Monday, October 29, 2012

Alabama Lawyer Jennifer Paige Clark Did Not Commit Alleged Violation That Led To Her Death

Jennifer Paige Clark

A four-year investigation of Alabama attorney Jennifer Paige Clark started because of an alleged rules violation that records show she did not commit. That calls the Alabama State Bar's motivations into question--and those questions are especially serious because Clark died on May 26, 2012, nine days after her license had been suspended on unfounded charges.

Our research shows that Clark did not violate the rule in question, and there is considerable debate in the legal community about whether the rule is appropriate. Among those taking a dim view of the rule is  the American Bar Association.

The circumstances surrounding Jennifer Paige Clark's death--and the Alabama State Bar's role in it--become even more alarming when you consider the following:

* The state bar initiated an investigation on its own; it received no complaint against Clark from the general public, or her fellow bar members, at the outset. Bar rules allow it to start an investigation on its own. But I know from personal experience that the Alabama bar routinely takes no action on citizen complaints that involve clear-cut rules violations by member lawyers. For the bar to act on its own, with no complaint filed against Ms. Clark, is wildly out of character.

* The bar only knew of Clark's alleged violation because someone copied them on a letter she had written to two lawyers in Georgia. Who copied the bar on the letter? Jennifer Clark herself. What does that say about her mindset, given that intent usually is a factor in any investigation of alleged wrongdoing. Would Jennifer Paige Clark have copied the Alabama State Bar on a letter if she thought it was violating the rules of professional conduct? Of course not. Clark clearly did not think she was violating any rule, and our investigation shows she was correct about that.

* A letter from one bar official indicates Clark was being treated as guilty until proven innocent. Clark repeatedly asked the bar for an explanation of the allegations against her. I've found nothing in the record that shows she ever received such an explanation.

Clark was subjected to a disciplinary hearing on May 16, based on allegations that she had violated Rule 3.10 of the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct. The only apparent evidence was a letter that Clark had sent to the Alabama State Bar herself. The rule is titled "Threatening Prosecution," and here is what it says:

A lawyer shall not present, participate in presenting, or threaten to present criminal charges solely to obtain an advantage in a civil matter.

Rule 3.10 seems short and clear, but it is quite controversial in the legal field. Why is that? We will explain in an upcoming post, as part of our ongoing investigation into Jennifer Paige Clark's death. We also will provide proof that Ms. Clark did not violate the rule.

That leaves us with this troubling question: What was the Alabama State Bar's real agenda in going after Jennifer Paige Clark? Did bar officials essentially harass one of their members to death?

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Bar officials don't make enough money from their state salary to retire the way they want to. Do they punish the innocent, to share ill gotten gains with the guilty? Look at incidents like the case of the hijacked 18 wheelers in Marshall County. A local warehouse owner who is the cousin of a local municipal judge was involved in the conspiracy. Two of their close relatives, one a police officer and the other a team leader at the warehouse were killed shortly thereafter. The County DA who never investigated the case was removed from office by Don Siegelman and Bill Pryor began his investigation of Governor Siegelman shortly thereafter. The same people in Montgomery who sent Governor Siegelman to prison were working with the local crooks in Marshall County on that 18 wheeler incident.

You'll see a pattern and practice

Robby Scott Hill said...

Anonymous may be on to something. The corruption in Montgomery may only be possible because it's being fueled by local rackets. The old adage that all politics is local is still true today. Twenty years after high school civics class, I've learned one thing: nothing changes in Montgomery or Washington unless it changes in the hearts and minds of the people who live in the countryside first. If it doesn't, the corruption in high places will seek reinforcements from the corruption in low places. How many local politicians of questionable character, mentioned by this blog have been appointed to statewide or countywide offices by Governor Riley & Governor Bentley? Legal Schnauzer is the Cliffs Notes of corruption in Alabama. If you are a GOPer or a Blue Dog Democrat, getting your name "up in lights" on this blog almost guarantees your name will also appear on the short list for appointments at the Governor's Office. My Tudor ancestors would be proud of these "arranged marriages" where the appointee receives protection for his network in return for sabotaging investigations in other parts of the state. Law professors like John Eidsmoe & judges like Roy Moore spend so much time convincing us that the US Constitution is so much better than the way Henry VIII & the Court of the Star Chamber or the Soviet Union did business, but is it? The same people who ran the Soviet Union now run Russia. Vladimir Putin's grandfather was Lenin's cook and Stalin's Special Assistant. The same people who ran the old, racist, bigoted Dixiecrat Party at the local level now run the GOP at the statewide level. They've traded the White Rooster for the Elephant, but it's the same families with the same agenda.

legalschnauzer said...

Well stated, Rob. And I love this line from the Anonymous comment:

"Bar officials don't make enough money from their state salary to retire the way they want to."

I think a lot of people in the legal profession feel they are entitled to a whopping salary. When they can't make it the honest way, they go along with the corrupt way, which is present all around them.

Anonymous said...

Love your enlightenment, Robby

"... People are awakened to the dirty deeds of the few at the very top and they are very willing to put up a fight. History has shown us that tyranny and fascism can only be sustained temporarily on humanity before the flames of freedom fight back. Let’s hold on to this knowledge and find ways to complete this self fulfilling prophesy of global fascism’s death..

... Global Government Henchmen Being Systematically Exposed ..

.. From a racketeering and money laundering lawsuit that names government officials, to the California proposition (Prop 37) to be voted on that would expose and require labeling of genetically modified foods to exposing voter fraud and corruption, humanity is now observing a slow incremental paradigm shift. It’s all happening very slowly but the rate of human recovery is accelerating...

.. From the rumors of mass arrests to the exposing anti-Iran propaganda designed to instigate more wars, it’s all culminating into a long-awaited turning point. This is a manifestation of the greatness that is humanity. Unfortunately the globalist (eugenicists) would have you believe that humanity is worthless; a bunch of “useless eaters” consuming the resources that belong to them. They would have you believe that you have no value except perhaps whatever labor can be extracted out of you for profit...

"... Are the Globalists Outmatched By Humanity's Greatness? Bernie Suarez, Contributor, Activist Post

jeffrey spruill said...

nothing changes in Montgomery or Washington unless it changes in the hearts and minds of the people who live in the countryside first.

(these criminals need to be exposed or hearts and minds can never change in the countryside first)(that's the public service LS is providing)



Rule 8.3. Reporting professional misconduct.
(a) A lawyer having knowledge that another lawyer has committed a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as to that lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects, shall inform the appropriate professional authority.

Anonymous said...

"... and that Komen and NFL and all the 8 million a day to Israel is not even being Questioned nor Mormons being connected by Smith to Ashkenazi Jews...Why are people so brainwashed ?