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Did Atlanta Billionaire Randall Rollins Commit Perjury in Alabama Divorce Case?

R. Randall Rollins

The defining moment in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case came when the proceedings were moved, in midstream, from South Carolina to Alabama. That could not happen under the law because Sherry Carroll Rollins had initiated the action by suing for divorce in Greenville, where the family lived and the case was litigated for three years.

But Ted Rollins managed to get the case shifted to Shelby County, Alabama, where he turned the tables by suing his wife for divorce . . . even though she already had sued him for divorce? If that sounds wacky to you, it should--because it's illegal. All sorts of procedural, statutory, and case law shows that a case cannot be moved once jurisdiction is established. The principle perhaps is most clearly stated in an Alabama cased styled Wesson v. Wesson, 628 So. 2d 953 (Ala. Civ. App., 1993). ("Once jurisdiction has attached in one court, that court has the exclusive right to continue its exercise of power until the completion of the case, and is only subject to appellate authority.")

How did Ted Rollins pull off such a feat of legal hocus pocus? Well, it probably helped that his corporate law firm, Bradley Arant, is based in Birmingham and holds considerable sway over judges in these parts. It also probably helped that his cousin, R. Randall Rollins of Atlanta, is a billionaire--and it appears the prime purpose for the jurisdictional switch was to hide the assets of a real-estate investment firm the Rollinses had jointly formed.

The company is called St. James Capital, LLC, and it was established during the Greenville portion of the Rollins divorce case that Ted Rollins served as president of the firm. By the time, the case shifted to Alabama, Ted Rollins had managed to make St. James Capital (SJC) disappear. On an Alabama child-support affidavit called a CS-41, he listed his only income as roughly $50,000 annually from Reynolds Mortgage Company, of Brentwood, Tennessee. The form included no mention of St. James Capital, which clearly existed at the time.

Evidence strongly suggests that Ted Rollins perjured himself in order to greatly reduce his child-support payments. But our research indicates he had considerable help from Randall Rollins in pulling off the scam--and it apparently was driven by concerns that went beyond child support. St. James Capital was formed during the course of Ted Rollins' marriage to Sherry Rollins, and that means it was a marital asset  that should have been equitably divided as part of the divorce proceedings. The company had substantial value, and it appears that Ted and Randall Rollins did not want to share it--so they cooked up a scheme to ensure that Mrs. Rollins would not receive her lawful share.

The actions of Ted and Randall Rollins regarding St. James Capital clearly were underhanded. Were they also criminal? Our research indicates the answer is yes.

Why would two grown men do such a thing? Well, you apparently don't reach the financial big leagues by being kind and gentle to others. And make no mistake about it, the Rollinses are heavy hitters when it comes to money. The thought of sharing their booty with anyone, especially Ted's soon-to-be ex wife, must not have pleased them.

As CEO of Campus Crest Communities, which completed a $380-million Wall Street IPO in late 2010, Ted Rollins travels in rarefied financial circles. But Randall Rollins, his cousin, travels in the stratospheric circles of the truly 1 percent.

Randall and his brother, Gary, are the chairman and president/CEO, respectively, of Atlanta-based Rollins Inc., which is parent company for Orkin Pest Control and other profitable enterprises. Reports in The Atlanta Business Chronicle indicate that Randall and Gary Rollins are worth more than $1 billion each.

You might think that Randall Rollins would have no reason to worry about the outcome of his cousin's divorce case in Alabama. But our research shows that Randall Rollins had made a substantial investment in St. James Capital, and he had reason to know the company was a marital asset that was due to be equitably divided. It appears Randall Rollins wanted to make sure that Sherry Carroll Rollins did not receive her lawful share of the company--and he was willing to engage in skulduggery to make that happen.

We soon will be taking a detailed look at SJC documents that were produced during discovery in the Rollins divorce case. But for now, let's focus on some peculiar math associated with the company.

In one document, Randall Rollins states that Ted Rollins sold his interest in St. James Capital for roughly $85,000. This was the total of several loans that Randal Rollins had made to his cousin. In lieu of repaying the loans, documents show, Ted Rollins gave up his interest in St. James Capital.

What makes this odd? For one, Ted Rollins just happened to sell off his interest in SJC as his divorce case was being shifted to Alabama. Hmmm.

For another, the numbers do not add up.

Sherry Rollins states that she saw documents during the course of her marriage that showed St. James Capital was formed with $34 million--$17 million from Randall Rollins and $17 million from John W. Rollins Sr., on behalf of his son, Ted. The elder Rollinses were Class A shareholders, and Ted was designated a Class B shareholder and company president. When John Rollins died in 2000, his shares went back into the company, and Ted became half owner.

During the course of the Rollins divorce case, St. James Capital owned at least 28 properties throughout the United States and Canada. So we are supposed to believe that Ted Rollins sold his share in SJC for about $85,000--even though it was worth at least $17 million, plus a portion of the value on 28 properties around North America?

That sounds like the kind of business deal Jethro Bodine might make. It reminds me of an old Steve Martin routine--"How I turned a million in real estate into $25 in cash."

Something tells me that Ted Rollins is a better businessman than that. Something also tells me that Ted and Randall Rollins pulled a fast one in Alabama courts.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Wow....wrong court, illegal transfer of a divorce case, lies on Child Support 41 form, does all this mean fraud, perjury and theft?

I also read in previous posts that Ted Rollins owns Campus Crest a publicly traded company. After a short research on google I found that the company was started in 2003 or 2004 with money from Rollins. Does that mean that on the Child Support 41 form where he said he worked for Reynolds Mortgage Company in Tn. is a fraudulent lie and that he technically owned two companies during the divorce in Alabama? I wonder what rights Mrs. Rollins has as far as pressing charges against Randall Rollins and Ted Rollins? Do you know Legal Schnauzer? Does she need the name of a very good lawyer or is there such a thing in Alabama? I wonder what the child support and alimony awarded in this case if any was?

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer: I just googled your boy Ted Rollins and his partner Randall Rollins a little further. Seems Randall is also head of other companies which are publicly traded but controlled and 65% or more shares are owned by him: Rollins Inc., RPC, Marine Products, St. James Capital LLC...and more, I am tired of typing all these. Wow....seems that St. James Capital still exists. So, what is it worth? Couldn't find out exactly but apparently from SEC documents I saw, it has purchased thousands of shares of other companies too. Just amazed at this horrific court case in Alabama and Shelby County. Is it true that Aristotle Onassis flew into the airport in Shelby County where he was met by an attorney or two weilding legal documents to divorce one of his wives? He was said to be one of the many rich people who got quickee divorces in Shelby County during the 70's even though he didn't live here. Just shows that there are no laws in Shelby County to protect the wives and children of such important men, or at least no laws that are being upheld. Children and women are the ones who suffer when the wealthy guys decide to let one of their body parts rule them and the male courts seem to follow suit. Hope you find out more on this legal? debaucherie.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:35--

I would say it means all of those things--fraud, perjury, and theft. And it is not just theft from Ms. Rollins; it also is theft from her two daughters by Ted Rollins. Stealing from children? It doesn't get much lower than that.

You raise a number of important questions; I'm still researching these issues, but here are my best answers at the moment. The evidence shows that Ted Rollins had an ownership stake in both St. James Capital and Campus Crest Communities at the time he signed his CS-41, so yes, it appears he committed perjury. Randall Rollins supplied a document under oath showing that Ted Rollins sold his interest in SJC for roughly $85,000, and given that Ted's share in the company apparently was worth at least $17 million, that makes no sense--and also points to likely perjury.

I've found that financial and legal elites often think "commoners" are stupid, and Randall/Ted must have thought that about Ms. Rollins. But she had done her homework and knew how much John Rollins Sr. had put into SJC for his son, Ted.

I have documents from Randall Rollins' deposition and will be reporting more on those shortly. His testimony was taken in Atlanta, while Ted's testimony was presented in N. District of Alabama, so I would say Ms. Rollins has possible criminal charges she could bring in ATL, BHM, or both. The mails and wires apparently were used, so that would make these federal matters that need to be presented to the FBI in either or both cities. I feel certain that Ms. Rollins also would have grounds for civil claims against both Ted and Randall Rollins--and anyone else who helped perpetuate an apparent fraud on the court. That probably would include lawyers at Bradley Arant, who I believe helped make all of this happen.

Does a lawyer with a spine exist in Alabama? I'm not sure, but I imagine Ms. Rollins would like to meet one. As for alimony/child support, it was $500 (alimony) and $815 a month (child support, total, for two children), which I am told is an unbelievably small sum for a man of Ted Rollins' real wealth.

Much more is coming soon on Randall Rollins' role in all of this--and it was substantial. I have documents from his deposition, and they point to serious misconduct.

As I've reported several times, Orkin has a history of treating customers in a fraudulent manner. Perhaps that mindset starts at the top of the company.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:49--

That's a fascinating story about Onassis. I had never heard that one, but I would not doubt it. Rich men will go to extraordinary lengths to pull fast ones in divorce courts, and I suspect Shelby County's reputation is known far and wide. I've heard that Talladega County, for some reason, is a good place for quickie divorces when you don't want your file to be scrutinized by prying eyes in your home county. Not sure why that is.

Randall Rollins apparently believes in diversity when it comes to money--although I suspect his financial world is filled mostly with white guys and Republicans. His business interests seem to be wide ranging.

I recently stumbled upon an item on the Web where a company called St. James Capital purchased a Walgreen's in south Florida for the tidy sum of $7.8 million. Here is a link:

This transaction was in 4/12, so SJC still appears to be quite active.

One deal is valued at $7.8 m, but Ted Rollins sold his share for $85,000? Don't think so.

Anonymous said...

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It was in the twenty-first century a woman who had devoted her entire life to "POLITICS."

What has been done Mrs. Rollins in this "time frame," absolutely done to the "woman" shamed to not be "Presidential."

Arkansas dishonored and in Shelby County, Alabama and clearly in the Southern states, ALL? Saudi Arabia is building a "women only" place for containment.

America's best partner, SA.

Aristotle Onassis flew into the airport in Shelby County where he got a divorce. Did he then marry Jackie? It was-is also rumored that it was Onassis who ordered a hit, also, on JFK, and when we in the U.S. do not have REAL news, what to do. On Liberal Grouch's video there was a "Virtual Small Pox In A Real City," caught my eye and the video was and is a vivid art technology's hysterical.



The United States of America, and the JUDGES I BET ONE HUNDRED PERCENT [100%] ARE AWARE ON SOME LEVEL, and thus, corruption is a deep chasm we're seeing in how "women" are considered in Saudi Arabia equal "partners" in the U.S., and globally the agenda is being implemented by the C.I.A., since the 1950s.

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jeffrey spruill said...

"Once jurisdiction has attached in one court, that court has the exclusive right to continue its exercise of power until the completion of the case, and is only subject to appellate authority."

Does appellate authority mean New York jurisdiction also?

This proves beyond a doubt that US Courts are bought & sold to the highest bidder!

legalschnauzer said...


In terms of the Rollins divorce case that means it had to stay in Greenville, SC, where jurisdiction had been established for three years, and was only subject to appellate authority in that state.

I don't claim to be an expert on jurisdictional law, but this is pretty elementary stuff, and I feel safe in saying that it applies in any state. If trial-court jurisdiction is established in NY, then it must stay there, subject only to appellate authority in NY--and, theoretically, to the U.S. Supreme Court, if the case were to go that far.

It's ironic that you mention NY because the AL case I cite, Wesson v. Wesson, involved a divorce case where jurisdiction already had been established in NY. Here is the background on that, from the case itself:

"The husband filed for divorce in the state of New York on April 22, 1991. On August 23, 1991, the husband filed a complaint for divorce in the state of Alabama. The wife filed a counterclaim in the New York action on September 30, 1991.

"Action was taken by both courts in this case. The New York court awarded pendente lite relief to the wife on September 17, 1991. The circuit court of Lauderdale County entered a purported judgment of divorce on September 2, 1992. The wife appeals."

The AL appellate court ruled as follows:

"Based upon the foregoing, this court finds that the Alabama court did not have proper jurisdiction to enter a judgment of divorce in this action. Without proper jurisdiction, the judgment is void and, therefore, we dismiss this appeal."

In the Rollins case, this means the AL judgment is void--and yet, it has been enforced for roughly seven years now. A judge simply ignored black-leter law, probably because he was paid to do so.

That's why I call Rollins v. Rollins the worst civil cheat job that I've seen.

David in S. Alabama said...

A few years before Aristotle Onassis got his divorce in AL his daudghter flew in to Mobile, checked into the Admiral Semmes Hotel two blocks from the courthouse, got up the next morning she went to see a lawyer who filed a divorce action the next day with her claiming to be a resident of Mobile after two nights in a Mobile hotel. She flew out that night.

LS tell us about the lawyer who represented Sherry Rollins in Shelby Co.

legalschnauzer said...


Ms. Rollins had several lawyers on the Shelby Co case, sort of a rotating cast. But MaryLee Abele and Conrad Fowler probably spent the most time on the case. I will have to check records on the other lawyers names who were involved at different stages. But Abele and Fowler were the ones who represented her at the time of the judgment and also at the time Randall Rollins was deposed. Fowler is based in Columbiana, and I'm told he was added to the team only because he supposedly had "ins" with corrupt Shelby County judges. Seems safe to say that Mr. Fowler's presence did not do Ms. Rollins a whole lot of good, although I'm sure he had his hand out at paycheck time.

Anonymous said...

In a word: Privatized.

The BUSH family did it? No, but Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, UN, et al are AGENTS for the "global" corporation United States.

Legal Schnauzer, you actually are accountable for this burning spirit now flaming white fire, gone far beyond the red-orange, blue-purple. I'm investigating how women got so unsophisticated in what is "modern."

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The US is not an exception to the "agenda(s)."

LS, your reporting has been the catalyst to change the darkness into light, for these women who have had the courage, Mrs. Rollins, et al, to speak in public about the crimes committed against them and "family."

LS, Mrs. and yours' experience brought to the surface how deep the wound of America's soul has developed into.

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Tx LS, rkelly sent you an Email

legalschnauzer said...


It's worth noting, too, that I have left multiple voice messages and e-mails with three different Bradley Arant lawyers--Dawn Sharff, Walter Sears, and Beau Grenier--seeking interviews about issues connected to their client, Ted Rollins and Campus Crest. They are officers of taxpayer-funded courts, but they are apparently afraid to take questions about matters involving the abuse of public facilities. I wonder why that is. I soon will be running a copy of the questions I sent them via e-mail--the questions that they refuse to answer.