Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chace Swatek's Mother Denies That Huffing Played a Role In Her Son's Death

Chace Swatek

Chace Swatek's mother said in a telephone conversation with Legal Schnauzer that the family knows what caused the Alabama lawyer's death. She also said her son had been seriously ill from back surgery in the weeks leading up to his death.

Those statements from Lana Daniel Swatek contradict those from Pelham Police Cpt. Larry Palmer, who told us that family members had no idea what caused Chace Swatek's death, and they told investigators that Mr. Swatek had no known health problems.

I contacted Lana Swatek a few weeks back to give her an opportunity to respond to reports that evidence at the scene pointed to inhalant abuse, commonly known as "huffing," as the likely cause of Chace Swatek's death. Mrs. Swatek denied that huffing was a factor.

From a conversation between Lana Daniel Swatek (LDS) and me (LS):

LDS: I know how my son died; it was not inhalant abuse. 
LS: OK, can you share what it was? As you know, his body was found in a public place . . . 
LDS: My son died right behind his own home; he walked that route with his dogs all the time. I don't know who you are, and I don't know why you are calling me, but I am about to call my husband. What is your name? 
LS: It's Roger Shuler, I'm a journalist . . . I write at a blog and a number of national Web sites. 
LDS: Are you the horrible, despicable man who is trying to destroy my family? Is that who you are? 
LS: I'm just calling to give you an opportunity to comment on an article that I'm preparing to write, based on a source's report. 
LDS: You know what, you had better be very, very careful . . . be very careful. 
LS: Well, that's why I'm calling you. I am being careful 
LDS: Yeah, you'd better be careful.

More from the conversation:

LS: You do know then what caused your son's death? 
LDS: I'm his mother, of course I do--and it's none of your business. It certainly doesn't involve anything to do with whatever you're saying. My son was sick with a broken back, sir. He had a severely broken back, and he was very, very ill with it. He had a hard, hard time. 
LS: He died from the repercussions of a broken back? 
LDS: Yes, that's exactly how Chace died, but it's really none of your business. And you have no idea of the torment . . . the torment . . . I can tell that you are the most evil man that I've ever heard of in my life. 
LS: Well, I'm giving you an opportunity to comment for an article. If you want to comment, you can. If not . . . I know this is an unpleasant topic. 
LDS: I've already made my comment, and I'm going to call my husband. You be very, very careful . . .  
LS: The Pelham Police Department told me that the family had no idea how he died. 
LDS: That is not true at all . . . I've just warned you, you write one more thing . . . don't you write anything about my family ever again . . . ever again.

Here is a video based on my conversation with Lana Daniel Swatek:


Anonymous said...

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.. Once again, Romney and his goons are mocking the middle class and disfavored class. I can't believe he's rising up in the polls and that the masses will actually vote for this uncaring scumbag..

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O.K., Chace Swatek's mother has also decided to be in the tribe that does not want the truth told wholly. And what is the price we as Americans pay for the cover ups or continued fake stories?!

We do not, Americans, begin to recover, from such as but, not limited to, the serious drug addictions which are not going away until We The People EXPOSE the criminally insane liars in charge of destroying families.

Mother Swatek is either lying, or there is a body of politics in the lying agenda.

AND this is the problem we have in the U.S. from top to middle to bottom, the liars are destroying the fabric of society.

Cannot heal until those that are wounded admit to the degree of the diseases. Diseases include the superiority of thinking that the truth is not a family value.

Further, the threats from Mother Swatek for you Legal Schnauzer simply doing the most important job in the whole planet reality, are in need of help alright and her husband is not a licensed practitioner of any medical specialist - psychologically nor physiologically, or what happened to their son, Chace and help before he died?

Typical Republican agenda, too, you are to be very sorry for telling the whole truth LS.

Bush did a real number on those who and whom believed in his lies, and continue to.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer, Roger Shuler, you are one of the, and maybe THE best in America. I do not say this with an absenteeism of daily discovery to seek the whole stories.

Journalism was in Nazi Germany the same as it is now in the U.S.A.

You are THE target for telling THE whole truth. America is not about true family values or the truth would be the tap root which holds the whole family always, together.

"A Distant Mirror," is a book about the 14 Century.

Your book is to be a full frontal mirror for the split in the U.S. American psyche due to the clear agendas of the liars.

So many liars and the system to keep Americans into the "People of the Lie," another book to read for all the U.S. 'humans doing,' yes digital debt slavery by and through the Federal Reserve BLOB, keeps the dumber than boxes of rocks tumbling along.

Courts are tumblers of rocks and the 'people' are in charge of their own tumbling, once the other rocks were-are tumbled enough.

You stopped the tumbler and the rocks are not polished, simply tumbling into disintegration.

The rocks in all the south, east, west and north too, best be thanking you LS for stopping the verve from turning into dust.

You have saved Americans from Agenda 21, they just don't know because the tumbler has been a success in rock bottom realities.

Anonymous said...

FYI, your next writing on the debt collection biz:

"... As if the Whalen article couldn’t get stranger, it does. “Within a year, lawyers in shopping malls across CA will have a template for filing these (wrongful foreclosure) claims, a template provided by state and national trial lawyer associations,” Whalen continues. However, when one clicks through to the provided link, the website for the American Association of Justice, the only packet that remotely addresses this field is 662 pages entitled “Debt Collection.” They summarize: “Sample case materials include a complaint, responses to a motion for summary judgment, letters to debtors, payment plans, spreadsheets, and client communications.” This packet is for creditor lawyers, like Jackson. There is nothing related to foreclosure defense, or anything related to defending borrower rights. It’s no wonder the author whines about the website; he must see it as a potential competitive risk.


Anonymous said...

Freedom of Info Act. Can't you get anything you want?

The truth from the reports of the autopsy?

I am sure the mother is in denial or maybe something is being hidden from her. It is sad she lost her child. I do not think she can help the way her husband is. Or things her grown kids do no more than we can help what our spouses do or our children. We can try to intervene but sometimes things are hidden from us. I do feel sorry for her. My mother lost a child and she never recovered. It killed her. I do hope Mrs. Swatek can find some peace in her life.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear from the husband?

legalschnauzer said...


Jeff Martin said...

Harassing a family about the details of how their son died is not journalism. I understand you have a beef with Chace Swatek's father, but that is no excuse for the deplorable way you have treated/reported his death. What does it really matter how he died?

Shit happens to all of us and most find away to move on.....I would suggest you do the same, maybe take up a new hobby,for example.. model airplanes or write a fiction suspense novel.

Some of what you write literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Robby Scott Hill said...

I can identify with back problems. You have to be careful about disclosing back problems to the Alabama State Bar. When Keith Norman & Robert Lusk wanted to know why I was medically discharged from the Navy, I told them the truth about my back problems it was obviously enough to make them think I couldn't handle practicing law. My question is why would they allow licensed attorneys with serious back problems to continue practicing? Swatek is not the only one either. Several Alabama Lawyers, including James Hillman Griggs have suffered from such debilitating back and knee pain that they couldn't walk, but The Bar allowed them to continue practicing.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the husband was supposed to do--take away a free press?

David in S. Alabama said...

If he did have such a back problem how was he able to walk to the store and part of the way back home?

legalschnauzer said...


That's one area where the family's version of events differs from that of the Pelham PD. The Pelham PD said they were told that Chace had pretty much recovered from back surgery, was back at work, etc.

Spasmoda said...

I disagree with Jeff Martin. When people die in a public place, journalists tend to report it. When authorities say they don't know why the person died, journalists tend to look for answers. I see nothing "deplorable" about it. I listened to the interview with Mrs. Swatek, and I hear no sign of harassment. She was treated respectfully and could have declined comment or hung up at any time. I don't see how this has any connection to a "beef" between Mr. Swatek and LS. A blogger didn't cause Chace Swatek to drop dead by the side of a highway. Something else did.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:51--

The Freedom of Information Act is a federal law that applies to documents of the U.S. government. States often have some sort of similar law, but they can vary in strength and quality of enforcement. You would be amazed at the lengths states and municipalities will go to hide public records. Getting such records can be much more difficult than you might imagine. My research is ongoing on the Chace Swatek case, but the Pelham PD has said it expects the autopsy results to take roughly a year from time of death. That's because the on-site investigation turned up no signs of foul play, and with our state government operating on tight budgets, such a case gets a low priority.

Anonymous said...

Should we care how people die? If they die in a public, unexplained way, I say yes. If Chace Swatek died from huffing, that's a societal problem, and we need to know about it. Same thing if he died from abuse of painkillers. Covering this kind of stuff up doesn't help any of us, IMHO.

Jeff Martin said...

It is not reporting when the author makes it personal...it is a vendetta.

Feb. 16th Legal Schnauzer post excerpts

"At the risk of sounding cold-hearted, it's safe to say that I wasn't exactly broken up about the news of Chace Swatek's demise. If ever a family deserved to have some bad karma come its way it's the Swatek clan."

"Either way, we've all heard the phrase "what goes around, comes around." For those who know what the Swatek family is really all about, those words ring true today."

Anonymous said...

Amen Jeff. Even better than model airplanes, get a job LS. I've never seen someone so unhappy with their own existence and lack of achievements that they must attempt to prey on others.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Martin, you should be sick.

AND, more than just your physical self, you are sick in the soul because this story and the stories that Legal Schnauzer has the "BALLS" to write about, are what America is.

America is not free, nor exceptional except in stories that do indeed destroy the fabric of society.

Should the NEWS have been doing the job it gets to be paid a fortune to do, there would not be this soul sickness that is at critical mass.

Lucky we are to find in time the terminal disease killing us all, and it is the lack of information to save the children.

My mother and father both never recovered from the killing of my brother and neither have I.

Further, for telling the whole truth, my family has more UNNATURAL DEATHS than you want to know about, or maybe you don't really want to wake up?

I have no balls, and no more abundant estrogen either, but at 64, I have the stomach for the whole truth before it is too further LATE to get real in the U.S. and begin to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work of uncovering why this Ghetto Hell is real when our reality was and is a dream that can be true.

See Preamble U.S. Constitution vs. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and then you can really make your soul sick.

Quit blaming Roger Shuler for doing the job that the MAINSTREAM MEDIA refuses to do.

MM gets paid for making us sicker than the criminally insane that govern, we die via horrible self inflicted torture ...

"Them?" They live to do more of the same vile evil filth that has not solved our problems since no less than 100 years and counting.

VTY Roberta Kelly

Anonymous said...

"Are you the despicable horrible man who is trying to destroy my family" is a denial projection.

America has destroyed the family, and the news has kept us in a time capsule of retarded.

Hold accountable the real parties in interest Mother Swatek.

It is called "flooding," however, once the gates of understanding open, there is recovery at long last -- begin with the too many drugs for mothers to ingest and digest while pregnant. Add vaccinations that are not necessary when actually only poisons to profit the companies, the corporations that must use humans as merchandise to validate the reason they exist.

To be awake in this time is to be enlightened and we can go forward. However, to blame those who are lighting the fire for us to see the wild animals at night, a 'metaphor' so we can finally not believe we're helpless 'natives' going to be destroyed by the light, is to be growing up and embracing reality.

Cannot get real when reality is a very vile evil lie.

Anonymous said...

there may actually be H.O.P.E. in reality?! ...

When Everything You Know Is Not True: Miko Peled Debunking Jewish Myths

Miko Peled, author of The General’s Son, whose father was the renowned Israeli general Matti Peled, speaking in Seattle, October 1, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Martin @12:49--

Journalists report on stories all the time that include their personal feelings and observations. It's still journalism, and it's still reporting.

I can't speak for LS, but if the Pelham PD had issued a cause of death, then there wouldn't be much of a story to report. That probably would be the end of it.

That hasn't happened, so LS has followed the story.

That's not a vendetta, that's journalism.

Anonymous said...

"... It is not reporting when the author makes it personal...it is a vendetta....

.. Feb. 16th Legal Schnauzer post excerpts....

.. "At the risk of sounding cold-hearted, it's safe to say that I wasn't exactly broken up about the news of Chace Swatek's demise. If ever a family deserved to have some bad karma come its way it's the Swatek clan."....

.. "Either way, we've all heard the phrase "what goes around, comes around." For those who know what the Swatek family is really all about, those words ring true today."

Jeff Martin said....

"... October 16, 2012 12:49 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. Amen Jeff. Even better than model airplanes, get a job LS. I've never seen someone so unhappy with their own existence and lack of achievements that they must attempt to prey on others....

**Just wondering whether or not you two, Amen Jeff and Jeff Martin voted for George W. Bush, Jr.?

Was he the predator of all predators? In a word, yes.

His cold-heart and cold-blooded terror on the family Swatek can be far more a vendetta that includes the entire, whole, planet earth, what say you two?

How do you two brilliant reporters, investigators, clearly geniuses in the specialty of knowing news worthy stories ~

What about this kind of person who actually owns the reporting that is for the most, packs of vile evil lies? Bush Predatory Vendetta Global, Inc.

Please jump right in and tell us about George W. Bush, Jr. and the vendetta we must now endure, such as Legal Schnauzer being attacked by the Monsanto brain dead, clearly, you two do not think.

Why shouldn't the families that have profited from the superiority ideologies not get to be grown ups and face the reality enema of cosmically, the truth is about what goes around comes around, sooner, later, and so on.

A pass on how it feels to be real?

No, the real damned truth has been those people that support the paedophiliacs and the insatiably greedy that think without brains.

Do you two live on THE Karl Rove satellite of America, et al?

Tell your darkest secrets and then, only then, do you get to stand at Legal Schnauzer.

Do you see his yellow stripe in saying how he feels about the whole truth?

TLR said...

LS, I find your posts on Chace Swatek's death to be quite interesting, especially your reports on huffing. But the most interesting thing often is the comments. You can count on someone who apparently is close to the Swatek family coming out of the woodwork to claim you have a vendetta against Chace's daddy, etc. I don't know if you have a vendetta against Daddy Swatek or not, but I've read quite a few of your posts about him, and it sounds like you have grounds for a vendetta, a beef or whatever you want to call it. Daddy Swatek probably is lucky you haven't come after him with a high-powered rifle.

legalschnauzer said...


Your comment gives me an idea. With several folks suggesting I need a hobby, perhaps I should take up hunting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:39PM, yes, journalism LS is quite qualified as a master.


TLR, brilliant ~

HOW true patriots would have behaved towards the dough boy Rove, paedophiles, and poly addicts Bush, et al.

Families that have been "above the law," for the time frame of allowing the worst criminals to run the country into oblivion, and the "rich" are known by the karma is not to be kind now that the turnaround has indeed been-is.

Social Credit Fascism's face of vile evil cannot be hidden from Roger Shuler's Legal Schnauzer!

Anonymous said...


"Officer of the Portland Police Bureau" [PPB] Ronald Frashour III, DID NOT ACT IN ACCORDANCE TO THE LAW REGARDING SHOOTING AARON CAMPBELL. Finally, at long last, the "Oregonian" has had to publish the whole truth, front page 10/16/12.

That means the turnaround in the State of Oregon regarding the POLICE FASCISM, is being redressed at long last, too! Hallelujah!!

Your 'blog' has been one of my greatest empowerment experiences in speaking truth to the vile evil. Thank you.

Roberta Kelly

Adam D said...

Like TLR, I don't know if the author has a "vendetta" with the deceased's father or not. And I really don't care. The reporting on a public, unexplained death is appreciated, especially if it involved narcotics or other foreign substances.

Anonymous said...

I get a strong whiff of false equivalency in Jeff Martin's comments.

He seems to suggest that Schnauzer and Bill Swatek are on equal footing when it comes to their alleged beef--that they are equally to blame for what happened.

I've had people use this technique against me, so I am attuned to it.

I've read this blog for a while, and I remember these points about Bill Swatek:

* He initiated a lawsuit against the Schnauzer family.

* He filed some sort of motion that involved the sale of their house on the courthouse steps.

* He has a lengthy record of misconduct with the Alabama State Bar.

If this is a "feud," it looks to me like Swatek started it, he continued it, and he's the one with a record of unethical conduct.

I would say they aren't on the same footing at all. Maybe Mr. Swatek needs to quit picking on people. Maybe Mr. Martin, if he's so concerned with the family name, needs to take that up with Mr. Swatek.

Jeff Martin said...

All of these Anonymous posts are giving me a headache. I've never made a comment in my life without taking responsibility for it.

To answer one of your questions...I have never voted for a Republican for President. Not even sure what George Bush has to do with any comment I have made.

Nor am I friends with any Swatek, actually disliked by one.

And hey...I get it, Legal Schnauzer is a blog with all rights included and I enjoy some of the bizarre rants. I should probably just stop reading it. But it also allows for comments from people like me and you...and I decided to make one today.

I just can't fathom someone taking pleasure in another persons death....that just digs at my soul.

TLR said...

Jeff Martin . . .

I don't know where you get the notion that anyone is taking pleasure in Chace Swatek's death. You are entitled to your perception, but I don't get it.

I don't see that in these comments, and I don't see it in anything LS has written. You quoted from one of his posts about not being "cracked up" about Chace's death.

Seems like an honest statement to me, but it's a long way from "taking pleasure" at someone's death.

If I died tomorrow, you wouldn't be cracked up and that's because you don't know me. From what I've read LS didn't know Chace, so why should he be anything other than not cracked up about it.

At least LS is taking Chace's death seriously. He's reporting on it, which is more than any other news outlet is doing. And he's treating it like a story worthy of coverage, unlike the local newspapers that have ignored it and gone on to other things.

Anonymous said...

I don't think children of bad guys deserve special treatment. I'd rather you go after the bad guys however you like. Please don't harm their kids so the creep feels your pain. Go straight to the bad guy. But, what do they expect? Push and push and no one will push back? Take away our laws and expect civil behavior in return?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, and harassing the family along the way. That roger, what a guy huh?

No one may be cracked up over your death, but should still treat your family with respect. Anyone with children would respect those boundaries.

legalschnauzer said...


Have you listened to the audio? Where is Mrs. Swatek, or anyone else in her family, being treated with disrespect? They aren't.

You might be uncomfortable with reporting of this nature, but that doesn't mean it's disrespectful. And it's not uncommon either. If you read a daily newspaper for any length of time, you are going to see a story where a public figure has died, or someone has died in a public place, and a reporter seeks comment from a family member about it.

Elle said...

I have a question that I haven't seen addressed.

Why is Mrs. Swatek threatening the reporter here with "I'm going to call my husband" and "don't you write another word about my family," etc.?

Her husband is an attorney, so she should understand that a reporter has a right to ask these kinds of questions. She has the right to decline comment or say something like, "This topic is too emotional for me, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this time."

But in so many words, she threatens the reporter with legal action. I understand her emotions and her reluctance to say much about her son's death. But I don't see the need for threats.

jeffrey spruill said...

Is her husband that corrupt lawyer?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, he's the guy--William E. Swatek.

Anonymous said...

TO: Jeff Martin, et al

... stating Roger Shuler's Legal Schnauzer is about

the / a death of children, and

somehow the LS blog feels pleasure in the story about an attorney who is a grown up, what is with the twists of emotional like blackmail, JM, "children!?"


Elle the blogger here is clear.

The attorney son as a grown up person of an attorney that is prominent in Alabama is found dead in a public place.

The grown up father of the grown up son, both attorneys, have problems with (1) the real lawful U.S. Constitution's power; and (2) seriously deadly practices with seriously deadly drugs that killed.

Why would a brilliant journalist not report this story, especially when the grown up father lawyer was involved in a seriously deadly attack with the corrupt 'color of law' being forced in Alabama.

JM, et al, the children are not once on this blog of Legal Schnauzer other than honored with the whole truth.

Why in the world would Alabama not choose the whole truth for life as a real experience?

Roberta Kelly