Thursday, September 27, 2012

Randall Rollins: A Member of the "1 Percent" Lies Under Oath In An Alabama Divorce Case

Randall Rollins

You might think that a billionaire would have better things to do than to perjure himself over a few million dollars in a divorce case--especially when it wasn't even his divorce. But our research indicates you would be wrong.

We already have presented a couple of posts (see here and here) that strongly suggest Randall Rollins, the billionaire head of Orkin Pest Control and parent company Rollins Inc., produced false documents in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. Now we present evidence that pretty much cinches the deal.

Why would Randall Rollins, a certified member of the "1 Percent," resort to criminal behavior? At issue was a real-estate investment company called St. James Capital, which Randall Rollins jointly owned with his cousin, Ted Rollins. The younger Rollins was a party in the divorce case, and St. James Capital was a marital asset that stood to be equitably divided in court.

Randall and Ted Rollins apparently were so determined to ensure that Sherry Carroll Rollins did not receive her lawful share of the company that they decided to lie under oath. They produced documents showing that Ted Rollins had sold his share in St. James Capital for roughly $85,000. But other documents in the divorce file indicate that story has more holes than the Oakland Raiders' offensive line.

Sherry Rollins has stated that she saw documents in her ex husband's computer showing that St. James Capital was started with a $34 million investment, and Ted Rollins was both president and co-owner of the company. That information alone blows a huge hole in the notion that Ted Rollins would sell his share in such a company for the paltry sum of $85,000.

But let's assume for a moment that Ms. Rollins was mistaken. Even with that assumption, the file presents overwhelming evidence that Randall and Ted Rollins lied under oath.

The evidence comes in the form of two real-estate appraisals that were produced during the discovery process in Rollins v. Rollins. The first appraisal is for a piece of property styled "Industrial Building; Carolina Point Parkway; Greenville County, South Carolina." (See first document at the end of this post.) According to the appraisal, the property includes 38.935 acres of land, plus an 800,154-square-foot industrial building. It has an "as is" market value of $9.6 million.

The second appraisal is for a piece of property styled "San Francisco RV Resort; 700 Palmetto Avenue; Pacifica, CA." (See second document at the end of this post.) This is a 182-space RV park located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and it has operated successfully as an RV park since its construction in 1984. The property has a market value of $7.8 million.

Executives with St. James Capital or its affiliates requested the two appraisals. It isn't clear from the documents whether the company was looking to buy the properties or owned them and was looking to sell. Either way, St. James Capital was conducting business on two pieces or property that were worth a combined $17.4 million.

According to Sherry Rollins, testimony at the divorce trial showed St. James Capital owned 28 properties throughout the United States and Canada. And that motivates us to try our hand at some math: The average value of the Greenville and Pacifica properties was $8.7 million. If we assume all 28 properties carried the same value--in reality, of course, their values might have been higher or lower--that would give St. James Capital assets totaling $243.6 million.

We're supposed to believe that Ted Rollins sold his stake in such a company for $85,000?

I'm a proud graduate of the Jethro Bodine College of Business at the University of Missouri, and even I know that's a bad deal.

Fortunately, I also know it's a bad idea to commit perjury in a court case. That's a lesson Randall and Ted Rollins apparently never learned.

R. Rollins Property1

R. Rollins Property2


Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer: Your post states that Sherry Rollins states that St. James Capital was started with $34 dollars; did you mean $34 million dollars perhaps?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, that should be $34 million. Big error, and thanks for pointing it out. A correction has been made. I always appreciate the sharp eyes of my readers.

Barb said...

Were Sherry Rollins' lawyers on crystal meth when all of this was going on? I've been through a divorce myself, and I know that divorce lawyers want their money, and they want it now. I bet they were charging Ms. Rollins a pretty penny. What were they doing to earn it.?

legalschnauzer said...


I've wondered the same thing. You've got one document that says Ted Rollins sold his interest in the company for $85,000. You have other documents that show the company is involved with one property worth almost $10 million and another worth almost $8 million. Something obviously doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

read the book predatory bender, it's all about crystal meth, as well as every drug used to destroy the sanity of being human.

And thus, these people are truly tragic stories of America's fall as an "empire."

As angry and enraged as I've been about the injustice, my stand now is into the grief about how unbelievably sick it is.

No glasses here so forgive any and all errors, the point is, the so called courts of law in the U.S. are nothing but, faction.

Factions are what the U.S. is, no true community or there would not be women in jail for divorce fraud and dead lawyer women at a young age and just beginning to be a genuine American "spirit."

See email Roger, it keeps getting censored at Scribd.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been through a divorce and I greatly feel for Sherry Rollins. I was fortunate to have a decent judge, and I probably got an OK deal. But I can only imagine what it must be like if the judge in your case is going to let the other side get away with murder.

Spasmoda said...

I don't think it's a big mystery. I bet Sherry Rollins' lawyers were paid off.

The math on this case is absurd.

By the way, how do you apply for admission to the Jethro Bodine College of Business? I've got a son who I think might qualify.

legalschnauzer said...

Be careful, Spasmoda. The Bodine School only accepts truly awful students, those with the lowest test scores possible. I should know, I'm a proud grad-jeeh--ate. Does your son measure up? Don't get your hopes too high. It's tough to meet the low, low standards set at the Bodine School. I had to apply three times to get in. My essay, "How I turned a million in real estate into $25 in cash," convinced them I was qualified. Good luck. Would be glad to send you some promotional materials from the school. My Unca Jed is on the Board of Trustees.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, that RV Park property in California sounds pretty nice. On a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

jeffrey spruill said...

Why would Randall Rollins, a certified member of the "1 Percent," resort to criminal behavior?

It's in their DNA to commit larceny & perjury.

Just like it's in the DNA of the FBI to hand a case over to a criminal lawyer--after completely botching it--David W. Bouchard so he & others can create legislation to use the FDIC as a slush fund for the payoff:

December 20,2005

Dear Mr. Spruill:
Thank you for your letter dated December 18, 2005, expressing your support for the resignation of former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. I appreciate you apprising me of your views on this issue.Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as this issue comes before me.

Please feel free to contact me in the future on other issues which may be of concern to you.
Robert C. "Bobby''Scott
Member of Congress,3512615

Anonymous said...

Not only are the soiled towels covered with FECES seems like the whole damn bunch is pieces of S***!!! not Mrs. Rollins but the men!

Anonymous said...

Women respected now, and the government, we haven't "progressed" and we're not "modern," certainly the idea of "civilized" is not real in 2012:

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Anonymous said...

I have been following all your posts about the Rollins case in Shelby County for the past year or so.

The two deciding factors in the child support and alimony amount were: a. the Child Support 41 form which stated that Ted Rollins worked in Tennessee and his income was $50,000 dollars and b. the statement from Randall Rollins that Ted had sold his half of St. James Capital for $85,000.

In my humble opinion, everyone from the Judge including the host of lawyers on this case all understood that this was a big hoax and they were paid to keep the hoax going in order to fleece Mrs. Rollins and her offspring. I would bet that some sort of evidence was shared among the lawyers against Mrs. Rollins in the privacy of the Judge's chambers. This is what happens a lot in Shelby County court.

I wonder if Mrs. Rollins has read the complete file on her case. I wonder if the case records are accessible to her at the court house? I also wonder if certain items are removed before she is allowed to view the case history.

I know firsthand how things can go missing from a file in the clerk's office when the defendant asks to read the file in Shelby County.

I would like to inform Mrs. Rollins that if her file is not downstairs with all the divorce files and she is told that the file is in the Judge's office that is a sign that something is FISHY with her case history.

Hope that you will pass this information on to her.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 8:40--

Yes, I feel certain lawyers on all sides knew what was going on with Ms. Rollins' case. My impression is that Ms. Rollins never has been able to see the complete file at Shelby County.