Thursday, April 19, 2012

Child Sexual Abusers Tend To Be A Crafty And Elusive Bunch

The public's general reaction to a case of child sexual abuse probably goes something like this: "The adult who did that is evil and should burn in hell."

Such a response is understandable, but abusers tend to be smart--and that can make it extremely difficult to intervene in child sexual abuse cases.

That was the take-home lesson from a conference recently that featured several experts in one Midwestern state. The event took place as the Missouri Task Force on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse is focusing on solutions to a problem that has made headlines since the Jerry Sandusky case broke at Penn State last November.

All of this resonates with your humble blogger because the conference was in Springfield, Missouri, my hometown. I can't remember ever hearing about a case of child sexual abuse when I was growing up. But now my old neck of the woods apparently has a significant problem with it. From The Springfield News-Leader:

Mark Webb became Marionville police chief after retiring from the Springfield Police Department.

Although Springfield has far more than its fair share of child sex abuse cases, Webb said he was shocked to find the proliferation of child abuse in the more rural area where he now works.

Is child sexual abuse becoming more and more of a problem in the countryside? The Missouri experts have seen evidence indicating the answer is yes:

The more (Webb) thought about it, the more it made sense. Perpetrators were picking small towns and rural regions.

“They go to these areas because they know there’s no law enforcement and what there is is very limited in their ability to investigate,” Webb said.

“Their risk of being apprehended, these guys, they know the risk is minimized. They’re out there with the police they might hang out with at the coffee shop.”

That goes back to what experts have learned about child abusers--they can be crafty and elusive. From the News-Leader:

The truth of the matter is, many adults who prey on children for sexual gratification are smart.

They know where they’ll be trusted. They know who will look the other way.

They know the kids who won’t tell.

Sexual abusers tend to be someone close to the child, often within the family. From the News-Leader and Barbara Brown-Johnson, executive director of the Springfield Child Advocacy Center:

Parents are the vast majority of perpetrators of sexual abuse against children, Brown-Johnson said. That’s because trust is the primary tool of a sexual predator who seeks children, and children are born with a certain amount of faith in their parents.

But it’s also common for others to build bonds with families to prey on the children. The term is called grooming, and often the parents are groomed right along with the kids.

The Sandusky case has brought child sexual abuse to the nation's front pages, and it has become a frequent topic on our blog. We have seen evidence that Sandusky persistently groomed his victims, even while they were on the Penn State campus, and we have followed similar cases from around the country over the past six months or so.

I have many fond memories of growing up in Springfield, Missouri. I can't imagine a better place to have been a kid. But that was in the 1960s and '70s; it doesn't sound as if Springfield is quite so idyllic for many kids now.

That is sobering to learn, but it's encouraging to know that professionals are making a serious effort to root out the evil of child sexual abuse that has taken root in my hometown. Perhaps that will help lead victims, parents, community leaders, and others to speak up when they see signs of a child being victimized--not only in Springfield, but across the country.


Anonymous said...

Child molestation runs rampant in the Birmingham metropolitan area. Several of these heinous crimes against the most innocent of beings has been exposed lately.
Guess what will happen to the perpetrators. I'll tell you. Very little.
Our "justice" system is too busy.... I'm sorry, I don't know what they are doing. Neither do they.
Do any of you have any suggestions? This is a very serious issue. Thank you, LS, for posting about this.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in a small town we knew everything going on.. I never remember child molestation. Having the hell beat out of us yes.. but never any sexually abused. I just wonder if TV the trash that is on there and the Internet is responsible. You can not even watch a show that sex is not mentioned. Also the commercials are all geared to sex.. Buy this car it will make you sexy. But this toothpaste is will make you sexy. It is so out in the open when 8 year olds get caught having oral sex in class. Ok.. when I was 8 I did not even know about sex. Yesterday another teacher a WOMAN from Tuscaloosa was exposed for having sex with a 15 year old I think. I have never had the desire to be around children much period.. and sure I never had the desire to have sex with one.. She was a teacher. I asked someone I know that worked in the law enforcement field that if castration would cure the sex offenders. NO. the desire is not in the body part... it is in the brain. School and home should be the safest two places on earth. Kids are getting shot at school and now molested. I just dont know .. But something needs to be done. We need stiffer laws. It is the women as well as the men. We are truly in a sick society.

Anonymous said...

The Franklin Scandal.

A MUST careful study for any and all journalists to understand what happened to our country America, since that supreme cover-up.

Warren Buffett ET AL can be the true underbelly of why we are where we are in America as those who have the so-called "money" THINK DIGITAL COMPUTER KEYSTROKES, get to be the predators and the rest get to be the victims of FRAUD from cradle to grave.

Innocent victims are the souls these ghouls are rumored to need for the real wealth in their criminal insanity: an after life where the dark is ruler.

America in these most interesting times has been shattered into a scattering of ideas and minds which shows, no single focus in the eye as single. Thus, NO enlightenment.

The Chinese are continuing to this day since the Opium Wars, to be in an APARTHEID regarding who, what, when, where, why and how did that High Renaissance disappear so radically and rapidly!

AND by and through the Russell & Co. Skull & Bones, plus the same FRANKLIN SCANDAL predators the drugs were taken into China, Russia, and and and where are drugs not used to destroy the human verve?

Yes, the FAMILY was target in the U.S., just as European families have been completely destroyed as well as the Chinese, Russians, et al, for the digital monies predators who do not want to co-create an income from labor.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

stiffer laws? More stiff laws for an already too uneducated and under-educated American population?

TV is a serious problem and of course Hollywood. Everything just about is about sex. Sex grows the human population. Why the fraud about green and environmentalism.

Sex is a commodity. Sex grows the exchange of wealth.

This is a serious problem. What do the human people do about the way commodities are exchanged.

Think about it for a minute: a computer makes the so called money and money rules the commerce, trade and exchange of goods between the people of earth. The people used to have to rely upon actual trade and exchange of proven equal value. Silver and gold as metal trades for example. That was why the alleged banks began holding the metal money, because obviously carrying around more and more metal money meant ridiculous wagons full of the stuff to contract negotiations.

Now computers. Why then, do we not, each and every person who can, go to the computer keyboard and type ourselves a voucher and go to the creditor that we name on the check and cash it?

We are not the US Department of Treasury nor the Federal Reserve System and / or whatever partner or partners these entities are in RICO with.

Corruption and most especially with the child preyed upon as an innocent! Why? Flesh is of high value. The sicker the society the easier for the powerful by way of a military dictatorship style, iron fist is the predatory creditors' dictating America's corporate fascism with Obama as the velvet glove.

Obama himself stands for the very deep-seated message, progressive in today lingo.

So were the Pinkos, the Nazis and Hitler with his frothing brown shirts and other predatory criminally insane to control as governments. The sickest in human lineage on earth and the families of these diseased, have fortunes from manufacturing the people of planet earth into subhuman.

Time for real genuine change, in our minds. Our collective billions of imaginations can do better than the nightmare of one level of hell as innocent children being treated as though insects in a sidewalk experiment.

The healthy do get the lifestyle dreamed? Wondering how every human would behave with the same power over the computer as the Fed and its US Dept Treasury. /rkelly

jeffrey spruill said...

Homosexual prositution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush

'Call Boys' took midnight tour of White House

legalschnauzer said...


I hope readers will click on your link and read about the Franklin Scandal. It's quite a list of scandals during the Reagan/Bush I years that never were adequatley investigated--Iran Contra, S&L, Franklin Scandal. The failure to hold those administrations accountable led to the disasters of Bush II, plus Rove, Cheney, Gonzalez, Rumsfeld . . .

legalschnauzer said...

Here is a post I did about the Franklin Scandal a few months back, not long after the Jerry Sandusky case broke at Penn State.

jeffrey spruill said...

Mr. Schnauzer:

Didn't you forget the link to your post about the Franklin Scandal?

That's VERY understandable after reading about these sick & twisted people.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I did forget. Sorry about that. Here it is: