Friday, September 14, 2012

CEO Ted Rollins' Ex Wife Is Living in Fear Over Reports About Child Sexual Abuse

The ex wife of Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins says she is afraid for her safety because of reports about an investigation into possible child sexual abuse during their marriage.

She also expresses doubts that her son ever would achieve justice if he were to come forward and reveal what Ted Rollins did to him. (See videos at the end of this post.)

Sherry Rollins said she is afraid both of Ted Rollins and her son, who was the alleged victim in the North Carolina investigation but now has publicly come to his former stepfather's defense on several issues. Ms. Rollins has told Legal Schnauzer on multiple occasions that she believes the Rollins family supports her son's residential-construction business, perhaps as a way to keep him silent about the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of Ted Rollins.

The Rollins family, led by Ted's billionaire cousins Randall and Gary Rollins of Atlanta, is one of the wealthiest families in the United States. They own Rollins Inc. the umbrella company for Orkin Pest Control and other profitable enterprises. Ms. Rollins has presented evidence indicating Randall Rollins committed perjury during the discovery stage of her divorce from Ted Rollins.

Randall and Ted Rollins had formed a real-estate development company called St. James Capital LLC that reportedly was worth in excess of $34 million and appears to have been a precursor to Campus Crest Communities. Public records indicate Randall and Ted Rollins took curious steps to essentially make St. James Capital disappear, ensuring that it would not be equitably divided as a marital asset during the divorce. They also apparently took steps to understate Ted Rollins' wealth in the Alabama divorce case, greatly reducing his child-support payments and causing Sherry Rollins and her daughters, Sarah and Emma, to wind up on food stamps in Birmingham.

Is it possible that Sherry Rollins' fear includes members of the extended Rollins family, who keep billions of dollars flowing through the corporate, financial, legal, and political sectors? The answer to that question probably is yes.

In our first video below, Sherry Rollins and I discuss via telephone several matters related to apparent child sexual abuse during her marriage to Ted Rollins. She clearly is concerned about the repercussions, stating, "I don't know what they're going to do. I'm really afraid of them, and I'm not being a little whiny female--I'm really afraid of them."

Ms. Rollins also references the case of Daniel Acker Jr., a politically connected teacher in Shelby County, Alabama, who was investigated for the sexual abuse of several girls in the early 1990s. No action was taken against Acker at the time, and he continued to teach, until he finally confessed some 20 years later to having molested more than 20 girls.

"There's no justice for a person like Zac if he comes forward and says, 'Yeah, Ted Rollins did this to me; he did it to me once in Alabama. Nobody would care, other than you and me. . . .

"And in North Carolina, it will be the same way because (Ted's) so connected. If (Zac) were to walk up and say, "I was abused for years by this man, (Ted's) going to get by with it."

I do point out in the audio that, in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State, the environment might be changing. Sandusky and Daniel Acker Jr. got away with their crimes for years, but they finally were held accountable in 2012.

In the second video below, our phone discussion provides insight into how the issue of child sexual abuse likely had an impact on the Rollins v. Rollins divorce. Based on extensive research of the issues involved, I state the following: "I think--and I think you probably think this, too, based on what you've told me--that the Zac/Ted abuse issue is at the heart of all of this. It probably was a big reason you all got married, it's a reason your marriage broke up, it probably is the reason you got screwed in court because Ted didn't want to have to pay you and Zac. It's profoundly important."


Anonymous said...


I think you are right, that the climate has changed with the Sandusky case.

Like you, I live in Shelby County, and I don't think Dan Acker ever would have been prosecuted at one time.

But it happened, much to my surprise.

Anonymous said...

Roberta Kelly here,

The CIA is a dangerous operation and the money can do whatever IT chooses, thus, to PUBLICIZE THIS, LEGAL SCHNAUZER, thankfully you have.

Sherry's "SON" should want to bring the truth into the whole reality, his NOW "family" needs, real healing, and otherwise?

TOXIC SHAME does not get changed into "self-esteem" to learn how to point the finger: "MONSTERS," "UNLESS 'REALITY' IS UNDERSTOOD."

BUT, should you LS, et al, have watched the VIDEO which is from the FEMA "artist" who proves the US is to be feared for one who is in the reality zone and not the criminal insane enterprising, such as covering up the computer money for only those who are seriously dangerous.

Yes, Ted Rollins' "Ex" should be very, very careful, Princess Diana of Whales understands very well, Sherry Rollins' "Ex" as a "target."

MONSTERS DO NOT DO, OTHER THAN, manufacture whatever can be, to sow ... for example ... "Seeds of Destruction" by F. William Engdahl. Mr. Engdahl's family is from the MIDWEST, his lineage was top government, governor and other family members in the U.S.

He writes about what is NOT sanity:

Salafism and the CIA: Destabilizing the Russian Federation? Dagestan—‘Syria comes to Russia…’ By F. William Engdahl, Global Research, September 14, 2012

"... Part II: Salafism at war with Sufi tradition ..

. . Salafism, known in Saudi Arabia as Wahhabism, is a fundamentalist strain of Islam which drew world attention and became notorious in March 2001 just weeks before the attacks of September 11. That was when the Salafist Taliban government in Afghanistan willfully dynamited and destroyed the historic gigantic Buddhas of Bamiyan on the ancient Silk Road, religious statues dating from the 6th Century. The Taliban Salafist leaders also banned as “un-islamic” all forms of imagery, music and sports, including television, in accordance with what they considered a strict interpretation of Sharia ..

. . Afghani sources reported that the order to destroy the Buddhas was made by Saudi-born jihadist Wahhabite, Osama bin Laden, who ultimately convinced Mullah Omar, Taliban supreme leader at the time to execute the act ..

Engdahl's book is a must read. I, as an artist, have been invited by Bill, to execute visuals for this book. Problem? I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW BAD IT REALLY IS, THE MONSTERS ARE UNREAL.

Sherry Rollins' understands and I, Sherry, stand with you in your stand against THE MONSTROSITY because I, too, have been attacked and my family has been decimated as an intentional. The agenda is global and please read Bill for the real first step into zone 1.

WE ARE MACHINES TO "THEM," THE BLOB. Or, "GOYIM." As machines in the industires of "medicine, law, education, et Cetera!" we are the best product to ever get into the market - disposable digits.

Anonymous said...

What is the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse in North Carolina?

Anonymous said...

Watched a movie last night in which the victims were repeatedly severely punished for coming forward with the truth of being abused. The film is titled, "The Magdalene Sisters". Unfortunately the story is not fiction. The actual abuse that took place was in fact even more horrific. I think Sherry raises important questions. For example, I believe the movie opens with a young girl being attacked by a male cousin at what appears to be a family wedding. Even though she fights him with everything in her he overpowers her and rapes her. She immediately confides in what appears to be an older female family member. From there the movie shows the information being passed from what appears to be authority figures in the family and religious community. The victim is then sent away to what amounts to a prison run by Irish nuns. I repeat, this is not fiction. My point, would the girl report the rape had she known the result??? NOOOOO.
Sherry, I believe you are smart to think consequences. Think of your goal/goals and how to make that happen. I will continue to think along with you. You are not alone. Maybe exposing the truth here at LS is the best option. I don't know. I believe Roger is a hero. No doubt about that. I just think your being pragmatic should be taken seriously. One thought, this is an election year. Swing states are in overdrive. Possibly put together a plan to be heard while candidates and press are eagerly listening. I'll keep thinking. If possible maybe you should go to a secret place until your plan is executed and you feel safe.

Anonymous said...

The wealthy long have held a tendency to abuse children. Max Keiser, the other day, did a fascinating interview with author Leah McGrath Goodman about horrific child abuse on the island of Jersey (between England and France), which is the world's largest tax haven.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:01--

There is no statute of limitations on child sexual abuse in North Carolina. Ted Rollins still could be investigated and prosecuted there. In one of the videos with this post, Ms. Rollins references possible abuse in Alabama, and she has told me about possible abuse in Virginia. That would make this a federal matter.

Ted Rollins is not out of the legal woods on this, not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Ted Rollins must not be very smart, even though he has lots of money.

For a guy to have any hint of this kind of skeleton in his closet and still go overboard to screw his ex wife in a divorce . . . well, that's just not real bright.

Anonymous said...

The reference to this possibly happening in Alabama caught my attention.

We are supposedly a "pro family" state. Would our attorney general, Big Luther Strange, look into this?

Anonymous said...

"... caveat emptor ...."

Roberta Kelly here again,

In 1966, at Pacific Lutheran University, studying "medicine," I was shocked to find how the "healing profession," was NOT the science of how to bring the physical human body into a state of balanced equilibrium.


A "license" to freely drug?!

I believe one of the strongest proofs of mind control, and the other dis-ease of the "mind," what would be criminally insane, from TOXIC POISONING.

Muammar Gaddafi was executed violently because of his "knowing," about the US "agendas." He WARNED, regarding the lining of the "soft drink and beer cans," for only ONE example: "laced" with psychotropic drugs.



"... The general commercial practices of lying and cheating were legalized in American jurisprudence in Laidlaw v Organ (1817) where it is argued that buyers must take responsibility for their purchases because, “The interest of commerce not permitting parties to set aside their contracts with too much facility, they must impute it to their own fault in not having better informed themselves of the defects in the commodities they have purchased.” Although this principle now lacks the universal application it had in the 1800s, it still is applied generally in most consumer transactions. Thus caveat emptor makes commerce an untrustworthy, fraudulent activity. Every buyer should always expect to be cheated, especially in today’s markets where products are designed to make thoroughly inspecting them impossible ....

Should we millions of Americans not ask, our JUDICIAL in the US TO BE, drug tested, and ALSO tested by the best in the world for the "mental capacity," that is required for these people to be "ON THE BENCH," where would the "reality" stand?

Sherry, you are a heroine and Roger is a hero. Americans, were and are, "working class heros," and here we stand, billions in this against truly, only millions of the vile evil, globally.

"... History is not always progressive; there have been many instances of extensive regression. Immoral institutions can more easily become worse than better. When the Capitalists have accumulated all the wealth there is and have the means to take away any that is subsequently created, what will the mass of mankind have become? Dignified people enjoying the good life? Wherein does mankind’s fate lie? ...

"... The Short, Miserable Life of American Prosperity, By John Kozy, Global Research, September 14, 2012 ...."


Anonymous said...

Here's the line that made me want to hurl:

And in North Carolina, it will be the same way because (Ted's) so connected.

That tells you that powerful people with lots of money protect one another--even for the sexual abuse of children.

Sherry Rollins married into the family, and LS, I bet she knows these protectors by name. Would be interesting to know specifics on the connections that protect Ted Rollins.

I bet lots of them identify as "pro family" Republicans.

Anonymous said...

@Anon10:23, this is an excellent question: "Ted Rollins must not be very smart, even though he has lots of money.
For a guy to have any hint of this kind of skeleton in his closet and still go overboard to screw his ex wife in a divorce . . . well, that's just not real bright."
I agree. Doesn't add up does it. Makes me wonder. Ted was once probably a cute little innocent guy. Wonder what happened to him? How did he get this messed up? And later,why did no one in the family step in at any point and stop him and correct the situation with Sherry and Zac? Maybe it would be helpful to look up the family maid from when Ted was a boy. As I see it, one of Sherry's goals could be to identify the history of abuse in this family and attempt to stop this sick cycle.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:06--

You raise an important point. I believe experts refer to it as the "cycle of abuse," meaning that it often is passed on from one abuser to another.

That raises the possibility that Ted Rollins himself was abused at some point. His bio says he went to The Citadel, a military institution that is famous for older cadets heaping abuse on younger cadets.

The bio for John Rollins, Ted's father, indicates he had several wives during his life. That probably means Ted had a stepfather or two. Wonder what those relationships were like.

Did Ted pass this anger on to his stepson?

I'm playing amateur shrink here, but this is a profound issue. My guess is that families tend not to confront it, sweep it out of the way, so it gets passed from generation to generation.

Anonymous said...

"And in North Carolina, it will be the same way because (Ted's) so connected."
The word, connected, understates the power of PaJoe at Penn State. There is a limit. Ted has exceeded to a far greater degree than PaJoe. My guess is similar steps are being taken to remove Ted. Lucky for Ted at least there is no statue to remove.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:39--

As you say, there is hope for justice in these sorts of cases. If child sexual abuse can bring down the JoePa statue at Penn State, a guy like Ted Rollins might not be so untouchable.

Anonymous said...

The reference to Penn State caught my attention. As bad as the Sandusky situation was, it probably is unusual. Sandusky was incredibly arrogant and "out there" about his behavior. Most abusers probably are not stupid enough to shower with boys in public showers and wind up doing God only knows what.

The more likely abuser probably is someone connected to the home--or who at least has access to the home. That makes Ted Rollins more the norm than Jerry Sandusky.

Anonymous said...

I know Ted Rollins parent Linda Prickett. She warned her daughter in law Sherry Rollins to keep her then young son away from Ted Rollins as much as possible when the two first married. I don't know how this did not sound a large alarm to Sherry. I also am privy to the information that Linda's second husband, Bill Prickett and Ted who was around 15 years old at the time had a huge row at Linda's house in Greenville delaware where Ted tried to stab his stepfather. I am just coming out and telling this because your anonymous comment stated that maybe there had been previous abuses in Rollins background. The answer is short: YES.and Ted was sent away as a young child to a military school in Chattanooga, Tn. I believe it was called McCallie. He then went to the Citadel as you stated. I am a friend of several family members of Ted Rollins in Delaware; he has always had a reputation for being "out of control" and a problem to his parents for most of his life. We have always thought that he needed therapy.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:14--

Thanks for mentioning the Max Keiser report on the island of Jersey. Someone mentioned it on one of our posts the other day. I had never heard of the place until that comment came along and had no idea it was a huge tax haven, with a history of child sexual abuse. (Shows what you can learn from LS readers.)

I probably need to do a post on the Jersey story. And I hope to learn more about the works of Leah McGrath Goodman. She sounds like a brave journalist, a dying breed. Here is a link to her Web site:

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 12:15--

Thanks for sharing your insights. Ted once tried to stab his stepfather? Gosh, I guess our anonymous commenter above was right on target.

I wonder if Ted had reason to try to stab his stepfather. It sounds like history repeating itself. I recall that one of our earlier posts quoted Sherry Rollins saying that her son tried to find a gun to shoot Ted Rollins after a severe beating.

Are Linda and Bill Prickett still alive? It sounds like at least one of them saw this coming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon at 12:15.I believe we need family, friends and contacts with knowledge to take the blinders off so we have the facts to try to understand these types of situations. I did some searches to try to get some concrete facts on behavior, expectations and understanding this issue. I only found one result that seemed sound. I found answers but none that felt solid enough to me to be considered fact.
I have the same questions as deepak. Common perception seems to be that once this behavior starts it will continue. Do we know if this is true or not? What are we as a society doing? Pretending this problem doesn't exist? If Ted has exhibited this behavior and he will for sure continue what steps should be taken? To date, how many innocent children have been harmed by this man? If he can't stop then a child is most likely being harmed today. This is too important an issue to ignore. Maybe the answers are known but the reality of what has to be done is too painful to accept. Kind of like the dilemma JoePa didn't want to face. What to do with Jerry. Is the answer Jerry has to be secured somewhere away from children for life? Maybe there is no other option and that conclusion is one that is too overwhelming to accept.

Anonymous said...

LS, I found the 2010 pdf for Campus Crest and its 10K, filing, at the Security and Exchange, perhaps you've already looked at the information. I have pasted some of it here, below, "BOKF" caught my attention.

And to the questions about how to stop the "cycle of abuse." This is one of many correct "psych" ways to define uncontrollable worse than simply, "abuse." It's an ADDICTION which is subliminal.

NOT almost at all in the "conscious" state of mental problem solving. Autopilot to "get the fix."

Takes the BEST THERAPISTS in the world with incredible credentials to see success, in the long-term family addiction "abuse cycle."

Preying upon the innocent --the uncovering of the UK and Jersey. The KINGS, QUEENS and all the "Royals" with the Houses, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Saud, ET AL, "Bush," are serious very cyclical abusers of innocence. Iraq proves this fact.

Leah McGrath Goodman, HALLELUJAH!

Family has been intentionally destroyed. This this includes the nucleus to the whole, WE the family of humanity.

Unfortunately, for the bad rap now, many of the greatest psychologists have been from the professional "Jews."

The "Jews" are not to be mistaken for - with, the "Zionists and Zionist Jews." Although, these entities do use the masterful art of "psychology, sociology," and the systems of what Pavlov, et al, learned about our CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Begin with the PINECONE, our "pituitary," and its master gland function for our BRAIN and then the whole body is our "mind," according to the very sophisticated "medical discoveries," NOT shared with the majority of "humans." We're considered not able to assimilate the information we certainly need and deserve, to understand how to be a "professional human being."

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, KEY. The practices of Dr. Mengeles in the US must end, this is causing the society to be sick, sicker and then there is no more "society."

This "practice" was done in China, and Russia, it is called how to take the human and manufacture a sub-being, a "filthy" CONTROLLABLE MONSTER. There are many programs and Ted Rollins, ET AL, are an intentional CONTROL the other "lesser" and his behavior is so unbelievably inhuman, we the "humans" wretch at the vile evil that has stolen all "common sense."

Drugs are the most perfect control agent and this sadness for our society is a first step in "recovery," can't get real mad until we grieve the loss of our innocence and forgive the tragic beast that was manufactured to do the heinous crime.

I'll post about how to actually HEAL, in a very gentle practice, our endocrine, another time, Roberta Kelly

Here's the info about Campus Crest and MONEY:

"... Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma,[1] BOK Financial (NASDAQ: BOKF) is a regionally-focused bank holding company, wikinvest ....

On March 8, 2011, our wholly owned subsidiary Campus Crest at Columbia, LLC closed a construction
loan in the principal amount of approximately $17.0 million with BOKF, NA dba Bank of Oklahoma. The
loan bears interest at one-month LIBOR plus 300 basis points (with a 4.50% floor), has an initial maturity of three years with a 12-month extension option, subject to certain conditions, and is interest-only for the first
24 months of the term.

Roger Shuler, HALLELUJAH TOO, another journalist with the gene of altruism! We can heal this because of the journalists who are sharing their genius in our developmental stage of always.

jeffrey spruill said...

Isn't the sexually deviant behavior on behalf of Ted Rolllins specifically why the Supreme Court ruled that Congress did not overstep its authority by passing a law that allows 'sexually dangerous' offenders to be detained past their prison terms?

legalschnauzer said...


You raise an interesting point. I wonder if such a law is less likely to be applied to someone who is a CEO, as opposed to a regular wage earner.

Anonymous said...

This blog has finally degenerated into a cesspool of rumors and gossip. Hurtful rumors and gossip.

I hope that these people whose lives you're ruining get very good lawyers and finish the job Bill started.

I imagine it will be hard to continue blogging from a cardboard box.

Ted Rollins may be a major POS, as bad a caricature of a corporate CEO as ever imagined, but this is not the way to justice.

Roger: Get a clue. Your number one fan and blog poster is a paranoid schizophrenic who calls him/herself Roberta Kelly. Our audience tells us much about ourselves and our writing. Ask yourself if an undermedicated, mentally ill person rambling about the CIA and Ford Foundation, and unable to even make a complete sentence is what you were aiming for the years ago when you started this blog ?

You know, when you were a reporter and not a tabloid writer working on innuendo ?

You do not fix things be stooping to the level of those you abhor.

legalschnauzer said...

Rumors and gossip?

Two members of the Rollins family, eyewitnesses to these events, reported that Ted Rollins was investigated for child sexual abuse. They have provided extensive details, which I have not even reported yet; that is to come.

You accuse me of innuendo, and yet you label Roberta Kelly as a paranoid schizophrenic? What levels are you stooping to?

How do you know Roberta Kelly is my "number one fan," especially when I don't know who my "number one fan" might be. I do know this: Robert Kelly is not even close to being the most frequent visitor to my blog.

Based on your comment, I would say you are in no position to lecture anyone on ethics of any sort.

I also note that you don't even try to claim my reporting isn't accurate; you only say it is hurtful. Real journalism, sometimes, is hurtful--especially for those who engage in misconduct.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Anon at 6:04 is afraid to use his or her name. For whatever faults she might have, Roberta Kelly uses a name on her posts, and I assume it's her real name. Who has the more courage here?

Ms. Kelly's posts are a bit too rambling and "out there" for my tastes. But I often read them and find kernels of insight. I see no insight in Mr. 6:04's comment.

He apparently takes delight in the notion of someone being forced to live in a cardboard box. He also indicates he sides with someone named "Bill," which I take to be a reference to Bill Swatek.

That speaks volumes about 6:04's "ethics."

Ms. Kelly's comments, while not my favorites, make it clear that she at least cares about justice. Mr. 6:04 makes it clear that he does not care at all about justice.

Mr. 6:04 references the "way to justice." I doubt that he has a clue what that "way" might be.

jeffrey spruill said...

F*** it!

I'M your no#1 fan. And just like I told the FBI guys--I ain't afraid to use my REAL name.

legalschnauzer said...


Are you paranoid/schizophrenic, too?

I'm big with that crowd!

Anyone who questions the actions of the FBI and the CIA must be paranoid/schizophrenic. Everyone knows those organizations always behave in an honorable fashion.

jeffrey spruill said...

I hope not!

Anonymous said...

There are many good reasons for having an Anonymous option. I think that's obvious and doesn't need stating. Also, most people don't use their real name when posting on the internet. It's usually not a good idea. On LS I think most posts are about content. I'm not interested in the poster as a personality. I think this is an important blog and I do think repetitive agendas should perhaps be edited somehow. Usually I side with allowing all posts and the reader can simply skip whatever is not of interest. The content in these type posts may even be true for all I know. Max Keiser states he once laughed at Alex Jones. Now Max is seeing much of what Alex Jones had to say is actually becoming a reality. Even if the content is true I think these type posts distract and send some readers prematurely running. Maybe instead posters could address the topic then use a one line closer and a link with more info. Something like, "Wake up slaves and take your meds. " If I didn't feel this blog were important I wouldn't add to the others making the request for a filter of some sort.
-Sleepless in Seattle or how bout Coward in the Corner

jeffrey spruill said...

Anon@8:32 PM

Do you mean something like this?

The FBI are a bunch of cowards involved in a criminal enterprise with David W. Bouchard-Conrad Shumadine-Hunter Sims-- taking orders from doughboy-- Karl Rove by sending the FBI Director to the Norfolk Field Office so it would be published in that rag-the Va. Pilot Friday Dec.1,2006--the SAME DAY I was in Court with their running dog David W. Bouchard:

So seven U.S. Attorneys could be fired Thursday-Dec.7,2006:

dismissal of seven United States Attorneys on December 7, 2006 by the George W. Bush administration's Department of Justice.

Anonymous said...

"... Roger: Get a clue .. paranoid schizophrenic .. Roberta Kelly .. You do not fix things be stooping to the level of those you abhor ... September 14, 2012 6:04 PM ....


Dear "You" and YOU know who "You" are: First, the U.S. Marshal, Brian Kelly, in the State of Oregon, would agree with you since he did do his best to entrap me.

But, no, the CHIEF JUSTICE ANN L. AIKEN, who is rather not working with her "right mind," was not successful in her tragic treason to the U.S. Constitution.

AND Yes, I am not sorry when I finally get to the tap root of the DIS EASE! AND YOU dear lost soul, have the DIS EASE and unfortunately, the entirety of your "tribe," does.


Sad truth, the only gang you all actually have is the CHICAGO "boys" and all their "buddies."

The JEWS of the world, that is the real "Jewish practioners" are not "Zionists." You've used the poor Jews, again, to enslave humanity.

Bad idea. This time, the young intelligent of the "tribe" do not "vote" "YOUR WAY!"

Here is what you do to clear your head about "Me," "Roberta Kelly," also known as the name that YOUR TRIBE does not want me to use, [SEE BILOXI MARX] you are very afraid? yes or no? Your fear reeks in your post, and thus, why the "entrapment" by the AUTHORITIES that were not successful, notice - I am not going to be silenced by the abject terror of the TRILLIONAIRE ZIONISTS GLOBALLY. BIG TRIBE alright and all of US must be very afraid, look what you do to stop any and all truth.

ROGER IS A TRUTH TELLER, not a low down dirty filth maker of humans.

And am I going to share the ancient practices that can begin the healing?

OH YES, I am working on "stringing the pearls" together, it is called that in the practices and interesting in these times, the SURROUNDING OF THEIR OWN NATION, CHINA IS SAYING "STRING OF PEARLS." Yes, this is the giant step China and Russia have taken to protect from the ZIONIST ZILLIONAIRES.

Roger, excellent work, now be more careful than you have ever thought to be. Protect your wife, pets, home and protect your self because this anon that posted, did NOT post a "name" and stepped into the labeling for purposes of truly destroying this "string of pearls," you have finally strung around the intelligent in Alabama and where the intellects are starving for real change.

"... The corporate-financier interests of Wall Street and London hope that those in the West continue to make false distinctions between “left” and “right,” as well as fall for new faces telling old narratives. They also hope that regardless of your political views, you continue paying into their corporations and institutions, so that they continue receiving the resources they need to carry on with their agenda ....

US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy, By Tony Cartalucci, Global Research, Land Destroyer, 09/14/12




Anon, you "defamed" Roger and all that post here regarding the whole sordid truth. Your technique is well practiced, it is standard, watch the fine art film on Zionism's "string of pearls," enslaved humanity. HARM? You, anon, cannot, it appears, stop your "addictions." "BLOOD SACRIFICE, circumcised?"

anon, tortured? read Gilad and watch Yoav, and perhaps, you can be somewhat "enlightened?"

PLEASE, we need you to find your "healthy mind," your sick synapses are too sick. I am sincere, We The People need you to HEAL your sickness.

Thank you for "doing it yourself and taking the burden off God."

Another "ancient truth."

Sincerely, Roberta

Anonymous said...

... -Sleepless in Seattle or how bout Coward in the Corner ...

.. This blog has finally degenerated into a cesspool of rumors and gossip. Hurtful rumors and gossip ...

.. I hope that these people whose lives you're ruining get very good lawyers and finish the job Bill started ...

.. I imagine it will be hard to continue blogging from a cardboard box ...

.. paranoid/schizophrenic ...

Have you scholarly studied:



Please read the "Protocols."

Now that work is truly the epitome of paranoia schizophrenia.


Hmmm, "first name basis?"

Bill Swatek?


"Seeds of Destruction," EXPOSES any/all "paranoia schizophrenia."

Obfuscate and ABUSE as the PROTOCOLS, "anon" or "Jeff" or Zionist wannabe zillionaire, COMMAND YOU TO? Where is your real mind and whatever are you thinking, the "Protcols" have been seen globally and DO NOT hold the entire human vote.

Get over your paranoia, find a great "Jewish" therapist to assist in your unraveling the schitzophrenia knot that may be tying your brain-penis, to the Zionists. Yours truly, Roberta Kelly and I am "female."

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a "gatekeeper." No one gets to use the theme of "The Empire Strikes Back," as he does, without some connection.

He DOES NOT provide any REAL solutions to the problems, lots of scare tactics for the "young," however, NO willingness to deal with the real diseases.

Ron Paul? How many years knowing about "credit" as "money," and yet pushes gold, a commodity that can only cause further damage to our earth mother. Hmmm, how unnatural.

Romney and Ryan? Sheldon Gary Adelson IS to be our "next US President?" Adelson is a staunch Zionist according to the RECORD, of reporting from the "New York Times," et al.


Anonymous said...

"... Lawless America Movie Interview: Angela Steeple - Victim of Sexual Abuse by Biological Father. The judge in her case has forced her to have unsupervised sleepover visits with her abuser, and he has fined her mother and threatened her with jail when Angie refuses to get out of the car for the visits. Angie asked for a polygraph test for Christmas so she could prove to the judge and the world that she is telling the truth. She got her wish, and the results prove she is telling the truth, but the judge has ignored it all.

This is the unedited footage of the interview filmed with Angie Steeple.

Lawless America...The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks ...

continue at

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer,

You do what you do, not to stir the pot as the tempest in the kettle has dropped its' you know what here, "2cents." Those that fear their 'station in life' is no longer useful .. ?!

"... The real alternative media is completely unmuzzled, but it is also unfiltered. There will be brilliant examples of truly independent reporting and analysis, and there will be dreadful examples of unreasoned speculation. No one medium is inherently good, and it is up to all of us to do the (sometimes laborious) work of piecing together the truth from a myriad of sources, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, good points and blind spots.

LS: You do what you do so we do not go where the visitors here do want to get to in truly stirring a very dark cauldron:

"... Devon DB: What is your opinion of the ongoing crisis in Syria?

. . James Corbett: The crisis in Syria can only be understood through the lens of what the mainstream Western media is leaving out of their reporting, namely the ongoing, on-the-record support of outside actors in arming, equipping, and training the so-called “opposition” that is currently waging a ground war against the Syrian government.

. . This help is coming in the form of equipment and tactical involvement from the US State Department and the CIA, arms and supplies from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, logistical support and operational bases in Turkey, and armed militants associated with Al Qaeda and other Wahabbi Sunni terror organizations from Libya, Iraq, and elsewhere. In this context, the constant demands of Clinton and other Western representatives for Russia to “stop arming Assad” can be seen as the hypocritical and deeply dishonest position that it is.


The real alternative media is independent and grassroots, and is not funded by the NGOs or foundations. As a citizen journalist movement, it cannot be defined by any particular ideology or viewpoint; it is a representative of the population at large. Given this media landscape, it is tempting to portray the mainstream and establishment alternative media as inherently bad and the real alternative media as inherently good, but this is too simplistic.

The establishment media occasionally does good work and often reports true facts (with heavy amounts of spin and lies by omission). The establishment alternative media contains some of the best critiques of the prevailing mainstream opinion, even if those critiques are careful never to cross certain lines.

Selling War to the Public, Interview with James Corbett on the Role of the "Real Alternative Media" By James Corbett and Devon DB, Global Research, September 15, 2012

Roberta Kelly

jeffrey spruill said...

"first name basis?"

Nope Roberta!

What I went through from Oct.25,2007 when I discovered downloaded smut on my computer(I immediately notified my Rep. in Congress)to set up scheme after set up scheme using landline phones--taking little snippets of conversation out of context--that's how these criminals work--to raiding my inbox on several occasions.

That's when I truly discovered who the REAL criminals are.

In this NYTimes article I know what: the National Security Agency’s program of eavesdropping without warrants, really means.

Anonymous said...

RK, what is your opinion of Amy Goodman and Scott Horton of Harpers?

Anonymous said...


Scott Horton, a truly brilliant attorney at law and a man with the gene of altruism. Does not get into a "higher thinking" than this and therefore, "a truly civilized professional human being."

Sorry about "Amy," however, she is one of the "alternative main stream," and this is NOT exactly what I believe as a "String of Pearls" mentality.

Roger Shuler is the top journalist in this country at this time, in my research: a top writer, investigator and definitely he has the "altruistic gene," and a master in practicing the ART in "understanding," the GENUINE "rule, letter, and spirit," of the US GOOD LAW.

Roger has chosen to take the tap root problem, and expose the terrible deed that has been intentionally wrought on Americans.

I am working on the "practice." I did not intend to be a "writer!" I am NO "writer," that was my brother's "job." Therefore, I do the best I can at these "words," and should be carving stone as well, "co-creating" visual fine art as drawing, painting, sculpture!

"... It is important to emphasize that to yield does not mean to surrender, but rather to retreat to a superior position. True understanding of yin and yang is manifested in having presence within yielding and strength within softness:

Nothing under heaven is softer or more yielding than water; but when it attacks things hard and resistant, there is nothing that can withstand it. That the yielding conquers the resistant and the soft conquers the hard is a fact known by all men, yet utilized by none.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching ..."

I studied with a genuine DAOIST "Master," he came here from Taiwan, and his father as well, other "sages" taught him. I learned from, therefore, a direct "master," and "herein lies the rub." Shall I, with one finger point, BE killed like Bruce Lee for divulging the practice(s)? NO, I am not going to demonstrate how to use one of the "365" "meridians" in our "bodies," to destroy the individual person's "chi."

"... The weapons of war are not carnal ....

. . The Taoist sage Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, the oldest extant book of military strategy, wrote that true martial excellence lies in winning without fighting--that is, in defeating an opponent's strategy before violence occurs. The purpose of learning t'ai chi as a complete martial art is to develop one's skills to the point where one becomes unattackable. When one cannot be harmed, no one else need be harmed, and ultimately even one's aggressors are rendered harmless. Thus, t'ai chi ch'uan, an "art of war" handed down through the ages, is essentially an art of peace as well as a path to health and spiritual mastery."

to be continued,


Anonymous said...


This is what we must not allow to happen, it is too much of the same "energy" and therefore, time to restore "balance" SUN TZU approves of US to restore "equality."

"... On Sept. 14, Google rejected an appeal by the Obama White House to remove the controversial film worldwide. As Wired magazine noted on May 11, 2012, “former National Security Agency chief Mike McConnell told the Washington Post that collaboration between the NSA and private companies like Google was ‘inevitable,’” and has been widely reported since January 2010. So Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing..

... The Netanyahu Likud ...

. . During the past week, the reactionary Israeli Prime Minister has intervened blatantly and outrageously in US election-year politics in the attempt to secure the election of Mitt Romney, with whom he has been joined at the hip since the two worked together at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976 ...

"Sam Bacile’s puppetmasters, October surprise to "Carterize" Obama, by Webster G. Tarpley"


think, feel, be, "Feng Shui." It is the "pivotal point of balance," in the "Tai Chi." Basically, it is "shadow boxing," in the "dark and the light," or call it staying in balance in the "unseen-seen."

WAR MONGERS are criminally insane monsters. This well-docmented FACT cannot be disputed.

"INTELLIGENCE OCCUPIED USA." We are not different than the countries being destroyed, from Iraq to Syria, Iran to China and Russia, and then what?

to be continued,


Anonymous said...

LS, my dear friend has been extremely ill, therefore, my ability to be "ON" has been most "OFF."

I do not believe I posted this, but intended to. Between hospital, doctors and other ways and means to get "stable" for the "practices" to be once again, practiced by this most stubborn "lawyer." This man knows these practices and has been very "mind" oriented in the "thinking." BUT, unfortunately "western medicine" is a dangerous mistress.

see other post RE: October Surprise. Best, Roberta

Anonymous said...


This is what we must not allow to happen, it is too much of the same "energy" and therefore, time to restore "balance" SUN TZU approves of US to restore "equality."

"... On Sept. 14, Google rejected an appeal by the Obama White House to remove the controversial film worldwide. As Wired magazine noted on May 11, 2012, “former National Security Agency chief Mike McConnell told the Washington Post that collaboration between the NSA and private companies like Google was ‘inevitable,’” and has been widely reported since January 2010. So Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing..

... The Netanyahu Likud ...

. . During the past week, the reactionary Israeli Prime Minister has intervened blatantly and outrageously in US election-year politics in the attempt to secure the election of Mitt Romney, with whom he has been joined at the hip since the two worked together at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976 ...

"Sam Bacile’s puppetmasters, October surprise to "Carterize" Obama, by Webster G. Tarpley"


think, feel, be, "Feng Shui." It is the "pivotal point of balance," in the "Tai Chi." Basically, it is "shadow boxing," in the "dark and the light," or call it staying in balance in the "unseen-seen."

WAR MONGERS are criminally insane monsters. This well-docmented FACT cannot be disputed.

"INTELLIGENCE OCCUPIED USA." We are not different than the countries being destroyed, from Iraq to Syria, Iran to China and Russia, and then what?

to be continued,


Anonymous said...

RK, any thoughts on Catherine Austin Fitts? She uses movies and dramatizations to help people be more receptive. She noticed only when friends and relatives saw the events she had told them about experiencing first hand in her role with HUD as a storyline on The Sopranos did they entertain that her first hand account might possibly be true. I saw the movie, The Majestic, last night which highlighted some of the topic addressed in LS. That and James Whitmore looked so much like the newly discovered species of monkey.

Anonymous said...

found on the www,

"... Several months ago, 60 Minutes did a show on what they are calling the ‘longevity gene’. The ‘longevity gene’ is essentially the body’s regenerative chemistry and the 60 Minutes piece was about the fact that modern scientists today actually feel that they are on the brink of unlocking this ‘longevity gene’. And there’s a substance that they are very interested in right now and the feel that this substance is the secret or an elixir that will actually allowed the body to secrete this ‘longevity gene’. The substance, some people will know, is called Resveratrol and is being sold today. And in the piece of 60 Minutes you could actually see these scientists standing in front of their high-tech equipment and they were very, very excited about the fact that they felt they were like close to unlocking the so-called ‘longevity gene’ in the human body. If you see the piece on 60 Minutes, you might be inclined to think that this is all very modern and very scientific.

. . But the fact is that our ancestors knew about these things many, many years ago. Our ancestors knew about this ‘longevity gene’. They called it Soma. They called it the body’s regenerative chemistry. So it’s actually nothing particularly new. It’s actually something quite old. And in writing The Tao of Rejuvenation, I turned to ancient traditions on body rejuvenation. You can go back to ancient Taoists. Ancient Taoists had people who completely specialized in body rejuvenation. They specialized in keeping people alive for long stretches of time. You can go back to the Yogis who practiced in the area which is now Kashmir in India. They had people who specialized in life extension – rejuvenation.

. . Even the early Christians had people who specialized in rejuvenation. Some people would be familiar with the Essene Gospel of Peace. The original manuscript for the Essene Gospel of Peace is now in the Vatican Library in Rome under lock and key. Some people think the Essene Gospel of Peace is actually Jesus himself instructing his disciples on rejuvenation. We also have these wonderful traditional medical systems that come out of the East, the traditional medical systems of India, of Tibet and China. Within these medical cultures, there were people who specialized in life extension… in longevity.


".. Several different physiological processes are carried out by the endocrine system through chemical messengers called hormones. The endocrine system is a collection of glands that produces these hormones, which are necessary for normal bodily functions. Hormones regulate metabolism, growth and sexual development. The glands in the endocrine system release the hormones directly into the bloodstream, where they are transported to organs and tissues throughout the entire body.

.. Several of the glands in the endocrine system are vital to good health; these include the pituitary gland, which is located in the brain and is an important link between the nervous system and the endocrine system and releases many hormones which affect growth, sexual development, metabolism and the system of reproduction; the thyroid and parathyroid glands, which are in the throat and, among other things, control the rate at which the body produces energy from nutrients; the thymus gland, which is a critical part of the immune system; the reproductive glands (ovaries in women and testes in men); and the adrenal glands, which are located atop each of the kidneys and produce both steroids and adrenalin ...

Sun Tzu or Sun Tse, was a "master" of the endocrine and nervous systems as a 'dao' practitioner.

Simple practice in how to "one function button" (modern daoist master's words bout 'how to') balance, center, 'naturalize' the inner systems.

tbc /rk

Anonymous said...

I've not connected with "Solari" and CAF, in quite some time now.

The "Pinecone" and/or call it the "Jade Pillow," or "Pineal Gland," our "Reptilian Brain," also this is called the center where we must "move the energy" into a higher state of consciousness, has been interesting to me, coupled with studying Pavlov and his being set up immediately by Russia's Stalin, after floods destroyed his labs, and his animal experiments, almost all, died. Where terrorism was "coined," brainwashing and most did drown.

My youngest son, has been very instrumental in "seeing" with the younger generations' "eyes."'

"SHUFFLE OFF TO BUFFALO", Definitive Version, 42nd. St. Production Number, 1933.

Uploaded by zuzulo56 on Jan 27, 2011

THE DEFINITIVE VERSION: Ruby Keeler (& her hormones) sings and dances off to Buffalo. (Very last few sec. missing, but it's more than what YOU have...Ha, Ha!) This clip was uploaded, covered by the "Fair Use" provisions of the U.S.Copyright Act...for educational use and to promote interest in, and purchase of 20's & 30's era music by interested viewers. All copyrights, including the the ones concerning COMPOSITION owned by the MUSIC PUBLISHING RIGHTS COLLECTING whom I am indebted. Thank You, lads! AVAILABLE:

THE MOVIE 42 STREET, WAS AND IS, AN INTENTIONAL "ENDOCRINE" MANIPULATION. SEE THE "POPE" and all the very powerful iconography of the "Pinecone."

I started a poem, Dr. Moreau's Jingoist Americana. I only got as far as the title, you saw what the movie looks like.

I ran into James Whitmore, once, traveling from Bangkok, Thailand where monkeys jumped on humans. Luckily James did not jump on you.

Scary America.

CAF knows how the "programming" has been "subliminal" and beyond what "innocent Americans" were prepared to be in the "mind" as "ready" for "modern."

Roger uses the art of our first sense, smell, whether "first hand," or not, and seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, and thus, "five elements." Subliminal is the power of our "unseen," or say it as "subtle."

the entire 42nd street is a key,

Anonymous said...

There is something about this story that doesn't quite jibe. First of all, who has so many towels that 100 can go missing and it not affect the household? At the time of the alleged offense they were a family of four. I would think that a family of that size, with domestic help, would have no need for more than two dozen bath towels. Assuming the maid does laundry twice a week at least, which is plausible. So, who has 100 towels that can disappear with no notice? Secondly, assuming these towels were found, why would the mother of the child/victim screw around reading a book about deviant homosexual behavior if she feared her son was being sodomized by her husband rather than gathering her things and sons and getting the hell out? As a mother, I would take my chances on the streets. She chose to stay, even though she had family she could have run to.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 9:03--

The story actually jibes quite well. The 100 or so towels did not go missing all at once. It happened over a fairly lengthy period of time. My understanding is that 10-20 would disappear over several weeks, and Ms. Rollins would replace them. She kept replacing that number several different times until the maid discovered where about 100 towels had gone.

The mother began to read the book after someone filed a complaint of child sexual abuse, and the family was ordered into counseling at Duke. A psychologist there recommended the book. Why he did not report his findings to authorities is beyond me--although Ted Rollins graduated from Duke, and I believe the family has made donations to the university. It's possible the psychologist did report his findings, and no one did anything about them.

My guess is that Ms. Rollins was a bit like Joe Paterno when faced with this problem. She probably had a hard time conceiving that a grown man could do this to a child, especially a man she thought she knew--and she had not witnessed the events directly.

You imply that confronting homelessness is easy. I'm not sure most people see it that way. Plus, you are looking at events from a spot almost 20 years in the future. When you are in a crisis, at that moment (in 1993-95), solutions don't come easily, I suspect.