate is best for Israel’s interest; which is best for Wall Street’s interest, which is best for agribusiness; which is most likely to attack Iran; which is most likely to subject economic and war protesters to indefinite detention as domestic extremists; which is most likely to screw the American people in order to benefit the ruling oligarchy.

.. The only people who will benefit from the election of either Romney or Obama are those associated with the private oligarchies that rule America ...

MODERN EVIL AMERICA: A country run into oblivion by paedophiliac criminally insane, aka the "BLOB"

Anonymous said...

Just read the Joe Duncan release statement.

"... LeRoy Schweitzer, Former Leader Of Montana Freemen Anti-Government Group, Found Dead In Colorado Supermax Cell,

"... At his sentencing in 1997, Schweitzer stood gagged, chained and handcuffed. When U.S. marshals lowered his gag, Schweitzer claimed he was a citizen of "the country of Montana," not the United States ..

.. "I will not willingly participate in this fraud," he said ..

.. Schweitzer had been serving his sentence in Colorado since 2006. Colorado's Supermax prison – short for "super-maximum security" – holds some of the country's most notorious criminals. They include Unabomber Theodore "Ted" Kaczynski and Eric Robert Rudolph, who bombed a park during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta ..

.. Schweitzer is a cousin of current Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat. But in a biography about the governor written by Greg Lemon and published in 2008, Brian Schweitzer shrugs off their connection ..

I certainly voted for LeRoy to be freed from prison and in this time.

I've an idea whose time has come:

We The People agree with LeRoy, except simply write our own names on the Nov. ballot.

Every American simply write in the name of, US, We individual people as the government Republic Constitutional US President.

How cool the ballots are to vote for the real government!

Tx Rob, for Trooper Duncan's info, triggered the other true blue entrapment agenda(s).

Time to vote true blue American, too, each and every ballot has the name of each and every American We The People, speaking truth to unbridled vile evil.


Anonymous said...

"... Brad Pitt is obviously right..

.. The War on Drugs IS a charade -- just like the War on Terror and the war against Iran and the war against Syria and the war against Libya and the war against Yugoslavia and the war against Vietnam. All of these wars are based on lies. All of these wars are insanely destructive and costly. We lose our children, we lose our economy and we lose our liberty, all for nothing.

.. But we Murikans are addicted to war, addicted to lies, addicted to repression. We worship the god of war, and that god makes us stupid. Some have found a way to profit from these wars, and they are the ones who dominate our government. So our country is locked into a downwards spiral. Like any other addict, we will end up in the gutter..

.. What then? Will we bottom out?

.. Will we recover our humility, our willingness to live and let live? Will we repudiate the god of war, return to the human community, and seek forgiveness from those we have harmed so grievously? Will we hold the war criminals accountable and revive the concept of justice? We will have no choice. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first...."

"... Before a Los Angeles screening of the film, Pitt gave his take on the America's drug policy that, according to the documentary, has cost more than $1 trillion and resulted in over 45 million arrests since 1971. US drug policy affects mostly poor and minority communities, and has made America the world’s largest jailer..

.. The documentary also examines how political and economic corruption have fueled these policies for decades, "despite persistent evidence of its moral, economic, and practical failures....

.. Filmed in more than 20 states, 'The House I Live In' shows the perspectives of multiple victims and perpetrators of the War on Drugs, from the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge..

"... I know people are suffering because of it. I know I've lived a very privileged life in comparison and I can't stand for it," Pitt told Reuters, calling US drug policy a "charade."

"... It's such bad strategy. It makes no sense. It perpetuates itself. You make a bust, you drive up profit, which makes more people want to get into it," he said. "To me, there's no question; we have to rethink this policy and we have to rethink it now...."

Anonymous said...

Happened to catch a fellow called Ademo being interviewed on the radio. He had just been released from serving a baseless wiretapping felony conviction. Interview was chilling. I was in the car so when I arrived home I found the station online and continued listening till SNL came on. I thought I heard the DJ say the interview would be posted but I just looked and don't see it. I google Ademo see huffpost, youngturk links. From the part I heard it appeared he was being framed for trying to do the right and I don't think it's over yet. He represented himself in court and evidently some of it must be online because callers were commenting on his trial. If I find a link to the interview I will post it.

jeffrey spruill said...

Anon@October 13, 2012 4:18 PM

Instead of reporting the truth the corporate media would rather sell off one of its interests to another corporate behemoth.

That's how corrupt & sordid the corporate media is & have become:

The sale of the Weather Channel is part of a larger breakup of Landmark, a privately held company controlled by the Batten family of Norfolk, Va. Landmark is seeking to sell its other holdings, like its daily newspapers. Among those are The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk and The News & Record of Greensboro, N.C.

jeffrey spruill said...

Of course Frank Batten Jr. decided it was better to sell off his priciest asset than to be implicated in the crimes of Karl Rove-Dick Cheney-Erik Prince-Conrad Shumadine-J. Harvie Wilkinson-David W. Bouchard-Hunter Sims etc..

These guys make the mob look like kindergartners.